This Is Pathetic Even By Miguna’s Standards.

I came through something that just stunned me. Miguna was back at this favourite Jeff Koinange show in some alleged race for the Nairobi governor and then he gets into this ugly outburst about people wanting to or actually raping Esther Passaris.

There is pathetic and then there is Miguna who takes the same to a whole new level. For a guy like Miguna, a good friend of mine, who has actually been accused of and charged with rape right here in Toronto this is frightening talk.

Miguna’s rape case just  to be clear was a big fiasco. Miguna was publicly arrested and humiliated by the Toronto police who seemed to have their own axe to grind with him. The cops handcuffed Miguna right out of his office when they could simply have summoned him to come to a police station.

It turned out that the alleged rape victim in the Miguna case was one of Miguna’s clients, a Kenyan woman who had applied for refugee status in Canada and Miguna was representing her. Under investigation it turned out that the alleged victim had lied in her application for refugee status by claiming that the friend who came with her was not a relative.

The police found out that the friend was actually the alleged victim’s sister. This is when things got very complicated for the alleged victim. The investigation concluded that since the alleged victim had lied in her refugee application forms that fact will be used against her in the actual trial on the basis that if you lied before to get status in Canada why should anyone believe you now.

Consequently the case collapsed and Miguna then sued the Toronto police up to the Queen of England for the humiliation and got a whole load of money and pretty much left the country. Quite frankly nobody knows if Miguna raped the alleged victim or not. Only Miguna and the allged victim know that.

Now here we have Miguna on a pretty heavy tirade against Esther Passaris on matters of rape and Miguna’s excuse for his brutal sexist and stupid behaviour is that Esther had accused him of being a rapist.

If you thought Trump was ugly and mediocre to the point of insanity, welcome to Miguna’s world.

Here it is. Lovely country we have.

4 comments on “This Is Pathetic Even By Miguna’s Standards.

  1. I have watched on TV and listened to “Governor” Miguna on many occasions including the time he abused Esther Passaris. The verbal attack on Passaris was so nasty even by Miguna’s own standards.

    I have never met Miguna face to face but I have interacted with him via different blogs. For those who know and understand this chap, could you please volunteers and let us know his sanity.

    Miguna likes to boast of his master’s degree, which is ok, but from the way he talks about his education, you might think that he is the most decorated scholar on earth. You might think that he was Shrikant Jichkar ( the man with the most number of degrees in the world.

    Miguna has developed a habit of insulting his opponents in the name of politically deconstructing them. There is no one Miguna has a good word for but himself. You might be mistaken to believe that the man has done some of the greatest things in the world, an innovator of some sort.

    You might think that he has fought for democracy in Kenya more than all other Kenyans combined and that he was jailed for 100 years for that cause. Yet a quick look shows that the man was thrown in jail together with other university students for exactly one week. Miguna has really sucked political juice out of this one week. I have seen Miguna claim that he taught Raila everything the former premier knows as far as politics in concerned etc.

    Then I saw him on TV yesterday insulting Kidero, Sonko and Peter Kenneth. Yes, he can point out the ill deeds of his opponents but he comes across as an insane person always looking for insults to score his points with..

    Yes, Miguna has some good ideas here and there which if implemented can be really good. But can he actually implement? He is not a peoples person on my opinion. And a lone wolf cannot run Nairobi.

    This is why I ask people like Adongo Ogony who have know Miguna for years, if he is actually sane.


  2. Miguna has a misplaced sense of entitlement. His bid for Nairobi Governor is winning him more enemiies than friends. People may laugh at his arrogance but this laughter is directed at his stupidity rather than at those he insults.


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