End of the Road for the CIC

So just like that, the term for the Nyachae led Constitution Implementation Committee has come to an end.

Yes it has been 5 years already.

Amazingly, some were pushing for an extension of their term, but by and large very few actually cared or are indeed bothered, and parliament unsurprisingly would not even contemplate an extension. Why not? It’s because parliament comprises the worst of KANU offspring’s and the new constitution largely inhibits their freedoms to oppress.

Parliament is a rubber stamp for the executive and achieves their objectives by holding hostage the executive until properly influenced to rubber stamp the whims of the executive.

But this is not about parliament, its about the success or rather the dismal performance of the CIC.

The CIC was formed as one of the main pillars to ensure successful implementation of the new constitution. Hopes were pinned on the men and women to be appointed to the commission, their integrity, passion and professionalism would guide the treacherous path to Kenyans embracing and enjoying the fruits of the new constitution which had been 20 years in the making.

It was hoped that the team would use all resources at their disposal to ensure that all stakeholders were on board to understand even the most controversial of items could be renegotiated and finally consensus arrived at. Key to their activities would be to ensure that appropriate laws were enacted within the time frames recommended and the new constitution fully enacted or implemented.

Today, however, we have a lot of holes and incomplete legislation. Of the few laws implemented many have gone contra to the new constitution and instead brought back the old and contentious one party regime policies through the back door led by the Duale/Muturi parliamentary axis and the so called tyranny of numbers.

I am at pains to find anything positive to say about the CIC. They started off well with a lot of promise, but fizzled out faster than a wet and dud fireworks sparkler. I mean you have to be in a completely dark spot to even see a faint spark.

True, Job had warned of the futility of entrusting implementation of a new constitution to a scion of the oligarchy,  an institution that by design was meant to disentangle Kenyans from the grip of the oligarchy and its old ways of running public affairs. For a few months every year, there would be a glimmer of hope as CIC talked tough or came out strong on issues, but the inaction and half-hearted or feeble attempts to move things spoke volumes. It did not help much that the country then ushered in the direct beneficiaries of the oligarchy to rule the country at this critical juncture. It is therefore no surprise that events at Ardhi house led by CHarity Ngilu happened, and the continuous scandal after scandal dogging the jubilee regime as public funds are stolen.

Just like Aaron Ringera in the then KACC, the high salaries awarded to these commissioners, as well as the generous terminal benefits, did little for the population, but certainly added to the weight of the wallets.

So as the curtain closes for this team, Kenyans are once again left holding the short end of the straw, with nothing or very little to show from the experience.

But as can be expected of a body with lots of talk and zero output, a great report, and analysis of their “successful” term will be in the media. I believe the NCIC is a similar institution with enormous capacity to absorb funds while churning out garbage for public consumption, but that’s a story for another day.

This will of course be followed up by the Jubilee regime rewarding the mediocre performance through the terminal benefits, state awards and other jobs for ensuring the new constitution was shoddily implemented.

Here is the CICs final report – Tuendele na kuji enjoy


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