President Kenyatta Government a failure on all fronts, pursuing vengeance politics

A_Elect_Uhuru_RutoPresident Kenyatta government has caused the breakdown of the structures of governance, failure on all fronts from economy to external affairs, engaged in dispensation of pursuing a politics of vendetta and selectively targeting opponents. It is abundantly clear that the government’s mindset was one of perpetual confrontation and containment of divergent opinion.

Kenyatta regime is hallmark of democratic regression. For the last 3 years, President Kenyatta government has been insulting, silencing and belittling political opponents. There is justifiably lead for one to the inference that this government does not believe in bipartisan consensus on issues that concern Kenya’s national interests.

Knee-jerk responses and abrupt changes with regard to many national issues have caused setbacks leading to belittling of issues and country’s response thereto, both at national and regional level. Hype, photo opportunities and high profile events cannot be a substitute for serious foreign, economic and , security diplomacy.

President Kenyatta Government’s tenure in office is marked by gross non-delivery, acknowledged failure to fulfil the promises given to the nation and a betrayal of the people, particularly the poor, disadvantaged and the unemployed. It has used smokescreens to hide its failures.

The government has no quality and quantitive jobs creation record but slow growth of economy. The three years of Kenyatta regime has been marked by unaccountable centralization of power, policy making and administrative decisions. This authoritarian style of functioning has resulted in breakdown of the structures of governance, which has paralyzed administration and undermined independence of institutions of governance institutions.

The political atmosphere in the country has been vitiated by design and default in furtherance of Jubilee government’s divisive agenda. There has been a state orchestrated campaign unleashed which has created turbulence, disharmony and distrust and undermined social unity.

Probity, transparency and accountability have suffered a body blow. Mr. Kenyatta has brazened it out and does not act, when serious allegations of corruption and acts of omission and commission surfaced in his regime. Naming of 175 public officials for allegations of corruption and abuse of office was just a smokescreen and opportunity to reorganize his government but not act of tackling corruption.

Ironically, for a leader and party who has been promising transparency and accountability, Mr. Kenyatta , instead of taking any action, has practiced only double-standards, double-speak and hypocrisy on corruption and other governance malpractices.

All the claims of the government particularly with regard to the economic growth and the dynamism that policies are far removed from the ground realities. There has been gross mismanagement of Kenya economy. The GDP growth rate is flat or going down. If one goes by the old methodology, the GDP has grown only at average (a rate of) 5.3% and the government and has been forced to make a downward revision of the earlier growth projection.

If one goes by the Economic Survey, there is a downward revision. So, the earlier projected growth will not be achieved. The debt-to-GDP ratio gone up to 53.6%. The domestic investment sentiment is very low and there are mounting job losses and the youth of the country have been let down. Instead of new jobs being created, jobs are being lost.

In recent months, there has been a sharp decline in jobs in the manufacturing sector because exports have been in a free fall when there are official claims of an emerging economy.

Kenyans are desperate for the 2017 general elections, to get rid of this incompetent government.

One comment on “President Kenyatta Government a failure on all fronts, pursuing vengeance politics

  1. The two fellows wish they were Moi.
    Problem is that things have changed and kenya is not going back to the Moi times again.
    This a government that will close your bussiness if you refuse to support jubilee. Had they been clean, then it would be another story but with graft hanging over their heads, its impossible for the due to, with any authority condemn corruption


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