Hater – Mugo wa Wairimu – The Rapist Exposed

NAIROBI: The Nursing Council of Kenya, which regulates nurses in the country, has also distanced itself from Mugo Wairimu, who was busted allegedly sexually assaulting his sedated patient. In a statement yesterday, the Council’s Registrar Edna Talam said that their review of the database of nurses in their records has revealed that Wairimu is not part of the nursing profession. Although Wairimu has not claimed to be a nurse, the council moved quickly to distance itself to remove any doubts after the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, which regulates medical doctors, disowned him as well. “We have been able to validate using our nursing database that James Mugo Wa Wairimu is not a nurse in training, and has never been registered or enrolled as a nurse in Kenya,” she said at the Council’s offices in Nairobi. Talam said that the Council has neither records of indexing, internship placements, Council exams undertaken nor registration/enrolment and licensure for the said James Mugo Wa Wairimu.
“The law should take its course to address the situation, so that it can be a lesson to others who purport to be professional health workers. We condemn these acts with the harshest terms possible and request the public to be vigilant of such quacks who purport to be either “Doctors”, “Nurses” or any other health professionals,” she said. See also: Administration Police officer rapes 20-year-old disabled woman in Kericho She added, “For an individual to be licensed to practice as a nurse in Kenya, the individual must submit themselves to the indexing process, undergo and complete training and successfully complete both institutional and Council exams as per the training guidelines.” Talam said should investigations be done reveal that there were nurses or persons posing as nurses working in that facility and in any way in the alleged sexual abuse of unsuspecting women, disciplinary action will be taken against them. “We request nurses to confirm the qualifications of the doctors they work with to avoid working under people who are operating illegally,” she said. Talam expressed regret that the council was part of the joint government team that shut down Wairimu’s dubious facility some time back only for it to reopen behind their backs.
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One comment on “Hater – Mugo wa Wairimu – The Rapist Exposed

  1. This is long overdue. And its unfortunate that only one quack is in focus. As far as I can remember, there are a lot of rogue doctors out there who take advantage of their female patients.

    The sad reality is that in Kenya, rape is a difficult crime to prosecute for a number of reasons

    a) victims fear outing themselves due to fear of being subsequently rejected and ostracized by family, husband, boyfriend or other close friends and relatives

    b) besides the stigma, the authorities do not have capacity to process rape, and instead ridicule the victim, through insane requests to prove that rape occurred and that it was not consensual, investigations are unreasonable and cause further trauma to the victims

    c) lastly, everyone knows that court processes in Kenya are a joke, recall the MP from meru who’s case has gone quiet, recall also that some quack was also used to “verify that the victim had no STDs or AIDS”

    Victims of crimes in Kenya are blamed for being at scenes of crimes, that’s the truth

    If in doubt follow the prayer meetings for ICC suspects from when the cases were first established to-date


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