The Museveni Uhuru Sugar Deal.

Just what is the  truth behind this constantly changing story of Uhuru’s sugar deal with Museveni. When Cord exposed the deal there was heavy denial from Uhuru and co claiming that no such deal was ever signed. Then Uhuru said there was a deal to improve trade and also help Kenya to get sugar from Uganda instead of importing the same from Brazil. Then back and forth denial continued with claims that Uganda does not need a deal to sell sugar to Kenya because they are both members of COMESA.

Museveni jumped in with his usually crappy attitude. Ruto jumped into the mix too to help save his lying boss. Of course Ruto came in with the usual wild accusations against Raila hoping to derail the whole discussion and turn it into a personal vendetta against Raila. That didn’t work either.

Now Jubilee is all over the map. They tried to herd Western M.Ps to go eat some ugali at State House. That backfired. Now Ruto is promising to cut the price of fertilizer for Sugarcane farmers by 50%. Obviously Jubilee has realized they have been exposed and their plan buy votes has turned into a major flop with serious political ramifications across the country. This matter needs to be looked into very seriously and we will do just that.

For now I will just begin the discussion by posting the comments from Kituyi speaking as the head of the UN office dealing with international trade. He has said what we all know by now. Uganda has no sugar to export:


2 comments on “The Museveni Uhuru Sugar Deal.

  1. Uhuru Kenyatta cutting personal deals by pretending to be working for Kenya is the worst possible thing. Just the other day Uhuru said that CS´s refused to attend a function with him because “there were no personal deals to be cut”. It seems he was talking about himself because he is the number one wheeler dealer.

    The Uhuru/Museveni deal shows us that these fat cat are never interested in the country´s well being. One wonders how much money a person needs. Uhuru has cash that he cannot finish in three lifetimes yet he keeps fleecing the country.
    The man and his deputy are openly stealing from the country coffers. Imagine the deputy IG sacked for not delivering 5 million shillings a week to Rutos office and a couple of billions to the OP.

    Here is the story…you cant make this things up


  2. Adongo

    You are right. This deal is shrouded in too much secrecy. What we do know for sure is that Uhuru did not hesitate to make a deal for his milk in the process. What is unclear is the sugar business

    I’ve always maintained, Uhuru says one thing but does another. For instance he claims to be reviving the sugar industry and even offers a 1 b payout scheme, but then turns around and kicks their shins (or butts) by making it possible for cheap sugar import. So we know Uganda has no surplus or capacity for it, therefore this is just some way for re-routing cheap sugar imports by making it look like some EAC trading block.

    As always when you see Amina step in, the gate of lies is flung open, and the only believable thing is that there is nothing to believe.


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