Corruption Owns Me. Uhuru Declares. A bloody shame.

In probably one of the most pathetic public shows of incompetence, defeat and hopelessness, Uhuru Kenyatta told Kenyans and the whole world that his hands are tied by corruption and there is nothing he can do about it. Really?

In practical terms Uhuru Kenyatta is saying that he, Uhuru Kenyatta is corruption and corruption is him. We know that. And Uhuru thinks we are supposed to laugh and be happy about this. I don’t think so and the president is hearing it loud and clear from Kenyans of all walks of life. Uhuru is a dismal failure for the job of the chief executive of our country. That too we know.

As Uhuru cries and weeps in State House during another meat feast his prized corruption guru, Anne Waihuru is back in the public light appearing before one of the comic fronts pretending to be fighting corruption, the PAC. The stuff coming out of there is frightening.

People who worked at the NYS are giving details of how Waihuru was siphoning billions out of the NYS in a full length scam that at least robbed the country off Kshs 1.8 billion and counting.

The same Waihuru whom Uhuru defended until he couldn’t cry anymore has herself been cleared by the same phony PAC and other fake anti-corruption outfits.

And Uhuru says his hands are tied. At least Uhuru can ask Waihuru to untie his hands so we can at least clean up just the mayhem for the NYS. Is that OK Mr. President? Maybe not. Hands still tied? Yes.

That whole Uhuru conference on corruption at State House was a terrible circus. Just what we have come to expect. But I am very happy with the vigorous response of Kenyans. The republic is awake and pretty pissed. Very good.

8 comments on “Corruption Owns Me. Uhuru Declares. A bloody shame.

  1. Adongo,
    This is a serious matter and I’m wondering how they will spin it this time around.
    I saw the AG Muigai already come up with names of the thieving company owners but omit Uhurus relatives especially his sister Nyokabi. Uhuruto are on the role and I tell you by the time they are done we wont have a country.

    Thieving seems to have been sanctioned by Uhuru Kenyatta himself hence the brazenness by which its done. Very crazy, na mta do?

    If Kenyans do not throw out these bastards then we will all be doomed.


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