(Exclusive) Vitanda Viwili (Kutengana )

As always – once every so often, we get an exclusive and should I say explosive story land on our desk that completely changes our world view. This is one of them



Ruto marriage in TURMOIL as extramarital affairs ROCK second family The marriage of Deputy President William Ruto is reportedly in serious turmoil with sources revealing that the couple are now living separately as concerned friends frantically attempt to broker a truce. DP Ruto is believed to have ordered his now estranged wife of 25 years Rachel tailed after suspecting that she was having an affair – disguised as public engagements – leading to the bust-up that resulted in the couples separation. The DP is living at his official government residence while the wife lives in their matrimonial home, both based in the exclusive suburb of Karen.

Ruto’s family-man demenour was recently shattered to smithereens after a woman known as Priscah Chemutai Bett sued him for child neglect. The two sired a secret child who is now 11 years old. The DP is reportedly angered by revelations that his wife sponsored Ms Bett lawsuit as a way of getting back at him after he cancelled all her public affairs including her involvement as an advocate for women’s rights and women’s empowerment. The DP also curtailed the second lady’s love foe travelling as part of the Kubamba TV Crew whom he hosted at his official residence last year.

Friends of the Ruto’s told this writer that the marriage had been rocked by extramarital affairs on both sides and that Rachel Ruto is ‘no angel’ herself either and had a fling with an unnamed Kubamba TV presenter prior to her husband’s revelations of dalliances outside the marriage. Another of these flings by the second lady allegedly involve an embarrassing affair with Congolese investor and patron of local football Club Sofapaka FC.

Last year, Sofapaka owner Elly Kalekwa was deported three hours after he was caught in a compromising situation at a Lang’ata Road hotel room with Mrs Ruto. He was assaulted and injured by DP Ruto government bodyguards before his deportation papers were quickly processed.

The Ruto’s have four children of their own but the Deputy President has reportedly sired several illegitimate children outside the marriage much to the chagrin of his wife and grown up children. Two more adult children, Nick and June, sired by DP Ruto outside wedlock were taken in by Rachel and have grown to be adults under Rachel’s care.

There are also hushed reports of domestic violence against the petite and vivacious second lady.

In the last one week, Reverend Teresa Wairimu Kinyanjui, founder and director of Karen based ultra-modern Faith Evangelistic Ministries (FEM) has been acting broker and emissary between the estranged couple. The multi-billion FEM is the same church where an emotional Ruto, accompanied by his ‘loving’ wife Rachel once shed tears following their surprise electoral win with President Uhuru Kenyatta. So serious are the differences between the Ruto’s that visiting Ghanaian Ex-President John Mahama, who is on private visit to Kenya, has taken a break from his official schedule to counsel his friends the Rutos.



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