Langata Children Get Gassed For Land.

First lets start with the story the Kenyan media so desperately wants to bury. We have been told over and over again that William Ruto does not own the Weston Hotel which is at the centre of Langata Primary School land grab. When the land grab story first emerged it was often accompanied by a rejoinder that William Ruto does not own Weston Hotel. I asked myself, if Ruto does not own the hotel why do they have to tell us. It should not even be an issue.

Well it is. And here is why:

That also explains why everybody including president Uhuru, Internal Security Secretary, Ngilu, NLC are all blaming the teachers and the kids for being in a demonstration and asking the thieves to come take their property and not one person is saying the obvious. This is a court case.

EACC and the DPP should be in full action mode ready to take the land grabbers to court to be charged with theft of public land. Instead Ruto’s sidekick a Mr. Osero is being put out there as the director and shareholder of Weston Hotel together with the stinker that Weston Road is not interested in the Langata school land. This is a bomb waiting to explode. CORD M.Ps need to get to the bottom of this starting right away when the matter is still hot and fresh in people’s minds.

In terms of the terrifying story of gassing children in their own school it seems there is a deliberate attempt to turn this into a story of irresponsible teachers and activists involving kids in demonstrations. That is just plain rubbish and it tells you a whole lot about this saga. The kids were in their school. Their school playground had been fenced with a wall to stop them from going there. At break time they went to see what had happened with their playground.

The activists were there to bring the wall down since even with all the talk about the land belonging to the school, nothing was happening. Then kaboom, teargas canisters were dropped on them. I have eaten teargas a couple of times. When it hits you it feels like you are choking to death even if you are a veteran teargas eater. Now imagine children who mostly can’t even handle hot peppers. How are they going to ingest teargas? It is like dropping real fire in their faces. It is cruel beyond imagination. You promised the kids laptop computers which they still don’t have. Can you just leave their playgrounds alone and spare them the teargas. They will be happy or is that too much to ask.

And now the big boys are blaming others for letting the kids be in their school.

Here is Uhuru’s statement.

It tells you the grabbers here are safe. Very safe. Guess why.

More demands for action against this day of infamy. Of course nobody is talking about arresting the land grabbers still but this is encouraging. Gassing those kids was the worst thing that happened to this land thieves:

Here we go: Some very powerful pictures.

Talking about land theft. Here comes Mr. Willing buyer.

A few things about this. If the 99 year lease is being renewed, this land must have been bought in the 1920’s. Jomo Kenyatta, the supposed willing buyer was a broke kid then. So obviously this land was owned by the colonial land grabbers who simply seized it from the owners. Then comes 1963 and it seems Kenyatta just grabbed it from the grabbers without even a change of title deed or lease. Now the Uhuru land grabbers have renewed the lease.

Did the NLC look at the original lease and how Kenyatta obtained it? Who exactly were the willing sellers here? Obviously this land was not bought from its owners. The purpose of the NLC is to determine how this land was obtained from the original owners and if it was grabbed to return it to them since they are now squatters in their own land. In any event the NLC promised that any land that has not been developed they cannot renew the old lease. What exactly is Uhuru doing with this land?

11 comments on “Langata Children Get Gassed For Land.

    • Folks,

      This is getting interesting. Ngilu has come up with some names behind the school land grab. But she is yet to name the names behind the names. Will we ever get there?

      Here we go:

      The name to watch here is this guy Harbans Singh Amrit.

      Harbans Singh is a long time Moi operative. He is the one who was guiding Moi’s grand corruption deals and working with the likes Ruto and the Moi boys. It seems he was used to register the land after it was grabbed. In fact word is that the land was actually grabbed in 1998 and the fake title deed was back dated to 1989.

      It appears to me that Harbans registered this grabbed land for the famous land thief who also owns Weston Hotel through the proxy called Mr. Osero. Harbans then put the names of his family members in the so called Airview Housing. I can now see the link between the grabbed school yard and Weston.

      The next step should be to take these mob to court and if they really love Ruto they should be ready to go to jail with him. Also important in this process are the land officials who facilitated this whole scam. We have a long way to go.

      And if you want to know how tight this is read this and check between the lines:

      Here is the statement of interest.

      “According to her, Airport View Housing Ltd was conned into acquiring the land by a seller who presented fake documents, which were then used to transfer the land. She did not name the seller.”

      Now how did Ngilu know that the AirportView Housing thieves were “conned by a seller who presented fake documents”. Has Ngilu talked to Harbans Singh and company? No. Has Ngilu talked to the conman seller? No. Has Ngilu seen the fake documents? Yes.

      So who is the conman seller? Remember the Muteshi land? These are just smokes and mirrors to cover up the stink and save the real name behind the names. Does anybody think that Harbans Singh has the powers to bring an army of cops with dogs to guard his private land. Of course not.

      Here is a good take on the whole saga:


      • Adongo,
        You are right on the money.
        The biggest question here is, why have these grabbers not been dragged to court?
        I mean these sikhs if they are the real thieves?

        Who is protecting them to such an extent that the police dare not arrest them even when the CS herself has confirmed that the land was grabbed.

        Iranians call the US big satan, I think in Kenya we have the BIG GRABBER. This grabber takes any land anywhere anytime by force. The man does not mind killing children in the process using chemicals. We are dealing with a complete thug whos appetite for wealth know no bounds.

        What people don’t realize is that even Uhuru himself could not mention the grabbers name. Instead he concentrated on the headteacher, who is an innocent person.

        Another thing is that Ngilu wants to keep her job. Bandying the name of this grabber would spell the end of her in this government. But again what did we expect from these guys????


    • This mind boggling how much the DEVELOPER has grabbed.
      A lobby group is set to hold a peaceful demonstration in Nairobi over the rising cases of land grabbing.

      The Kenyans for Justice and Development Trust (Kejude) said it will organise a march from Freedom Corner in Uhuru Park to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto’s offices at Harambee House.

      “The purpose of the massive march is to demonstrate our frustration at the failure by the government to unmask and hold accountable the notorious individuals behind the grabbing of public land,” Kejude said.

      The lobby group added that it will reveal the name of a known land grabber during the march whose date has not yet been set.

      “The individual of Asian extraction, who is in his eighties and is well known to the authorities, was initially a draftsman who later became an architect. He has worked closely with powerful politicians and civil servants to grab the following parcels of land,” Okiya Omtatah Okoiti said.

      The following is the list Omtatah gave:

      He grabbed the playground at Lang’ata Road Primary School (and attempted to fence it in 2001 but was stopped by the Narc government.)
      He erected Airport View Estate on Mbagathi Road on land grabbed from Kenya Prisons.
      Ring Road/ Rhapta Road leafway – he grabbed land meant for a public road next to Hunger House and is currently embroiled in a case with a Somali businessman over the same land.
      He erected the old Safaricom House on Waiyaki Way on land meant for the construction of Westlands Sub Fire station.
      He erected the new Safaricom House on Waiyaki Way on land grabbed from the Provincial Administration Police.
      Grabbed land belonging to KARI Waiyaki Way – the former Veterinary Land next to Kenya Sugar Board Building.
      He established Aquila Flower Farm in Naivasha on 300 acres of land grabbed from ADC.
      He grabbed Oltukai Lodge in Amboseli National Park.
      He grabbed 7 acres of land in Upper Hill Nairobi that had been set aside for the East African Community.
      He grabbed Railways Senior Staff Houses along Ngong Road, opposite China Center.
      He grabbed public land on which he erected Eka hotel on Mombasa Road.
      He grabbed the parking space between Kenindia House and Utalii House and sold it to Mt Kenya University.
      He grabbed the wetlands opposite St Mary’s gate on Muthangari Road, Westlands, and developed houses on them.
      He was the grabber of the six plots in Karura Forest which he surrendered following an onslaught by the late Nobel Laureate Prof Wangae Maathai.

      Omtatah said the demo will culminate in handing over a public petition to Parliament, asking for the recovery of the listed propertie

      – See more at:


  1. Adongo,
    Watch the brave kid finger the alleged developer.

    By the way, this is the only property in Kenya with no owner because even Mr. Osare has disowned the hotel. No one dares name this developer.

    I think we are in the pit when a “grabber” is now called a “developer”. More so we become a sick country when the police is ready to murder kids for the sake of a stone wall.

    Even Idi Amin and Jean Bedel Bokassa never sent police to attack school kids. This are stuff we only saw in apartheid South Africa. What a shame


      • when Ngilu named the grabber/developer

        social media just went to overdrive

        …. ichamge – misingh

        … developer was fen-singh the property

        …. ministry of lands and how-singh?

        just a whole round of amazing singh-ing on social media

        and with pictures


        This dynamic duo – has succeeded in making Kenya a land of buffoons.

        Eti wametuzoea, if a primary school kid has formed such a stark opinion, what the heck are these guys doing in leadership? quit and go home people


      • Here is the cobweb of this land grabbing machinery of the Moi era.

        CORD needs to change tact on this issue. Pestering Ngilu to provide names will not work. In any event what will CORD do if Ngilu ignores them as she will sure do. Ngilu answers to Uhuru who will do everything to protect his land grabbing deputy. If Ruto’s name gets entangled in this toxic land grab he could lose his job. This is a life and death matter for him.

        What CORD needs is to do is work with the civil society groups and take this matter to court or even enjoin in the court case already before the judges. Let’s not forget that the grabbers took the matter to court before the national meltdown this week. They expected some quiet ruling behind the curtains. Now the matter has turned into a national crisis. The thieves could very easily sneak in and withdraw the case to save face.

        Whether the case goes on or not, CORD and allies need to have their lawyers combing through all documents and anything on public domain to get to the bottom of this. Same thing with Weston Hotel. If the hotel is on grabbed land as seems to be obvious then collect as much evidence as you can and take the matter to court to defend public interest since the EACC and even the new NLC is doing nothing to protect public land.

        Also put public pressure on EACC and the NLC to tell Kenyans why they have refused to take these cases which are like low lying fruits in the tree of corruption.

        In the Langata school land grab the cobweb is very messy. The land was given to them (by who) 1989. The company that claims the title was registered much later. Somehow that land was being tossed around in 1995 and something else in 1998 and all sorts of hoops.

        The chain here seems to be that after Ruto grabbed these pieces of land he maneuvered to get his friends like Harbans etc to carry the hot potatoe for him just like the other guy Osero is now carrying the Weston Hotel for him. Ruto is a clever thief. We know that but once you start to unravel the cobweb things will fall apart. Some people are not going to carry a boiling pot on their heads all day. That is where this battle must go.

        On the issue of the 30,000 acres that the NLC has given Uhuru a free pass there is a very clear road to take. Just asking the NLC to revert to the public is just rubbish. It won’t happen.

        First to renew these leases the “owners” of the land have to prove that they have put the land to good use. No phoney stuff. Go check the land and see what Uhuru and his band of thieves has done with the land. If it is still lying there unused which is the case, NLC have a constitutional obligation to revert it to the public. Go take pictures of the land. You can even hire a helicopter to survey it.

        Secondly Taita Taveta governor is from CORD and in fact the CORD M.P from the area is one of the leaders of the CORD team in parliament. The governor has every right to bring up the matter that public land which belongs to his county has been given back to Uhuru and his family without following the law.

        Remember the law also requires that before the NLC renews the leases there has to be public consultation within the county where the land is located. We know that was never done. So the way to go about this action is to put serious political and legal pressure. This is also important because NLC is now reviewing hundreds of thousands of acres of public land. It is important that they are forced to follow the letter of the law and set a good precedent otherwise the whole NLC will become a charade.

        CORD must make sure that this matter is raised within the context of alerting all Kenyans that the land grabbers and all those who were given 99 year leases for political reasons will retain those leases unless the citizens wake up and demand their rights. CORD has to ensure that this does not come across as just a vendetta against Uhuru. This is a matter that affects all Kenyans.

        There is a reason the NLC was created in the new constitution. There is a reason Kibaki and other land thieves never wanted to have the NLC made operational. CORD should also set up a network in every county where the land reviews are being done to ensure that in every county the citizen groups consult the NLC to find out which leases are being reviewed and be involved in the process. There is a lot of leg work here and just issuing press statements in Nairobi is not going to help.


      • And when we thought it was over Ngilu herself is accused of land grabbing. How will this end? The jubilee government is rotten to the core.

        AN Ethiopian businessman has written to the EACC accusing Lands CS Charity Ngilu of being part of a group of grabbers targeting his plot on State House Crescent, Nairobi.

        Hailu Asfaw, the director of Myta Ltd, says a businessman identified as Abbas Khalif and two associates, Julius Kitur and Albert Kitur, are using the ministry to forcibly eject him from his two-and-a-half acres.

        He has written two letters to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission, accusing Ngilu of direct involvement.

        The plot was among those that Ngilu stormed following protests from the public and criticism from President Uhuru Kenyatta over the grabbing of the Lang’ata Road Primary School playground.

        She went on a whirlwind tour of other plots she alleged had been grabbed and vowed to repossess them.

        Ngilu told the President to give her and the chairman of the National Land Commission, Dr Mohammad Swazuri, a chance to demonstrate that they can carry out their mandates.

        Ngilu ordered the developers at State House Crescent and the Kibagare River Valley in Lower Kabete to clear their materials and equipment from the sites before bulldozers move in.

        On January 21, Ngilu led a group of people, including her personal assistant James Mbaluka and Khalif, who demolished structures on the plot at State House Crescent, expelled workers and placed people wearing NYS uniform to guard the place.

        A signboard was erected saying the plot belonged to the government.

        In its second letter to the EACC, dated January 22, Myta Ltd said Ngilu had returned to the property the following day with a private contractor who took possession.

        “The people who had been stationed there dressed in NYS uniform were then quietly withdrawn. The contractor brought trucks of building material within one hour of taking possession,” the company said.

        In September last year, a fresh title for the same land was produced under the names of Abbas Khalif, Julius Kitur and David Langat. The three then deposited the title with the law firm Tripleoklaw for safe custody. According to the agreement signed with the law firm on November 4, 2014, none of the three signatories may retrieve the title without the written consent of the others.

        Myta had first written to the EACC on December 17 last year, to formally lodge a corruption complaint “against an illegal, fraudulent and corrupt scheme” to defraud it of its property known as LR 209/19473. The fraud was perpetrated “by people who had altered genuine and official government lands records, working with senior politicians and officials of the ministry”.

        The company named Ngilu, chief Lands registrar Sarah Mwendwa, officers under Mwendwa, the director of Survey and two men identified as Julius Kitur and Albert Kitur.

        “It is my belief that there is an aggressive corrupt scheme in place by parties acting in concert with, or connected to, powerful political and senior officials in the ministry of Lands, including the offices of the chief Lands registrar, Registration department and director of Survey, who are in the process of, or at an advanced stage of, unlawfully trying to commit corruption intended to defraud the complainant of its parcel of land by not only destroying the original and genuine government records reflecting the complainant’s lawful ownership of the prime property, but also falsifying and/or creating parallel records of fake government records to validate their corrupt scheme,” he told the EACC.

        – See more at:


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