The shocking list of Jubilee administration 24 months of mega corruption

This is the shocking harmonised list of scandals Jubilee Administration has managed to deliver to Kenya in just two years

1. KSh. 53 billion Laptop tendering rejected by court, whereabout of money already allocated by parliament unknown

2. KSh314.2 billion Standard Guage Tendering (shrouded inflated Chinese single sourcing)

3. KSh475billion Irregular Lamu Coal project award (a company that did not even submit a proposal at the RFP stage)

4. Ksh10billion GDC tendering scandal

5. K Sh55.6 billion JKIA New Terminal irregular tendering through KAA

6. GDC 60Billion failed oil drill well

7. Chicken gate IEBC scandal kshs 50M

8. Weston Hotel primary school land grab

9. Lamu irregular land allocations revealed by post al shabaab terror attack investigations

10. KSh. 8billionKaren Land saga involving 40mps

11. Ksh38Billion medical import irregular leasing

12. Parliamentary Accounts Committee

13. Mara Narok 4.5Billion KAPS Revenue collection scandal (Ruto)

14. 15Billion CCTV Single sourced to Safaricom

15. 1.3Billion irregular drug haul ship explosion

16. 22 Dead Sheikhs in Mombasa killed extrajudicially by Kenyan security forces (ref Al Jazeera)

17. Kshs 100million hustlers jet

18. Uhuru Angloleasing kshs 3Billion payout reward

19. The forced digital migration and secret PANG 10% local shareholding muscling into projected $550M revenue in advertising next year

20. Goodyear convicted in the USA for 1.5 Billion and 135Million bribes to senior government officials

21. ……etc

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14 comments on “The shocking list of Jubilee administration 24 months of mega corruption

  1. ODM lists DP Ruto’s scandals in press statement and why he must carry own cross

    Nairobi, Kenya: Kenyans are carrying a heavy load of corruption. One name that keeps coming up in most of the cases of fraud, corruption, theft of public land, diversion of public funds and violation of procurement and tender rules is that of Deputy President Mr William Ruto.

    However, yesterday, the DP said he has no apology to make over the scam at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret where he is accused of hijacking the procurement process and inflating the bill before trying to divert the funds to set up a personal institution.

    We are not surprised. Ruto has no apologies on very many issues. He has no apology to make on having been involved in grabbing land of an elderly neighbour who was also an IDP, Mr Adrian Muteshi’s land in Eldoret.

    Ruto’s name featured in the grabbing of Langata Primary School playground and the adjacent plot belonging to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) where Weston Hotel stands. He had no apologies. He had no apology to make over the tear gassing of school children. Ruto’s was accused of grabbing the Kenya Pipeline land in Nairobi. His name featured in the grabbing of Prisons land in upper Hill area. He featured in the grabbing of Processional Way in Nairobi. In all these, he has had no apologies to make.

    The story of Kenya Pipeline land, like that of Adrian Muteshi’s, is particularly painful. It is a touching story of heartlessness. Mr Linus Cheruiyot, then the MD, who was forced to sign away the land, had to run away to the US where he lives on the edge today despite his sound education. He could not countenance the idea of going to jail over land that he was forced to sign away.

    Today, Ruto’s name has featured in attempts to divert public money to build a private hospital. And Ruto has the audacity to blame Raila Odinga for being mentioned in yet another scandal. Scandal is Ruto’s other name. We are shocked that Ruto thinks he has some credibility to protect.

    Ruto knows he is deep in the scandal of the hospital. That is why he is talking of taking political war to RailaOdinga and saying nothing about corruption. Yet the issue here is an attempt to divert public funds and manipulate procurement rules for private gain.

    Ruto knows he has deep ties to Mr Herbert Ojwang, the man who blew the whistle on him. There must be a reason Ruto is dodging Mr Ojwang and going for Raila. Ruto knows what Mr Ojwang knows.

    William Ruto is an angry man. He is getting desperate. He wants to blame his and Jubilee’s problems on everyone except themselves. Two days ago, Jubilee senators blamed Prof Anyang Nyongo for the plans to upgrade MTRH. Yesterday, Ruto blamed Raila Odinga. The other day, Jubilee leaders were blaming newspapers for their woes.

    Ruto has to realize that leadership involves taking responsibility for both the successes and failures of a nation. You cannot blame your opponent for ever. Ruto must know that his anger and thirst for revenge is bad for the country. He needs to take urgent lessons in anger management even if he chooses to retain his thirst for public resources.

    Ruto must know that you cannot govern a nation through lies and distortions for five years. Ruto lied that Raila took him to The Hague. He has since changed and blamed Nancy Gitau, Francis Kimemia and Mutea Iringo, Gideon Moi and Isaac Ruto.

    Kenyans will not allow Mr Ruto to use Raila for their problems. If you steal land, you must carry the cross. If you divert public funds to fight political battle with a woman who is in your Cabinet, you must bear the blame and shame. Ruto must bear the cross of his anger, recklessness and appetite for public goodies.

    The statement was read by Ogla Karani, Deputy National Treasurer for Hon. John Mbadi.


  2. I don’t know if there is any real hope of tackling corruption in Kenya

    Read this rather confusing saga on the house of chaos known as EACC

    Corruption from each and every quarter, right from the presidents office to the lowest staff member.

    Kenyans really have to rise from their troubled ethnic enclaves and come together to send these corruption cartels home before the whole country goes up in smoke



    My name is James Orengo. I am the Senator for Siaya County. I am also a Senior Counsel and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. I have previously served in parliament as a member of the National Assembly for several terms. Between April 2008 and March 2013 I was a member of the Cabinet as Minister for Lands in the Grand Coalition Government.

    I received a letter dated 2nd April 2015 from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission inviting me for an interview and to record a statement on allegations of corruption regarding the allocation of parcel of land I.R No. 861. I therefore wish to state as follows.

    On 26th March 2015 the President of the Republic of Kenya availed to Parliament an alleged report on the status of corruption matters under investigation dated 20th March 2015 which was purportedly authored by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. The authenticity or legality of the report, which is neither signed nor sealed, has been challenged even by officers within your Commission.

    The report contains three allegations against me which appear on pages 13 and 14 of the report. In your letter dated 2nd April 2015 inviting me for an interview and recording of a statement you have referred to only one single allegation. I therefore assume that the other allegations have no basis or justification whatsoever. Hence your decision not to require an interview or statement on them.

    I have however chosen to deal with all the allegations for reasons stated at the end of this statement.

    1. IRN 861
    a) This parcel of land is situated in Maraboi Trading Centre in Kericho County and contains by measurement 0.1194 of an acre. The trading centre is very close to Sondu, a big market which traverses both Kericho and Kisumu Counties.

    b) My father bought the property, which had a shop at the time, in 1964 from the proceeds of his retirement benefits having honourably retired from Kenya Police Service. The previous owners were Hirji Kalidas, Maganlal Hirji and Jayantilal Hirji. This was the only parcel of land owned by my father at the time of his death and the only parcel of land forming part of his estate when he died in 1965.

    c) My father died when I was a Form One student at Alliance High School. Because he died intestate the Public Trustee became the administrators of the estate.

    d) On 26th January 1968 by virtue of grants of letters of administration dated 25th April 1967 the property was registered in the name of the Public Trustee as the personal representative of my deceased father.

    e) On 6th March 1975 the Public Trustee transferred the land to Josfina Atieno Olunga Orengo (my mother, now deceased), Anna Ongare Olunga (my step-mother, now deceased), James Orengo, Omondi Orengo (my brother), Okoth Orengo (my brother, now deceased), Owino Orengo (my brother) and Mary Awuor (my sister, now deceased) in equal shares.

    f) On 19th March 2008, the lease having expired and following the death of my family members, I requested through a formal application, the Commissioner of Lands to allocate the land to me. Although an initial process was commenced by the office of the Commissioner of Lands, I did not get title to the land and I decided to abandon the application by not following it up. There was nothing illegal or inappropriate that I did in making a request on the strength of my father’s and my own personal interest in the land. At the time of his death my father never held any other property. Not even from the Puny or Masiro Komolo clan. For our family 0. 1194 acres of land was a jewel wrapped in gold. To date I do not own any residential, commercial or agricultural land in any part of Kenya except my rural home and small parcels of peasant land in North and East Ugenya wards of Siaya County. And I am very happy with that.

    g) I have enclosed the following documents;
    • Grant IRN 861 in the name Hirji Kalidas, Maganlal Hirji and Jayantilal Hirji.

    • Memorandum of Registration of Transfer of Lands transferring the land from Hirji Kalidas, Maganlal Hirji and Jayantilal Hirji to Apollo Stefano Olunga Orengo dated 19th November 1964.

    • Memorandum of Registration of Transfer of Lands transferring the land from the estate of Apollo Stefano Olunga Orengo to the Public Trustee 26th January 1968.

    • Memorandum of Registration of Transfer of Lands transferring the land from the Public Trustee to Josfina Atieno Olunga Orengo, Anna Ongare Olunga, James Orengo, Omondi Orengo, Okoth Orengo, Owino Orengo and Mary Awuor dated 9th April 1975.

    • Instrument/deed of transfer signed and sealed by Mr. David John Coward, the Public Trustee presented to the Land Titles Registry, Nairobi, transferring the land to Josfina Atieno Olunga Orengo, Anna Ongare Olunga, James Orengo, Omondi Orengo, Okoth Orengo, Owino Orengo and Mary Awuor.

    I do not understand the nature of the complaint in the context of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act or the provisions of the Constitution and other legislation on Leadership and Integrity or criminal law.

    I invite you to examine the manifests of all helicopter flights from Nairobi to Jinja to determine whether I have ever made the alleged flights. The straight answer is no.

    I have never been confronted with this allegation although it was reported on 18th October 2012. I have not dealt with the land in any official or private capacity. The allegations are absurd, wild and false. Nobody has approached me or asked me in any way to dispose or take part in the disposal of or deal with the land in any way. I wrote yesterday to the Government of Nairobi City County requesting documentation on this matter and received the following documents and others through my own investigations.

    • Memo to the Governor from the Legal Affairs Department dated 8th April 2014. This is a summarised report on LR No. 1870/1/217 – IR No. 98583 Ring Road, Westlands. The Report gives the entire history of the land since it was allocated to the defunct City Council of Nairobi for a term of 99 years expiring on 1st May 2003 to the presence time.

    • An application for a search carried out on 8th October 2007 by James Kirumba Ndungu I/D 22955857 on behalf of Sato Properties Limited.

    • Grant No IR 98583 made to Baumann Engineering Limited together with information on instruments registered against the title from 22nd August 2005 to 20th December 2010 which include a caveat, a transfer and a charge.

    • A Replying Affidavit sworn on 24th September 1999 by Basinah Ndila Mule, an officer in the Ministry of Lands in Nairobi Civil Suit No 891 of 1998 (05) between Zaverchand Ramji Shah and the Registrar of Titles and Antow Trading Company Limited.

    • Order of Lady Justice H.M. Okwengu in Civil Appeal No 72 of 2008 between the City Council of Nairobi and Sato Properties Limited and Others.

    • A brief report on an attempt to grab City Council property LR No 1870/1/217 – Grant No IR 98583 – Ring Road Westlands. The report by Bernard M. Mate, Director of Investigations and Information Analysis, to the Town Clerk of the defunct City Council of Nairobi dated 23rd November 2011 noted that the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Lands, Eng E. K. Mwongera had written to the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department on 30th June 2006 calling on the police to investigate the fraudulent registration of the land. It further notes that the Chief Land Registrar wrote to Baumann Company Limited on 22nd June 2005 notifying the management of the said company that they had obtained registration of the grant by fraud. The same letter accuses Sato Properties Limited of having registered the grant in the year 2006 after colluding with corrupt land officials and that Sato Properties Limited had bought the property on the strength of a fake grant.

    • Letter dated 22nd June 2005 to Baumann & Company Ltd from Mrs J. M. Okungu, Commissioner of Lands informing the company that no stamp duty had been paid and the penal consequences of such misconduct or offence.

    • The letter dated 30th June 2005 to Joseph M. Kamau, Director of Criminal Investigation Department asking the police to carry out investigation of the fraud and in particular indentify the officers from the Ministry of Lands who could have been involved on account of non payment of stamp duty and fraudulent ‘stamping’ of the deed transfer for purposes of purporting to show payment of stamp duty.

    • A bundle of documents including pleadings, Notice of Motion, affidavits and skeleton submissions in Nairobi High Court Civil Suit No 935 of 2012 between Sato Properties Limited vs the City Council of Nairobi, the Commissioner of Lands and Others and Chief Magistrate Court Criminal Case No. 649 of 1992: Republic vs. Mahmoud Tarus and Zavechand Ramji Shah involving the offence of forgery contrary to section 349 of the Penal Code. Some of the pleadings and documents are dated as late as 2013.

    The police have investigated this matter based on complaints from the Ministry of Lands. There are ongoing civil proceedings in the High Court where allegations of fraud have been made. The government of the Nairobi City County is still dealing with this matter on account of civil suits and payment of rates. It beats logic that in this saga which has spanned more than seventeen years that my name should be dragged in it.

    The Bill of Rights in the Constitution is based on the inherent dignity, self- autonomy and self-worth of every person. It enshrines and safeguards the reputation of every individual. It places on state organs and officers a responsibility and obligation to secure the right of every person to fair administrative action – that is expeditious, efficient, lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair. If a right or fundamental freedom of a person has been or is likely to be adversely affected by government action, the person has the right to be given written reasons for the action.

    The allegations against me were respectively made on 13th July 2011, 28th June 2012 and 18th October 2012 on matters which are easily detectable and verifiable. Four years down the line their status is characterised as “under investigations”. In those four years the Commission has not called me to respond to the allegations. The Commission is subject to the Constitution especially in matters that relate to the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, good governance and accountability as integral parts of the national values and principles of governance.

    The Commission should not be turned into a depository or cesspool of gossip, trivia or tripe. It is a constitutional body. It is not an extra-legal formation or a political police force. The coercive power given to the Commission should not be turned into a mechanism available for the convenience of those who fail to succeed in using other competent and authorised institutions of government including the judiciary. It is not a modern day coliseum for political gladiators or an arena for settling political scores.

    It is a penal offence for any person to give false information to a person employed in the public service knowing and believing that in the exercise of lawful power it will cause injury or annoyance. It is also an offence for any person, with intent to cause harm or injury to another person, to give or make to any officer having power to apprehend any information or complaint that he knows to be false. Nobody should be given the comfort of making false accusations and fabricating evidence.

    On finding that the allegations made against me were false and without foundation, the Commission should have taken appropriate steps to deal with the complainants in accordance with the law, whoever they are. An investigation is never an inquisition. It cannot be used for an ulterior motive or purpose or to achieve a political objective unconnected or unrelated with the principles and goals of our criminal justice system or jurisprudence as proclaimed by the Constitution and the law.

    This statement therefore constitutes a formal complaint to the Commission to take legal action within its mandate against those who have made against me three false and malicious allegations of the most vile and despicable kind.

    Over the years I have worked as a civil servant, a member of parliament a Cabinet Minister and a practising advocate. I have operated several bank accounts which I am prepared to disclose to the Commission. I have been shocked with the suggestion that I may have benefited from corruption or economic crimes. The Lord forbid. I invite the Commission, at its convenience, to conduct a life style audit on me, determine whether I have any unexplained assets or if I hold any fruits of unjust enrichment. If judgement be that I am such a plunderer of public or private wealth or resources, then I am prepared to assume liability for the improper benefits unlawfully obtained, forfeit any unexplained assets and face the gauntlet meant for those who reap where they have not sown.

    10TH APRIL 2015


    • It is becoming clear by the day that Kenyatta was engaging in nothing but pure politics with this failed attempt to hoodwink the masses. There was nothing about fighting corruption.

      The aim was clear – engage in: the usual PR antics that now define Jubilee’s maladministration, political witch hunt of the opposition, destroy EACC, sanitize the real corruption barons, and play populist but deceptive politics.

      It has failed. Bure kabisa to this incorrigibly corrupt and incompetent leadership.

      Ngilu has already gone public in confessing that Kenyatta has been deeply immersed in fraudulent transactions in the Ministry of Lands. Is anyone surprised? That is what land aristocrats and beneficiaries of looted public land do best to preserve the heist.

      Every kid in Kenya knows the insatiable land-greed of the cantankerous KaleSingha high priest of corruption — heartlessly robbing children of their playground, and PEV victims/IDPs like Muteshi their legally-acquired land. What else is new?


  4. needed to capture this text somewhere for posterity, just in case it mysteriously vanishes into the blue

    Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu has sensationally claimed that President Kenyatta was deeply involved in two of the three land dealings that put her on the list of public officers under investigation for corruption.

    Mrs Ngilu, who was forced to leave office to allow for the investigation, on Tuesday said the President personally made the decision to have Mr Evanson Waitiki paid Sh1.1 billion for land invaded by squatters in Likoni.

    She further said Mr Kenyatta has sanctioned the government’s to take-over of a 2.14-acre plot on State House Crescent in Nairobi.

    Mr Manoah Esipisu, the President’s spokesman, said the Presidency would not comment on the matter. “We can’t comment on her statement to the EACC. We haven’t seen her statement and we wouldn’t make a statement,” he said when the Nation contacted him by phone.

    The Cabinet Secretary, who was at Integrity Centre, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission’s headquarters, told EACC officers that President Kenyatta was personally involved in the negotiations with Mr Waitiki for the purchase of his land.

    She was accompanied by Chief Land Registrar Sarah Mwendwa and lawyers Nani Mungai and Peter Munge.

    Mrs Ngilu said it was the President who offered to have the government pay Mr Waitiki Sh1.1 billion for the land. This took place, she said, during a meeting with Mr Waitiki at State House, Nairobi, in the presence of Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich and Chief of Staff Joseph Kinyua. Mrs Ngilu was also present.

    Mr Waitiki was asking for Sh9.6 billion, but government valuers said the land was worth Sh2.64 billion.

    A September 2013 meeting of Treasury, Land and Agriculture Cabinet secretaries, their principal secretaries and other members of the Settlement Fund Trustees approved the purchase but after negotiations.

    Despite the ministry’s tender committee approving a pay-out of Sh2.64 billion, she said, Mr Waitiki declined to take it, and the President stepped in with the decision to pay him Sh1 billion.

    After that, Mr Waitiki asked for Sh100 million more to cater for the costs of the cases against the government and legal fees due to his lawyers, she said.

    “I communicated this request and a decision to up the offer by an additional Sh100 million was made by the President in my presence and that of Mr Rotich, the Treasury CS, on December 11, 2014.”

    The decision was made on the sidelines of the Northern Corridor Integrated Projects summit at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, she said.


    The EACC reported in the List of Shame given to Parliament by the President that Mrs Ngilu was under investigation for colluding with Mr Waitiki to inflate the price for the land by Sh110 million.

    “The CS allegedly instructed valuers from the ministry to over-value the land by the same margin. From the aforementioned figure, Mrs Ngilu is allegedly going to get a kickback of Sh65 million once the land is bought by the government,” the dossier states.

    Mr Waitiki told the Nation he was yet to get an offer commensurate with the value of his land and that the money Mrs Ngilu mentioned was not enough. However, he declined to state whether the President had been involved in the negotiations.

    “I don’t want to say anything that has to do with the President. I think the best thing is to seek advice as to what to say because when we start bringing in the President, that is not something I would want to get involved in,” he said.

    In the second case, involving a prime piece of land on State House Crescent, near State House, she cites the President’s instructions that the land be the location of the Foreign Affairs ministry’s proposed headquarters.

    That land is the subject of a court case, where a company owned by an Ethiopian has sued Mrs Ngilu, the chief land registrar and the director of surveys, and implicates Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero in a scheme to grab it.

    The plot had been handed over to the Nairobi City Council in March 1965 for use as a playground. That, according to the grant, was on the condition that it be used only as a playground. If not, the grant stated, the land was to revert to the National Government.

    The anti-corruption commission states in the dossier that it is investigating an allegation by Myta Development Ltd of a scheme orchestrated by Lands officials, including the minister, to illegally take away the land.

    The firm has filed a case in court in a bid to reclaim the land, which it says was surrendered to the government by the council and divided into four plots and a road reserve.

    It claims it bought the land from owners of the four plots for Sh30 million and is now aware of a well-orchestrated scheme by Mrs Ngilu and other influential officials to grab it.

    This, the company said, is through destroying the genuine land ownership documents and creating fake records.

    Mrs Ngilu denied this, saying the land belongs to the government and the President had given express instructions on it.

    “My role in this matter has been limited to implementing the President’s directive to secure the land, which belongs to the government.”

    Mrs Ngilu said the only time she had contact with Myta was in January when Mr Joshua Kuttuny, one of the President’s advisers, went to her office and introduced a man said to be the owner of the company who asked her to go slow on the repossession of the land. She said she declined the request because she did not believe the President had sent the man.

    Mrs Ngilu also distanced herself from the Sh8 billion Karen land matter, saying it was private land and the ministry was a defendant in a case over its ownership. “I have no further information to add on this matter,” she said.


    • It is no surprise that Uhuru would champion the billion-shilling-plus fleecing of Kenyan taxpayers to pay his land-grabbing cronies like Waitiki who are expropriating land from Coast residents.

      This “hard work” of looting public coffers to make a few Kiama members and financial supporters wealthy should form the basis of a serious probe.

      The presidency cannot be used to transfer state funds to land-grabbing cronies.

      Beach land is public land…if public land is allocated and lies idle…the law is simple…it should be retrieved back to the public.

      The tough lesson blowing in our faces now is how Uhuru Kenyatta has defiled the new Constitution, rubbishing land reforms completely…and intimidating Swazuri’s National Land Commission into a toothless entity operating under the paradigm of the old abolished Constitution.

      In a brazen show of impunity, leases to the Kenyatta family land-grabs in Taita Taveta have been renewed according to public reports now being muzzled by biased media.

      What a lost opportunity to redress a historic injustice?

      Kenyatta has no moral standing to purport to embarrass his cantankerous and incorrigibly corrupt deputy William Ruto

      Why suspend Ruto’s Chief of Staff Keitanny while leaving out his gun-totting personal-assistant-turned Solicitor General Njee Muturi – who intimidated EACC Deputy boss Prof. Jane Onsongo into resignation.

      Irrespective of this botched public relations exercises, it is apparently clear to the public that the rot in jubilee is in fact skewed towards the TNA side which loots the most.

      Only fools cannot see through TNA/JAP/Jubilee’s smokescreen and Kenyatta’s expensive public relations exercise

      The blatant misuse of Land cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu to effect transfer of public land into hands of Kenyatta’s wealthy land-grabbing cronies like Waitiki exposes the incredulity of the previous gimmicks about purported exposé of past land deals at Lamu.


  5. This whole thing is an embarrassment of biblical proportions. It is a fraud. Uhuru collected all sorts of allegations and accusations mostly against his own state appointees and so called cabinet and instead of EACC taking action on this, “investigating” and nailing the thieves, Uhuru’s selective list is taken to parliament for theatrics. Just plain nonsense.

    Instead of dealing decisively with grand corruption like the Kshs 2.9 billion grabbed from the Treasury through the machinations of the OP and the Interior ministry, Uhuru goes for this grand fraud to dupe Kenyans and get rid of a few civil servants whose “use by date” has expired. But then again how does Uhuru submit his own name as a master of state theft and corruption to parliament! Or that of his deputy.

    And for god’s sakes don’t link this to Obama coming to Kenya. He is not that stupid and this whole thing has been in the works for a long time. The Jubilee corruption has been swallowing the country whole without even the capacity to digest the heist. That is dangerous. Uhuru needed to poke a sharp knife into the dead carcass to allow the stink to get out before the consumption resumes. We get it.

    Is it any wonder that the land grabbers that those who were chased of of Langata School are safe in the arms of Uhuru. Instead the unfortunate operative like Keitany are up to their eye balls in a mess whilel those who supervised their grand theft are safe. This heap of dung is stinking alright but it is the pile at State House and beyond who are going to gobble this country to its knees.

    Uhuru has opened a can of worms. He might have to develop a good appetite for worms. They are delicious. He might have to eat them raw which may not be very pleasant but if he needs a recipe of how to roast them at State House as a side dish to the “buzi ya nani” roasts he can seek some help.

    The one thing this whole Uhuru show boat nonsense on the dead war against corruption has done is that it may be the last nail in the EACC coffin which is already half down the grave. The EACC is supposed to be an independent body which is not controlled by the executive.

    How on earth does such and agency present their investigative reports to the president so that he can use it for his own political gimmicks. Anybody and everybody in Uhuru’s phony list can go to court and seek to have the EACC investigations and mischief declared unlawful and political. Uhuru has no business interfering with EACC investigations and EACC has no business preparing reports for Uhuru. These cases are all dead and of course Uhuru knows that. Or at least he should.


  6. JUST IN: CIVIL SOCIETY give Kenya government seven days to address 20 corruption cases unearthed since President Uhuru Kenyatta took power or face mass action


    • Ever since Uhuru came into power, all he has done is talk, just like Kibaki who promised to rid Kenya of corruption. He knows exactly where the corruption is being committed. He knows exactly who the main players are. He simply doesn’t care. Uhuru grew up surrounded by his father’s corruption and simply doesn’t know any better. There will be no action undertaken by Uhuru, except to sanction more and more corruption.


  7. In all fairness, the corruption transcends political and tribal affiliations. They are involved in this out-of-control feeding frenzy.
    And the hustler`s jet? The jets were first hired from VistaJet ( during the grand coalition government. Here’s one of the principals using one of VistaJet’s planes to travel Nairobi – Zurich, when we know Swiss flies the route direct.


  8. PAC findings on Ministry of State for Internal Security and Provincial Administration “Confidential” Expenditure of Ksh.2,853,300,000.00.

    1. Office of President key officials maintained an account for the Interior Ministry at the NBK where they could withdraw more than the 0.7m cash limit set at CBK

    2. Often tens of millions were withdrawn more than once a day. On 26.2.2013 Sh130m was withdrawn in sums of between 20m and 30m

    3. Between 4.4.2013 & 3.6.2013 the ministry withdrew 190m. The audit trail in respect of this colossal sum couldn’t be logically conclusive.

    4. The committee found “the key documents required to support the expenditure, including vouchers and receipts were missing”

    5. The scanty documents availed, such as the ministerial certification of expenditure appeared to conceal more than they actually revealed.

    6. It is the committee’s considered position that the expenditure of the said Sh 2,853,000,000.00 was so opaque.

    7. It is impossible to tell with certainty if indeed the funds had been used for the indicated purpose or any state purposes at all

    8. Committee found irregular cash transfers, undisclosed and unauthorized cash withdrawals and unaccounted for funds.

    9. The Accounting Officer abused his office and usurped the responsibility of the NIS,CID,GSU & police for confidential security expenditure

    10. It did not escape the committee’s attention that the transactions were handled by a single officer a Mr. Ben Kihia, Senior Accountant at OP. Ben Kihia alone “generated, examined and approved” the 2.9b payments. As if to confirm his immunity, Ben Kihia has defied a transfer to the Industrialization Ministry and stays put at the OP


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