Fake polls and Joy riders must not hinder Raila from contesting

I’m one of the Kenyans who believe that Raila Odinga must not “leave” the CORD flag to anyone. Let them go for nominations and if he is beaten, well and good. If he wins let him carry the flag.

The issue of bullying Raila into giving up his ambitions due to fake polls by synovate which has asked about his suitability 13 times since the last elections is nothing to base  such a decision on. Never mind that the poll never asks about suitability of other candidates. But more telling is  the fact that they never poll corruption, nepotism and tribalism by the Uhuruto government.

Then there are joyriders like Wetangula and Mudavadi who are not doing any ground work but just sitting on the sidelines waiting for “tosha” from Raila. What  fakes these people are. Until last week Mudavadi was allied to Jubilee, now “mademoni” have brought him back to to CORD. I strongly suggest that Mudavadi and Wetangula shoulf negotiate and agree on who among them should occupy  the third spot in CORD . First and second spots are already occupied.

The “eurobonded”  newspapers   also keep hammering home the lies that Raila is about to leave for someone else. And Jubilee is making a lot of noise that Raila should just go home.

Why the concerted effort? And if they are better than Raila why cant they just go a head with the contest in which he is part, then beat him? Kwani what do they fear?

This is the  rubbish write up I’m talking about


By Mzee Posted in kenya

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