Bizarre case of a murdered ICC witness:

This story is weird at many levels. Mara he was OTP witness with vital info. Then he was lured back to Ruto and recanted his story. Then he tried to cut it both ways. The killers caught up with him. Lesson. Yes you can eat the money but run for your life after that or they will kill you like a dog. Ask the Mungiki killers, the hunters who became the hunted. Many are dead.

Now Ruto and Khan sensing some troubling revelations and complications at the ICC are demanding investigation yada yada. Where was Ruto when the man was desperate for help. And now the police are going to try to bury this. It could get difficult.

Here is another angle to this evolving story:

21 comments on “Bizarre case of a murdered ICC witness:

  1. So it now turns out that the Yebei fellow was actually and agent assigned the task of bribing witnesses. Thats the reason why, according to Bensouda, the prosecution dropped him. Then he ends up dead and those that he was supposedly helping now attack OTP with killing the witness. Is this even possible. Could it be the Yebei pocketed the cash and never delivered according to plan? Someone should come out with the truth or else rumors will keep on floating all over the place.


    • And why is Khan and Ruto panicking about Yebei? I suspect they know this whole thing could explode in their faces. I am not sure trying to tie themselves into a know fighting OTP is a smart move.

      Khan claims Yebei was Ruto’s witness and that is why he was killed. If he was Ruto’s witness was that being announced in the newspapers for everybody to know and go kill him? Khan says Yebei went to another country to talk to OTP investigators. How did he know that? Khan claims Yebei was going to prove how the OTP was cooking stories for witnesses. How did Yebei know the witnesses if heh was not one of them?

      Khan claims they knew Yebei was being threatened and asked VWU to protect him. Really? Here is Ruto’s prized witness according to their story and Ruto could not protect him. That man should have been sleeping at State House. It is OK to lie but there is a science to it.


      • I posted this on the wrong thread but here it is:

        You guys got it right. The fact that the witnesses was selling himself to both sides that brought him down.

        This is very clear from what Khan has stated here, “…the Prosecution contacted and interviewed Yebei without the knowledge of the Defence on the allegations that he was involved in witness interference activities. “Yebei, also without the knowledge of the Defence, fully cooperated with the Prosecution, voluntarily traveled to a third country and made himself available for questioning there by Prosecution investigators,”

        Read more at:


      • mzee,

        There is bizarre and then there is this Yebei story. Now they say they finger printed the dead guy and he is not Yebei, never mind that the CID are already busy interrogating Wafula regarding his “murder”. Good lord have mercy.

        A few questions.

        1. How reliable is this new angle of the story or is this another cover up?

        2. How crazy is it that Khan and co insisted on DNA of the dead body even though the family claimed this was Yebei? Does Khan know something we don’t know?

        3. The body has now been given to another family to go and bury it. How did they find out that this nameless person is the a member of the new family? Did that family have a finger print database and were just looking for a body to match it.

        4. If this is not a dead Yebei, where the heck is Yebei?

        5. Even the theatre of the absurd need to have some basic logic to help people follow what is going on.

        6. What is Duale saying now?

        Meanwhile the case is going on at The Hague and yesterday they had a full private session. Stuff is classified now. People got to live after this.

        Here are some of the questions raised by the DN. This thing is going to be messy.


      • If there is one thing consistent in Kenya, its that they will fudge each and everything that could ever lead to “conclusive” evidence.

        First it was elections, then now its just with about any investigation. The problem with people with way too many skeletons in the closet, is that somehow everything will lead to that closet, and they attempt to obfuscate any effort

        Like everyone else am of course curious how in the first place, it was determined that the body found was that of Yebei, and now after “identification” its not. Who did the first identification and with what tools? Like Adongo asks, was this family walking around with their own DNA/fingerprint sampling devices?

        Sadly another ICC player yet again goes to the grave without ever having revealed his side of the story, whether as tampering agent, victim, perpetrator or whatever else they may have been.

        The ICC started off with great promise, as the one avenue where we could get to hear what really went down, but its been hammered with such deceit all round it will go down as the worst circus to ever hit town.

        My only hope is that somewhere in there, there is few real victims and perpetrators who will not be cowed or swayed by their environment and will stand firm to really tell the world, the dark events of that period.


      • Blog Admin,
        Do we even know who is really dead? Might be its not even Yusuf.

        Could it be that killing Yebei was causing to much heat hence his sudden replacement with Yusuf. For if Yebei was not replaced, where is he?

        Since time immemorial Kenyans have been identifying their loved ones without DNA. JM Kariuki and Ouko were both identified without DNA. How come Yebei family made such a big mistake of pointing out another man as Yebei?

        Officially, Yebei´s family has not withdrawn nor accepted the fact that the dead man in not their relative. So, who is the dead man?

        Could it be the Yebei´s family wanted to bury another man to disguise their now “dead/living” relative?

        In which case, did the Yebei´s murder Yusuf ?

        Have the Yebei´s been allowed to perform own DNA?

        Something is a miss


  2. Now rumors in the streets and social media (especially twitter) is that 4 other witnesses in RVP have disappeared into thin air. Wether they have gone underground, protected by the government is safe houses or will appear in River Yala is still unknown.


  3. This matter made me go to the ICC site and see what has been going on. There is a request for protective measures for witnesses who are supposed to start testifying next week. Two of them are quite interesting. The first one had decided that he could no longer testify and then changed his mind. The second one is described as an insider witness whose testimony is so sensitive that even voice and face distortion are not considered enough. The OTP wants his all of his testimony in-camera. It is possible that someone wants to send a message to the upcoming witnesses.

    Adongo, you ask about the OTP not bringing to the chamber the matter of bribery. But let us remember that it did. Barasa was supposed to have been handed over a long time ago. Instead the Kenyan Court of Appeal is just sitting on the matter. Has someone there eaten some chicken?


    • John,

      Thanks for the new info from icc website. Things are getting really hot. Bensouda understands that she has to hit a few home runs to stand a chance of winning this case and getting a conviction. Those two witnesses you mentioned present a nightmare for Ruto.

      The one who withdrew and changed his or her mind and has now agreed to testify is something that has crossed my mind many times. If witnesses who had recanted their stories change their mind and are now willing to testify, you got big problems. The reason these witnesses may change their minds varies but the key issue is that they realize even after you are paid to abandon the case, you are still fair game. The accused persons will only feel safe after you are dead and they have all the capacity and interest to see you dead as soon as they can do it safely for themselves.

      You can even leave the Hague and go back after you have refused to testify, you are a sitting duck. The information you have has to go to the grave with you. Now when they see what happened to Yebei it drives it home. Time to be careful.

      Let’s not forget that in the Uhuru case the allegations are that it was the Mungiki who were sent to kill people and who were involved who started the trouble for Uhuru. They saw their comrades getting slaughtered like chicken and they realized they were now disposable items. So they went to the ICC. Now many of them were lured back. Still they have to know they are not safe. The grave is still at the door every morning you wake up.

      For Ruto now it is crunch time. And with ICC one or two credible witnesses can get you locked up if their evidence ties up other evidence and at this stage we don’t even know what documentary evidence including NSIS reports Bensouda has. You slip once with ICC,, that is about it.

      So we will see how this goes but the immediate and vigorous response from the Ruto team tells you they understand it is crunch time.


      • Adongo, John and others,
        That there is a massive investigation underway is all but the usual Kenya lies.
        This is a man who had reported threats to his life in the past few years and nothing happened. To now pretend to do an investigation when its already too late does not make sense. The crocodile tears from Khan an Co are just that. For had this person been such a super witness for Ruto I guess that he (Ruto) would have used even his personal resources to protect him. Were he the one who`s testimony would set Ruto free he would have done better protecting the man. But I don’t think that he was as critical as he was unreliable. Its the issue of unreliability that’s perhaps the mans undoing. Trying to accuse the OTP of murder is just pure mischief. These cases are not personal or a do or die for Bensouda and her team.

        According to OTP there are many witnesses who have disappeared or died. If the CID were serious, they should have at least made an attempt to find out why these people were falling off the face of the earth one by one.

        If we follow the usual CID script then its the end of this story.


  4. Adongo,
    So why should someone kill a potential witnesses?
    In this case is difficult to know. Changing sides all of the time makes him very dangerous to both sides for they never know his next move and what he might pull. This can lead to his elimination by those who fear truth or even untruth coming from him. Witnesses must remember to be truthful and stick to their version of the story.


    • mzee,

      One thing is certain. This guy was killed by Kenya killing squads. The insinuation by Ruto and Khan that this guy could have been killed by the OTP is absurd. The OTP does not and cannot run killer squads in Kenya. I am kind of puzzled by the panicky reaction from Ruto.

      The other puzzling maneno is that OTP had at one point told the court that they have evidence that one of their witnesses had been bribed and the witness showed them the proof of payment. I wondered then why Bensouda did not bring such evidence in court to prove interfering with witnesses which is a very serious matter. But it would appear to me that this witness was very slippery. He even run for office in the last election to be an MCA. So obviously he must have been getting into the system even as the trials were looming. It seems the OTP decided to simply strike him out of the witness list.

      Then you have the messages left just before the killing or may be even after that the man was in Uganda with OTP officials. That is planted info by the real killers. Of course the ruthless manner in which this guy was killed is itself troubling. Why would anybody do that? To send a message? May be. Break his skull. Gorge his eyes out. Cut out his tongue. That could be a message that you better shut up (no tongues) and see nothing (eyes out)

      Itumbi the goat at State House had been tracking down this man from way back in 2011 complaining that he was “sly and troublesome”. This is from Itumbi’s facebook records when they were busy outing the witnesses.

      There are some people peddling the theory that this could be an attempt to eliminate those who might save Ruto. That would be the work of the dark forces many of whom wouldn’t mind to see Ruto locked up now that muthamaki is out of the hot water and is safe at State House. I don’t buy that theory but in Kenya they can seel you donkey meat and tell you it is a delicacy from Athi River.

      What is clear is that this guy’s case is going to show up at the ICC case for Ruto. It would be good for the accused if there is sufficient evidence that Ruto had nothing to do with this murder. If there is evidence that this guy was once considered a witness and had been bought then it brings a whole new problem. How about if he was not trusted enough by the accused and they decided a dead witness is the best option. They can’t talk. These things can complicate matters and that is why the ICC cases are never straight up three strikes and you are free. Anything can happen anytime.


      • Another thing to keep in mind is that at this stage the Defence has not given the court its list of witnesses, so nobody can verify the claim that he was their witness, which is very convenient. I am actually beginning to think that this man was bribed to recant then went back to the OTP to get the benefits of relocation and was then lured back with promises of more bribes. Bribing witnesses is one thing that can definitely get Ruto in jail no matter how his case goes.


    • Havent read the full story, but it cannot get any more wierd

      Ruto wants OTP investigated ostensibly because Yebei was his key witness

      Ok, but Ruto has been applying every day of the week and twice on Sundays to be excused from witness stand because he has important business to do .. which includes attending to security matters in Kenya, eg during Westgate etc.

      So does Ruto have any real input into security matters in Kenya or is he just making excuses?

      If he is important in security matters in the country, why cant he use his position/resources to conclusively reveal what happened to Yebei?

      We must be idiots to continue listening to this drama, but what the heck, haven’t yet read the full story, maybe it gets worse …. 😦


      • Admin,

        I think we are getting the picture. The ICC registrar explains it here very well.

        Yebei was a witness for the prosecution at first and was offered a safe place. He then recanted his story and went back to Eldoret. These were the witnesses who were supposedly ruining the case against Ruto. He must have been a hero to Ruto then. After he switched, the OTP dropped him from the list of witnesses. He was doing fine in Eldoret. Or so you would think.

        Like I said I think sometime in the last year or so Yebei started showing signs that he might change his mind again and go back to the OTP. That is when he signed his death sentence. They kept tabs on him and when they realized he is getting close they lowered they hammer. And boy did they ever lower it. Sledge hammer. That is what I am talking about. It came down hard. They are going to payuka here and there about investigations and then shut up. After all the guy they really needed to shut up barely survived being eaten by crocodiles when some people found his mutilated corpse in a river.

        Anyway next week we will hear from the new witnesses, one of whom according to John’s post also recanted and has now come back to the ICC.

        And then there is this development where the Jubilee mouthpieces start talking of stuff that can backfire on them rather badly:

        And this story about another OTP witness, Bureti who recanted his story to OTP joined Ruto and then was trying to go to TZ to rejoin the OTP sums it all up. Bureti disappeared without a trace while in Malindi. He has never been seen again and the Kenya police don’t even want to talk about his case. This was supposed to be Yebei case.


      • Adongo, that makes sense. The guy probably tried to negotiate a new offer and that got him into problems. In such a case he would be dangerous witness against Ruto because in addition to PEV evidence, he would also be bringing bribery evidence.


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