The Dictatorship Is Back In Full Swing

Moi’s boys are building back the dictatorship in full with all the theatrics.

This would be funny if it is not so tragic. Here are some of the crazy bits of this madness.

1. NSIS to have the powers to arrest and detain people for up to a year in one shot. (Contravenes the Bill of Rights). Presumably this will give them enough time to torture people so that they get “confessions”. This is bull shit and it will not be allowed by the courts. This is the return of the Special Branch and the Nyayo House torture chambers. You can bet they are not going to detain them in police cells or in jail. They will be detained in designated places

2. Uhuru’s Security fumblers will have the power to designate places where no gatherings can take place. Of course this is back to the Chief’s Act when the chief’s had to give permission for people to hold meetings. This is what Uhuru hopes to use to ban political rallies under the pretext of security. This too is against the Bill of Rights and stands no chance before the courts.

3. Uhuru to pick his choice of police bosses. Same old crap.

4. Anyone who publishes or broadcasts information related to terror activities without authorization from Uhuru’s boys and the victims to be jailed. You can’t even publish pictures. Now Uhuru and his boys will just feed us with recycled photos of “killed” Al Shabaab soldiers.

Here is a more detailed summary of the filthy amendments.

If you add all these to the crazy Al Jazeera story on extra judicial killings you can see where the country is heading.

If Uhuru sighs this piece of rubbish into law, he will be humiliated again in court when the courts rules most of this unconstitutional. Now we see why it was necessary to put that need for a referendum to screw up the Bill of Rights. That is the most important part of the constitution.

13 comments on “The Dictatorship Is Back In Full Swing

  1. Have just come across this article on Millie Mabona’s facebook page

    Evidently parliament was some kind of mad house, anyone with video footage?


    Today was a day and a half but am happy we fought against tyranny though we lost partially. Our strategy worked and they don’t even know. In the process notable incidents: My security was disarmed, manhandled and thrown in the cells for a while. Muturi started off the session by reading us the riot act and threatening to send us home for re-elections. We tell him “Go ahead”. Jubilee Mps went and physically attacked senators Muthama, Orengo, Khalwale, Wetangula and Ongera at the public gallery and we repulsed them. We managed a stalemate whole morning. Afternoon they came back better prepared. Many Mps beaten up. I was boxed in the eye by Moses Kuria as one permanent drunk pulled my panty and another two pulled up my dress. But I am not of the ” ayayayaya you slapped me fame!” Moses Kuria amejua why am MP Mbita elected and not appointed. Plus learn, we pride as a people in nakedness Na wamejua. When they tried to undress me I completed the process for them. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and have no embarrassment over my body. I can not and will not be intimidated using my sexuality. Anyar gi Mboya, nyakwar nyobiero, nyamin Captain. Ok unyala. One MP had even told us they have to kill one of us. He is ordinarily my friend. I excuse the temporary madness. CORD MPs am so proud of you. If you bear any number 2 to your name. The joke is on you.


    some clip



    1. It takes away the right to assemble, demonstrate, picket and present petitions to public authorities. By giving the Cabinet secretary power to decide where and when people can assemble, demonstrate, picket and present petitions, trade union activity can now be neutralised, political activity can be controlled and government will become dictatorial.

    2. It introduces a new type of law that makes people responsible for the actions of others. This is what they mean when they say a person convicted of convening a rally, meeting or procession will be made liable for any loss suffered. Trade unions will now be liable to companies for economic loses resulting from strikes or to the government for causing traffic jams.

    3. It takes away the power to declare curfew from the Inspector General of Police to Cabinet Secretary. The decision to impose curfew will now not be made based on a professional security risk assessment but on the political grounds since the Inspector General has roles placed on him by the constitution but the Cabinet secretary has none.

    4. It restricts the right of the people to receive information if that information is considered obscene, gory or offensive. The Act does not define what is “obscene”, “gory”, or “offensive” and this will now depend on the police. The Constitution has already stated what information is forbidden and the amendment is trying to add more restrictions

    5. It takes away the right of an accused person to be told what evidence the prosecution has. It is a basic right for an accused person that he must be informed what evidence will be used against him before the trial. We saw at the International Criminal Court at The Hague our President complaining that Prosecution was withholding evidence. He now must uphold for Kenyans the rights he was demanding when he was himself an accused person.

    6. It requires an accused person to disclose his witnesses and evidence to the Police. It is another basic right for the accused that he cannot be compelled to disclose anything to the prosecution. We also saw our president protest very strongly at the ICC when the prosecution applied to Kenya to give the prosecution information. The president must also respect the same rights for the rest of Kenyans.

    7. It institutionalises the military into our civilian institutions by putting them in the Firearms Licensing Board and Inter-agency security advisory committee. One great tradition of Kenya is that we keep our military out of civilian affairs. It is one of the reasons we remained stable when other Africa countries experienced military coups. Even today, countries that allowed the military into civilian affairs are the most unstable in Africa including Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda, North and South Sudan. Civilian authorities need to be replaced using civilian methods while military can only be removed by military.

    8. It gives the right to any police officer to obtain information from landlords about tenants even without requiring the existence of an investigation against the tenant and suspend your driving licence. We know our police men and we know that allowing them to check on landlords is only opening up a new plantation for them to harvest where they did not sow. Susension of driving licenses is also a new cash cow for the police. All public service vehicle drivers and owners can expect the worst when police acquire this power.

    9. It brings back to Kenya the dreaded special branch in a more lethal formation. The NIS now has power to enter and search premises and to take away any property that they want without having to get a warrant from court or being accountable to anyone. The decision is entirely that of the NIS officer.

    10. It limits the right of the media to give true and accurate information. The restrictions on media under the proposed law would have made the entire media coverage of Westgate attack illegal. We would only have known what the Police wanted us to know. The coverage of Mandera attacks would also have been illegal.


  3. Adongo,
    Yes these things are crazy. Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi are back. They will be killing people left right and center without any problems. I remember Moi arguing that he should not be blamed for detaining people without trial because it was in the law. Uhuruto will now detain you forever and you wont have a thing to say for its in the law.

    Adongo, it seems that you have alot of faith in the Kenyan court system. Well, I dont. Given what happened after the last elections, I do believe that Willy Mutunga courts are compromised beyond repair. If they could not stand up to brazen theft in the last elections, I don’t think that can now.

    The civil society that used to fight the government is all but lost in the midst of the jubilee so called war of terror. Infact I have seen some supporting this bill.

    Days when churches were led by akina Okullu and mugo, when they could tell the government off are long gone. I heard them today supporting this bill.

    Thats how low we have come.

    Why dont we just swap the new constitution for the old one?


    • Mzee,

      I get your point. Trusting our courts is living in a fool’s paradise. It can be dangerous delusion. We have seen how they have screwed up even with our beloved Mutunga.

      But here is the problem. If you want to be a dictator you have to be smart. Even thieves and bank robbers use more smarts than guns and bullets. If they just bumble around thinking they have guns they end up dead real fast. This is why these amendments being rushed through parliament in the most crude and unpalatable form are doomed in the courts. You have to give the judges something to work with to defend your madness.

      I was talking to my human rights friends who are also my workmates and who are familiar with the Kenya drama. I told them about the crazy amendment bills and the fact that we will beat a lot of them in our courts. They just laughed. They told me I am not allowed to talk about bad laws because I am an Obama supporter.

      They asked me to look at the CIA torture report which depicts situations so despicable they wouldn’t even be allowed in a horror movie. They told me not even to take cover that the laws were enacted by Bush. They argued Obama is still holding hundreds of people at that ugly torture facility and some of those people are too crippled even to walk.

      I told them I have no defense for Obama over the whole horror show in the war against terrorism but I told them Bush and his goons were clever enough to cover their asses when they put the laws in place. They knew the CIA torture system could not pass mustard under the laws of the US. So they invented something called “enemy combatants”. These were not going to be American citizens. A panicked America took cover under that and let Bush get his wish.

      In our case Uhuru is passing laws on how to deal with Kenyan citizens who are protected under the Bill of Rights. These laws are not being passed for some aliens whom we don’t know. They are being passed to deal with us and as crude as they are they are Dead on Arrival. Chest thumping in parliament is a foolish alternative for strategy. I am glad we have hopeless idiots trying to be dictators. If these guys were smarter than my mother’s goat we would be in a whole lot of trouble. Woe the day that goat becomes our next president. I will call the butchers in a hurry. Off with its neck and party time.

      Any law that seeks to deprive Kenyans of all their freedoms by detaining them on so called suspicion is doomed. You don’t need rocket science to figure that out. Now you see why we should be happy we have Uhuru and the likes of Kamama advising him.

      Denying Kenyans the right of assembly. DOA. They have to figure how to do that in a clever way. They can’t.

      Telling the media which pictures to publish is nonsense. Do you remember how Kenyan police shoot so called suspects and take pictures of them dead with some guns thrown in for the show. Is that all we will be allowed to see and yes with recycled pictures of dead Al Shabaabs.

      The only law we need to fight Al Shabaab is a law against corruption by police and security people including immigration officials. Does anybody know when such a law will be passed? Actually it is already in the books, Does is work? No. I rest my case.

      Here is a good piece about Ali Baba laws:

      And here is Maina Kiai:


      • Adongo,
        Do you know how angry Uhuru was angry today (Jamhuri day). The man was back to his usual banging of tables and telling Kenyans not to oppose the draconian rules. Actually he narrowed the whole to be law on “pictures” by the newspapers. What he forgot to tell Kenyans was the heavy fines he wants to impose on us for not “reporting” terrorism and detention without trial.

        Truth be told Uhuru just want to be mama, baba, prof, mukulima, mwalimu number moja yada yada yada. Thats all. He wants to be given the powers to hire and fire the police inspector so that he puts some of his buddies in place. Its a big joke.

        So when CORD promised him mass action if the senate and the courts failed to amend the law he went ballistics. Actually he turned a whole national day into a jubilee propaganda of how they are cleaning Kibera, as if this is the only dirty place in Kenya.

        Then they went bananas on ICC. It was a comedy with Museveni promising that he will withdraw Africa out of the Rome Statue if they dont drop Rutos case.

        I really dont understand how not reporting whats going on will stop terror. I dont understand how creating fear in the whole republic will stop terror. Basically Uhuruto wants to turn Kenya into one big jail.These are Moi students.


      • mzee,

        You are right about Uhuru turning Jamhuri Day into a shameful mad man show. Just disgusting. As I pointed out in the earlier post, Uhuru has illusions of being the big Mugabe of Kenya. Luckily for us he is too stupid and of course horribly lazy and the country is awake.

        CORD is finally getting its act together. Uhuru has handed them a real life line. They have to organize around this very smartly and fire from all cylinders. This is the real show time. Forget that referendum talk. That was a very long shot. This is here and now. It is doable and I am confident it is going to be done.

        And yes, Uhuru and Ruto are Moi’s students. We are Moi’s students too. We were in a different classroom. We figured how to kick Moi’s ass. Kicking his dummy boys is something we can do easier. There is one thing Moi did very well. He surrounded himself with very sharp folks who could figure things out fast. These guys are clueless.


      • Now Uhuru is destrying the NGO sector that provides services to millions of Kenyans and employs thousands of people. Interesting that a good number of the NGOs being banned are in the health sector. I didn’t know that providing health to Kenyans is an act of terrorism.

        This is nonsense and an illegal ban on agencies using stupid excuses. This is typical of all dictators. Sudan doesn’t allow NGOs in areas like Darfur. Of course Mugabe doesn’t allow any NGO at all. Now the Kenyan thugs at State House are joining that league. We will meet where we would rather not meet. But I think the initial pressure should be an all NGOs to freeze their activities and boycott Kenya completely until Uhuru gets his head straight. Moi tried all these things.

        Here we go:

        Here are the 540 NGO agencies that have been banned by Uhuru: Most of them seem to be involved in health and economic development.


      • It looks like Kenya is going to face another major political showdown. About time. This Security Amendment Bill has to be stopped and it will be.

        I am glad to see CORD working closely with the civil society groups to face the challenge at hand. Kenya wouldn’t be where it is without the tireless efforts of our civil society comrades. They do the heavy lifting all the time and never complain. They will continue to do so. I am sure about that.

        One problem that has worked very negatively for Kenyans is when civil society groups box themselves into their own holes and run away from progressive politicians thinking they are making a smart move. Now everybody is one box. You either fight out of it or die there. It is time for a fight but we need some clear strategies.

        This was a good start on the war against State House tyrants:


      • Regarding the deregistration of NGOs – this will play out predictable
        a) because the list is quite large, it will without doubt hurt some pockets in the inner court – after behind the scenes lobbying, uhuru will ride the gray horse and swoop in to declare (via roadside decree) some kind of amnesty or relief for “certain NGOs” (remember we are back to same old matatu chaos)

        b) most donors use many of these CBOs to carry out projects, with so many out of the loop, and with rampant corruption, few will be keen to pour money into “politically correct” CBOs, resulting in a massive dry up of funds. Its not just the projects at grassroots and people impacted. government is going to go broke real fast

        c) recall that many corporations have already shifted base to Egypt, South Africa, etc. Only NGOs continue to operate. But with this government buying their own snake oil that they are the regional hub, will soon discover that Tz, Ethiopia are increasingly becoming more attractive hubs. It only needs a little trigger and most of these will relocate. The assumption that a lot is already invested in infrastructure means nothing and with all these bottlenecks, they may just pack up and go

        The full import of this action will kick in in about 8 months (around about “reading of the budget”) when suddenly the deficit will have tripled.

        Again we ask, who is fooling who?


      • This is what we said will happen.

        You need smarts to be a dictator or even a thug in the streets. You have to see beyond the nose or you will be dead fast. Now mortician is trying to spin his stuff talking about separation of powers. Githu, please, try a more sensible argument. This is going to a long tough battle. They went for the overkill. That is what is going to kill them. Put this thing piecemeal. You want to appoint the police and staff like that, you can get away with that. You add all the crap, you have a battle in your hands.


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