The Strange Case of Judge Philip Tunoi

This is as bizarre as it gets. Tunoi has been accused of collecting Kshs 200 million from Kidero to help him keep his seat as the Nairobi Governor. The good (rotten) judge claims the whole thing is fiction invented by those who want him kicked out of the Supreme Court so they can grab a piece of the pie and get to the CJ lottery.


A few things are way too crazy on this one.

  1. Tunoi is 72 years old. By the laws of the land judges and members of the Supreme Court are supposed to retire at the age of 70 years. In fact both judge Tunoi and Rawal went to court to challenge that constitutional requirement claiming they are free to work until they are 74 years old. Predictably they probably want to die while in office. The problem is a ruling of five judges on Dec 11, 2014 declared that the retirement age is 70 for everybody and made some very harsh remarks about the claims by Tunoi and Rawal.

Now here is the question. What the heck is this man still doing at the Supreme Court. He is there illegally. Why are we paying him salary and benefits while he is occupying the office illegally. Is the JSC going to explain that to Kenyans. This man needs to be sued and kicked out of office and be asked to repay money has earned while in office illegally.

2. What is the deal with the other four judges who were involved in the case.  Did everybody get their cut of Kidero’s money? At least I know one or two judges dissented from the decision to declare Kidero fairly elected. Who else was eating here?


3 comments on “The Strange Case of Judge Philip Tunoi

    • Here w go:

      Essentially the Supreme Court is in the dustbin. How they come out of this will be a miracle. A judge of the supreme court is collecting cash by the boatload in a briefcase in a gas station. Kshs 200 million is now the price for being a governor. Imagine what the price for the State House is!

      But surely, even the old school mafia mobsters had better techniques of collecting gunias of cash than these nuts. They have gone crazy. This is out of the woods. I wish I was a movie maker. This is hilarious.

      The ramifications of this big ball of shit in the Supreme court are going to be immense. Let’s just hope we don’t end up with elections with pangas and bullets again like in 2007. Lets hope the voting card will eventually overtake the weapons of terror as the primary tool to holding power in the country. May be not for a while.

      The situation doesn’t look inspiring at all but some of us are used to these things. The battle is on as always.


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