The Death of A Nation or May be Not?

Just came back from a two and a half months hang around in the republic. It was fun with the election, the death of all of Satan’s infamous Kenyans like Biwott, GG, Kiplagat and others.

I got loads of stuff to go over here but first we must wait for the Petition Verdict. Interestingly just before I left on August 13, 2017 I went for oa meeting with my friend Oduor Ong’wen at Valencia Gardens next to Junction Mall and it was obvious we were heading somewhere we haven’t been for a while.

The Supreme Court manenos can drive us crazy if we start to look at them but a few things are obvious. The Court decided not to determine the case based on silly technicalities. That is good. Secondly, the court order to have the IEBC provide a load of info to NASA and others was primarily and contemptuously ignored by the IEBC.

In my view this case will either be a case of reckless and in your face rigging which the court will have no choice but to void and send the country to another election or the court will be overrun the way IEBC has been overrun.

I am going to have to send a request to the moderator to equip me with the tools of doing a proper essay including posting pictures etc. I will send my request via email to the moderator.

Meanwhile we wait. Shall we?

adongo ogony

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    1. Forms 34Bs
    • All Forms should be preprinted indicating names of polling stations and candidates.
    • Returning Officers to physically fill in the Forms and make a formal announcement at the Constituency level. The above process to be done in the presence of agents, media, observers and the public.
    • There should be no use of Excel documents in filling results Forms.
    • All Forms to be standardized.
    2. Printing of Ballot papers and Forms
    • Al Ghurair company printed non standardized elections results declaration Forms which were used in the impugned presidential elections.
    • Another printer should be contracted to print ballot papers and results declaration Forms in the fresh elections.
    3. Election Monitors
    • Introduce election monitors selected from a multisectoral group to have a role in signing off for elections materials and results declaration forms at polling stations and the Constituency tallying center.
    • Elections Monitors to sign off on the Forms 34As and 34Bs before the results are announced.
    4. Returning Officers
    • A new slot of returning officers to be appointed for all the 291 constituencies
    • Current serving ROs to remain as Constituency Elections Managers and not play any role as Returning Officers in the fresh elections but provide logistical support to the appointed ROs.
    • Appointment of ROs should be from a pool provided by political parties of nominees.
    • Posting of ROs should be done through open balloting in public to determine constituencies where the officers are to be posted.
    5. Results Transmission
    • No text messaging in sending elections results
    • Only scanned images to be sent through the KIEMS kit to the constituency and national tallying center
    • Commission to proactively announce exact number of persons who have voted at 5 pm based on tabulations from KIEMS Kits before the counting starts.
    • Elections results to be announced at the Constituency level. Only scanned images to be sent through the KIEMS kits or results transmitted by Presiding Officers and Returning Officers may be tabulated.
    • National tallying center should not display results before they are verified and announced at the constituency level. No results should be displayed unless political party and candidates’ agents are given full access to all transaction logs and databases.
    • National tallying center should only display scanned images of result Forms once publicly announced at the Constituency tallying centers
    • Media Houses should proactively cover all results announcements at the respective constituencies and show live feed of the outcome
    • Candidates’ agents should be part of receiving teams at the constituency and national tallying centers. Receiving teams to verify all Forms 34As delivered and confirm that accurate entries are made on the Forms 34Bs and sign off before announcement is made.
    • Observers should be allowed access to this process.
    6. Candidate Agents and tallying center
    • Candidates agents should be present at all levels and processes of the elections. these include the deployment and receiving of elections materials.
    • Candidates should have IT agents present to oversee the entire IT infrastructure of the Commission and be present or have access at all data centers, where controls are maintained and servers hosted/configured.
    7. ICT Infrastructure
    • Independent International Experts should be engaged to manage the entire ICT framework of the elections with close supervision of the Candidates agents and the IEBC.
    • Results transmission system to be designed on the Oracle platform and overseen by Oracle Consulting. No use of cloud servers in results transmission.
    • IBM was contracted to provide end to end security testing of the KIEMS system. IBM to be allowed to provide security and monitoring of users, networks and servers used in results transmission.
    • Administrator and root accounts must be disabled on KIEMS servers. All system administrators accessing the servers must use their own accounts.
    • IEBC to avail API to be made available to all stakeholders in time and relevant documentation.
    • Commission should provide full information on the following;
    • Entire ICT infrastructure, list of support partners and their respective Service Level Agreements (SLAS), full disclosure of implementation documentation by each partners.
    • Firewall configuration including ports configuration.
    • Disclose all database transaction logs including: alert logs, archive/redo logs, audit trail, data files, OS command history, network logs, logs database vault logs and trace files.
    • Physical view and inspection of IEBC servers, portal access to the servers and IP addresses of all 20 servers.
    • Full access and copy of all servers and databases it is using.
    • Disclose all support partners with SLAs and escalation matrix.
    • Disclose firewall configuration including ports configuration.
    • Entire enterprise architecture of the landscape.
    • GPS coordinates of KIEMS.
    • KIEMS sim card numbers for all kits
    • Telkom and network structure with all service providers (provide agreements and implementation details.
    • Transaction logs of all databases and servers.
    8. Polling Stations
    • IEBC should provide a list of all polling stations and registered voters per all those polling stations in advance. List should indicate the GPS locations of all polling stations and the network coverage.
    9. Complicit Elections Personnel
    • A scrutiny of the Forms 34Bs from the constituencies showed that 80 constituency Forms were fake and therefore illegal. Officers who were complicit in processing results through these illegal Forms being the respective returning officers and national tallying center officers who allowed the illegal documents to pass as results should not play any role in the fresh electoral process.
    • Officers who also facilitated the display of figures purporting them to be results but which at the Supreme Court hearing were disowned by the Commission as mere statistics should equally be barred from participating in the fresh elections.
    These officers include;
    1) Comm. Abdi Guliye
    2) Ezra Chiloba (CEO)
    3) Marijan Hussein Marijan
    4) Betty Nyabuto – Deputy Commission Secretary (Operations):
    5) James Muhati, Director ICT
    6) Immaculate Kassait:
    7) Praxedes Tororey:
    8) Moses Kipkogey
    9) Sidney Namulungu
    10) Nancy Kariuki
    11) Silas Rotich
    Hon Musalia Mudavadi;
    National Campaign Committee
    September 12, 2017


    • So looking over at the Judiciary site we have about 159 petitions filed, 34 for governor including Martha Karuas that also seeks to nullify the entire election, 98 MP, 15 Senate, and 12 for Woman Rep. This is probably a record, but then we have a gazillion elective posts. MCA petitions are a paltry 129, considering there are 1450 posts, thats relatively low.

      The most significant is that there are 34 out of 47 governor petitions. This is probably the greatest indicator that IEBC did not manage the elections well and there was too much room for mischief

      Note the link may change


    • Listening to this clip it immediately becomes clear that IEBC with Chris Musando had in place a credible working system, one in which IEBC staff would be proud of and would deliver verifiable results

      The chaos witnessed under Chiloba is the complete opposite of what is described in the video and shows that IEBC systems were completely compromised once Musando was eliminated

      Very sad


      Earlier today, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) claimed that it has rescheduled a meeting that had been planned for this morning with the National Super Alliance (NASA). We wish to set the record straight.
      As at now, NASA is not aware of a scheduled meeting with IEBC. In any case, NASA does not intend to hold any casual meetings with the IEBC as currently constituted or under the ad hoc smokescreen in which it operates currently. We have made the considered decision that henceforth, we will only engage the Commission through an open and structured national stakeholder dialogue in which binding resolutions will be made and shared with the public.
      No more boardroom meetings with IEBC.
      NASA has today therefore delivered to IEBC a letter of pre-conditions necessary for a free, fair, credible and accountable election. In the letter, we restate that a credible election cannot be achieved by cosmetic exercises intended to ring-fence vote-riggers and vote-rigging. The preconditions are for purposes of a credible fresh presidential election and cover procurement of election materials; transparent use of and access to ICT; replacement irredeemable personnel who abetted electoral fraud and their crimes; gazettement of polling stations and; live media coverage of results declaration at the 290 constituency tallying centres in the same manner as done at the national tallying centre.
      Our irreducible demands are not impossibilities. Ours are within the emerging broad international consensus that IEBC needs to correct the irregularities and illegalities committed in order to carry out a credible fresh election. In this context, we wish to note that the EU Observer mission has since revised its observations and made recommendations that are not dissimilar to what we have suggested to IEBC as our irreducible minimum.As we have pointed out before, our experience with the IEBC does not inspire confidence.
      We do not believe that the IEBC leadership believes in good faith or keeping its word. Kenyans will recall that in the run up to the August 8th 2017 elections, IEBC Chairman Mr. Wafula Chebukati committed publicly not announce the presidential results until all results were in. He then proceeded to go back on his word and do the exact opposite. We are dealing with very dishonest individuals at the IEBC. When we visited the Commission two days ago, we were bombarded with a document titled Status update on the Commission’s Preparedness for the Fresh Presidential Elections that we had never been informed about. The document opens with reference to the Supreme Court’s annulment of the presidential election on August 8, and the attendant orders for a fresh election.
      The document however conveniently failed to acknowledge that the court found the Commission culpable for “illegalities and irregularities” in the elections. That is dishonesty and a clear indication that the IEBC is living in denial.
      The Commission wants to proceed to proceed as if the illegalities and irregularities never happened and as if it were never indicted by the same Supreme Court. This is despite the acknowledgement of the same by way of the widely publicized letter written by the Chairman to the CEO detailing these acts which in their entirely constitute one of, if not the most egregious and cynical breach of trust committed by public officials in our Nation’s history.
      We are dealing with very thick-skinned and callous leadership at the IEBC that is not moved by the Supreme Court judgment, the unprecedented public outrage, and our attempt to impress upon them the gravity of the misdeeds.
      IEBC is engaged in a glaring “see, hear, speak no evil” charade that is totally unacceptable to us, and the overwhelming majority of the Kenyan people. In the Commission’s view, picking “second tier” officers who were intimately involved in the scandal of August 8 election constitutes adequate reforms that should make us engage and proceed to elections. Furthermore their superiors are now back in charge. People who should be investigated for crimes that border on treason now claim to have investigated themselves, found themselves clean and taken control.
      We do not have to remind the Commission that the Supreme Court declared the presidential election null, void and invalid and stated unequivocally that elections are to be adjudged on the constitutional threshold of a free and fair election. We see no evidence that the Commission is making a good faith effort to conduct a fresh election that fulfills the letter and spirit of the judgment.
      IEBC is attempting to circumvent the illegalities and irregularities it was cited for. This is enough evidence that the Commission intends to conduct another sham election. This amounts to further contempt of the court and of the people of Kenya.
      We will not allow this selective amnesia to stand. We reiterate that we shall not allow IEBC to conduct another sham election for which it is asking the Kenyan taxpayer to underwrite to the tune of KSh.12 billion. We hereby reiterate that there will be no elections on October 17. IEBC must fulfill the conditions necessary for the fresh election as ordered by court.
      Lastly we wish to call the bluff on Jubilee disowning of a petition by its member to remove Chief Justice David Maraga. The country needs to know that disowning the Ngunjiri petition by Tuju is a cover-up of Jubilee intentions to intimidate and emasculate the Judiciary before the October 17 election and on numerous petitions filed against Jubilee. This was equally exposed when Jubilee Senators scheme to strip Judiciary powers in support of Uhuru’s vow to teach the judges a lesson.
      Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, EGH
      For NASA Coalition


  2. This thing is getting into Uhuru and Rutos nerves.
    Today they have resorted to threatening the chief justice and his colleagues.
    We all know that it is the same Uhuru who went to Kisii and told people there of how he had “given” them Maraga. Today he says that Maraga has colluded with NASA to take away something that he feels is rightfully his. Yaani the man in his drunkenness believes that the presidency is his.

    My belief is that the fraud took place even at MP, Governor and MCA levels. He is therefore warning judges of the lower courts to not even think of overturning fraud at these levels. My take is that there will be an avalanche of cases brought to the courts after the invalidation.

    NASA has no time to sleep. Let them organise themselves well because these crooks have no respect for the law and are not going to take this defeat lying down.


    • Mzee and others

      Yes It looks like the war is on. Uhuru and Ruto have gone nuts as usual. It is a full scale war against the judiciary and particularly Justice Maraga. Never mind that the ruling was by 4 judges and most likely five.

      But we have some real urgent issues.

      1. How do we handle this IEBC battle without losing focus on the main war at hand which is to win the election in less than 58 days. How much energy and time do we need on this.

      Maraga says the IEBC committed “irregularities and Illegalities”.in his written statement with regard to the elections. Those are criminal offenses against the people of Kenya. How do you allow the same criminals to run another election. I talked with the folks in the thick of things and they told me it is going to be a multi pronged operation with the primary focus on building a New Kenya. That is work in progress.

      2. Uhuru’s unhinged attack on the judiciary and their blatant agitation against the judges as the new enemies of Kenya has to be dealt with. It is going to backfire mightily.

      People are already angry with the bullying and intimidation from Uhuru. In away the old Nyayo boys are right back in their mud house. They cannot believe that someone can say no to them. They think they are god’s gift to the nation. They are going to find out soon enough that their time has run out.


      • Adongo, I agree with your previous article for the opposition to now focus on issue based politics during campaigns. They need to be sober and stay away from name-calling etc

        Most voters seems rejuvenated once again; they seem to ‘smell victory’ and in the coming few weeks don’t be surprised for one or two politicians to jump ship to the current opposition.

        A minor concern is voter apathy…I remember following the result announcement by the IEBC, many people were demoralised and vowed never ever to vote again (this may have changed since the Supreme Court ruling). I only mention this because I’m not privy to local dynamics of the nomination fiascos in NASA strongholds but wonder whether it could impact on turnout or voting patterns ?

        Moving on, recent events point to more shennianigans:


        1. NASA should just rule out fair play from IEBC/JUBILEE. Its blatantly obvious, that both are re-energising; unashamedly rolling up their sleeves for a do or die battle to remain at the House-On-The-Hill.

        2. Its unfortunate but not surprising that JUBILEE were bolstered by the deafening silence of our soo called internationl partners THEN and NOW.

        The Supreme Court decision took them by surprise and in effect proved that some of our allies are more concerned on business as usual.

        I feel that the opposition can handle this to their advantage.

        NASA has a unique opportunity because people power and good will can once and for all enable atleast one African country to take the lead and not be subjected to follow my lead mantra.

        Behind the scenes – NASA must organise and function as a Government in Waiting.They need to articulate a clear well defined Foreign Policy Strategy that will not only guide Kenya’s Economic Diplomacy interests of increasing foreign exports and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). But also will be visibly in line with the African Union AGENDA 2063 (rooted in PANAFRICANISM).

        3. Mzee, is correct in that we are in for a hard walk to freedom (bruising months ahead). BUT I think with this second opportunity – NASA need not focus wholeheartedly in expecting these guys to be symphathetic to calls for a free, fair, transparent elections.

        At best let NASA identify and expose them and then focus on protecting their votes / gains (Its a bit like that brother of yours whom you know is a thief ; perenially steals from you but because of Mum [Peace] you dont have much latitute to punish him).

        I stand corrected! but our electoral laws (though always flouted) will provide safeguards. The Form 34As and Form 34Bs will ultimately determine the final result. All NASA has to do is up their ground game and have trusted 290 agents at constituency tallying centres (especially in JUBILEE ZONES remember that the trusted impartial IEBC agents will not do this for them). In upping their game they must focus on collecting/collating as many Form 34As as possible (And media can help with this).

        4. We are all familiar with ‘Exit Polls’ within minutes of the polls closing, opinion of a sample of voters are taken immediately after they have exited the polling stations. Oftenly key media houses normally call the election based on this to within a narrow margin of error. Its all instantenous and real-time – crucial for transparency.

        In the just concluded election, I noticed that some media houses, had a significat number of reporters live on the ground and were conducting Opinon Polls. I assumed they were doing this because of legal / constitutional restraints on carrying out an ‘Exit Poll’?

        However, should this not be possible, then perhaps NASA could work closely with friendly leaning media houses to collate / witness the results at the constitutional polling centres before its final transmission.

        The Court of Public Opinion is simple on this….IT WAS RIGGED, so why continue to flog a dying horse. It should not matter what JUBILEE / IEBC do to the servers going forward. Because any Algorithm permutation, whether its 54 % , 57 % or 70 % will only unmask the fraud.

        I have been listening to both sides going on about opening up and scrutinising the IEBC server’s. I think there is an ongoing Court case on this? if not somebody should have taken IEBC to Court for Contempt. The bottom line is that JUBILEE/ IEBC archilees heel was not allowing access to the servers.

        So, yes NASA can genuinely win this.


      • Now we have a problem. It is a game of “Thrones”. Some blurry nonsense.–Jubilee-reject-Chebukati-team-/1064-4085628-xp1glnz/index.html

        The IEBC battle may even overtake the presidential election rerun itself. The country still doesn’t know who committed the “Illegalities and Irregularities” that forced the Supreme Court to nullify the August 8, elections.

        You do these kinds of things you go to jail. At least you don’t get to commit the same “Illegalities and Irregularities” again.

        That has to be the minimum on this trial chapter in the nation’s life.


      • This is getting extremely deadly.

        On the basis of the literal confession by the Chair of the IEBC that the whole election was a scam with all sorts of criminal activities being operated by IEBC officials and their masters this matter belongs in court.

        The Supreme court it looks took the easy way out of simply declaring the whole presidential election as a fiction movie and invalidating the results but the criminals behind all these were spared and protected.

        This is wrong in every other way. Raila is right to take this matter up. We are dealing with criminals of the highest order.

        One area to pursue this even as the election campaigns go on is take IEBC back to court for their contempt of the court in refusing to give access to the (sleeping) servers even after the SC ordered them to do so. The consequence of any state officer found to be in contempt of court is jail until the problem is corrected. We really need to get into those servers and unearth the crime and criminals.

        In any event, on the basis of this memo NASA has every right to take the whole ballot printing business back to court. We have ballot papers with no security features as allegedly agreed between the IEBC and the printer. The whole printing scheme was part of the plot. And IEBC is going to have the same printer take part in a similar scheme? Nope. This whole thing is falling apart. It must.


      • Nyatieng,

        I would like to respond to part of your observation on voter apathy and how the next battle goes.

        I was in Ruaka Area, Limuru Road when the elections were going on August 8, 2017.

        We came from Bondo with my son on August 8. By the time we hit Nairobi in Starehe Constituency at midnight there were corners of lines of voters waiting (actually sitting) to vote.

        Then we had a nap and hang out in Westland and watch the TV reports on voting.

        From there we head to Maimuto town with my comrades and family.

        This is like home to me for many years so we do some M-PESA stuff and off we go as the voting is going on and I am nervous about giving my ID. It didn’t matter. That is why the country is good..

        This is home town Kiambu so my good friend Githuku goes to vote at the community centre at Maimuto.

        The Line is long.

        We end up in Limuru road home after the vote and Waited. And Waited. For results.

        We ask our host how we will know if there is trouble.. She said “you will hear it”

        We didn’t. That is the good part. Now What?.

        NASA has the capacity to unite the country around the concept of One Country, One Nation, One People committed to Kenyans and not to tribes or ethnic allegiances.

        That is the only Kenya we need now and forever.

        Really? Yes.


      • Now IEBC wants to go for a resort to sort out their “in house” problems. I saw another story of the Jubilee lunatic Duale saying IEBC should sort out their internal problems without affecting the election.

        Here is the IEBC

        The real problem here is that the issues raised in the IEBC chair memo to the IEBC CEO are not internal problems of the IEBC. They amount to criminal activities by the IEBC against the Kenyan people.

        If those allegations are true, and we need to verify that in court, the IEBC as presently constituted should be declared unfit to conduct any elections in Kenya.

        Secondly those responsible for the criminal activities within the IEBC organization should be in court facing criminal offense charges.

        More so if there is there is proof that Uhuru and his agents were engaged in criminal activities with IEBC then they too must face the consequences.

        This matter is not about “house cleaning” it is about cleaning the whole country from thieves. It is not a small matter by any means. Not at all.


      • This is all very predictable…..going on a retreat following a soo called ‘civil war’ having just accused your CEO of fraud; having told everyone you can’t take any action until the Supreme Court delivers its judgement; and all the drama conveniently played out in our living rooms.

        All that we have witnessed in the last few days was a well timed charade

        And now this

        Soo many things don’t seem to add up here and no one really seems to want to get to the bottom of this criminality ….our darling media are soo out of touch and not asking the right questions.

        I doubt in Kenya the political class will ever lock each other up – Chebukati / Chilloba & company just goes to show how far we still have to go with these criminals.They have made all this madness to be a normal reflection of our society (which is madness).

        If I were NASA I would continue to keep a grip and upper hand of this situation its not easy but they should not add credence to this fresh election process.

        Like its been said already I can’t see a second round in court being a happy one


      • So there we have it.

        The SC has spoken. We might as well assume there was no presidential election at all on August 8, 2017. It was a complete screw up. Ballot papers with no security features probably printed at State House.

        The sleeping server could not be accessed and yet the IEBC and Uhuru say everything there was clean as pamba. This is the weirdest part. If IEBC knew the servers were clean and had no problems, it was in their favour to open them up.

        Same with Uhuru. If the servers could have proof that Uhuru won the election Uhuru should have been fighting to death to get them opened.

        It is like you have been accused of murder and you are being told the dead body is hidden in your house. If there is no dead body in your house open the damn place and there is no case. But you oh no there is dead body in there because I didn’t kill any body but I am not opening the house, arrest me. You are going to be arrested fool.

        No we have a multitude of problems.

        1. Will the election be held on Oct. 17, 2017. Very unlikely but it could be a week or so after that. Nobody is ready for anything and according to this ruling, the whole thing has be to figured out or expect the same results. Can the country risk that. May be not but we have lunatics running the country so anything is possible.

        2. Heads are going to roll at IEBC starting with Chiloba who was directly blamed in the ruling as having direct responsibility for the theft. He is going down.

        He should now be investigated (by the big goof Tobiko) but that investigation can go anywhere. For one thing the servers are now evidence of alleged crime. The whole IEBC institution lies in ruins today. Now they are not going to be an a position to lecture people and dictate anything.

        3. The nightmare of servers, equipments and machines to run the election is just beginning. One of the craziest things that have emerged so far is that the IEBC spent Kshs 848 million to buy some satellite phones and from Chebukati’s memos he doesn’t even know if the phones were even purchased leave alone used. That is not just electoral theft it is stealing public money to buy air.

        4. The issue of manufactured passwords used 10,000 times has to be addressed and resolved. The Chebukati memos are going to end up in a lot of hands of people with a lot of questions.

        5. If the IEBC engaged in a criminal enterprise to steal an election, they just can’t run another election period.

        6. There is no decision yet as to who can actually run as a candidate. That is coming.

        And then of course the bees delivered their own verdict to the police. Someone should send these bees to the IEBC offices. That could solve the problem in a hurry.


    • Just venting! Uhuru and his crew call his opponents names and when his opponents also call him names, the poor guy all of a sudden becomes a crybaby!! What the f…..!


      • Nyatieng,
        This is a very intereting article. In a nutshell it says that MOPHO secretly carried out and audit with inviting Kenyan stakeholders and came up with a a conclusion that there was no manipulation. This is one company that should never be allowed to set foot in Kenya. Infact this should be the last elections they participate in Kenya and Africa as a whole. These fellas just care about money, to them Africa does not deserve democracy. And we are too foolish to question their nonsense. Audit my foot.


      • Good people, yes indeed we have a nightmare in our hands as a country.

        The IEBC and their Jubilee masters were planning to rush the next round of electoral theft but like they should know by now, more often than not well laid plans (of theft) often don’t work out as planned.

        The MORPHO company who are holding the servers which was part of the criminal enterprise in election theft have their own nightmare.

        First the SC ordered that the servers be audited. That matter is going to get even more intense after the SC ruling comes out in full next week. Any criminal court proceedings coming out of this ruling will involve those servers. In fact they may very well soon be held as evidence of crime. NASA indicated they are talking with civil society groups in France to go after MORPHO. That is doable.

        If anything, I suspect MORPHO may just want to get as far away from Kenyan elections as they can. It is like lending your gun for the mafia to do a hit. They miss and you get back your gun, you run. You can’t say here it is use it again and this time don’t screw up.

        Then we have this date issue. It was arbitrary and Uhuru was on a roll with Chebu all over the map. If things mess the date, then what? Another arbitrary date? 60 Days it is regardless. That is the only thing we know for a fact. It is not enough.

        Then we have the ongoing case as to whether only Raila and Uhuru are allowed to contest in the forthcoming presidential election. Allowed? By who?

        IEBC cites the last SC ruling to defend that position. In reality there was no SC ruling on 2013. The matter was dead on technicalities. And please don’t get me started with Willy Mutunga’s article on both rulings which was just published on Star. Willy is a great friend of mine. I talked to him in a conference at Nairobi University just after he was appointed the Chief Justice. He knows where people like me stand. Good enough.

        But in this ruling the SC seems to say that the whole Presidential Election of August 8, 2017 was such a big hoax and con job that the country might well assume there was no presidential election at all. If that is the final verdict next week on Sept. 21, 2017, it may very well mean that anybody can run for the presidency. Then what?

        We know one thing about this situation in Kenya by now. The unknowns are way more than the knowns. That is dangerous by every known measure. That we know. For sure.

        Keep moving.


      • Adongo,
        It looks like the IEBC, Uhuru and Morpho are trying just to hard to fly over the trap that has been set by the SCORK. It looks as if there are all in a hurry of some sort. Uhuru wants the thing done asap so that the very guys who messed up the elections can do it again. IEBC wants to carry out the elections fast so as to fraudulently make Uhuru president, because he is the only one who would protect them. Talk of birds of the same feather. Lastly Morpho just wants it money and willing to do anything including lying. We are in for a treat next week. How about if the judgement is so earth shattering that the IEBC is simple incapacitated? Well, Im seeing a care taker government in the horizon. Its funny that speaker Muturi could lead the country for the next few months. Replacing a drunkard with another drunkard. OBS! Did you know that Muturi is that one who carries pot/ganja to state house?


        Since the Supreme Court declared that the Presidential election was not conducted in accordance with the Constitution, that Uhuru Kenyatta was not validly declared President and Uhuru’s purported win was invalid, null and void, only two developments have occurred at the IEBC.

        First, Chairman Wafula Chebukati raised more questions with the CEO of the Commission Mr. Ezra Chiloba. Then the officials proceeded to a retreat and declared unity and readiness to conduct another election.

        Otherwise, all the individuals and institutions that perpetrated the illegalities and irregularities remain in place, claiming readiness to conduct another election.
        The French firms Saffran and Morpho that supplied the kits for the failed elections after being single-sourced now claims to have audited itself away from the eyes of the complainants and the Kenyan public and given itself a clean bill of health.

        As it declares itself clean and ready for another election, the IEBC’s own ftp (file transfer protocol) server logs show over 3,500 attempts to penetrate the system by unauthorized users prior to the election.

        The IEBC’s own server logs demonstrate an unauthorized user using a personal email account “” to access the server contrary to the IEBC’s own ICT User Policy.

        Saffran seconded staff to assist the IEBC here in Nairobi with full access to the system. What did those staff do when they noticed this violation? Either they did nothing or aided the illegality.

        Rogue users aside, did Safran take note of rogue activities by “authorized” users? For example, the user was supposed to have read-only privileges on the system as a national user. Why could his profile delete files (forms 34A and B) from the ftp server? Who granted these privileges and what did Safran do when they noted this violation? Either they did nothing or aided the violation.

        Saffran’s complicity in this fraud extends beyond just hacking but to willfully allowing gross violations of the IEBC ICT User Policy.

        Does Saffran deny that only two out of 40,883 KIEMS kits transmitted data for the entire election? This is also in the IEBC logs.

        As a professional firm in the business of conducting elections, aren’t they culpable if they stand by as their system is grossly abused with their full knowledge and input?
        Yet as things stand today, the firms are preparing for business as usual in a fresh election.

        Another single-sourced firm, Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing, whose track record of supplying ballot papers in nearly all elections in Africa where the will of the people has been manipulated and overthrown, is on standby again, ready to print ballot papers.
        When IEBC chairman raised questions with Mr Chiloba, including why his (Chebukati’s) account was created and used to undertake 9,934 transactions in the IEBC server without his knowledge and consent, why 595 polling stations failed to send any presidential results, while 682 polling stations had identical numbers of rejected votes, we heard from Deputy President that Chiloba had answered. Neither NASA nor the Kenyan public knows that Chiloba had responded. Only Jubilee knows.

        This is disturbing but easy to understand. IEBC and Jubilee are partners in crime. The two need each other. If Jubilee is in power, it will protect the co-conspirators and fraudsters in IEBC. Those IEBC officials have every reason to protect Jubilee as their only source of protection.

        The murder of Chris Msando who was IEBC IT Director is a cold-hearted crime that goes very high up. IEBC and Jubilee are partners in this murder.

        The question that follows naturally is: Why should Kenyans trust these individuals and institutions with another election? Is it because the IEBC officials went on a retreat and buried the hatchet? Is it because Safran supposedly conducted an audit and declared itself clean? Is it because Ezra Chiloba provided the answers and handed them over to William Ruto? Is it because Al Ghurair has now committed to transparent engagement with the people of Kenya?

        Are we counting on the very institutions and individuals who participated in a coup against the people of Kenya and tried to install a defeated candidate as winner to ensure an accountable counting, tallying, transmission and transparency of results? Our answer is No.

        IEBC as currently constituted together with the institutions that conducted the August elections cannot conduct a free and fair election in October. It is not in their interest to do so.

        And so today, we launch our campaign against any elections held by IEBC as currently constituted. We shall go around the country sensitising people about our case against elections by IEBC.

        We shall sensitise our people about the reforms that must take place before they can be called to another election.

        As the opposition, we have instituted reforms to the election process before. We shall do it again. That is our focus and our goal. Because we instituted the use of technology in our elections, we were able to catch the thieves and fraudsters this time.
        That made Kenya the first country in Africa and 4th in the world to have a presidential election declared invalid, null and void due to illegalities and irregularities in the electoral process.

        We are the people who will end electoral fraud in Africa. We will be the team that will uproot the evil of sham elections with a pre-determined outcome. That is our focus in October and beyond, not another sham election.

        We are alive to the fact that institutions can’t reform when they are led by people opposed to reforms.

        And so we restate: Officers who facilitated the display of figures purporting them to be results but which at the Supreme Court hearing were disowned by the Commission as mere statistics must get out of the way. That is where is reform at IEBC will begin.
        1. Abdi Guliye.
        2. Molu Boya
        3. Ezra Chiloba
        4. Marijan Hussein Marijan.
        5. Betty Nyabuto
        6. James Muhati.
        7. Immaculate Kassait.
        8. Praxedes Tororey
        9. Moses Kipkogey
        10. Sidney Namulungu- in charge of Kisii County where fake Forms were used to declare results
        11. Nancy Kariuki- in charge of Mombasa County where fake Forms were used to declare results.
        12. Silas Rotich- in charge of Nakuru County where fake Forms were used to declare results.

        Kenyans are coming for you. Salvage what you can and run.

        There will be no election with you in office.

        Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga
        Hon Kalonzo Musyoka
        Hon Musalia Mudavadi
        Sen. Moses Wetangula
        September 17, 2017


  3. Adongo good post and comment, been a long time.

    I agree with you and Mzee say, the battle has just started,

    Its most important that IEBC officials are prosecuted and those found culpable given maximum sentences within these 60 days

    Fixing the country’s issues is another issue for another day. On the bright side, 90/- Unga might find its way back to the shelves


    • Admin & Mzee

      Good to be back particularly at this historic moment in the history of our republic.

      I was down there from June 27, 2017 to August 13, 2017. I am a living witness to this chapter in our history.

      I am digging out things here and there. We are going to have a serious conversation on this matter. For the better.

      There is work to be done.

      Admin I am going to need some technical help in posting pictures and stuff. You have my operational e-mail address on this post.



      • Nyatieng,
        Welcome to DC.
        You are more than right. Someone thinks he can fool Kenyans by making some cosmetics changes. Basically doing a reshuffle of junior stuff and leaving the big kahunas intact.

        Truth of the matter is that all the thieves including Chiloba, excuse me ChiROBBER and Muhati are neither sacked or even suspended. We know that s senior officers they will simply order their juniors to do what they want.

        But more than this, Chiloba and company are going to try doing everything in the power to deny Raila victory. Reason being, without Uhuru no one is going to protect them. They will be vulnerable to prosecution.

        Its weird that a criminal, Chebukati, is conducting the elections. I wonder what will happen now that Aukot has taken him to court for contempt.

        We are living in a maffia country…..

        Its a hard walk to freedom


    • Adongo et al, Thank you for your excellent analysis and contributions

      IEBC have announced Fresh Elections on 17th October 2017 in accordance with the Supreme Court Rulling annulling the just concluded elections. The Court found evidence of fraud on a large scale (irregularities) and illegal acts forbidden by law (Illegalities) committed by the IEBC.

      We then have one side asking the IEBC executives to be reconstituted based on the Court decisions and another side insisting on no resignations or changes.

      Today, the Chairman of IEBC said they need a detailed judgement from the Supreme Court in order to allow them to identify areas that require improvement in the management of the fresh elections…… Bearing in mind that the detailed judgement will be released on the 21st September and the elections will be 3 weeks later on the 17th October. I’m somehow persuaded that some people are fooling around once again ?


      • Bwana Nyatieng and others
        The election process is coming to a grinding halt. To say that we cannot have an election within the remaining time is an understatement. The commission is so corrupt that it has started being scared of it own shadows.

        Basically Chebukati has opened a pandoras box by writing then leaking the letter to the press.. I guess that he is protecting himself for he understands that Chiloba and company can easily throw one under the bus. They did that to Musando when the going was tough. I have never seen someone murder his work mate then happily sing in his requiem mass. Thats how deadly and cold Chiloba is. So I understand it when Chibukati tries to stop these thugs before its too late.

        But we have reached a level where elections might probably not take place within the 60 days. In which case Uhuruto exits and care taker government is put in place led by speaker of national assembly Hon. Muturi. Muturi is the fellow who brings Uhuru bangi and other drugs. So either way we are in the hands of dope heads.


      • Adongo,
        These people at the commission are such criminals they belong to jail.
        Interestingly NASA seems to be toying with the idea of letting them conduct the elections. In which case I think that Raila is out of his mind. They wont spare him this time around and the supreme court wont rule against Uhuru twice. So let Nasa get serious


      • This thing is going to get very complicated.

        Chebukati is now under pressure to resume normal duties of rigging Uhuru back to State House. That meeting in Naivasha with church leaders and “motivational speakers” brought in to help was just a hoax.

        Chebukati’s memo to Chiloba is not about “internal” problems for IEBC. It is about criminal offenses by IEBC. It is about the country not about IEBC.

        The big deal is that there is a meeting tomorrow between the IEBC and NASA as well as Jubilee. NASA has to stand up to be counted.

        Bring the memo to the meeting now that Chebukati has admitted he did write the memo and the IEBC that the issues raised there are important for the whole country.

        We have cases where billions of Kenyan taxpayer were spent to buy equipments that never worked or were never delivered. Those are criminal issues against the Kenyan people.

        We have the IEBC staff manufacturing passwords to facilitate criminal activities to manipulate election results. Those are criminal offenses.

        We have the IEBC refusing to comply with court orders in relation to access to the “sleeping” servers. Those are criminal offenses.

        So let’s here what NASA brings to the IEBC meeting tomorrow before we get really angry. NASA better bring the A game.

        Uhuru is already going nuts talking about impeaching Raila etc. I don’t know what kind of chang’aa this guy is handling but he is going nuts.

        But this piece here by David Ndii explains a lot of things.


        • Am a little confused by the unfolding of events

          According to the constitution, we now have an acting president, which means he can neither remove state officers nor appoint new ones, which is a good thing

          NASA can and should press charges against IEBC officials under certificate of urgency such that those corrupt individuals do not participate in the fresh elections

          However, what would this mean at the IEBC?

          Regardless, this option of locking out most of the IEBC current staff and commissioners, and then create completely new procedures and get a new printer, is better than going into the election with the same gangsters, remember through the petition they now know where they goofed up


      • Admin,

        The confusion seems to be part of the plan.

        Chebukati let the cat out of the bag and then realized he had opened a can of angry worms and he has tried to walk it back but it is not happening.

        NASA has to be very clear that this is not some little dirty laundry to be hidden under the table. IEBC committed crimes against the country. They have to be accountable for that. Now they want to play monkey games with Chebukati pretending to be the good guy. Which makes no sense. If he knew all the things he wrote about were happening what the heck was he doing running the gong show.

        If Chebukati did not know all that stuff going on under his nose then he is just too incompetent for life.

        NASA need to stick to their plan and demand that all the matters addressed in the Chebukati letter or memo is addressed completely and publicly and legal steps are taken where crimes were committed.

        I like the approach of this other group:

        Don’t play games with these people. They have been caught and busted. That is the issue to be addressed. It is an obligation the IEBC has to Kenyans whom they have robbed.

        We are also going to comb through the actual ruling from the SC and it may have a million implications for the thieves. This matter is just getting started.


      • Nyatieng,
        The list that NASA provided, that you posted cannot be implemented by this commission in its totality. If they even tried, all of the positions they hold would go up in smoke. Its basically a manual for firing them.

        Secondly, its a manual for sending the thugs at the top, Uhuru and Ruto home forever.

        Lastly, it will ensure that NASA takes over but its also a document that could lead NASA to boycott elections elections if the conditions are not met. My feeling is that this is what the so called dynamic duo are looking forward to.

        The best thing is to take these thugs to court or else they wont leave on their own. My bet is that they are waiting to be given large send offs like the Isaack Hassan team. That´s why they, like leeches, are sticking around.

        I cant see the issues NASA raised by addressed in the short period remaining given that the same criminals are charged with addressing them.

        The fight continues


      • This is truly a can of worms. No matter which way you slice it, it raises a stink.

        As you guys rightly point out, IEBC has to first address the irregularities comprehensively before the next election otherwise it would be insanity to repeat polls with the exact same irregularities in play.

        The current sideshows at IEBC are really some weird kind of good vs evil battle, with a handful few trying to do good but overwhelmed by the large number of compromised commissioners, secretariat and regular staff. I believe the evil guys are trying to tire the few good ones and force them into resignation.

        Ultimately the chair has to flex some muscle and institute criminal procedures against the rogue agents in the institution, the law affords him that opportunity.

        Comprehensive addressing of issues begins with a comprehensive forensic audit of the systems, the chair has done well to identify and highlight key areas that he suspects to have been compromised. This coupled with the SCOK ruling will help immensely.

        THe fact that the printer could so easily disregard the importance of security features on printed ballots immediately disqualify the printer from any future tenders and should in fact face criminal charges as well as refunds for contractual breach

        Lets see what is ahead, but NASA need to be gearing up for agents at the poll stations. I think our poll numbers are consistent with turnout of voters for any election, what we have to contend with is ballot switching, ballot stuffing and “spoilt” ballots occasioned by rogue JP agents and collusion from IEBC and the mysterious transmission from ghost locations to ghost servers


    • Adongo, A story on voter apathy and how NASA seems to have a broad national appeal even in the most unexpected places.

      I agree,however I just feel that its all down to perceptions and how its relayed back to the common man.

      Take a classic example of the rigging, the court drama, IEBC charade, the recent deaths.

      As a country millions are persuaded through our media BUT they don’t question and challenge these horrible things happening around us.

      Its a case of accepting and justifying these criminal acts as our way of life…and after sometime it becomes normal.

      If this trends continues then those working tirelessly to unite us as one people will become the silent majority and eventually enemy of the state.

      The numbers are there, millions are fed up but the medium /communication platform is not playing ball. Thats why we need a broader spectrum of media capturing various political ideologies.

      The media in most sensible parts of the world normally determine our voting patterns and in most cases the outcome of election.

      Unfortunately in Kenya they seem to be on the wrong side of the debate they are supposed to shape.


  4. Adongo and co,
    The problem with the Uhuru crowd was over confidence. His lawyers were so over confident that they did not care to answer even their own imagined petition properly. As Ahmednassir said, no court in Africa has ever overturned a presidential election. However, the truth is that Ivory Coast and Madagascar have actually done that.

    Its an open secret that Ahmednassir and Ngatia are well known for bench fixing. But the moment majority of the judges rejected what some say is 1 billion shillings that was put before them, the case collapsed.

    Going forward, if NASA goes for another elections with the same IEBC, they wont make it. They will be rigged out big time. Remember that they have openly said that they will prosecute some officials at IEBC? These folks will take refuge in the Jubilee side of the divide and try punishing NASA instead.

    My thought is that NASA must tackle this issue from two fronts with one front going to court and another continuing political campaign. By the way I saw a group that has already gone to court to stop IEBC from conducting the elections.

    Truth of the matter is that Uhuru Kenyatta has maximized his numbers in central and Rift valley, with his strongholds coming out 80-90% to vote. NASA is still at 60-70% in most regions. If they work on these numbers, Uhuru will be a gone case. What am I saying? Well, that the campaign must begin next week.

    Lastly BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT…..Nasa must recruit agents ( and pay them) in all polling stations. This was one of Nasa´s Achilles heals. They did not have copies of form 34A from all polling stations due to lack of agents. Remember that Uhuru will not stop stealing.


  5. Now comes the hard work after the court ruling.

    The fun part about the court ruling is that the Uhuru fake government was rearing to go on a burst a head and shoot to kill mission in the so called NASA areas as soon as the ruling was announced. Same as they did after IEBC announced the fictitious results of the election.

    The plan was to rain bullets and teargas on citizens and silence them as Uhuru supporters cheer the brutality and the media blames Raila and NASA. Well sometimes the best laid plans just go to waste. This was one such case.

    The citizens have had the last laugh on this attempted massacre plot but the real laugh must come in the next poll within 60 days.

    This a good start by responding to the specifics of the case. But there is bigger issues to be addressed to win the next round.

    So many issue but here are a few of them.

    1. Can this IEBC be trusted to supervise the election after the Supreme Court ruled they screwed up the August 8, 2017 elections and declared bogus results? Does the IEBC as constituted today have even an iota of credibility left for them to actually run the next election?

    2. Should NASA spend any time and political capital fighting the IEBC after this court ruling? Yes may be but how about if that comes at the expense of preparing for the next elections.

    3. In my view NASA should from next week lay out a clear plan on their vision for the country post the Uhuru nightmare. Let’s start with basic things like resolving the health care crisis in the country. Kenyan nurses have been on strike since June 5, 2017. For those three months.

    (a) There are no admissions In hospitals because there are no nurses.
    (b) Doctors can provide prescriptions but those with acute health problems who need admission can only go to private health institutions or go home and suffer in peace.
    (c) There are no dressing of wounds even for those who are bleeding and have infections. Only nurses can do that.
    (d)Children cannot get immunization services leaving them vulnerable to all sorts of preventable diseases.
    (e) No Family planning services
    (f) And of course kipindu pindu is back.

    The Uhuru government has no interest and does not care about the health care nightmare that Kenyans face under these terrible conditions. Uhuru and his government pretends this huge crisis does not even exist. Shame on them.

    NASA needs to take the health care crisis as one of its key issues and come out with clear cut solutions for the immediate crisis and develop long term solutions because this has become a national epidemic for too long now.

    I would take the health care issue as an example where NASA has to go beyond just politicking and start giving Kenyans the options and solutions they have for Kenyans. That would be my starting point. Then we roll from there.

    The other thing I wanted to point out before I ran is just how callous and arrogant the whole Uhuru and IEBC defense team was. It was a game of who going to sound sexy and pompous. They caricatured the whole petition and then went on to respond to their own caricature.

    People like PLO Lumumba and other lawyers were competing on who will make the more outlandish and insulting statements about the petition. This whole thing was just a joke to them. In their mind the court could never even imagine of going against muthamaki and the system in place. They were terribly wrong weren’t they? Bu that is just the beginning. It is going to be a long 60 days. That we know for a fact.

    And here is exactly what I expected from the Uhuru scummy lawyers.

    They are engaging in judicial pornography. Just like they did in court where they were trying to laugh the petition out of the court. Didn’t work this time.


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