The rotten IEBC register here to stay

After a long struggle by the opposition, finally the IEBC accepted to conduct an audit of the voter register. I must say that I’m one of those people who has always been skeptical of the ability of KPMG to successfully do the job. Not because they are KPMG but because they don’t  have a track record of conducting such data cleansing,besides being infiltrated by Jubilee party.

It was always obvious that there was no clean data that could be used to verify the rotten voter register. The death and birth records are in shambles just as much as the ID records at the Immigration department. I had always wondered how they would expunge any data from the register without cross checking with some trusted records.

I must say that my fears have been confirmed, the KPMG report is out and they have managed to identify only 92,277 dead voters. Then they give an estimate of  1,037,260  as the number of dead-voter that might be in that register (this is pure guess work, they could three million). Since they have nothing to use for verification of the over million dead voters, these ghost voters will never be identified.

Truth of the matter is that only a fresh voter register can cure this problem. As things stand, over a million dead voters will take part in the election.

Had IEBC taken another firm than KPMG we would be telling a different story but as things stand we have not made any positive strides as far as the register in concerned. To compound the problem one very corrupt firm has been given the ballot printing paper tender. Its said that this company has share holders in Kenya. Besides, it has printed ballots in countries that massive rigging have taken place.  Im afraid. I fear.

Basically KPMG is just hoodwinking Kenyans. This perhaps the biggest joke ever.


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