Long Walk To Justice: Still Fighting.

Folks I just opened the DN website and was surprised to see a story about a Nyayo House torture survivor suing the AG for non payment of awarded compensation and I opened it to see who this was. Guess what the surprise was. It was about me suing the AG. That is weird.

Here is the story:


Anyhow I have indeed filed a Judicial Review case to compel the hideous Uhuru government to pay me some token award I got after fighting my case sometime in 2013/4. I won the case handily. The award which was Kshs 4 million was peanuts but it is the average that most of us from Moi’s palace of torture called the Nyayo House have got so far. My case goes before Justice George Odunga on Monday June 6, 2016.

I any event nobody can pay you enough for actively trying to kill you for a long time and eventually not succeeding because you are determined not to be killed by the criminals in power. This is why when I look at Uhuru killing people in the streets and thinking this will guarantee him power forever I know he is just being a big idiot. That stuff doesn’t work otherwise Moi would still be operating his torture industry.

The big story here that I think we need to focus on beyond the court battles where we have kicked the AG ass relentlessly is the fact that Uhuru is breaking the law by failing to deal with the recommendations of the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Committee (TJRC).

Uhuru is under obligation by the laws of land to present the TJRC report to parliament and proceed with addressing the substantive issues in the report like compensation for the survivors and victims of state terrorism. That is not a favour Uhuru will be doing anybody. It is a huge obligation of this government. Are Kenyans going to set up another TJRC to investigate why Uhuru is blocking the TJRC report. Of course we know why. Uhuru’s government is owned by the murderers and criminals who have been fingered in the TJRC report including his own father, Hayati Kamaliza Jomo Kenyatta.

I think we need a strategy to bring the TJRC issues to the front burner again. We are going to do that. We always do. They will find out sooner than they think.

By the way who is going to sue the Uhuru government for the recent shooting of four people protesting for electoral reforms. That should have been done already. Kenya National Commission on Human Rights(KNCHR) could do it but I suspect they have their own issues. This kind of stuff don’t matter to them at this time. That is fine. We have to find another way and we will deal with KNCHR when their time comes.

Our patience is limitless. And believe me the stubbornness of patience is pretty remarkable and deadly. That is why we are knocking down the Nyayo circus to its ultimate coffin.



3 comments on “Long Walk To Justice: Still Fighting.

  1. This has indeed been a long walk for you and I do hope this case will get finalized very soon. No amount of money can compensate the harrowing experience but still its one way of making government pay for allowing such madness. Good luck


    • Admin,

      Yes we are still marching. In my case Justice Odunga gave the AG 3 weeks (deadline June 27, 2016) to come with a straight answer about payment.

      They are going to come with budget this and budget that but they forget that Uhuru went to parliament in March 2015 and declared a budget of Kshs 10 billion for National Restorative Justice Fund and Rotich later took money from other ministries claiming they will use the money to pay victims of state abuse. So we got them covered.

      Now here is the sad part:


      I saw this very annoying picture and it is troubling that the family of this guy and the other little kid shot in his family backyard and left to fight the system by themselves. That is just wrong from so many angles. Cord should have a legal team to take up these matters. More so my friends in the human rights movement should be all over this by now. We are going to talk to them.

      Look how the murderous cops lined up huge rocks next to the dead body to give the impression that this dead young man and others were throwing rocks. That would be laughable if it was not so sad.

      People have to learn how to deal with this situation. Take the pictures. Insist on the body being checked out. Collect statements from the cops promising to shoot people dead. Collect statements from Nkaissery and others. This stuff is in the media and it is very good evidence.

      Then sue the bloody government for committing the crimes of murder against its own citizens. The human rights groups and CORD should be demanding inquests on these deaths.

      Of the Nyayo House deaths we got one inquest for Mr. Karanja who was beaten to near death and taken to Kenyatta Hospital where he died chained to a bed. The recommendations of the Inquest were terrible for Moi killers. If we could do it then when Moi was running wild why can’t it be done now.

      The deal with these killers is that you never give them an inch. We have fought them all the way and even our friends who were buried in unmarked graves we have taken their battle to the powers that be. You can’t fool around with these. Brute power has very limited capacity to control the lives of citizens determined to achieve their freedom and rights. That is the testimony of history and it is why the political gravesite is littered with the despicable coffins of dictators.


      • This is the right thread I intended to comment on!

        Hey my bro Adongo,

        I wish you lots of success for your case and hope to say more on DC when I get time. Keep going my brother!


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