Allan Wadi’s Horror Case

I have been meaning to say something about this Allan Wadi horror story but there has been so many things to do. Now I am going to pay it a mind.

Here is the case.

So what are the issues:

1. The usual status quo crowd are screaming he pleaded guilty and that means this was all fair and square. Rubbish. I say this because I have pleaded guilty twice during the Mwakenya era for alleged crimes I knew and the state knew I did not commit. The first  time I was a student and after 3 months of torture it was all I could take. The second one I was a lecturer at the then Mombasa Polytechnic and after being at Nyayo House in the swimming pool for ages I pleaded guilty on a trial which lasted two minutes. So only those who do not know how the terror instruments of the state works can say pleading guilty means you are actually guilty.  This guy was arrested in Uganda on Dec 31, 2014 allegedly for insulting Uhuru and posting hate material. He was driven to Nairobi and by Jan 2, 2015 he was jailed. That is swift.

Word on the ground is that he was driven to Nairobi blind folded (I know how that works). He was molested and threatened with being dumped in a lake somewhere unless he agrees to plead guilty. He obliged and they rushed him to court the next day and kaboom he is locked up. It is not too hard to see how this worked out. And when they are squeezing the hell out of you they tell you, oh just plead guilty and we are going to be lenient and give you probation. Big lie but when you are desperate and alone you will fall for that trick. It is like taking you to the doors of hell and telling you just to go in and after that the big Satan (Obel Sibuth) will send you back. Obel sends nobody back.

2. What exactly was this man charged with. Insulting the president is not a crime anywhere in the world except may be Mobutu’s Zaire and Amin’s Uganda oh and Moi’s Kenya. Are we there yet? They have something about demeaning a public officer etc. What the heck is that? Was he actually charged with hate speech? There is no record of that. I will come back to this later.

3. The man was arrested in Uganda. Under Kenyan laws, unless they have been suspended, Kenyan police cannot arrest people in another country. That is pretty much universal. If there is a Kenyan suspect who is in another country, Kenya asks that country to extradict them back to Kenya. That is actually a judicial process. It is not a big deal. The Uganda government would have extradicted this guy in a few days. But this was a commando raid to capture a “deadly” enemy of Kenya. Don’t laugh.

What happened here was kidnapping which is a big time criminal activity. But this is what you get when you have criminals running the country. The laws of the land is a remote fiction to them. I think this was an operation carried out by NSIS. Now you see why Uhuru wanted NSIS to start arresting people. Special Branch of the 1980s is back with a new name. In any event, on the basis that this was kidnapping, Allan Wadi has every right to seek redress, file a case in the High court on the grounds that you were kidnapped and have this conviction thrown out. It is doable. I hope the lawyers that CORD promised to get to help him explore that angle. That will bring a whole new dimension to this charade.

4. There should be a formal appeal on this matter so that Mr. Wadi can come to court and tell Kenyans what happened. Hopefully Mutunga can assign the judges to handle that appeal as soon as possible. There are other things we will talk about later. But the key issue here is that these are the reasons Uhuru is struggling to mutilate the new constitution of the republic. The template for emperor Uhuru are being set. We have to fight against it now or forever remain silent and probably in jail.

11 comments on “Allan Wadi’s Horror Case

  1. Lunatic Kuria’s case will head nowhere. The criminals are in power and as we have seen, will do anything – including killing to circumvent justice. What’s new? Remember he is Uhuru’s MP – specially selected for the good people of Gatundu South by muthamaki himself. Just like Uhuru’s other friends and supporters- Kobia, Sonko, Matsanga, Mugo, Mukiri wa githendu etc. Kuria will continue spewing venom in the name of protecting their ‘presidency and fighting for the community’.

    Kenyans, KANU era is back, where discussing anything except the weather, sports etc is unlawful. wenyeinchi are sending a clear message – if you want some peace, do not discuss the numerous unsolved cases of grand corruption, poaching, land grabbing including grabbing of school playgrounds, jubilee’s unfulfilled promises, mysterious deaths etc.

    Unfulfilled promises, simmering tensions, selective application of justice…..these guys have started a war that may take a life of its own. Meanwhile, another blogger Abraham Kiplangat Mutai who goes by the twitter handle @ItsMutai has also been arrested.


  2. You guys got it right. The fact that the witnesses was selling himself to both sides that brought him down.

    This is very clear from what Khan has stated here, “…the Prosecution contacted and interviewed Yebei without the knowledge of the Defence on the allegations that he was involved in witness interference activities. “Yebei, also without the knowledge of the Defence, fully cooperated with the Prosecution, voluntarily traveled to a third country and made himself available for questioning there by Prosecution investigators,”

    Read more at:


  3. Jeez! Talk of hammering ‘mosquitoes’ and snuffing out lives like it’s some kind of hobby.

    Was Wadi’s mother finally allowed to see her son?


    • akinyi,

      This thing needs to be handled very fast because I know what the monsters are going to do. I didn’t know that his mother was not allowed to see him. That is terrible but expected. I know fellow students went to see him in jail and were refused the opportunity. That was the sign to me that they want to isolate this guy from everybody so he does not tell anybody what happened to him.

      But here is the problem. This guy was railroaded to the slammer. The government wants to bury this deep and they want to do it fast.

      They are going to take him to one of those remote and terrible jails. Most likely they are going to take him to Maralal prison. It is the worst and it is very inaccessible. When they want to bury prisoners from the public that is where they take them. If they take him to Maralal his family will never get to see him and his fellow students won’t see him either. I am sure that is the option they are working on. Not good. That is the way Moi used to operate and this Vihoja boys are Moi clones.

      What needs to be done rather urgently is to file a case with the High Court about Wadi being kidnapped from Uganda by Kenyan security agents. You file the case and ask for a certificate of emergency in hearing the case. Why emergency? Because Wadi is already in jail. If he is there because certain unlawful things were done, then those things have to be sorted out immediately to salvage the situation.

      In the High court all that has to be dealt with is whether Wadi was kidnapped from Uganda or not. It has nothing to do with the actual case, whatever the case is. Wadi being kidnapped is the easiest thing to prove. This what we need lawyers to deal with mara moja. CORD has volunteered to intervene, great. They have to do it now. They are going to bury this man in the armpit of the Kenyan jail system. It is a nasty place to be. I know that for a fact.

      Besides the court process the lawyers will also get Wadi’s side of the story. An appeal should also be lodged against the conviction but that takes a very long time. By the time they hear the appeal Wadi will have served his sentence if he survives the harsh conditions he is going to face.

      The battle for this young man to be free and mold his life has to be waged now and waged very vigorously.


      • adongo,

        I understand Wadi went through indescribable psychological and physical torture but, as mentioned by someone who has managed to see him, his spirit is not broken.

        You are right, just like the security law, the Wadi kidnap drama was executed during the busy festive season for a reason. Too bad it’s drawing more attention to the tyrants trying to make us all cower in fear.

        For saying worse things, Moses Kuria the lunatic has now been invited by NCIC for a cup of tea to talk things through. Why the double standards? at this rate all schools might have to be converted into jailhouses to accommodate other Wadis.

        I hope those that have taken up this fight will follow the case to its logical conclusion. A dangerous precedent has been set and it isn’t good for anyone .


    • Here we go. There is something in Kenya called NCIC. A useless body that should be disbanded ASAP.

      You can’t believe that they today asked Moses Kuria to write an apology, then go about his usual duty of insulting other tribes. Just yesterday, Kuria was at it insulting other tribes. Yet this body called NCIC is pretending not to hear and see this. What a joke. These are the kind of things that can plunge a country into war as little as they are.


  4. Adongo,
    The strange thing about this case is that there is a man called Mugo Wa Wairimu who has essentially been writing (on many occasions) that Raila and all the luos should be murdered. When the case came before the DPP he claimed that he did not know what to do about the Wairimu.

    Then we have Moses Kuria who has written of how he wants to see bodies to float in lake Victoria. And we all know his well documented hatred against other tribes and Luos in particular.

    Yet again there is one Paul Kobia who was caught on video explaining of how he was going to murder Raila Odinga. Then a few days ago he claimed that he had actually killed Fidel. Instead of the police taking him in for questioning, they simply asked him to to go to hospital because he was “mad”. And the acting IG even went ahead to issue a statement on the same. Why on earth did the IG find is necessary to issue a statement on Kobia?

    The common denominator here is that all these people spewing hatred are from one community who are apparently above the law. Contrast their actions with that of Wadi who insulted Uhuru and Dedan Alpha Marenya who insulted William Ruto. Both are behind bars. How can justice be selective???

    Here is Marenyas story
    Read more at:


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