The Endorsement Brigade of Mudavadi & Wetangula

In 2013 the Kenya media, sponsored by Uhuru Kenyatta and Mwai Kibaki tricked Musalia Mudavadi into believing that he was the “chosen” one. This was before demons aka mademoni led Uhuru to endorse him… before withdrawing the endorsement. Mudavadi never attempted to campaign or created networks. His belief was that Uhuru and Kibaki was do that for him.

Fast forward 2016, Musalia and his brother in arms Wetangula are again just relaxing at home sipping coffee hoping that Raila will tosha them. They probably believe that all the running around Raila is doing is for them and they need not do a thing. And once Raila endorses them, they expect him to campaign for them. The only reason they give for the support is that Raila has lost twice and they have not, which to them, (f means that they are likely to win. Dont laugh….these people are serious presidential candidates.

Now that two cant even see that Kalonzo is also in the mix and he is second in command to Raila. It will take a miracle for Raila to bypass Kalonzo and endorse them. But more importantly, it will take double miracles for Raila to quit the race in favor of anyone. So these fellas as basically big dreamers.

By Mzee Posted in kenya

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