The Weston Hotel Saga: Where is the truth?

It seems this Weston Hotel Saga is just getting worse for the Land Grabber in Chief. It started as sidekick story to the Langata School land grab that drew the attention of Kenyans after kids were tear gassed. Ruto at the time completely denied that he had any interests in the hotel even pictures of him supervising construction of the hotel were circulating in social media sites. Ruto just lied through his teeth and of course he got the support of the usual suspect media who did not bother to do even the most basic investigative journalism.

Then of course came the Referral Hospital circus which Ruto cleverly tried to turn into another war between him and Raila. It helped him a lot that the guy who was outing him on that was Mr. Ojwang’ who at one time was an aid to Raila. Then incredibly enough Ruto trying to clean the filth of corruption which covers every part of his body and life gave that interview with City TV where he arrogantly disclosed that he actually has share in Weston hotel. Of course Ruto was telling the whole country that he was lying to Kenyans just a couple of months ago. Ruto is used to this kind of behaviour and they usually think Kenyans are too stupid to take notice of things happening around them.

Then comes Jacob Juma who files a case against Ruto for grabbing public land to build Weston Hotel. Mr. Juma proceeded to provide very credible evidence to the effect that this was public land which Ruto grabbed at the tail end of the Moi dictatorship when Ruto was one of the untouchable Moi spanner boys.

Now the story is getting pretty scary and even as useless as the National Land Commission is this thing is going to drag them in now or later. Ruto thinks this will be a walk in the park like the KPC land where Ruto was able to buy witnesses who even refused to show up in court. This could get very bad for Ruto. Nobody trusts the NLC but the evidence here looks pretty solid. This is going to get very complicated for a guy who is multitasking on robbery of land and public property. For starters we are going to need Kenyans to sign petitions with all the details and challenge the NLC to go to work for once. That should just be the beginning. Under the new katiba any Kenyan living in Nairobi county where the land was grabbed has a right (and a duty) to take this case to the NLC and demand real answers.

Here we go:

And here is the background to the land grab which also provides evidence that Ruto and his family pretty much own the entire Weston Hotel.

And of course nothing about this crazy story appears anywhere in the Daily Nation or Standard. Very predictable. Ruto is now someone’s bride and he is still needed for a while. He is somebody’s property and must be protected. Will all these work? May be not.

3 comments on “The Weston Hotel Saga: Where is the truth?

  1. You got it right. The man in a multitasker in robbery with or without violence. The man sees no land that he does not want to take for himself. Rutos robbery has become so bad that Kenyans have started forgetting that the Kenyatta’s sit on land the size of Nyanza, which the majority were got for free.

    Adongo you must understand that Ruto feels protected by those who want to cling to power by all means necessary. He is dangling the RVP votes right infront of Uhuru Kenyatta. That’s why the man goes in parliament and produces a fake a list of corrupt people and willfully leaves the DP out. He is basically scared of the man and Ruto understands this really well.

    But then where do we go from here? The grabbing continues even if not in the obvious form it took in Langata Primary School. My belief is that our courts, DPP and EACC are not independent they way they should be. Some people working in these institutions still receive direct instructions from the executive. Otherwise how does one explain the fact that the sham list Uhuru produced has been thrown out by either the DPP or EACC? Even the files that reach the courts will be sent there only for window rehearsal. Soon all those mentioned will be brought back to the fold and life will continue as if nothing happened.

    It’s for the above reason that Rutos is so arrogant and confident for he knows nobody can touch him. So unlike you, I’m very pessimistic about the outcome of Jacob Jumas case. Some groups of people are working overtime to find ways and means of dismissing the case, and find they will.

    So Weston Hotel will remain and keep operating for a long time to come. Ruto has become such a big and brazen thief that Kenyans are somehow getting used to his activities. Does anyone even remember the 100 ha that he grabbed from Mzee Muteshi? Does anyone remember that he was found guilty of grabbing that land? Does anyone remember that he paid a bribe of 5M for the grabbing?
    But then life goes on…..


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