Queen WaiHURU is on a roll at NYS.

This is called big time robbery. When they start paying Kshs 165 million for publicity and another Kshs 30 plus million to an alleged rice supplier you know someone is on rampage. Now we can see why the NYS was transferred from Sports ministry to the Devolution docket. It is a super rip off.

Start Here:


And here Waihuru responds in the typical cover up fashion. When busted, claim that it is corruption fighting back. Nonsense.


If CORD was smart enough this is the kind of big mess to jump into and get to the bottom of the story. Take the matter to parliament and demand that the PAC gets onto this. Collect all the documents and follow the money. CORD holds the leadership of PAC and they have down next to nothing with it. Get out of the petty fights and go do battle where you are needed. Uhuru and his friends are harvesting money here and you can see Waihuru has been shaken enough to launch her counter strike. She is lying. Of course.


14 comments on “Queen WaiHURU is on a roll at NYS.

  1. well well well

    this affidavit here, finally reveals in full detail the happenings at the NYS

    Mutahi, Waiguru and whole lot of other actors

    • Admin,
      The scale of this scandal is yet to be known.
      The numbers being thrown around are just a tiny fraction of what was actually lost.
      There is more than meets the eye.
      The cover up is going on as we speak but the gravity of the theft if just too intense for even EACC and DPP to cover up.
      What a “suprise” that the EACC having cleared Waiguru of all wrong doing and even called her as witnesses (as per script) is re-investigating her.
      Its such a shame.

    • Admin,

      Thank you for posting the original affidavit by Ms Irungu on a matter that will explode the jubilee fantasy regime into smithereens. It is becoming death by a thousand cuts. Just painful to watch but it is what it is.

      Now WaiHURU has given her own affidavit, naming names. Keep it going and coming..

      I will give my take on this whole circus tomorrow when I have time but I will say this. Kenyans should thank Anne Waiguru a thousand times a day. No, it is not because she is helping destroy this the government of thieves by thieves. That too.

      But the reason we all need to thank Waiguru is because her version of theft by the state from high offices has given a whole new meaning to state robbery of citizens.

      Remember when Kenyans used to hear about Goldenberg scandal and later the Anglo leasing grand theft? You ask any Kenyan about happened in both cases and they will stare at you in confusion. Nobody knows what happened because these were complicated rip offs.

      With WaiHURU and the new boys at State House now it is a simple agent come to Family Bank branch with an empty gunia to load millions of tax payers money to be handed over to WaiHURU and associates. I am not even talking about the million shilling condom dispensers at WaiHURU’s office. This is raw shit and it stinks. The good thing is everybody can see it for what it is. Really ugly stuff.

      • And here is Anne Waiguru’s reply to Josephine’s

      • am intrigued by the so called letters to Anne Waiguru

        Either this man Harakhe is a complete suck-up or else this is a hack by some consultant house hehehe. How does a senior public officer like Harakhe, with no prior knowledge of suspicious activity, by pass or go over the head of his own boss DG of NYS and report to a CS who does not know him and he does not know her and write such intimate detail? He could surely have either looked for closer friends or else if he was whistle-blowing gone to the correct channels i.e EACC, OP, DPP, AG there is certainly no shortage of proper legal office where he could have sought assistance.

        The correspondence with Waiguru are almost like a gossip column, requiring a far much more closer relationship than the “clinical” relationships we are being led to believe here. This correspondence is part of the cover ups orchestrated to throw confusion.

        Why are the letters from Harakhe to Waiguru not on any official letterhead?

        Where are the supporting “de-committal” letters and requests?

        What are the internal procedures to be followed in cases where commitments in IFMIS need to be reversed? There must be some guidelines on the process and a policy to be followed which allows for reversal. Harakhe needs to show that he followed the procedure and failed to get through. Also we need to see the correspondence where he discovered his password hacked, and the process or correspondence he used to seek mitigation i.e change of password, and a stop on any or all transactions. I find it hard to believe that he would casually hold conversations over such a serious issue. Lots of gaps in this story

    • The full magnitude of this scandal is yet to be fully appreciated by the public…I hope it does as more details trickle in.

      This is yet another heist of public resources engineered by the cantankerous High Priest of Corruption – Kenya’s worst-ever heir to the presidency, DP William Ruto.

      With Henry Rotich at the helm of Treasury, public funds are being diverted into various departments and Ministries, from where transplanted URP point-men are plundering public resources — aided by the intimidation of bureaucrats by Ruto’s PA Farouk Kibet, Ruto’s brother Kimutai Samoei, and Ruto’s legislative mouthpieces Aden Duale and Kipchumba Murkomen.

      William Ruto is drunk with power, and high on raw ambition. He wants to corruptly amass a humongous war chest in readiness to corruptly buy his way into State House, from where he can ruthlessly grab more money and power without abandon. It is good Kenyans are witnessing Ruto’s zeal at looting and forcing his way into literally all corridors of Kenya’s bureaucracy. Thankfully, there is still time to stop this megalomaniac and dictator-in-the-making.

      The architecture of plundering Kenya’s resources is also now clear for all to see:
      Jubilee looters are evenly split between the TNA and URP political wings – comparatively, the plundering siphon established by URP has a more powerful suction mechanism, controlled by Ruto and his point-man at Treasury Henry Rotich and covered in the legislature by the uninspiring motor-mouths Duale and Murkomen.

      Whether it is the gigantic Eurobond scam, where TNA looted 80 billion shillings and URP 70 billion /=, or the NYS/Youth Fund scams grossing about 10 billion shillings evenly split between TNA and URP, Ruto’s men are running amok…threatening, intimidating, and black-mailing anyone standing in their way. EACC has been pushed aside, the CID literally bought, the DPP bought, and the Judiciary compromised as usual.

      It is patently evident that Ruto’s ruthless political machinery is out to blow Waiguru into smithereens…not only because of the common dictum ‘there is no honor among thieves,’ but also because Waiguru committed two sins…first, she engineered the sacking of Ruto’s previously ‘effective’ PA, Marianne Keitanny (who efficiently run Ruto’s gravy train), and second, Waiguru had the temerity to succumb to public pressure and stop the flow of more NYS funds into Ruto’s (URP’s) plundering siphon. In other words, Waiguru broke the secret pact that TNA thieves were not supposed to interfere with URP thieves and vice versa. Without doubt, there is no honor among thieves.

      Waiguru was part of this thievery! Her tactic it appears, was to use what she thought were naïve mules (like Josephine Kabura) and incompetent appointees (like Halakhe) to execute the looting. Ruto on the other hand, invaded this TNA-controlled department, and transplanted his own tenderpreneurs using Kikuyu mules (like Ben Gethi) – to mask the real identity of the deal-owners – and compliant bureaucrats (like former PS Mangiti and former NYS Director Githinji), all leashed to the ICC-intimidation-machines Farouk Kibet and Ruto’s brother Kimutai…very clever these thieves think they are. It worked, at least for some time!

      When Waiguru tried to save her skin by sacrificing her mules together with Rutos mules, all hell seems to have broken loose…Kabura and Gethi have decided to fight back…they are not going down alone…and Waiguru has also decided that from among the mighty ranks, she ain’t going down alone either. Will her peers in looting…Rotich, Murkomen, Duale, Kibet, Kimutai, and the high priest himself, Ruto, join her under the bus? Probably not…Uhuru lacks the goodwill and mettle to be a statesman. That will be expecting too much from Kamwana. The allegiance to the looting chama is more than the love for the nation.

      However, the fact remains – Duale and Murkomen have no business leading parliament.

      Rotich has no business hanging onto the country’s Treasury.

      Ruto has no business being DP.

      But as usual Uhuru Kenyatta will continue the beat-down of the integrity clauses on the new Constitution…and succumb to Ruto’s political intimidation…

      Corruption will sink the country called Kenya into deep abyss. Sad reality!

      • job & others,

        The link to the Treasury you have pointed out is one we should explore more.

        Here is part of the media coverage of WaiHuRU’s counter affidavit.


        I think we are going to dig into this but it seems there were various lines of looting gong on. Waiguru with the backing straight from State House was on her own rampage. She was a bit too crude. It is like using the weapons of the 16th century fighting a war in the 21st century. It just blows the mind and you are going to lose..

        Waiguru reduced the whole operation of massive state theft into simple operations of sending her “trusted” agents with bags to go into bank basements to collect hundreds of millions. That is like walking into a big bank branch for robbery armed a kitchen knife and yelling. You are going to get shot.

        Then when Waiguru got busted with the noisy Raila on her heels and everybody baying for her blood, she throws the mkono workers under the bus and uses her CID connections to try covering everything up for her. Then Kabura hits them with an affidavit with details that are just breathtaking. First time anything like this has ever happened in the country. Yes there is no honour among thieves but this is another level.

        Now the other stream of mass theft is the one Waiguru, herself cornered, jumped to expose in her own affidavit. Waiguru is still desperately trying to cover her ass but in her affidavit she exposes the URP artery in the looting which was also grabbing NYS cash like there was no tomorrow. Waiguru is probably saying, OK I was robbing the taxpayer money but the other guys were doing the same and I was trying to stop them yada yada. Rubbish. Waiguru needs to go back to Mutahi Ngunyi for more advise at whatever cost. She is going to need it in gallons.

        Now how does the EACC and DPP cover the raw sewage again. Tough luck.

        And the beat goes on.


      • Job and Adongo

        Your inputs above as always are not only eye opening but reminders that we have some very smart and crooked people in very high office

        The cool thing is that now we increasingly are having more people wanting to do the right thing and so we can expect more truth as we go on

        for now am focusing on Harakhe or Halakhe I think this slippery guy is part of the glue tying this scam together

        for now I will post this story from the Standard. I believe the media is complicit, but for now, there are parts of this story that make sense (am pasting it all here coz it will get pulled down)

        Am not sure this guy is called Harakhe or Halakhe

        Its important because in the early 90s and late 80s there was another officer at the treasury with a similar name but was in a more powerful position then. Do take note.

        Anyway here is the Standard article copied below

        Damning revelations on the dubious past of a top National Youth Service (NYS) officer relied on by former Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru to absolve herself from blame in the multi-million scam have emerged.

        Adan Gedow Harakhe, the man who claims to have assisted Waiguru to “whistle-blow” the scam has a history of “non-compliance, misappropriation, smuggling, gross misconduct and non-performance” according to a fresh internal probe obtained by The Standard on Sunday. The report by a four-man team constituted last month under the auspices of the Ministerial Human Resource Management Advisory Committee (MHRMAC) says Harakhe should not have been entrusted with a public office in the first place. “The officer cannot be entrusted with public resources due to the number of cases that are related to fraudulent use of government funds and that he be dismissed from the service,” the report recommends.
        Harakhe was acting senior deputy director-general of NYS in charge of all key functions – procurement, human resources, administration and finance – at the time the multimillion scandal flared up. The report found that his position was amorphous and “does not exist in the authorised structure of NYS.”

        He has since been interdicted. The new report contradicts the mental picture created in Waiguru’s affidavit of a conscientious, brave and bold officer of impeccable integrity – one who went against great odds to forestall loss of public funds. His pompous and conversational memos, allegedly written at the time of implosion of the scandal, were heavily relied upon by Waiguru to drag in Jubilee bigwigs into the scam. In the memos, Harakhe is depicted as standing up to his own PS Peter Mangiti, former Director General of NYS Nelson Githinji and Jubilee heavyweights Aden Duale and Kipchumba Murkomen. The report of the team chaired by Michael Mugo, the Secretary, Public Service Transformation Department, found out that his services as a public servant had been discontinued severally in the past and wondered how he always bounced back – bigger and better. On November 1, 1994 for example, the team found that Harakhe was dismissed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) after failing to demonstrate his suitability for retention. No records could be found on how he found his way back.

        On March 24, 1998, Harakhe was interdicted vide a letter by former Provincial Commissioner, Nyanza, over illegal diversion of petroleum products meant for export back into the local market. At the time, he was serving as District Officer in Usigu, Siaya. Earlier in the same month, March 9, 1998, his paramilitary training at Administration Police Training College in Embakasi was discontinued for what his seniors described as “stubbornness” on his part. Two months later on May 22, 1998, the Provincial Administration PS reprimanded Harakhe for “living beyond his means” and for another vague charge of “exhibiting characteristics that are detrimental to the nation”. In the same memo by the PS, Harakhe was also warned about his “deteriorating performance” as well as “his knack to wanting to please others”, the report says. Between January 6 and 10, 1999, Harakhe was remanded for “keeping petrol in a house” contrary to Section 13 (1) as read with Section 10 of the Petroleum Act, Cap 116”. He was however later acquitted on this score and his interdiction lifted. The report, marked “confidential”, says Harakhe’s salary was stopped in November 2005 due to alleged “non-compliance”. See also: Raila tells Uhuru to crack whip on Jubilee bigwigs In October 2009, the PS Internal Security reprimanded the officer over gross misconduct for occasioning the loss of Sh3 million meant to settle Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kipkelion, Rift Valley. A letter dated July 19, 2012 by the Head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet accused Harakhe of receiving bribes and protecting illegal loggers in the same area. The most recent disciplinary issue listed in the report is dated October 6, 2014, a month before he was deployed to NYS. In the matter, the County Commissioner Bungoma wrote a “show cause letter” to Harakhe for absconding duty without permission. “He was also accused of insubordination by sending rude SMS to the County Commissioner,” the report states. A month later on November 27, 2014, Harakhe was deployed to the NYS. Two months later on January 15, 2015, on the same day he reported to NYS, he was appointed to the Ministerial Tender Committee. A month later on February 18 at a meeting held at Waiguru’s former office, Authority to Incur Expenditure (AIE) was removed from Director General of NYS Dr Nelson Githinji and handed over to Harakhe.


        According to minutes of the meeting, Harakhe had “more time to effectively process requests promptly” than Githinji who was reported by the CS as being too bogged down by operational matters to be effective. Shockingly, the investigating team found that Harakhe was appointed both AIE holder and also the alternate AIE holder. The investigating team reports that a former Deputy Director-General of NYS told them that Harakhe “acted and believed that he had been deployed at NYS to take over as DG”. The Deputy DG also said Harakhe used to hold meetings “with merchants at night” and that some of the procurement was processed as late as midnight against NYS regulations. He also informed the team that Harakhe had three officers who were assisting him on IFMIS. “Mr Harakhe used to report directly to the former CS and the Senior Director of Administration (Hassan Noor Hassan) and the DG used to report to the former PS. This made the institution have two camps, with one aligned to the DG and the other to Harakhe,” the report says. The Deputy DG told the investigators that she doubted whether Harakhe had the academic qualifications of two master’s degrees “as he purports to possess”. She also affirmed that Harakhe was working closely with Noor who also chaired the MTC. The former head of supply chain management Andrew Nyongesa Pilisi testified that on several occasions, Harakhe coerced him to commence processing payments that lacked proper supporting documents. See also: Raila tells Uhuru to crack whip on Jubilee bigwigs The officer also claimed that Waiguru interdicted him for declining to process Local Purchase Orders (LPOs) which lacked supporting documents, leading to accumulation of pending bills amounting to approximately Sh100 million. Further, Pilisi told the investigators that under Harakhe’s watch, procurement of supplies related to projects in slum upgrading were purchased without following laid down regulations. Projects, he said, were commenced before requisitions for materials and bill of quantities were made. The report faults the listing of Harakhe as a witness and not a suspect in one of the NYS cases despite all evidence adduced to show he was involved. It accuses him of contravening the public service code of regulations by communicating directly to the former PS, former CS and current Senior Director of Administration. It also accuses him of failure to follow laid down regulations on reporting channels on the matter of his IFMIS password. When Harakhe appeared before the committee, he pleaded his innocence saying the Sh791 million loss occurred before he reported to NYS. He also claimed he reported to CID after the former PS proved “to be of no help” and after he threatened and coerced him.


        He also told the team he had no past disciplinary issues. “While the CID report and the charge sheet mentioned him as a witness and not an accused for the loss of Sh791 million, on the contrary, the Deputy DG and former Head of Supply Chain Management attributed him to have occasioned loss of colossal amounts of money,” the report says. The report also recommends further investigations into fears that more money may have been lost at NYS during Harakhe’s short-lived stay at the institution. It recommends that the officer be accorded a hearing. It also recommends an audit into suitability of officers holding various positions at NYS. There is a somewhat contradictory (but qualified) recommendation that MHRMAC could consider reinstating Harakhe. The team was set up by the PS Planning on January 13, 2016. It comprised of Mugo as chair, two members – Simon Angote, the director of human resources in the department and Mary Ngugi, the principal HRM. Emmanuel Mokoro, the acting director information, education and communication was the secretary.





      • These fellas called Uhuru and Ruto are nothing but thieves.
        I now gather that Uhuru told Kikuyu elders that he has no ability to control Rutos theft.
        If the above is true then I can see the reason why people are stealing billions with no fear. It also looks as if there is an agreement between these fellas two fellas that they should grab as much as possible. Yet Uhuru goes to Israel and says that Kenyans are known for theft. And when he goes to Tanzania he jokingly says that he is happy to announce that we are now third is corruption ranking worldwide.

        Im afraid we may loose this country for good

  2. Here is Uhuru’s resident lunatic Moses Kuria refreshing the 2007/8 uhuru crimes against humanity in defense of the NYS, uhuru’s new mungiki plus.


    And please don’t apologize even after you wash your dirty mouth with bleach. This looks good on you.


      • I found this quite telling about how EACC has officially become a conduit in Uhuru’s corruption particularly with respect to Waiguru and the NYS highway robbery.


        I didn’t know that EACC now has a new role of auditing corrupt institutions upon request from the engineers of corruption in those agencies and then providing advice on how to seal the holes or rather to cover up the thefts. This story was all awash in the media yesterday and Waiguru was ear to ear laughing talking about how she has now been given the tools to reform NYS.

        Reading part of the story is very scary. The EACC audit according to this story reveals outright theft in many instances. Prices doubled. Illegal procurements in millions.

        We have cases where alleged names and addresses of directors of different companies that received the procurements and big money are the same people. How else do you define theft of public resources? Shouldn’t these people be arrested and charged instead of Waiguru being given a clean bill of health and told all she has to do is “cover up” and keep going. This is insane.

        It is baffling that even groups like PAC are helpless against this mayhem just as they are helpless about Rotich who told the PAC that he has forgotten the name of the offshore bank where Kshs 250 billion was transferred.

        Why can’t the PAC ask for a copy of the EACC audit and get the names of all those given procurements illegally by Waiguru and his mob and expose the whole thing by summoning these people before the committee.

        It is not enough to just talk talk and talk some more. Act sometimes decisively for the sake of the country. Even Moi was fought through PAC etc and the scandals were exposed. The opposition need to get some spine.

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