Another Funeral Unity: Pathetic

I haven’t said anything about the untimely demise of Fidel Castro Odinga. I thought enough was being said about the scary development. It seems Fidel was quite a humble, honest and brilliant guy. Big fella was also a very kind and generous man. Good for him. He despised tribalism. Even better for him.

I have talked to my friends and relatives in Bondo town who are waiting to pay their respects to him. Raila is actually my neighbour. He can hear me farting from my bedroom in Bondo. So I have lost one hell of a good neighbour whom I never met. But I know his old man well. This will pass. Stay strong. That is what I can tell him and his family at this time.

But the fake unity talk at Fidel’s funeral must be taken with voluminous  amounts of salt. If he was alive and may be tried to run for a political office they would skin him alive and say the exact opposite of what they are saying about him today. I understand they can’t skin him dead. That is not easy.

The country cannot unite just because Raila’s son is dead and he was a nice guy. Every country has its DNA. Ours is frightening. That is what we have to deal with first. Can we do that now? Don’t kid yourself. When Raila dies you won’t believe the nice words that will flow with him to his grave from those whose career has involved trying to destroy his life.

This is what I am talking about.

One comment on “Another Funeral Unity: Pathetic

  1. That narrative, coming from people who are themselves suspects in Fidel’s murder, should be dismissed and treated with the contempt it deserves. These guys hit the Odinga’s where they knew it would hurt the most.

    The toxicology reports that were to conclude the autopsy process are not out as yet. Basically, the preliminary report ruled out that Fidel died of natural causes.

    These guys took advantage of Fidel’s generousity and friendly demeanor and trap him to a very bad death with very little concern for his young widow and toddler son. Then they come and start singing about political unity, even as AG Githu Muigai is in court a day after Fidel’s burial to appeal against Justice Odunga’s ruling to suspend they illegal security laws. Unity my @ss!


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