Kenya Oil Contracts

Hey folks,

I’ve been MIA for a minute my peeps and I hope all is well in this house. Just dropping a line from my other abode on these Oil contracts in the Jamhuri wondering who signed them and were the locals…wenye nchi…involved? Nothing suprises me from this Mumbilee government. Yes, I said Mumbilee maana Ruto has been shafted from the jump….chuma anacho!



By titchaz Posted in kenya

2 comments on “Kenya Oil Contracts

  1. Salamu narudisha kwako mkuu mwenzangu,

    I hate to agree with the fact that Kenyans of goodwill have given up on this corruption and exploitation by these two amigos. We can’t afford to give up and neither should we, otherwise the gains we have had over the past decade or so will be swept down the drain….and we will be back to square one like during the MOI days!!! UK is craftily taking us in that direction energized by his PR campaign which distracts people from what needs to be of prime importance. This corruption thing we have all agreed is one of the greatest ills ever to bedevil the Jamhuri…not mentioning tribalism yet the Mumbilee house is holding onto the 2 like hell!!…ongeza na hali ya taharuki Pwani where my people are being dropped left right and center and nobody has been brought to book. Hatujui ni serikali, ni Al-Shabaab ama ni wahuni wa mtaani. Vyombo vya usalama vimeshehena ukabila mpaka basi tu. Tumemuachia Mungu atulinde maisha yetu maana serikali imedorora!

    I’d really like to know how these oilcontracts were signed and dished out. While at it, I would also like to know what happened to the Naija boys…si I thought UK went to Abuja to give Goodluck a slice of the pie?…cohabiting with known corrupt leaders in the name of sticking our noses to the West…hehehe!

    Hii nchi ina mambo ya kisiri siri mpaka inaudhi!



  2. Mkuu Titchaz

    First is many salaams,

    Next let me just chill with “Mumbilee” for a while, hiyo ni kali

    On the exploitation (extortion) of resources, I think most Kenyans of goodwill appear to have given up.

    SGR pops up here, NYS deployed over there in Kibra for clean up exercise. Lamu port huku, Machakos Toilets launch huko, and the beat goes on.

    Recall reading somewhere that when the rat eats a human, it chews of a piece and then blows a soothing breeze on the wound. Dont know if that is just myth, but something tells me, rodents are feasting



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