Why They Killed Jacob Juma

Now this is interesting


(Summary of Story as told to us by Jacob Juma’s friend. The friend has since fled Kenya)

Despite the outward bravado, the 2009 census which saw the Kikuyu share of population reduce from 21% to 16.9% shocked the community. They knew what this meant—loss of political power. Something had to be done. The elders and billionaire robber barons ground their teeth as they looked at the staggering alcohol and and drug addicted youth with jaundiced eyes. In mid 2013, three decisions were made. First, an all out war was declared to end the alcohol addiction menace, which according to them was responsible for the rapid depopulation of the once mighty Kikuyu.

The second and third decisions were more protracted in nature.

Juma Had a close friend working at Brookside Dairies, Riuru, Kenya

Jacob Juma had a bosom friend working at the Brookside Dairy (which is partially owned by the Kenyatta…

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