This below is from our correspondent in Kisumu

Until the construction of a new police station at Migosi and the visit by Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinet to officiate it’s opening and reshuffle the administration and regular police structure in the county, Kisumu’s insecurity had reached unbearable proportions.

As the chief benefactor of the dreaded Kisumu “Chinese Gang” that reigned terror, committed murders, carjackings and engaged in violent robberies, Onyango Oloo certainly owes ODM supporters and Kisumu residents in particular a little more than a defection and a pledge to reveal how presidential votes were manipulated in favour of Uhuru Kenyatta.

Lives were lost, business closed and families deeply hurt by the illegal activities of the infamous Chinese Gang whose known commanders and members proudly accompanied Onyango Oloo to his press conference yesterday.

The shadowy and feared Chinese Gang still levies illegal tax on businesses and public transport vehicles within Kisumu Town to date. Is Oloo the main beneficiary of this illegal taxation on hapless Kisumu residents?

Are we now expected to see life return to peace and tranquility in Kisumu now that Onyango Oloo is an ODM member?

– The Diabolical TNA Conspiracy https://deepcogitation.com/2012/11/06/the-diabolic-tna-conspiracy/ via @deep_cogitation


I think we need to interrogate a lot of facts, even as we “welcome back home” our “brother”

We expect nothing short of full disclosure

Food for thought!


  1. There is nothing much the Onyango Oloo brings to ODM. As a matter of fact he is a liability because we dont know wether he is escaping some dirty acts he was involved in while a member of Jubilee. Jubilee is a dirty party and they are like maffia. Just quit and all manner of charges will be labelled against you. Just look at how they are giving Maina Njenga hell. So lets get back “our guy” with lots of caution.


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