What is the real story behind the Mandera blowout?

First Uhuru was busy taking selfies in UAE and watching car races in Abu Dhabi.

The comments by Kenyans on the story says it all.


Then Ruto announces that 100 Al Shabaabs who killed 28 Kenyans and terrorized the whole nation have been killed by KDF and their bases and some vehicles destroyed.

Now the Star is saying the pictures provided by brave KDF soldiers to show their demolition of the Al Shabaab terrorists are actually fake pictures of some four people killed in 2012. What is up with this story? Are the KDF killing the same four soldiers over and over again or is this another Westgate fiasco.


My fear with this thing is that as lazy and confused as the government is this whole thing could get into the Boko Haram stage where some really filthy people just roam around the country from one end to the next and do really bad things. You can’t allow this thing to become the new normal in the country. If it goes there you can’t take it out. We will have to live with it. How on earth do you live with something like this? And we are still stuck in Somalia selling charcoal. We really need to rethink how to deal with this thing. It is bad news. Meanwhile the KDF and cops are busy beating the locals in Kapedo and Baringo and even robbing cattle and taking them to military barracks. Talk about cattle rustling. This is scary.

15 comments on “What is the real story behind the Mandera blowout?

  1. Adongo,
    William Ruto being a born (again) liar does not understand that as a DP he must have more decorum. He has to be as sincere with the people as he can be. He must also think of what he wants to say before spewing it out.

    The discomforting thing is that after telling all the lies about slaying 100 alshabaab fighters (thanks God no one believed him) he still comes up with yet another statement blaming the victims for not having evacuated soon enough.

    Remember that the guy was excused from being at the Hague because of this situation yet her he is spewing complete nonsense upon arrival on Kenyan soil.

    The thing with Uhuruto is that they really don’t know what to do. They have a put is place a tribal cabal that tells them exactly what they want to hear. So whenever anything happens they don’t get the correct information. And even if they get that information they still act too amateurish. For them everything is about publicity.

    Then they throw out Ole Lenku as if he was the problem. I can assure Kenyans that even Nkaissery will not succeed as long as the tribal cabal that controls the security apparatus is in place. Its will be business as usual with charcoal trade going on in Kismayu.

    This is perhaps the most incompetent government in Kenyas 50 years Independence. Uhuru Kenyatta has told Kenyans that they are on their own. That its not the governments job to protect them. in other words this man is calling upon us to create vigilante groups for protection purposes.


  2. via Eliud Owalo


    It is alarming that issues of national security can be treated so casually by those put in office to ensure Kenyans and their property are safe and secure. Hundreds of innocent civilians are killed and injured every other day and all the government can do is to issue statements defending itself.

    Today, in his official tweeter feed handles, no less a person than the President who took oath of office to protect Kenyans as commander in chief, is asking Kenyans what they have done to protect themselves! This is unacceptable and extremely irresponsible abdication of official duty. It is a shocking admission of failure.

    I want to categorically tell President Uhuru, Kenyans did not take oath of office to protect themselves. There is only one commander in chief of the armed forces.

    Instead of waiting to protest when another set of innocent lives will be needlessly lost because this incompetent Jubilee government has failed in its core responsibilities, I am demanding that Uhuru Kenyatta should immediately tender his resignation as head of state; failure to which the official opposition should immediately embark on process that will lead to his impeachment for gross negligence of duty.


  3. Via Ndung’u Wainaina

    Candidly honest Message to Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta

    President Uhuru Kenyatta, your statement yesterday categorically dismissing Kenyans legitimate concerns of the catastrophic security situation prevailing in the country was disgracefully disdain and contempt to the people of Kenya. It was vote of no confidence against yourself and your own government.

    Your statement was declaration of abandonment of constitutional responsibility and duty by the President to people of Kenya. By din of that statement, you and your government lost public legitimacy. You lost crucial embodiment of substance of democracy.

    You and your government are scrambling for short-term solutions to structural policy problems to help through to the next election. The result is a crisis of legitimacy deficit. Mr. President, your government seem ill equipped to handle the tyranny of real time. Information and knowledge has been democratized. It is the driving force of the world today.

    I have insisted for the last few days that Mr. President, you are the problem. I maintain my position firmly. If you are not, the entire State House and Harambee should have been swept clean. Those folks fattening with taxpayers money there and purporting to work for the Presidency should be in Siberia. You are defending, shielding and promoting ineptitude and incompetence.

    You seem not to own your Presidency. You are held hostage and hence the country by ‘owners of your Presidency’. You come out as insensitive, unresponsive and unconcern about the people of Kenya genuine grievances. You have inadvertently invited Kenyans to vigilantism. You are telling Kenyans: impeach me. I am unable to govern.

    Whenever President and or leader of legitimate Government is confronted by challenging situation and or legitimacy crisis like you, there are only two options: call for fresh elections; and or dissolving and reconstituting government afresh with people of experienced expertise. You have to implement one of the two choices NOW.

    Finally, your erroneous persistent statement that security begins with citizen is sadly unfortunate. First, democratic, legitimate and accountable government is crucial source of security and safety of the people. Secondly, law enforcement is a fundamental component of the rule of law. A breakdown in rule of law gives rise to high rates of crime, lawlessness and decline of individual security and safety and the internal security of the State. Effective law enforcement not only restores public law and order but also assists in reestablishing the confidence of the population in the capacity of the State to govern.

    Thirdly, and perhaps most important response to your mis-advised assertions on role of citizen in security is that the strategy and philosophy of citizen role in policing can work properly only when the police organization itself is transformed in its management style, how it operates and assigns work, its personnel mechanism and information handling system. Policing cannot be performed legitimately if it is not firmly embedded within a sound system of governance.

    Mr. President, your line of argument is unacceptable. You must first establish capable, credible and effective policing and law enforcement national police service underpinned by organizational transformation, problem-solving community partnership orientation, prevention and proactive response to crime before you talk of citizen role in security and law enforcement.

    Mr. President, a leader loses his legitimacy if he/she fails to deliver on his/her responsibilities to citizens. It does not matter how much investment in public relations and or support of a majority few. In failing so many of citizens, your government has forfeited ethical, moral and political legitimacy.


  4. Folks

    This terror/Al Shabaab issue is a big one. I dont want to go into detail yet

    Many of us in our previous life over at Jukwaa, warned against waging a war with Al Shabaab in Somalia because there were way too many variables to consider, none of them with positive or clear outcome.

    Needless to say, all that we predicted then has come to pass and continues daily with no hope of a solution in sight.

    here is a rather interesting writeup, which closely follows some of the issues we addressed then



  5. Adongo,
    I will past the information here for the record. You know it will be taken down by the government very soon .

    The Kenya Defence Forces on Wednesday evening said it has killed 49 al Shabaab fighters.

    In a statement, the KDF said, its troops under AMISOM carried out an air strike on al shabaab camps at Hargeisayere and Minyonta in Jilib at 12.15pm on Tuesday.

    Among those killed were five senior commanders, while 27 others were injured. KDF said two technical vehicles were also destroyed during the air strike.

    “The two camps are important Al Shabaab logistics and operational bases which have been key transit points for militia movement to other areas.” KDF said in the statement.

    This comes after the KDF on Monday released photos on an alleged raid on the militias in which it said more than 100 militiants in Somalia were killed following a bus attack in Mandera that claimed 28 lives.

    The Star had independently verified that the photos released by the Kenya Defence Forces have not been posted on any online platform. This is despite the fact that some of the photos have time stamps from 2012.

    Deputy President William Ruto announced on Sunday afternoon that those who carried out the bus attack did not live to ‘enjoy’ the act.

    Somalia’s Islamist al Shabaab militants claimed responsibility for the attack on Saturday, when gunmen ordered passengers on the bus to recite Koran verses and shot dead non-Muslims – 19 men and nine women – who could not.
    – See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/kdf-says-49-more-al-shabaab-militia-killed-Somalia#sthash.GGSOTTZK.dpuf


    • Mzee,

      That is the stupidity of these people. They take every Kenyan for a fool and the Al Shabaab is laughing at them and at Kenyans. Ruto is gives fake numbers and just lies openly to Kenyans. Ruto rounds up the number of dead to be exactly 100. Not 99 and not 101. Very detailed counting of the dead bodies. They must have sent math experts to count the dead Al Shabaab soldiers. Good math in real time.

      Al Shabaab must be looking desperately and mourning for their five senior commanders and all the fighters they have lost to KDF. Good lord. How safe Kenyans must feel now. I wonder why they are still being evacuated from NEP when KDF has already killed all the bad Al Shabaab. Mandera is now a safe haven. Good thing the civil servants there don’t believe this kind of crap from the government. They are taking off.

      Here is Ruto lying with no shame.


      It is unbelievable that the Deputy President of the republic can call a press conference to lie to Kenyans and the whole world about something so deadly and traumatic for all Kenyans. In any other country in the world you do this kind of thing you are out of office.

      Doing nothing to prevent this terrible crimes is bad enough. But lying so bluntly about it is just plain sick. It shows the level of contempt this government has for the people of Kenyan. They don’t give a shit and Uhuru wants you to provide your own security. He has his provided by your tax money he would care less for you. Take the bullets and move on.

      I asked myself one thing when Ruto made that crazy statement with so much emphasis did he believe it or did he know he was being fed chickenshit and he felt Kenyans need to get the same feed. I mean it is one thing for those KDF conmen to just lie to Kenyans and quite another for the DP to hold a news event to spread the lies. I mean Ruto holds political responsibility for what he says. KDF has no responsibility to anyone.

      Like I said the danger with this crazy killers is when they see room to be normal part of the social fabric of society they settle in very well the way Boko Haram has settled in Nigeria. The reality of terrorism is that when it happens it scares the hell out of people. They shock the whole nation into believing that something has to be and will be done real fast. That is what the Westgate did to Kenyans and the kidnapping of 300 school girls did to Nigeria. People are waiting for something significant to be done. Then a month goes. Nothing. Two months. Nothing six months. Nothing. A year later nothing.

      Then they strike again. It is no longer shocking to people. There comes an acceptance and a resignation that this is now part of life. We can’t afford that as a country. It will destroy the soul of the nation. Then when Uhuru starts washing his hands out of the problem and tells Kenyans now it is your own business the terrorists are laughing like crazy. Now they have a gravy train. We need to turn this into a train wreck. But for that to happen we need genuine political leadership. We have none. That is a problem.

      And one last thing. Why the photos of dead bodies lined up in a row still in the DN website. It is a terrible thing to look at. Those people have relatives. We get the shock value. Just take the pictures off the website. Please.


      • What one can make of all this is hard to say. The government is obviously failing in security, and the people are saying only to be told that it is their problem. It is obvious that Uhuru and Ruto never thought beyond more than their personal survival at the ICC, and now Kenya is seeing the effects. The callousness shown by Uhuru is simply staggering, let alone Ruto’s killing of imaginary terrorists. Fortunately nobody believes the propaganda.

        Such a hopeless government would be fodder for the opposition, so it is too bad that ODM/CORD is not up there. This is always a touch topic, so I will say just one thing, i.e. just have free, fair, and open elections. Otherwise the underlying problems will persist.


      • John,

        Even before the ink has dried another kaboom in Mandera with 36 dead. Of course that is after Ruto and the nutcase KDF assured Kenyans that they had wiped out the Al Shabaab murderous operatives who were terrorizing people up there. So where did these guys come from. I had a feeling when Ruto made his big lie spin that Al Shabaab was going to show Ruto and Kenyans that nobody has touched them. This is Westgate all over.

        Same thing is going to happen after the belated firing of Kimaiyo and Lenku. Al Shabaab is going to hit again to remind Kenyans that nothing has changed in their trajectory. That is how these people operate. They want to put the fear of god in everybody and they are getting all the help they need with a confused and incompetent government.

        But here is today’s bad news.


        This is as scary as it gets but people can’t just freeze and tie themselves into knots. These Shabaab guys are serious now. They want to paralyze the country. They see Kenya as a better opportunity for them than Somalia. They are putting their energy on us and it seems to me that the once operating in Mandera are local folks. They are doing their logistics pretty well. They timed the bus knowing that is full of folks going to Nairobi etc. Now they targeted the quarry knowing exactly who is there. They are better at gathering their own intelligence than our entire security apparatus.

        What has to worry us is the amount and quality of weapons they have. That is where their Somali connection becomes deadly. Those other folks just have to keep swinging the weapons. We are lucky they have not gone heavy duty into suicide missions. They are going to pull one of those in Nairobi pretty soon. They have the momentum now and they are going to roll with it until a major crackdown identifies their kingpins in Kenya.

        Something has to be done in securing the long border with Somalia and Mandera county. You do that and clean the county and get the young people to do productive things you can easily drain the swamp for Al Shabaab. And get out of Somalia for god’s sakes.

        There is a funny narrative out there from Uhuru and his mentor Moi and their little minions that the problem in Kenya is the new constitution. They think we have too much freedom and we need thugs running the country detaining people willy nilly and may be even bring back the torture machinery. Their idea is to just round off people keep them as long as they want while carrying out investigations and everything will be fine. That is rubbish.

        What we need is eyes and ears on the ground. This is not rocket science. These guys are moving around in large numbers with weapons and our security system, whatever it is can’t see something crazy is going on. And to imagine that just one week after the first massacre we still didn’t see this coming and had no people there on the ground. That is insane.

        And now Uhuru finally fires Kimaiyo after all the handwringing that the president cannot fire police boss under the new katiba. Technically that could be the case but when the president loses confidence in the police boss he or she is told just that and they know what to do.

        But Uhuru here realizing that people are fed up and they are calling for his head had to can Kimaiyo to buy a little time. They were all yelling and screaming when CORD and the civil society groups called for Uhuru’s head and now they see the writing all the bloody wall filled with blood from Mandera to Kapedo. Uhuru can’t use his juvenile group led by Itumbi to insult Kenyans any more.

        This security docket is going to destroy Uhuru completely if he doesn’t wake up. You give Al Shabaab the amount of space they have in Kenya, they are going to entrench themselves everywhere and then they are with us forever. How long have they been operating in Somalia? Are they leaving anytime soon? No. Now with Kenya open for business they are becoming another ISIS.


      • I have just been catching up on the latest Kenyan news, and it was very eerie to see Kenyatta read out a recycled version of a George Bush speech. I hope his security advisors have more imagination than his speech writers!


      • After Uhuru reads his Bush speech of you are either with us or with the terrorists here comes his clueless DP now blaming the victims for allowing themselves to be massacred: Good lord.


        Someone needs to get Ruto out of the security docket and tell him for the sake of the victims to at least just shut up.

        Here is what is so wrong about Ruto’s second series of wild allegations: Ruto says the victims were warned to move from the quarry area because it is not safe. According to Ruto the victims refused to move.

        Ruto now says the government should have used force to remove the victims before they were killed. How dumb is that. Shouldn’t the government be using that force to remove the terrorists from there since they knew they were in the area and would attack these poor Kenyans making a living breaking rocks and sleeping in the jungle. And Ruto now has the nerve to blame the victims!

        If indeed it is true that the government knew that armed terrorists were in this neighbourhood hunting for their next victims, then the government needed to take more precaution to locate them and hunt them down.

        The government has helicopters that could be used to identify exact locations of the Al Shabaab combatants on the prowl and take care of business. It is a double crime for the government to come after the fact and claim that the victims were sitting ducks and the government knew that. What did they due about it?

        If robbers are planning to raid your house and the police has the info, do they come and ask you to leave your house so that the robbers can come in do their thing? No. The cops are supposed to lay the trap for the robbers and deal with them. Please Ruto get your head straight on this. The government should have at least camped around the quarry and wait for the combatants.

        And Ruto is also furious that some Kenyans including political leaders have challenged his ridiculous claims that KDF killed 100 Al Shabaab combatants who committed the bus massacre and destroyed their camps.

        It seems Ruto does not understand that when the DP and KDF officials announce in a press conference that they have killed the marauding Al Shabaab killers then Kenyans would feel very safe to work in their quarry. Can Ruto mix his previous lies and the new blame the victim allegations and get the connection. May be NOT. And we wonder why we have a security crisis in the country.


      • Adongo et al (apologies this been sitting in my outbox for 2 days)

        There are also some unconfirmed reports of another attack in Wajir with possibly 12 dead and others wounded

        Tragic as it is, the point of this is that now Uhuru and Ruto have a blank “excusal template” at the ICC which reads something like

        Due to recent acts of terror ….. (insert here location) … on …..(insert here date)…… resulting in …..(insert here number of deaths)….

        You get the picture

        Insecurity situation is out of control and pretty much its about when it occurs.

        Firing of Ole-Lenku and Kimaiyo could perhaps have generated confidence if it had been done earlier say, around Westgate at the latest but better when the first breach occured. That would have demonstrated some resolve. Happening now when they have basically been dragged out of the room kicking and screaming, is a total waste of PR effort.

        And that is all that it is, a PR effort

        The poaching of an ODM MP is actually proof that these neanderthals are more about scoring political goals rather than address a very critical problem for the nation. Its a clever way of placing blame at “opposition door step” when this guy must still work with the very same serously flawed security or something called “intelligence” network that turned Ole Lenku and Kimaiyo into a mindless babbling Nairobi Bob (like Baghdad Bob), reading scripts that made absolutely no sense. Last one being the utter rubbish that Ruto spewed.

        Without renewed strategy and renewed structure, nothing has changed, only widening the pool for blame game, but absolute zilch in terms of improvement.

        Further as you correctly point out, Kenya is the best rallying call for Al-Shabaab i.e the Jubilee govt is to Al Shabaab, what ICC is to Jubilee govt. Go figure. What was that cliche – “what goes round comes around”

        Not only that, they have expanded their game i.e its no longer just about occupation of Somalia but about mistreating Muslims in Kenya as the two criteria driving the insurgence.

        Incredibly, in all this mad logic, I fail to see where the death of lowly quarry workers, or simple civil servants and teachers is supposed to somehow force the elite into desired action. This is about two bulls eyeing each other (not even fighting each other directly) while pissing on the grass.

        Anyway, the reality as you point out, in a few days we will sadly hear of even more atrocities and appalling attacks, and just like the “resignations”, somewhere in there, we’ll exit Somalia without a strategy. The only thing perhaps keeping us there would be the charcoal business, and pressure from foreigners based somewhere running tactical missions.

        Anyway the short of it is, we can use any number of analogies that we want, e.g if a uniform is soiled, having a super model wear it, does not change the state of the uniform,


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