Kenya: Resigned to the Culture of Impunity

Kenyans know they are living a lie…from deceitful elections, corrupt governance, incompetence…with some citizens ridiculously supporting a corruption-riddled police recruitment process. Do these folks know that these corrupt cops will fleece them upon leaving Kiganjo?

Here is the lie that Kenyans have accepted to “move on” and live with

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8 comments on “Kenya: Resigned to the Culture of Impunity

  1. This here



    In the last few days, President Uhuru Kenyatta has subjected this nation to a charade over the dismissal and appointment of officers to the National Police Service. It is a charade the nation does not deserve and which could easily have been avoided by obeying the law.

    1. The appointment of acting Deputy Inspector General of Police is unconstitutional.

    2. The law provides for the appointment of a substantive office holder in all constitutional offices. There is no provision for appointment of persons to act in a constitutional office.

    3. You can’t have an acting Attorney General, Acting Controller of Budget.

    4. By this unconstitutional action, the president has circumvented all the constitutional limitations to his powers. He has no authority to empower people to act in constitutional offices.

    5. Furthermore, the National Police Service Act is clear that one of the three top positions in police has to be a woman.

    6. The excuse that there was no senior woman is utter nonsense since the Act only requires the person to be superintendent of police and above and at least 15 years in the Police Service. There are many women with this qualification in the Service.

    7. The CS in this case has also usurped the powers of the IG of Police by transferring officers.

    8. The command and control of the police is an exclusive constitutional jurisdiction of the IG. The CS can only issue policy guidelines. He cannot run the force.

    9. The law aside, I have serious objections to the kind of treatment Mrs. Grace Kaindi has been subjected to in the process of being removed from office.

    10. Mrs. Kaindi has served the country for many years in different positions within the force. She deserved better. She deserved some respect. The manner of her removal from office is not only disrespectful and inhuman but it also sends very wrong and worrying signals to all public servants toiling for our nation.

    11. I wish to ask President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee administration to stop living in denial and accept that Kenyans spoke in 2010 and approved a new Constitution that spells out new ways of conducting public affairs, including appointment and dismissal of public officers.

    12. President Kenyatta and Jubilee must stop hoping that they can reverse the clock and rule the nation in the same way their mentors ruled. We shall not allow the era of primitive governance to haunt our nation again.

    13. We will not allow this country and its officers to be subjected to disgrace just because a clique is resisting change and praying for a return to the era of their mentors.


    SEPTEMBER 4, 2015


  2. Side note really –

    Does anybody read “jukwaasanga” any more, kind of numbing to pore through pages of take away nothing.

    Is there any active and informative social media still out there?

    Looks like Kenya is now being run by the likes of Kuria and Waititu, which sort of suddenly elevates Sonko, Duale and others

    Yeah, totally bored today

    News/media in Kenya is dead, social media on death bed, mediocrity on the up and up



  3. This is perhaps the worst government Kenya has had. At least in the days of Kibaki and Moi there was some amount of shame when found stealing. But here we have a government so immersed in greed, theft and corruption that the vices have become a way of life. When you think that they are done they come up with something else to top their last scandal.

    As for security the ordinary man on the street is on his own. JAP does not care. Infact they turn a blind eye to every security related issue that comes up. And the scandals are so many the people cannot keep up. I dont think anyone remembers westgate or even Garissa massacres anymore. The media that should keep people informed has gone to bed with JAP or are too scared to speak up.

    This government is joke no wonder US Sec of state refused to shake some bloody hands.


  4. Just to underscore the hopelessness

    Over 50 Kenyans dead ( I use the number 50 here because its impossible to get an accurate picture from either the press or government officials. Some say as high as 90 are believed dead)

    Now since its not a high profile venue such as Westgate nor does it involve some colourful individual, this kind of news does not even elicit a response from a police officer (spokesman) and cannot even bother the CS, so don’t hold your breadth waiting for the UhuRuto pair to do or say anything about it.

    But even if any of them do, it will be the usual horsing around. The script is now rather tired and goes like this

    – some thugs attack civilians and kill or maim many civilians
    – many hours later, long after the thugs have either gone their way, or simply finished their business and then waiting to shoot it out to the end, the crack police force, rush in and neutralize the situation
    – some bigwig(s) fly to the scene (perhaps a day or two later)
    – ultimatum issued and stern warnings
    – the bigwigs then take opportunity for photo ops and selfies (ostensibly condoling the victims), in some cases even make the generous offer to pay hospital bills and funerals and then within couple hours head back to the comfort of their well guarded and fortified homes several kilometers away
    – immediately after a contingent of thugs in uniform descend on a given community, robbing, beating and maiming innocent civilians (double jeopardy for the civilians, first victim of thugs with no uniforms, then victim of thugs in uniform)
    – after a few weeks of this, with numerous reports of “suspects” being rounded up and arraigned in court, the public forgets (only the victims in a daze are permanently stuck in the rut)
    – and then we start from the top

    Now a lot of people are quick to quote Einstein, doing the same thing expecting different outcome

    But then we have Jubilee, a digital government, perfecting an analogue system. And whats more, we are assured of 20 year rule according to their books. If in doubt, check out the results from Kabete by-election


  5. That video clip is extremely depressing as it is true. After years of dashed hope, a human automatically downgrades expectations to match the mediocrity and to adapt to the deplorable environment. In a land where crooks rule and integrity is scorned and even punished, its hard to think there can be any better.

    Expecting the JAP base to suddenly come to its senses and do something different is like waiting to see a pig start shampooing.

    Need to rethink


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