Heading to the Gallows Again! Willingly.

Looking at the tragedy unfolding in Kenya today you almost get a sense that we learnt absolutely nothing from the 2007/8 mass murders and state terrorism. In fact it seems there is even a bigger and more ready appetite for an implosion in the country. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. In any even now that we don’t have to worry about the ICC why not have the real big thing and may be even dismember the country in the process. The tribalists in office and out of office can each just take a slice and let’s get over this nonsense thing called Kenya. We tried before and failed. May be not this time. Good luck with that.

Let’s start here:


Cord and a big chunk of the population of the republic have raised a call to action to stop Uhuru’s government from planning and executing a massive rigging scheme to be supervised by the disgraced and hugely despised IEBC. Cord is calling for a national dialogue to fix the problem before things get really bad next year.

Uhuru and his government just like Kibaki before him are telling CORD and other Kenyans who want a free and fair elections next year to go to hell. Sounds tough. In reality it is more stupid than tough. Foolish people often sound very tough, particularly when they are drunk with power. A fool and power is a terrible combination. We know that.

In 2007, Kibaki determined to cling to power by any means necessary decided that he was not going to allow for the political parties as provided for under the IPPG deal of 1997 to have input in how the ECK would be structured. Kibaki sounded very tough then. He argued with the support of a bunch of known tribalists in his government that the IPPG deal was dead and not necessary. Kibaki said he was going to have Kivuiti ran the show and the poor old power maniac even tried to appoint his own lawyer a Mr. Muttu to the ECK amid protests from the then ODM and other human rights groups.

Kibaki was going at full strength to impose his will on everybody. We had people like the current Nakuru governor Mr. Mbugua openly preparing the AP’s to become militias to subdue the country as the votes were stolen. Kibaki message to those who wanted to fix the problems before things got out of hand was to tell them that he was going to rig the elections and those who don’t want it can go to hell. He was told Kenyans will not accept a rigged election.

Kibaki wnt ahead with his rigging as planned and was promptly and shamelessly sworn in office in darkness as the country exploded in what may very well be the worst mass murder and violence in Kenya. Of course as the war raged, the same Kibaki was hiding at State House sending some murderous operatives to go do the dirty work of  burning families including children in their own homes. The whole country was turned into a living breathing crematorium and the shameless murderers have not stopped praying to god to save them from the evil victims of their murders.

Now as we approach another apocalypse with our eyes wide open, people are making excuses again. I read in the media opinion ‘dealers” telling us about the problem being between the Kikuyu and Luo or Kenyatta and Odinga dysnaties. Just total foolishness.

The problem is about a group of people in power telling Kenyans they are going to rig the elections and those who don’t like it can go to hell. Nobody is going to go to hell to allow Uhuru to rig the elections but the whole country could easily end up in hell if we don’t get our act together. Living by the sword is dangerous business. We should know that by now.

The solution is rather simple. The IEBC needs to be dissolved. This is not rocket science. Dissolve this disgrace which has absolutely no confidence from Kenyans. Set a new IEBC using a democratic and inclusive methods. Get thing straightened out and lets prepare for the elections in peace and confidence.

Those who want to shoot people and cause mayhem may be should restrict themselves to killing the likes of Jacob Juma. You may get away with that but don’t swallow too much. It could choke you to death. That is a friendly advice. Take it.



12 comments on “Heading to the Gallows Again! Willingly.

  1. The war drums are beating. Hardliners are digging in as the president seems oblivious to all the wrongs happening around him. Uhuru is obviously egged on and emboldened by his supporters and jubilee beneficiaries. Does he even realize how deeply divided the country has become under his watch? Or is this aloofness due to his privileged upbringing?

    Let’s not kid ourselves. The yet-to-be punished atrocities that were committed decades ago and in 2007/2008 will forever haunt us as a country. How do the perpetrators even live with themselves? Clearly, the judicial process will not work, So what happened to the TJRC report?

    As things stand, we are already setting the stage for the mother of all battles – just like Kriegler warned. Who will save us now that the judiciary is dysfunctional, ‘kujipanga’ is in vogue, and pulling out of the ICC tops the legislative agenda?

    We may not all be spiritual but God’s wrath is real folks – read Zephania 1:14-18 and beginning of chapter 2. However, God provided a way to gain divine favor—repentance—which turns God’s wrath away from the sinner. Sadly, many Kenyans have chosen to go tribal – vehemently defending thugs who ought to be rotting in jail. Where are our spiritual leaders to guide the country in seeking true repentance and forgiveness?

    Meanwhile, I support CORD in its efforts to get our country back. Let’s continue holding someone’s feet to the fire – Mondays and Thursdays it is!


    • In the meantime Uhuru’s much celebrated henchmen are calling for more murder and assassination. Just grand. Isn’t it? With idiots like this as Uhuru’s go to guys what do you expect.


      And now the joke of NCIC and so called investigations. Kuria will actually have to shoot somebody for him to be held accountable and that wouldn’t by Uhuru and his other henchmen. It will be by Kenyans. We are heading to bad place but there is nothing to be scared about. Of that I am sure.


      • And here is Mr. Macharia Gaitho:


        What Gaitho is saying from the surface makes a lot of sense except for one big problem.

        This is not about Odinga and Kenyatta just as much as it is not about Luos and Kikuyus. This is about the bastardization of our country and it has been going on for a while and more so since 2007/8 to now. It could and is getting worse.

        The trouble with this kinds of national decay is that they tend to take a life of their own. It is like getting toothpaste out of the tube. Easy but try getting it back even if your life depended on it. Tough and tougher. We know that don’t we?

        It is funny that people like Macharia Gaitho who have been trashing the ICC process for years are now telling the crazies in power that if they screw up again and lead the nation in a spree of mass murder, the ICC will come for them.

        Let’s not fool ourselves. We screw up again, there will be no Kofi Annan. There will be no Ocampo. There will be no ICC to insult. It will be you and your machete. May be that can solve the Kenyan problem once and for all. I have my doubts about that but that is just me.

        It says a lot that people like Gaitho and many others who are worried about another bloody mayhem in Kenya that would lead to mass killings do not seem concerned at all that Kenyans including school children are already being slaughtered by Kenyan police even in their own backyards.

        Don’t these lives matter? If they do why the deafening silence from the likes of Gaitho and the Kenyan media in general. If these lives being mowed down by Uhuru’s police officers on orders of the CS Nkaissery and General Inspector of police do not matter what does that say about our country and concerns of the likes of Gaitho!

        Just look at the stupidity going on in the country and you can see where we are going. We have politicians being arrested for hate speech because this will threaten peace while children are being killed by police officers and nobody says anything. Why not arrest these police murderers too? Oh, we are waiting for the ICC to do that for us. Good luck.


        If we can’t arrest murderers killing innocent Kenyans today, why worry about inciters like Moses Kuria and others ? In fact the murderers in police killings are armed and paid for by the taxpayers and the state to commit these crimes against people exercising their constitutional rights. The orders to kill them are issued publicly by state officials. Talk about evidence.

        How strange is it the CS for Internal Affairs and the Inspector General of police in Kenya today can in the morning order the murder of innocent Kenyans exercising their democratic and constitutional rights and in the evening order the arrest of those calling for killing of some leaders from some communities. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

        Let’s face it, one of the reasons we don’t care for the victims of police violence and killings is because we perceive them as outsiders from problematic communities and the time we see the mayhem approaching us we start shouting. That really is our problem as a country.

        We don’t value the lives of all Kenyans and invent endless “reasons” why the others deserve what they are getting. This is the nonsensical hypocrisy of the elites in Kenya who think they are above the village mentality of our so called leaders and their hordes.

        I can live with the Moses Kurias and Muthamas. At least they are honestly and genuinely stupid. They are not making it up. How about us?


  2. Predictably all that positive talk about Uhuru striking a consensus deal to have a 10 member committee with five from each side strike a deal to reform the IEBC has been drowned in the political madness of Uhuru’s government.


    That consensus deal was just way to sensible to survive. Back to chest thumping. Uhuru and his crew now want a fake dance with some parliamentary committee wasting time so that they can retain disgraced Hassan IEBC to take the country through a bogus election to keep Uhuru in power.

    Cord now has a very clear option and the masses are going to be with them on this. Cord leadership went to State House and negotiated with Uhuru and Ruto. They agreed on a deal to strike a committee. Choose your members to that committee preferably 2 senators and 3 M.Ps and ask Uhuru and Ruto to pick their team.

    If they refuse and go back to relying on the people to kill people for them resume your demos with more vigour. Kenyans will stand with you and tell Uhuru to grow up and stop fooling around and stand up to the thugs in his government who do not want a compromise. Uhuru is walking right into the fire. That is his problem.


    • You can trust the Uhuru government to engage in some of the most primitive bits of nonsense:


      Demonstrations and protests are legal in Kenya and the judges have already ruled on that a thousand times. Uhuru with his Nkaissery big mouth cannot ban anything. That era is gone forever. It is more dead than Jomo Kenyatta himself. Very dead.

      The other day Nkaissery was going arrest Raila and other Cord leaders. What happened? Nkaissery can’t find them? The little nonsense from Nkaissery is going to go back to court and will be declared unconstitutional. Can’t these guys get anything straight.

      The foolishness of trying to figure out how to outlaw protests and demos is a dead end. Try something else. You have tried killing people including kids. How is that coming a long?

      The IEBC will have to face reforms before elections or we will not even have elections. That is not rocket science. What is the point of having a long drawn out war, killing citizens trying to stop something that you will not be able to stop.

      The idea of a small group of representatives coming up with a formula to reform the IEBC and having this done quick is the only rational way of dealing with this problem. We can have a big fight and kill as many people as Uhuru wants to kill but this problem I snot going away. I have always said that stupidity should have limits. This is a problem with a very easy solution.


      • The yoyo dance of death goes on. Now Uhuru realizes that killing people to save his IEBC puppets just can’t work. Yesterday Uhuru and Nkaissery were ready to unleash bullets on the citizens fighting for electoral reforms.

        Uhuru said there will be no talks and he was allegedly following the constitution. Never mind that the same constitution allows for freedom of assembly and protest which Uhuru was outlawing.

        Today the same, shameless stands at State House with Nkaissery with his tail in its place and they are announcing a joint parliamentary committee. That is exactly what Cord and Uhuru agreed on a few days ago before Uhuru was told to shut up by those who own him and his government.

        What a sad spectacle.



        I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow we have another round of state murders after Jubilee chaps insist on stacking the PSC with their big mouth clowns.

        Uhuru and his chaps will buy time as we move towards 2017. A reformed IEBC would need plenty of time to register voters and get ready. That is what we should be doing today. Instead we have Uhuru eating and shitting before he digests the food and then starts all over again. How many times does he have to do that?


      • Adongo

        I think you are right, Uhuru is just stalling. The term for the commissioners will expire before the next election. Any form of confusion due to late composition, logistics etc, always favors the incumbent. He therefore needs to have as much confusion as possible. I don’t think CORD should fall into this trap. Its just delaying tactics as far as I can see


      • It looks like the yoyo dance continues. In the morning Uhuru appointed 11 Jubilee members to this so called committee to sort out the IEBC. Then Uhuru unleashed his usual diatribe about not listening to Raila yada yada.

        A few hours later the Uhuru has now trimmed his jubilee side to 7 and of course still fighting not to be seen as having been forced by CORD to stop his chest thumping and set up a committee instead of hoping police bullets would solve the problem.


        You can only be sure of one thing, tomorrow the same Uhuru with his bunch Jubilee hard nuts will be talking a different story.

        I think it is going to be a miracle to actually have any meaningful electoral reforms before the 2017 elections. In fact it may even be a bigger miracle to have the elections done on time.


  3. This IEBC saga is going to end rather badly.

    As before, we have commissioners feeling entitled to their positions. Having served the current regime well in ensuring they were awarded certificates, they now believe they cannot be removed from office.

    Interestingly enough, whether they like it or not, their term expires just before the next election. So whether they leave now, or then, they will still bow out in shame, having stretched their ugly faces to the end.

    The question is not about using constitutional means to oust them, but the fact that a great deal of key players have lost faith in them, should be enough reason for any conscientious public servant to resign from their post so that the integrity of the institution and by extension the country, is held higher that individual pride.

    Its not an admittance of wrong doing, but an act of great courage and places country above self. But this is Kenya, we have no such characters especially in this Jubilee den or their supporters.

    Quite disturbingly a few lives have been unnecessarily lost due to gross misconduct from a rogue militia dressed in police uniform.

    Its very likely that this conflict is going to grow into an irreversible and permanent situation that further exacerbates our very fragile and volatile nationhood.

    Already tribal zones have been carved out of the few remaining cosmopolitan towns.

    An terrible era coming ahead folks, brace for it


    • Admin,

      The drama in Kenya is getting way too stupid and unfortunately very dangerous. I am not surprised that Uhuru is ordering cops to just shoot anybody in sight with live bullets. Even Moi hardly ever did that.

      Well he got people like Dr. Ouko and others chinjad like chicken and when he did the consequences were very profound. In fact it was the beginning of the end of the Moi regime and the first time thousands of people came out in public to demand that he quits office maramoja.

      We as students had running battles with Moi everyday. We knew we were going to get beat up and arrested but nobody went to the streets thinking they are going to face live bullets from the Moi thugs called police officers, and god knows that chap had some thugs.

      Uhuru is shooting folks to death all over the country after a few years in office and him and his friends are laughing their heads basically saying, shoot the damn luos and teach them a lesson. The nation has basically gone nuts and Uhuru is behaving as if he is some big bad bully called Amin Dada and he can shoot everybody who stands in his way. Even Amin didn’t last forever. Living by the sword is a very bad profession. History testifies to that. If you keep shooting people, somebody is going to shoot you. That is not rocket science.

      Sadly I can see that so many Kenyans are trying to brush this a side as if it is just skirmish between Uhuru and Raila. I was appalled to read a news release from our own Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) pretty much defending Uhuru’s murderers and claiming that the opposition protestors had weapons. When they were challenged by other members of the civil society to provide the evidence they couldn’t and went into hiding.

      What a shame from an institution which under Maina Kiai symbolized the best that Kenyans could offer in defense of the fundamental rights of all citizens of the republic specifically the right to freedom of assembly.

      But those of us who have had the opportunity to work very closely with the folks in the human rights movement are very much alive to the reality that the comrades in those movements are not immune to the virus of tribalism. We know how some of these people were protecting and baby sitting Kibaki in 2003-2007 until the shit exploded. I thought we learnt our lessons from that.

      May be I was wrong but I know this. We are the precipice of yet another tsunami of national turmoil the likes of which we have not seen yet and it is hard to know where all these will end. Those of us living outside the country have to be very careful what we say. Nobody is cutting my head off here in Toronto. It is a different story for the rest of the citizens of our great republic.

      But we need to ask ourselves some big questions and the only one I am raising here today is one. Do we really as a nation need and deserve to keep the republic intact and clean the mess inside it?

      If we do, as I believe we do, then we need to get our act together as a country and stop fooling around thinking this is just a small problem for one or two people. If we don’t need the republic then nothing really matters except all lives matter and we need to protect and preserve the dignity of life for all citizens in the country. When things fall apart we will pick up the pieces.

      We also need to remember one thing. There will be no Kofi Anan again to come save our asses when we step on the live wire. We are all on our own this time. Some people thought that is how it should have worked the first time. May be it will work this time. Who knows.

      And the drama continues with the same Kiraithes issuing new warnings. What else is new.

      Here we go.



      • Mercifully KNCHR after being blasted by human rights activists for their ridiculous statement defending state violence against Kenyans including murder of peaceful protestors have now, out of shame probably, come to their senses and realized they are not helping Uhuru by hijacking the role of mouthy security agents like Kiraithe.

        KNCHR’s job is to protect the fundamental rights of all Kenyans. People fought hard to have an institution like KNCHR established and Maina Kiai and others put in unimaginable effort to help the institution build its reputation. Don’t trash that reputation. If you want to work for Uhuru, there are openings at State House. Join Kiraithe, he sure needs help.

        KNCHR has finally issued a straight forward statement defending the rights of Kenyans to freedom of assembly. It is about time


        KNCHR should have gone a little further. The rubbish of the state making baseless accusations about treason when dealing with opposition is not new. Moi used this everyday.

        When students held demonstrations they were often accused of working with some unknown agents to commit acts of treason against the state. It was just pure nonsense. KNCHR should have pointed that out. This crap we face today is not coming from a vacuum. We have a country now run by the very people who run the Moi terror machine.

        And now there is the little impromptu meeting at State House between Raila, Kalonzo and Wetangula and Uhuru. Personally I don’t expect much from it. It is band aid for a broken leg. Doesn’t work well. We will see but Uhuru and his chaps have realized this thing could explode and may be it will but with the best chest thumpers, sometimes the chest needs a rest.

        Here is the report about the meeting.


        As you can see State House is already spinning as a meeting to invite Raila and other Cord leaders to the Uhuru Madaraka Day show in Nakuru. Why call them to State House to invite them. Send them a card or just e-mail them. But we get the message.

        The Uhuru crew want to sell the snake oil poison of pretending that there is nothing to discuss. Remember when Kofi Anan was coming for a cup of tea with Kibaki. Same rubbish.

        Here is the spin.


        The good news is that a High Court has already ruled that the Uhuru Park Madaraka rally by CORD is legal and Kiraithe can kill himself if he must kill anybody but the rally must go on. That is the damn law of the land. I suspect the emergency call to Cord leaders to State House came after Uhuru realized the courts have ruled against him and the treason at Uhuru Park will go on.

        Good news:

        Somebody finally figured that the bullets will not stop the citizens from demanding and achieving their rights, specifically on the need for free and fair elections with a credible referee as opposed to the useless compromised IEBC chicken heads.

        Good start. Now get going and stop any monkey business during the consultation. See it was not too hard, Jubilee. Chow Chow is better than war war. Keep up the good fight CORD. This couldn’t have happened if you were cowering under your beds.


        And yes even the Jubilee Youth Wing called KNCHR have now apologized for vandalizing their responsibility to protect human rights in Kenya. Looks like the statement they issued first was written for them to sign.


        Wembe ni ule ule my friends.


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