Arrest Raila For Eurobond: Please, Hurry Up. Immediately

The Uhuru corruption cover crew have come up with a grand idea on how to unearth the massive rip-off on the Eurobond where Kshs 140 billion with a b has melted into the accounts of the thieves in high places:


Here is the great move:

Don’t laugh now this is serious business. Raila must go to jail for stealing Eurobond money? Or may be Raila needs to go to jail for giving Uhuru sleepless nights shouting about stolen Eurobond money. This is a loan which Kenyan taxpayers will have to pay for the next decades. You steal it you go to jail. Right? Wrong.

So here is the question. Where is all this desperation to nail Raila about the Eurobond saga coming from. Lets trace a few facts as they are.

First was the deafening denial by Uhuru and his noisy mouthpieces including hid DP Ruto that not a cent was lost or stolen from the Eurobond loan. In fact Rotich was ordered by kina Uhuru to issue a statement and even a veiled threat to Raila about the Eurobond money.

Rotich gave a laundry list of how much money was drawn from this or that account and then he did the math for the citizens and told us all the money is accounted for. Good effort, except Rotich was unable to tell us where the money was spent other than making generalized statements about the money being allocated to ministries for infrastructure development etc.

Nobody bothered to account for anny specific infrastructure projects on which the Kshs 140 billion was spent. They just told us we spent the money, trust us and shut up. Raila refused to shut up. Big mistake. May be not.

Then before the ink dried on the Rotich statement, Tobiko issues a statement asking the impotent EACC to investigate the Eurobond money and give him the report in 10 days. I mean how long does it take to clean up one pig. Quite long actually because the pig keeps running back to the same mud. So it is taking a nightmare to clean up the pigs in State House, the Treasury and the Waiguru network of thieves so that Uhuru can stand on some pedestal as the new anti-corruption guru.

So EACC is still cooking up a new cocktail of lies to dupe the public about the Eurobond mess and they are running thin on time and Raila keeps making them mad by making all sorts of statements about the Eurobond. And Raila is more noisy talking about corruption in Kenya than Donald Trump is talking about Muslims and Hispanics in the US in the run up to the GOP presidential nomination.

Strangely there is something very similar between what Raila is doing in Kenya and what Trump is doing in the US. Here is what I am talking about. In the US, the Republican party has put up some big fertilizers for bigotry and foolishness to grow some ugly crop in the party and on their country. The greatest country in the world and the leader of the free world so we are told.

The ugly crop of racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, sexism and outright stupidity has blossomed in the GOP and is now ready to be harvested. Trump saw the bumper field of crops and he got busy harvesting this thing rolling in laughter and happiness. And twitter. Plus TV of course.

The other Republican candidates and the so called Republican establishment figureheads are yelling and screaming at Trump and asking themselves, “why is Trump harvesting all the crops”. “Morons”, Trump replies, “I am just harvesting what you sow”, how can that be wrong. “I don’t get it” an annoyed Trump says.So the GOP planted seeds whose crops are so bad and so ugly that the candidates are afraid to harvest them in public. That makes Trump very happy. He is harvesting fast and furious. What could possibly go wrong here.

America and the Republicans want a mad man for the president of the USA and they got one. Choices of course have consequences, but that is for later. In any event Obama bores the Republicans to death with his intelligence. Something has to be done urgently to save the situation. In comes Trump. Voila!.

In the Kenyan case Uhuru and his Jubilee have planted seeds of corruption with roots thicker than the great eucalyptus tree which can suck up water until no other crop grows near it. Bad news. Uhuru’s  eucalyptus tree of corruption is sucking everything up at an alarming rate.

Everybody is scared including Uhuru himself. The tree of corruption is now a mugumo by itself. Now Uhuru wants to cut it with a razor blade(EACC). That is like giving more fertilizer for the tree. And then here comes the noisy Raila refusing to bring his own razor blade for the great war against the mugumo. Arrest him. Arrest him now!.

The truth about this whole drama is that Uhuru and his cover crew really want to know what kind of info Raila has before they can lay out the red carpet of lies to cover up this whole mess. I saw a statement today from the likes of Duale and Kindiki claiming that Raila is mad about the Eurobond because the Jubilee mob has refused to fund the projects he started when he was the PM. And on and on it will go.

Raila had written to all sorts of entities involved with the Eurobond including the foreign banks that handled the cash. If the EACC was interested in doing any real investigation about the Eurobond claims, they should have started by getting information form all those banks and questioning everybody involved including the signatories to the offshore accounts where the money was illegally deposited at first. Of course they won’t do that.

The EACC “investigation” I snot about getting the truth and the whole truth about the money but rather about how to stop Raila from putting so much pressure on the thieves. Also remember that the Eurobond involves a lot of foreign partners. This thing blows up it could go nuclear.

I would urge Raila to stand his ground. Let the EACC and the Uhuru cops keep issuing threats and when the time comes let Raila bring all the information he has to the Kenyan public. EACC is scared to whitewash this whole mess because they fear Raila may come after them and contradict the EACC lies. It is time for Raila and his colleagues to stand firm. Face arrest if necessary and deal with the public as far as Eurobond is concerned. Raila is not a suspect in the Eurobond robbery. He has no obligation to present himself to the EACC. Let them arrest him.


8 comments on “Arrest Raila For Eurobond: Please, Hurry Up. Immediately

  1. And the crazy gets crazier:

    Yesterday the CBK produced info and documents contradicting the Treasury lies. The dates of the money from the CBK is July 3, 2014 which means the alleged transactions took place after the end of the 2013/14 financial year.

    Treasury had claimed the transactions took place on June 30, 2014 which just happens to be the last day of the 2013/14 financial year and the money was spent in that financial year..

    Now the half clever thieves are claiming the difference in the dates is because even though the money transaction took place on June 30, 2014 the amount was only registered in the CBK records on July 3, because that is when the check cleared. Just total rubbish. This is not a renter sending checks to their landlord and in any event these transactions are required to be done electronically.

    The elephant in the room here which the thieves have not figured out is that even if the money was released on June 30, 2014, how on earth did they spend all of it in less than one day so that it is recorded as money spent in 2013/14 financial year. Never mind that they don’t even know what they spent it on. Even lying requires some basic intelligence and common sense. You can’t just pop things up from thin air.


  2. Like many Kenyans, I have this strong feeling that something smells to high heavens at the Treasury and of course on the behest of the principals. And like many people say RAO has very damaging information and if he attempts to spill the beans some torsos may be collected in Ruai or Ngong as doing so the thieves will know the source of his information through the documents he may table.

    The scales here are very high & scary unlike in the ‘NUSU MKATE’ arrangement in the Grand coalition feasting which RAO participated as a ‘Grandmaster’. This is not to encourage the thieves as whichever way Kenyans are more the losers as they will have to bear the burden of paying back those loans.


  3. And the drama gets to a new level.

    The scums at the EACC and the cops working for Uhuru to protect him and his thieves are ready to go to war with Raila. Please bring it on. Now would be a good time.They claim Raila may have information that could help them in their investigation. Since when did Raila become the Director of Criminal Investigations in Kenya? If he is smart enough to get the info the EACC and Uhuru are trying to hide, that is not a crime, or is it?

    Raila has info he has received from his own sources. The EACC and the police are supposed to have all the tools to access all the information they need for these kinds of investigations. But here they are just worried that Raila may expose them after they launch the cover up lies. So they want Raila to show them what he has so they can dodge around the whole thing without fear of exposure.

    And it continues:



    Copy and paste link to browser.

    A ridiculous letter of threat to RAO.

    It looks as if RAO hit the nail on the head and akina Uhuruto are now running around not knowing what to do.

    Its becoming so serious that they are now arresting RAO´s cars —and please dont laugh, its true.

    On this Kenyans are with RAO.

    Its a mega scandal and since Raila promised to expose names people have been shitting in the pants not knowing what to do. They dont know what he has on them.



    • Just like we suspected the EACC wanted Raila to give information regarding the Eurobond to them so they could figure out how to whitewash the whole scam without any fear that Raila will come up with names and other info after they clean up Uhuru’s thieves.

      Raila rightly refused to jump into the trap and was threatened with arrest etc which all came to nothing.

      Now Raila waited until the EACC has cleaned the thieves and then he unleashes the names and the very dangerous info that the documents regarding the Eurobond money being deposited to the CBK were forgeries.

      Obviously Raila has much more info than what he is providing so far. The key piece here is about the forged entries into the CBK account as Raila claims $ 1.9 billion never reached the shores of the republic.

      Raila is basically daring these people to sue him for defamation. This is not going to end well for Uhuru. Raila is playing with his cards close to his heart. We don’t know where the ace is. That is bad if you are a thief. You need to know where enemy is exactly. You just can’t run blindly hoping to land safe on the other side. Hope is not a strategy.

      Mutunga on Kenya as a “bandit economy”


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