Another Terrorist Attack. Good Lord!

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another fiasco like the Westgate. These Al Shabaab lunatics are getting really brazen. There needs to be a real game plan to deal with this. Looks like the security forces have contained the situation which is good. Now it is a question of how to root out this group. We don’t need another Boko Haram. When these groups take root they become an entity unto themselves and it becomes impossible to get rid of them. They get rid of you. Ask Goodluck Jonathan.  Dude ran out of luck fast.

9 comments on “Another Terrorist Attack. Good Lord!

  1. Einstein,

    Kenyans are living a big lie.

    Election thieves, land grabbers, mega-corruption kingpins, and ICC-charged killers like Uhuru, Ruto, and drug-trafficker Sonko are basically engaging in blasphemy. Killing all ICC witnesses is not exactly what God would endorse for a God-sanctioned presidency. Corruption high-priest Ruto should be ashamed of himself for invoking God’s name in dirty politics as he imports impunity into the church.


  2. Adongo

    I have also seen on social media, people celebrating the 12 minute operation by Recce squad to “neutralize” the 4 gunmen

    I have serious reservations

    Apart from the Lamu attack which appeared to be more of a coordinated military operation, the other attacks have been by 4 lone gunmen, causing lots of deaths, and taking a long time to be contained.

    Reading the profiles of the gunmen, you get a picture of disgruntled people recruited into an organisation, provided basic gun handling skills and then dispatched or commissioned to a volunteer murderous “revenge”/suicide mission.

    These gangs of four are not battle hardened soldiers, nor are they elite special forces. They are simply citizens with basic gun handling skills out on a revenge mission and expect nothing else other than death, but will kill as many as they can before their own deaths.

    We are having trouble containing these lone groups of four.

    As a nation we need to ask ourselves the simple question, “can we really eliminate Al Shabaab in Somalia and within our borders?” if we cannot answer this in the affirmative, then we seriously need to consider plan B and C

    i.e What is the most effective way to disengage, what is the best way to stop their incursions into the country and what is the best way to stop them from unleashing their terror

    I personally think Al Shabaab may be the current vehicle of opportunity, but the grievances driving volunteers into these organizations is conveniently being swept under the rug. As long as these are not addressed, new vehicles will continue cropping up, with the same results. My point is that although these guys are Al Shabaab recruits, we are fighting long standing grievances. Some joined Mungiki, others joined MRC, some have joined Al Shabaab.

    I also think the country needs reconsider sending battle tanks, and recce squad. what is needed is elite counter terrorism police in all counties

    what will happen if say recce squad hits a snag in their operations? just thinking, remember we are ranked 147 in TI corruption index. Also, so far they have faced a group of rag-tag bandits not a military operation. Not doubting their skills but I think, its more important to establish SWAT and anti-terrorist units in all counties and not be calling Recce from Nairobi.

    Recalling how Somali war-lords celebrated the downing of one US aircraft back in the day, what would happen if a similar occurrence is witnessed with our “elite unit”?


    • phil,

      The DN seems to share your concerns:

      Apparently the intelligence for once was fairly good. They even narrowed it to specifics but got there after the fact.

      The Reece squad did a good job when they got there. Talking to my nieces down there in the Universities like Kenyatta, Egerton etc it seems it was just a general knowledge that Al Shabaab are coming to the campuses. The students are shaken up after what happened because they now see how vulnerable and attractive they are to the killers. You have a large number of people in one spot and you can attack at night. That is a deadly combination. These Al Shabaab crazies are going to be around for a long time. Kenya fits there profile perfectly.

      And here is Uhuru making a fool of himself once again. These people never learn.

      After the last attack they came with a set of unconstitutional amendments that got thrown out in court. Now they want to jump into this latest tragedy to illegally overrule a court order. Just how stupid can people be all at the same time.


      • The mediocrity, ineptitude and hopelessness in Kenyatta’s government is breathtaking. Kenyatta is clueless and reckless at the same time.

        Ruling While Intoxicated (RWI) is beginning to cost Kenya too much.

        After the grossly inept Kenyatta arrogantly dismissed British intelligence and Travel Alert Warning related to the impending terrorist attack in Garissa, it happened and he was left with egg drippings all over his face.

        The stupidity is further proving costly.

        Kenyatta’s condescending language towards British tourists (dismissing them as “mere taxi drivers” ) does neither good to the multi-million tourism campaign that he sends his cabinet secretaries to go abroad to engage in, nor to Kenya’s collapsing tourism and hospitality sector.

        One need not go far to the Coast to see empty hotels, retrenched workers, and tens of thousands of hotel and airline employees on unpaid leave…and millions more whose tourism-related livelihoods are now at stake.

        As terrorist bombs, attacks, and kidnappings scare away tourists, Kenya’s own president is arrogantly putting off few potential travel revelers with thoughtless and contemptuous statements.

        This fella should tone down on his bangi and pombe and clear his red eyes for a moment.

        Ruling while intoxicated has terrible consequences.

        Coming to the response to the terrorist attack per se.

        The modus operandi has all been about public relations and talking points.

        Faced with this incompetence, the Jubilee administration, to their credit, has temporarily succeeded in doing one thing — taking total control of the acquiescent pro-Jubilee media to try spinning this failure to their political advantage.

        The good news — the public has not been entirely gullible to the media ploy.

        No matter what the media spins, the public has been focused. Their rage is directed to Kenyatta and his inept administration that has shown time and again that it cannot and will not guarantee the safety of innocent Kenyan civilians anywhere — be it at Westgate, Mpeketoni, Mandera, Lamu, Gikomba, Uhuru Park, Githurai, or Garissa University.

        (by the way, my take on Westgate still stands — Kenyatta and his security team literally sat on the intelligence (as publicly disclosed by the likes of Senator Sonko) to play the global politics of terrorism and ICC. This is why he refused to set up a serious public inquiry on Westgate…in this era of “terror attacks”.

        Playing with peoples lives has now taken a life of its own. “Successful” terrorist attacks have inspired a fresh wave of bigger attacks that now threaten to consume Kenya.

        Meanwhile, the complicit media is herding Kenyans to buy the storyline.

        On this Garissa attack – the public is not buying the media antics in the wake of 148 dead. It may thus have little propaganda effect.

        We have witnessed experts and pundits who question the government’s inefficiency and fecklessness kicked out of media rooms — as recently happened on Citizen TV when rabidly pro-Jubilee anchor Anne Kiguta forced out a security analyst, Mr. Mbijiwe who critiqued the government’s slow response in Garissa.

        It is quite shameful and painful to watch TV nowadays when one’s ethnicity almost predetermines the kind of utterances they spew from the set.

        Several (I’m glad not all) media personalities of Gikuyu extraction appear to be engaged in what looks like an ethno-nationalist attempt to cover up for the failures of Kenyatta, and spin the blame narrative virtually anywhere but State House — opposition, Raila, Refugees, Eastleigh Somalis, Muslim parents, Sheikhs, Nkaissery (ala Ole Lenku), Boinet (ala Kimaiyo).

        An attempt to criticize the government’s ineptitude and failure is met in the Pro-Jubilee media with firewalls laced with tribal undertones and rhetoric questions about the critics’ level of patriotism.

        Here are examples of the incredible talking points being spewed through pro-Jubilee media at Nation, Standard, K24 TV, and Citizen TV:

        Talking Point 1 (PROPAGANDA): Like during the Mpeketoni attacks, it is not Al Shabab but local Kenyans attacking fellow Kenyans

        In this regard, Jubilee had deployed prominent Kenyan Somalis (who are beneficiaries of Jubilee patronage) like carpet-bagging lawyer Ahmednassir to unleash this propaganda.

        FACTS: 1) Al-Shabab recruits willing terrorists from all countries – Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States and others. 2) Foreign intelligence reports show that Al-Shabab has an active cell operating in Kenya – with free movement across the border between Kenya and Somalia. Kenya’s corrupt security has given them safe haven. The late Assistant Minister of Internal Security Orwa Ojode once remarked that Al-Shabab’s head is based not in Mogadishu but in Eastleigh, Nairobi. I have no reason to doubt that. Its no wonder recruiting locals has been so easy. If Al-Shabab operatives who are Kenyan citizens have been killed in an attack, it does not negate the FACT that Al-Shabab, a terrorist entity formed in Somalia, is fully active within Kenya.

        Talking Point 2 (PROPAGANDA): The Kenyan security forces performed quite well in neutralizing the terror attack

        FACT: The response to this terrorist attack was inefficiently and ineffectively slow, disorganized, unprofessional, and simply incompetent. Poor decision making, poor judgment, and poor execution led to the sending of a chopper with the PR team of Nkaissery and Boinet, rather than the Reece team. Many hours later when Reece Team arrived, more hours were spent studying building maps of Garissa University!!!! This is unbelievable!

        The result: 148 dead, with terrorists taking their sweet time ( a whole 8 hours of daytime) to flush out hiding students from room to room.

        Unleashing Internal Security CS Nkaissery to spew the lie of “successful operation” to the complicit and unquestioning domestic media, and unleashing Amina Mohammed to CNN and Al Jazeera to spew this lie internationally has not helped sell these blatant lies.

        Talking Point 3 (PROPAGANDA): Kenyan Somali parents and Sheikhs (including affluent ones) have failed to identify radicalized youth.

        Which terrorist has ever applied for parental permission to join a terrorist group?

        FACTS: Many parents have no clue what their jobless kids engage in. Ignoring glaring discrimination of Somali and other Muslim youth by the Kenyatta government – majority who do not have ID cards for obvious political reasons – is disingenuous. One cannot compare poor youth from NEP (with no IDs) with those from other parts of Kenya when the ID is the only key to socioeconomic and political life in Kenya.

        Without an ID, one cannot travel, get a job, get a loan, vote, or freely move around in the high-security NEP without being locked up.

        The obvious effect is that many Muslim youth in NEP and Coast have been locked out from economic, social and political activities in Kenya. The government knows how they will likely vote — hence cannot grant them IDs. Without IDs, their lives are literally destroyed. What else is left for these kids than join Al-Shabab? Is this the fault of parents and Sheikhs?

        The current NAMLEF Chair, a Sheikh himself, has his 40 year old Kenyan son operating without an ID for the last 4 years (ID was lost but the government refuses to replace it under a secret but blanket policy to disenfranchise sections of Kenya’s youth) — a complaint he has even personally expressed to Uhuru Kenyatta with no recourse.

        If Kenya was a civilized country, Kenyatta would have by now resigned over this consistent pattern of gross failure to secure Kenyans.


      • Job, that was a great commentary.

        Meanwhile, I still remember Ruto & Uhuru telling us that it was God who chose them to lead His Kenyan people.

        So now, where are God’s chosen leaders to protect God’s people especially at Easter!!

        “In Nairobi, Ruto urged Kenyans to pray for its leadership as well as those who didn’t make it in the just concluded polls. He argued leadership was ordained in heaven and appealed to their opponents to accept the outcome of the elections.

        “Let us pray for all of us. Those who won and those who did not win so that they can realise that there is no authority that can be established that God has not ordained,” he said.

        Ruto stressed those who won should likewise use their victory to serve God and humanity. Last week, Uhuru met Anglican Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, National Council of Churches of Kenya Secretary General Peter Karanja, African Inland Church’s presiding Bishop Silas Yego and Secretary of the Episcopal Conference of Kenya Father Vincent Wambugu.

        Others included Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims’ (Supkem) head of religious studies Sheikh Mohamed Chebwana Mohamed and Chairman of Inter-religious Council of Kenya who is also Supkem’s Secretary General Adan Wachu.


        Sonko said Kenya needed to be led by God-fearing leaders.

        “As a country, we have come from far and time has come for the losers in the recent General Election to accept defeat wholeheartedly for the country to soldier on,” argued Sonko.

        He said Kenyans voted in leaders of their choice and they should be given a chance as their time had come.

        Bishop Mary Kagendo who presided over the ceremony said good leaders come from God and Kenyans must accept the leaders God gave them.

        “We voted peacefully for the leaders of our choice and we should not allow few individuals to destabilise the country,” said Kagendo.


        Addressing faithful at Nairobi Pentecostal Church (NPC) in Karen, Ruto concurred with Senior Pastor Calisto Odede that Kenyans should be prayerful.

        “There is no authority that has been established that God has not ordained,” said Ruto.



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