Uhuru to pick new “Central” Bank governor from list of three

I think that its is a high time Kenyans protested about the tribalization of key positions in the country.

It cannot be the  that the military and finance are completely dominated by one ethnic group with the support of one other one.

Its a shame that at this time and age this should happen.

Its even more shocking to see how tribalism has sipped through generations. Its now impossible to differentiate between Jomo, Moi, Kibaki and Uhuru regimes. Yet Jubilee claims to more digital. In my humble opinion this is the worst government that Kenya has had.

Perhaps Uhuru confused the “Central” in Central Bank of Kenya to mean that it must be led by someone from central province.

Sooner of later something will give. Thats a given.

This is what Im talking about.


And keep your eyes on this





By Mzee Posted in kenya

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