Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit: Kenyan Counter-Terrorism Police confess to extrajudicial killings

As if on cue, the panicking governement responds thus…



By titchaz Posted in kenya

2 comments on “Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit: Kenyan Counter-Terrorism Police confess to extrajudicial killings

  1. We all know how during Moi/Jomo Kenyatta days people would just disappear into thin air. Nothing has really changed. During Kibakis time thousands of mungiki adherents were killed in cold blood. In those days the young men were eliminated in 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s etc. Its seemed that there was a need to finish the job as quickly as possible. The killings are back and those facing the end of the barrel are apparently muslims and their clerics. Its a sad state of affairs but there is little the mwanainchi who has been told to defend himself can do. And the way the policemen were narrating the eliminations with a chuckle in their voice is scary. But the most scary thing is that the orders are coming from above, in Nairobi. Very very sad.


  2. Finally got to watch this clip.

    Terribly sad.

    Comes to a point where one (an ordinary civilian caught in the cross fire) cannot differentiate between law enforcement, terrorist and/or thug/common criminal.

    all use the same gory methods
    all glorify their intent, actions and outcomes
    all somehow desire, or have a morbid desire for recognition, serving, loyalty, duty, cause/course, selflessness etc
    all have no respect for human life, laws, ethics, or any such known code or value of decency

    Have said it many times, will say it again

    A man, woman or child with a gun (or for that matter any weapon designed to harm another human), has absolutely NO SOLUTION or underlying intelligence to derive one, to offer, for the problem at hand. Period.

    Eliminating a human body, does not in any way, cure, whatever was the bone of contention. Sure it silences some, sure it will intimidate some others, but history teaches us, that unless or until, the true problem is addressed, it will morph, as others rise, to continue, where those before, (were or have been) stopped.

    The real tragedy is that previously only a handful were willing to go down the path of the crusader, Today, there are more and more people willing to join crusades, irrespective of outcome and in some cases, cause.

    Like they say, an eye for an eye, will soon have entire communities totally blind (if not completely headless).


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