IEBC Vultures & Their Masters Finally Loses The Battle

Looks like what was considered impossible only a few months ago is happening thanks to the determined efforts of CORD and Kenyans in general. Those lives lost in demos against the IEBC have not been in vain.

Granted they are likely to walk out with a turn load of money but that is small potatoes compared to the determined efforts of Jubileee to keep their little puppies in office for the 2017 elections.

It is going to be a very tough battle to get credible commissioners for the IEBC because the political battles are just going to ratchet up again. But step 1 has been achieved.

The real issue is going to be timing. If the politicians waste time the IEBC commissioners will not be in office until later this year or next year. That simply means they won’t have time to prepare for the elections. That could be a real nightmare.

Voter registration should be resumed immediately and they don’t need the commissioners to do that. The ED is in office and the registration process should resume mara moja. I have never understood the business of periodical voter registration. Why on earth can we have voter registration all year. That is a story for another day.


Here is the good news for today:


One comment on “IEBC Vultures & Their Masters Finally Loses The Battle

  1. After all is said and the team of IEBC fraudsters go home, there will still be loads of work to do.

    The biggest problem apart from the commissioners is the voters register. With an already rigged register even if you would appoint Jesus and Mohammed to run the commission the vote would still be stolen.

    The issues of cleaning up the register is a joke. Against what data would we clean the register? The only way is pure and new registration….if this does not happen then the opposition must forget the presidency and other posts like governorship of Nairobi and even Mombasa. Wont happen


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