What if NASA went to SCOK again?


Probably it would be worth it going back to the SCOK one more time.

Yes, its disappointing that judges just flee the court when its time to take up a case. But I believe that NASA has a very strong case in given that their irreducible minimums were well grounded on the SCOK judgement. For a quick look shows that many have not been done. Besides, Railas withdrawal from the elections should have triggered a new elections.

I must say that very funny things are happening in the court today. There was an appeal launched challenging Ekurus inclusion in the elections. It could not take off because the court of appeal was on “holiday”. This night judges resurfaced to stay judge Odungas case that declared returning officers as illegally appointed. We have finally returned to days when Judge Chunga would have trials in the middle of the night or wee hour of the morning.

This made city lawyer Nelson Havi to quip “Court of Appeal unavailable in the morning to hear ODM vs Ekuru Aukot but surfaces at night to stay Justice Odunga’s decision! Who is fooling who?” 

The elephant in the room is however NASA´s announcement that they  will convert into a resistance movement. I dont know how this will pan out but it does not look good for the country. When you see CNN, BBC, Aljazeera all showing an event happening in Africa live then you know that there is huge interest.

I don’t know what the declaration means but I’m not happy with it because its puts us on a long path of struggle that’s not sustainable.  Besides, apart from just a couple of guys, the rest dont have the stamina to repulse the devils at the top. To me secession is the most clear and certain path. It leaves no doubt as to where we are heading.


Breaking: Raila To Address Massive Rally At Uhuru Park Tomorrow,  To Announce Final Position

1. Forms 34Bs

· All Forms should be preprinted indicating names of polling stations and candidates.

· Returning Officers to physically fill in the Forms and make a formal announcement at the Constituency level
The above process to be done in the presence of agents, media, observers and the public.

· There should be no use of Excel documents in filling results Forms.

· All Forms to be standardized.

2. Printing of Ballot papers and Forms

· Al Ghurair company printed non standardized elections results declaration Forms which were used in the impugned presidential elections.

· Another printer should be contracted to print ballot papers and results declaration Forms in the fresh elections.

3. Election Monitors

· Introduce election monitors selected from a multisectoral group to have a role in signing off for elections materials and results declaration forms at polling stations and the Constituency tallying center.

· Elections Monitors to sign off on the Forms 34As and 34Bs before the results are announced.

4. Returning Officers

· A new slot of returning officers to be appointed for all the 291 constituencies

· Current serving ROs to remain as Constituency Elections Managers and not play any role as Returning Officers in the fresh elections but provide logistical support to the appointed ROs.

· Appointment of ROs should be from a pool provided by political parties of nominees
Posting of ROs should be done through open balloting in public to determine constituencies where the officers are to be posted.

5. Results Transmission

· No text messaging in sending elections results

· Only scanned images to be sent through the KIEMS kit to the constituency and national tallying center

· Commission to proactively announce exact number of persons who have voted at 5 pm based on tabulations from KIEMS Kits before the counting starts.

· Elections results to be announced at the Constituency level. Only scanned images to be sent through the KIEMS kits or results transmitted by Presiding Officers and Returning Officers may be tabulated.

· National tallying center should not display results before they are verified and announced at the constituency level. No results should be displayed unless political party and candidates’ agents are given full access to all transaction logs and databases.

· National tallying center should only display scanned images of result Forms once publicly announced at the Constituency tallying centers

 Media Houses should proactively cover all results announcements at the respective constituencies and show live feed of the outcome

· Candidates’ agents should be part of receiving teams at the constituency and national tallying centers. Receiving teams to verify all Forms 34As delivered and confirm that accurate entries are made on the Forms 34Bs and sign off before announcement is made.

· Observers should be allowed access to this process.

6. Candidate Agents and tallying center

 Candidates agents should be present at all levels and processes of the elections. these include the deployment and receiving of elections materials.
· Candidates should have IT agents present to oversee the entire IT infrastructure of the Commission and be present or have access at all data centers, where controls are maintained and servers hosted/configured.

7. ICT Infrastructure

· Independent International Experts should be engaged to manage the entire ICT framework of the elections with close supervision of the Candidates agents and the IEBC.

· Results transmission system to be designed on the Oracle platform and overseen by Oracle Consulting. No use of cloud servers in results transmission.

· IBM was contracted to provide end to end security testing of the KIEMS system. IBM to be allowed to provide security and monitoring of users, networks and servers used in results transmission.

· Administrator and root accounts must be disabled on KIEMS servers. All system administrators accessing the servers must use their own accounts.

· IEBC to avail API to be made available to all stakeholders in time and relevant documentation.

· Commission should provide full information on the following;

· Entire ICT infrastructure, list of support partners and their respective Service Level Agreements (SLAS), full disclosure of implementation documentation by each partners.

· Firewall configuration including ports configuration.

· Disclose all database transaction logs including: alert logs, archive/redo logs, audit trail, data files, OS command history, network logs, sql.net logs database vault logs and trace files.

· Physical view and inspection of IEBC servers, portal access to the servers and IP addresses of all 20 servers.

· Full access and copy of all servers and databases it is using.

· Disclose all support partners with SLAs and escalation matrix.

· Disclose firewall configuration including ports configuration.

· Entire enterprise architecture of the landscape.

· GPS coordinates of KIEMS.

· KIEMS sim card numbers for all kits

· Telkom and network structure with all service providers (provide agreements and implementation details.

· Transaction logs of all databases and servers.

8. Polling Stations

· IEBC should provide a list of all polling stations and registered voters per all those polling stations in advance. List should indicate the GPS locations of all polling stations and the network coverage.

9. Complicit Elections Personnel
· A scrutiny of the Forms 34Bs from the constituencies showed that 80 constituency Forms were fake and therefore illegal. Officers who were complicit in processing results through these illegal Forms being the respective returning officers and national tallying center officers who allowed the illegal documents to pass as results should not play any role in the fresh electoral process.

· Officers who also facilitated the display of figures surporting them to be results but which at the Supreme Court hearing were disowned by the Commission as mere statistics should equally be barred from participating in the fresh elections.

58 comments on “What if NASA went to SCOK again?

  1. And thus ends the tragic story of “fundi makonde” or whatever fairy tale character we had built around the SCOK.

    Back to status quo and everyone is happy

    In the meantime more deaths of our ever reliable supporters and comrades

    As the same merchants of death preach peace, reconciliation and one country BS.

    Same stuck record, will be back here again in 4 years meanwhile off to find other interests to fill the gap


    • lets revisit

      “the greatness of a nation lies in its fidelity to the constitution and in the reverence of God”

      1. We are not a great nation. Ranked among the most corrupt, poor human rights record, run by oligarchs, accused of crimes against humanity
      2. Have no respect for the consitution
      3. Pay horrid lip service in the reverence of God

      Therefore SCOK ruling today is not surprising and of no consequence. We are exactly where we belong


      • Admin et al

        Our weak extractive institutions are the cause of illegitimacy in our democractic space, fixing it is a generational and geopolitical task.

        As Adongo puts it winning it back is just to grab these guys by the balls to finally define our children’s destiny.

        It seems that everyone agree’s ethnic discriminaton, geographical inequalities, corruption and all forms of injustices includng electoral exist in Kenya. However the prescribed solution, we are told is not seccession but only peace and dialogue.


        Shortly, the International community and envoys in Nairobi will resurface to encourage all stakeholders for an all exclusive dialogue. In my view NASA should remain faithful to her original objectives within the remits of NRM and execute it.

        Discussion and dialogue on electoral reforms is inappropriate, untimely and quite frankly dishonest at this time.

        On the swearing in of Kenya’s next President both sides NASA/JUBILEE have valid reasons for doing soo. NASA can always seek solace on the August 2017 elections servers being opened…and trust that the NASA candidate was indeed the winner.


      • People,

        Check this out! Itumbi of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) in Uhuru’s office is now making stuff up!!

        World leaders applaud Uhuru after Supreme Court ruling

        More by this Author
        More by this Author
        Britain became the first government to congratulate President Uhuru Kenyatta after his victory was upheld by the Supreme Court Monday morning.

        United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson sent his country’s message in a telephone call to Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed.

        The Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) said that South Sudan, Uganda and Bangladesh also sent their congratulatory messages, as did the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP Group).

        PSCU relayed the messages through Twitter.

        “Britain congratulates @PresidentKE@Ukenyatta through UK Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson,’’ the presidential communication team said in the twitter update, adding that Ms Mohammed had confirmed the same.


        Related Content
        Uhuru Kenyatta wins at last – VIDEO
        Chaos in Kisumu after Supreme Court decision – PHOTOS
        Mixed reactions as Uhuru’s win upheld
        In their statement, the ACP group described the Supreme Court decision as significant and constituting “a remarkable moment for Kenya”.

        “This significant development goes a long way to confirm the country’s democratic maturity as well as the commendable functioning of its democratic institutions,’’ ACP said in a statement sent from Brussels, Belgium.

        Further, the group commended Kenyans and their government “for their faith in governing pillars and institutions of democracy and commitment to constitutionalism”.

        In their congratulatory message, the ACP states praised President Kenyatta for accepting the court’s annulment of his August 8 victory and for agreeing to participate in the October 26 repeat election.


        The group pledged its support to the Jubilee Administration and “it’s effort to move Kenya forward.’’

        Meanwhile, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s team that successfully argued for the dismissal of two cases at the Supreme Court headed to Consolata Shrine in Westlands for thanksgiving immediately the judges delivered their ruling.

        Led by the lead lawyer Fred Ngatia, the team said they wanted to thank God for the victory.

        Mr Ngatia said his team has been performing the ritual since 2013, when the Supreme Court dismissed another petition challenging President Kenyatta’s win.

        LEGAL TEAM

        Mr Ngatia was accompanied by a team of nearly 15 lawyers as well President Kenyatta’s chief agent during the repeat election Davis Chirchir, Ms Winnie Guchu and the director of legal affairs in Jubilee, Mary Karen Sorobit.

        The prayers were led by Fr Evans who also urged Kenyans to pray for peace across the country.

        “Do not be like the nine leapers who failed to come back thank God,” he said.

        Mr Ngatia, a Catholic, said he sought the intervention of Blessed Sister Irene Nyaatha, who assisted the poor in his native home of Nyeri.

        President Kenyatta was represented in the petitions by Mr Ngatia, Kimani Kiragu, Ken Ogeto, Katwa Kigen, Melissa Ng’ania, Tom Macharia and Ahmednasir Abdullahi, among others.



    • This is the beginning of the end of this Uhuru Ruto nonsense. We are fighters. We are going to take them on. With bare hands. Not a problem for us. They know us.

      But here is Bob Marley with the other situation.


      • “Some of you have asked about how many countries have congratulated the President on his re-election. As of yesterday, we can confirm that more than 40 countries had done so. The Foreign ministry will release details in due course. Essentially, these congratulatory messages are normally channelled through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said the State House spokesman.



      • Folks

        We have a ton of battle in our hands. Personally I think I will be heading back home again in January to handle a few things and see with my own eyes where we are taking the country.

        Luckily for me I finally won my case against the government for torture in Nyayo House torture chambers so I need to go home to fix things with my family.

        I won this case back in 2014 and it took forever fighting with Uhuru’s henchman Karanja Kibichio who is the PS in the Interior ministry to actually force them to pay.

        I get mad when I see some cases being rejected because they are late and yet way back in 2003 we won a court case which declared that there is no time limit for abuse of human rights. That is why they are still prosecuting the Nazis.

        But some Kenyan lawyers are just too lazy. If they did a little research they would find out that time limit issue has been ruled and there are numerous precedent cases to prove that.

        I had a lawyer called Julius Juma who used to work wit Rachier and Amolo Advocates but now works on his own and he is a piece of work. Very good lawyer. Anybody with a human rights case should check him out.

        So yea they will pay me some peanuts and I will use it to buy panadol to handle some PTSD problems. That would be marvelous won’t it? No I will use it to push my endless number of nephews through school. I screwed up going to jail when I was supposed to be paying school fees for their mothers, my younger sisters.

        The sisters turned out to be pretty good business people but they insist it is my job to pay those crazy Kenyan college fees which doesn’t bother me because they are ones who have to face the little monsters when they demand college fees.

        My mom was really concerned about that because she told me the only reason I went to college was to be able to pay school fees for the girls.

        My father asked me if I even knew what I was doing picking a fight with Moi. I told him I knew exactly what I was doing. Then he said fine but I was going to pay a price for it and he told me that is going to be my problem not his.

        Now back to earth. Oh sweet earth where we have Uhuru now as an illegitimate president. It is going to be tough as nails fighting these guys. They are very nasty and we are relentless. Show time starts next week on Tuesday. Folks are in good spirits and pretty ready to go.

        In the meantime we have this bizarre situation where Uhuru is even rigging congratulatory greetings.

        In the UK they are having a problem with Johnson. The Western countries including the crazy Trump guys are holding their cards. The Uhuru murder spree has spooked a lot of people out here.

        Here is Johnson’s situation.


        Here in Canada we are pretty confident with the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Foreign Affairs minister Catherine Freeland is very tough so there is going to be no fooling around with Uhuru.

        We also have one of the more powerful ministers in that government (Citizenship and Immigration) a very smart guy who came to Canada as a refugee kid from Somalia and is very close to the African Communities in Canada particularly in Toronto where he grew up.

        So we have to do the same thing we did with Moi when gave his High Commissioner, Mr. Nyamweya such a hard time Moi had to recall him from Canada demanding that the Candian government should not entertain Kenyans going to the Embassy to cause trouble.

        The one good thing in Canada is that we don’t have that tribalism they have in the UK and US among Kenyans who seem to behave like they carried their tribes with them.

        Raila fortunately has had a very good rapport with the Kenyan community in Toronto. He has addressed many gatherings here. Last time 2007 it was Miguna who was doing a lot of the organizing here. Oloo has also been involved before but we have several Kenyan groups here.

        I personally worked very closely with Miguna although we had our differences later on. But the big fella is back with the team. We will see. Bu the battles Uhuru is going to face is going to be multifaceted. That is how Moi was brought down.

        I know Uhuru thinks the Chinese will help him. Ask Mugabe. Kama Mbaya ni Mbaya.

        In conclusion for now the one thing I can say we don’t want to hear about is some form of a crappy coalition government. We want clean, free and fair elections for the country and if we end up electing a goat as long as it is free we are fine. We will keep our goat.

        So it is not about Uhuru. We demand free elections and if that election gives us Uhuru fare enough. This is not complicated.


  2. guys,
    I can without shadow of doubt say here that none of the petitions lodged will be able to overturn Uhurus so called win. The way the pretrial has gone, one can see clearly that the court has been bullied by Jubilee to fuata nyayo. None of the judges dare nullify Uhurus fraud. Evidence is being thrown out one by one just like in Mutungas court of 2013. I throw my hands in the air and say that its going to be a mockery of justice and a waste of our precious time.


    • Adongo

      Have not yet read the petitions and responses, but from what I’ve read on social media

      THere were three petitions (2 Mwau, 3 IDG, 4 Njonjo) of these the one with most documents was Petition 4 but the SCOK ruled to expunge a significant number of those documents and submissions related to the documents

      ANd as you said, the SCOk has restructured the presentations

      I hope that Mwau and Njonjo can complement each others efforts and present a solid case

      What bothers me is how IEBC are consistently permitted to block access to scrutiny of forms and data that should be in the public domain

      Anyway lets see how it goes


    • The prayers about the scruitiny of logs and documents of various election materials including evidence being inadmissible due to techncalities makes the case less interesting.

      I think pre-occupation with the SC process is unhelpful and disruptive to NASAs overrriding objectives…A SC nullying a UHURU win, will be a poisoned chalice for NASA and weaken the RESIST agenda moving forward.

      Can you GENUINELY imagine another round of election’s conducted by IEBC in 60-90 days in strict conformity to election laws (recently changed) and the Constitution ?

      Opposition saw all this coming. In their wisdom they moved to a different playing field. They are waiting for their opponents there !


      • On another note. the petitions in the SC have been so poorly presented that none of them are unlikely to see the light of day. The strength of oral submissions and persuasion has not exhumed confidence

        Infact it’s a big joke.


      • This is very strange. Uhuru pays this dude billions and he goes to court to make a complete fool of himself. How about addressing the issues raised in the petition instead of raising nonsensical issues that even the judges are just laughing at.


        At another level I am beginning to get nervous that this whole battle could explode probably by next week. The cops are going crazy and they are going to make a big mistake and after that anything is possible.

        This is the kind of stupidity from the cops that is pretty dangerous.


        Why not just go an arrest Raila and see what follows. I was talking to one of my good friends who is pretty close to Uhuru and works in the inner circle. I asked him if they think the country is worth saving.

        His message to me was that it is Orengo who they fear(hate) the most. I told him I do not know Orengo personally. I know Raila personally and the Uhuru guy knows that but I told him I have no access to Orengo. My impression is that if the Uhuru folks decide to take out politicians the JM, Mboya style it is Orengo they will take out first.

        Uhuru needs to be very careful with the security situation. A small mistake could burn the country completely.


        • Adongo

          Once again I plead with you

          Tell the folks you know, its far much better to split the country, secede while we can amicably do so, avoid deaths and anguish

          No-one needs to die, lets just split, leave the wealthy central and rift valley kenya to themselves and lets the rest of us poor folks have our dirt poor country to run


        • Hi Einstein

          What I think is that there are two options

          a) try to tough it out until finally the fracture is inevitable – in this case those agitating for reforms continue to get teargassed clobbered and killed along with innocent bystanders and then
          b) when its all failed – move to secede and with all its attendant violence as those in power beat secession into submission

          I would like to skip (a) which we have been at since late 60’s, and the body count is not getting any lower


      • Einstein and Admin,

        I will come back to address the important issues you are raising as the country faces what could very well be its worst crisis and nightmare ever. We have to talk together frankly or perish together.

        But this here is what happens when there is no food on the table, the mortgage for that big bungalow in Nairobi cannot be paid and the SUV loan is late. And you have no skills to get a job in the private sector market and zero investment in any business you can run. It is sad and pathetic. It is also a big profession in the country.

        You go crazy to please Uhuru to give you something. Even a clerical job at Harambee House would do. Oh dear.

        Here we go:



      • Folks I forgot to mention this in my earlier post about addressing issues raised in this forum by Einstein and the Admin. But I think this is important.

        Some fools in the Uhuru camp think the Electoral Amendment Act passed in parliament and which became law in Nov. 2, 2017 will cure all the issues raised by the petitioners.

        For god’s sake the election was held on Oct 26, 2017. The new laws took effect on Nov. 2, 2017. You do not need even one single course in Rocket Science to know that the amendments do not apply to the Oct. 26, 2017 election. Just beat up the judges and shoot some of them into submission. That will do it.

        But this won’t.



      • This exactly what I was talking about:


        Uhuru wants the police to help him deal with Raila and the police do not know what to do. So they just shoot people thinking that is what helping Uhuru means. The police should tell Uhuru to deal with Raila himself but of course they can’t. So we end up in this mess.

        This reminds me when we met with Reverend Njoya in Toronto during the second liberation wars. Njoya had just been clobbered to near death by Moi’s undercover thugs during a rally. Incidentally DP Ruto was one of those in charge of the Moi thugs.

        We asked the Reverend how they were surviving the whole nightmare of fighting Moi. Njoya told us sometimes when they are exhausted and even running out of gas Moi would come up and do something so stupid it would mobilize the whole country again.

        Njoya told us Moi was contributing more to the struggle against him than the freedom fighters.

        Uhuru will have to learn how tough it is to be a dictator. It is an art form with very strange rules.

        Battles like this grow their own feet. Nobody knows where it will head. Not Raila. Not NASA and definitely not Uhuru.


      • So far five dead at least.


        This whole thing was completely unnecessary. Just let Raila with his supporters use Mombasa Road, hold their rally and go home.

        But instead for days the police bosses have been making their bombastic threats and turning this whole thing into a national event now with people being killed for nothing.

        But here is what terrifies me. The police boss Kinoti just made a very disturbing statement. I don’t even know if he had any idea about the magnitude of what he is saying.

        The police boss is saying the cops did not kill those murdered in this whole violent assault on the rights of Kenyans. The boss says the demonstrators were killed by angry street mobs. Really. Does Kinoti understand what that means.

        Let us look at it in two ways. If indeed angry mobs are killing Kenyans who are expressing their freedom of assembly then the next phase is a full fledged tribal warfare because other people in other cities will mobilize their own angry mobs to kill people from the tribes of these Nairobi angry mobs.

        That is the simple science behind tribal wars. They start small and before you know it everybody has their own crude weapon and everybody is in danger.

        If on the other hand the police boss is lying to protect his officers who killed the demons6trators then this police chief is a more terrible criminal than we can imagine. If this is the case then Kinoti is deliberately setting up a tribal warfare to cover for the cops. That would be beyond despicable. We are entering a dangerous territory and everybody should b every careful.

        Now here is the other angle:


        There seems to be ample evidence that police were shooting people like crazy. Never mind that the police boss says there was no single live bullet used. Anyway the air will clear up and the devil’s work will be exposed in details.


      • Adongo,
        This kind of stupidity by the police need an international award. Thinking about it, they have one already. They were recently voted the third worst police force in the entire world. Obviously IG Boinett has already dismissed this.

        Coming back to the demonstrations, you are right on point. Why not just let Raila do his thing and go home in peace. At any rate this thing has shown that the police cannot do anything in the face a determined people. The police failed in its mission which was to stop people from welcoming Raila and secondly preventing Raila from addressing his supporters at Uhuru park.

        The people simply overpowered the police with their water cannons and guns. Now this is how revolutions begin. Infact they gave Raila an insight on what kind of power he has and does not need a gun to wield. I can say without doubt that NASA can actually congregate one million people in Nairobi with or without the help of police and stage a civilian coup against the illegitimate Uhuru government.

        That Uhuru has now resorted to violence shows that he is a man who has completely lost direction. A man who is now drunk with power and believes that he can do whatever whenever to whomever. Its scary


      • Mzee,

        You are damn right. The country is in trouble.


        Uhuru is moving the struggle forward with god’s speed.

        Two things come to mind.

        1. It took Kenyans up to 1990 to actually put Moi on an irreversible road to his political doom.

        For years we were battling Moi as student activists with academics and other human rights activists fighting to end one party rule.

        I joined active duty in 1981 as a first year university student. We fought endless running wars with Moi and tasted teargas of all blends, a few bullets and loads of torture and jail time.

        Then the big hitters like Raila, Oki Ooko Ombaka (Triple O), Maina Wa Kinyatti, George Anyona, Matiba and many others joined the battle later known as the second liberation.

        Nothing much changed until 1990 when Moi killed Dr. Ouko and the country went mad and they were out in the streets with the banners of “Moi Must Go” for the first time.

        That is when the tide changed and Moi was smart enough to know his gig was over. It still took 10 years to get rid of him but his guard dogs are now in charge.

        The problem with these guard dogs is that in just a few months they have managed to take this new Third Liberation Struggle from just being born into full adult stage. Uhuru has put Kenya where we were in 1990/92 in just a few days. That is remarkable incompetence in carrying out a dictatorship.

        Democracy may be hard to run but running a dictatorship can be way harder particularly when the victims are not cooperating. Which brings me to my second point. How much heat are Kenyans going to be ready to take.

        2. I told folks here that I was talking to my nephews at Nairobi and Kenyatta University and I was asking them to be careful in the streets. They dismissed me as being a wimp. I told them there is a difference between bravery and stupidity.

        They just laughed at me. They told me bravery expels all stupidity from your mind. And yes there is a difference. That gave me a little hope for these good friends of mine. Then they went on.

        They insisted teargas doesn’t work on them anymore. They said they can eat teargas for breakfast. Anyway the boys were just acting up and being funny. I asked them after they eat teargas for breakfast and lunch will they take bullets for dessert. They told me Kenyans don’t eat dessert. They take their food straight. Fair enough I agreed let’s get down with the teargas. That is the new blood. Oh dear!

        But in 1982 the first time I got arrested I was taken to Muthangari Police Station. A few days later Prof. Muga Kolale (current UASU SG) was brought there.

        Kolale was one of the few postgraduate students at Nairobi University who worked with the undergraduates like us who were busy trying to poke Moi’s closed eyes and ears. So I knew him very well and his wife happens to come from my village.

        So I am sitting there with Kolale and the Moi secret cops come to laugh at him. They told him his wife had just given birth to their daughter while he was in police custody.

        They told Kolale he must be a complete nutcase who leaves his pregnant wife and now his daughter to live in misery. They asked Kolale if he has any concerns for his new born daughter.

        Kolale told them he has every concern for his daughter. He told the cops the one reason he chose to join the fight for a better Kenya was because he wouldn’t want his daughter to live in Mois’s terrible Kenya. Kolale told them he was in jail for his daughter and he was very proud of that.

        This brings me back to my crazy nephews. When people have a cause they are committed to there is no force on earth capable of stopping them. That is the testimony of history. Uhuru is going to learn very rapidly. This is coming fast and furious and Uhuru is helping tremendously.

        To last as a dictator you have to move very slowly and deliberately and act with stealth. You don’t run into things like the infamous bull in a China shop. Uhuru wants to bludgeon the entire opposition into submission within days. That is what is growing the resisting into a solid rock.

        The problem with Uhuru apart from being too lazy to think through anything is that he has now created a country where Kenyans just want blood. Uhuru’s people and supporters want blood on the streets. They want Uhuru to carpet bomb the demonstrators. They don’t understand why the demonstrators are allowed to go home alive.

        Just drop them dead in big numbers and make your people happy. Just read the comments in the papers. There is a bloodthirsty mentality rising in our country at a frightening rate. There is tribalism and there is angry tribalism. We are dealing with the angry one now and even bloodthirsty tribalism.

        We are walking into the bloodthirsty one. Watch out. That is how countries fall apart. Kenya is no different.

        One big development that has shocked Uhuru is that his tribal mindset had convinced him that this NASA thing was going to be just a Kisumu affair. And for god’s sake who cares about Kisumu at State House.

        Now Uhuru realizes that the Resistance has tremendous support in a city like Nairobi. That scares the shit out of him. Nairobi is supposed to be for his people never mind that all communities in Kenya call Nairobi home.

        Nairobi is pretty much going to be the headquarters of the Resistance. That is Uhuru’s nightmare. That is his problem. We don’t care


      • It’s plausable that deep Jubilee strategist thinking is to encourage the SC to null & void the 26 October elections and order a repeat fresh elections within 60-90 days. This narrative supports the ambition to maintain the status quo and remain in control of political events and keep Kenya as a divided one.

        Given the historical journey of Kenya, the unique events of Friday (RAO Returns) and NASAs next move plans. UK swearing in – will only support and expedite the overriding obejective of NASA to achive its end game : Secession


      • Nyatieng,
        You are right. The only thing that can give Uhuru legitimacy is a fresh elections in which he truly wins. The idea that they had crafted in their minds of ruling by force is backfiring as we watch.

        It seems to me that the URP wing of the Jubilee party is pushing Uhuru to the wall. You see, the kikuyu feel that even with all the problems Uhuru is facing, they can still “eat”. The Kalenjins want their share of the Jubilee deal which is for Ruto to become a president.

        The problem for Ruto is that the Kikuyu have made it clear that if they are to support him, then he must have a Kikuyu VP. But I wonder how this is even possible is a country that is so divided and in an atmosphere where other tribes already feel excluded.

        In my opinion, Ruto does not care wether the Kikuyu support him or not. All he wants is Uhurus support to rig the next elections. So the noise coming from Kikuyu quarters does not bother william the looter Ruto.


    • Dear members of deep cogitation.
      I have been talking to people on the ground. Especially those grounds whose votes were completely left out of the equation in the last presidential elections. I’m talking of a large chunk of Nyanza.

      NASA made an announcement that its supporters don’t consider as big as it was hyped to be. So they are very disappointed and even feel disillusioned, to them this is more of an ant-climax.

      They thought that NASA would continue with its hard stand against Uhuru Kenyatta. They thought they had a grip on the dictator’s neck. According to one a very militant cousin of mine, the announcement was too soft. Almost sounding as if RAO had given in and would no longer follow this matter.

      It hurts folks in RAO´s strongholds that things have come back to “normal”. I do not know what you people have heard but people want a more militant approach. Infact some even want and armed struggle..

      The assemblies that RAO is talking about are likely to be infiltrated and brought down by Jubilees money. So I don’t know how it will work. On the other hand there are people who have a very clear mind on how its going to work. Let me know your thoughts people


      • Mzee,

        I will follow up on the angle you have raised. And yes the situation is confusing to a lot of people.

        How will this assembly function for example. Where will they meet or will they have rotating venues in counties.

        And what exactly is their agenda.

        Will they take the example of the South Africa with the United Democratic Front (UDF) which represented all the anti-apartheid groups and brought in civil society groups and was actually at the forefront of the last push to get rid of apartheid.

        South African movements had an armed wing called Umkonto We Sizwe (Spear of The Nation)

        Raila has been in these kinds of situations before like in 1987 – 1992. Koigi Wamwere was in there too.

        Armed struggle is very problematic and the worst thing one can do is to launch one when they are not ready and able. Movements like that get wiped out very quickly.

        It is a matter of the conditions on the ground and right now my view is that an organized above ground movement like the one NASA is proposing makes a lot of sense. You build a social movement that can draw support from Kenyans as they also continue with their daily lives.

        We need a multi-face political movement to find ways to dismantle our collapsed electoral system to move Kenyans towards having an election where Kenyans actually choose their leaders. That will never happen under Uhuru and Ruto so the fight has to be taken to them.

        What Kenyans who support NASA will not tolerate is another nusu mkate nonsense. You can see the Jubilee affiliated civil society and religious groups are already talking about creating things like the Prime Minister position and leader of opposition etc.

        That is total rubbish. Nobody needs that. It is like someone comes and grabs your house and when you try to fight for your house they offer you the job of being the watchman so they can give you a tiny box at the gate and you keep the place safe and salute the boss at the gate. We do not need that crap and if Raila and NASA even try that they we will roll them over. They are not going to that. I know that for a fact.

        The other silly thing I am seeing is with the twitter big mouth politicians like Murkoman and even the nut case Ruto the DP talking about militias etc. They think that can help them tie down Raila from active politics. Just nonsense.

        What is risky is that any group can come out with their militia or armed groups either as criminal entities like Mungiki or political groups which almost happened between 1988-1992. That is why such loose talk is not helpful.

        But in the next day or two I will try to get at the bottom of what the whole plan is. I know the first step is taking this matter to the Supreme court and that is happening within the next 24 hrs or so. The war is on but in many fronts.


      • Mzee/Adongo et al

        I think RAO statement was too deep – NASA may well be playing cards close to chest. As Robert Green once said : always ‘Conceal your intentions’. Anything other than that then the hopes of millions becomes a recipe for chaos and oppression.

        I genuinely feel for the those who felt the BIG anouncement was a complete let down and now feel disillusioned. To Adongo and those that have ears of NASA: Perhaps they need to break it all down and communicate the MESSAGE and strategy to all supporters? It all seems long-term.

        As we know very well, the ‘Envoys’ (embassies) have tremendous influence on our national politics and are keenly watching for any errors /‘fault’.

        As a long-term plan the approach being envisaged may well just take an organic chain of events snow-balling into something else. WE ALL know what happened 100 years ago when demonstrators clamoring for bread took to the streets in the Russian capital of Petrograd (now called St. Petersburg) ?

        It’s amazing what hunger, hopelessness and injustice can do.

        The rest just becomes and makes history !


  3. Thanks you for the insightful piece.

    And Yes this October 26, 2017 “election” is headed back to the Supreme Court next week.

    We still don’t know what will happen tomorrow. It could the The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at the same time. Who knows.

    Why is the matter headed to the Supreme even covered in blood as it may be.

    1. The Supreme Court itself ordered a hearing on matters related to the legality and credibility of the October 26, 2017 elections. That hearing was scheduled for October 25, 2017. The purpose of the hearing was to dispose the applications and resolve the issues raised.

    Then cometh the date and the hour cometh the bullets on a brazen attack on the Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya. Of course to some politicians in Kenya, this means god is great. The shooting god may be. But that is for tomorrow.

    On October 25, 2017, the SC was not able to have a quorum of five members to hear a case which the Chief Justice himself had classified as urgent and should be resolved before the election date.

    2. On October 25, 2017 a High Court Judge, Justice George Vincent Odunga ruled that 200 Returning Officers who are going to run this election were appointed illegally.

    The court allowed these illegally appointed Returning Officers to do their work for the IEBC because of “public interest”

    To many Kenyans, public interest demands that illegally appointed Returning Officers should not run any election in Kenya. It is common sense.

    3. Then we have Chebukati’s own confession that he is running an electoral scam.

    4. Add Dr. Akombe’s flee and statements.

    Conclusion: We are heading to a government by the courts. Also we are at the cliff where the country has been heading towards. We are there now. Jump time. Ama?

    On another note I am told the country may have problems having enough members on the bench to hear a Supreme Court application on the coming con presidential elections.

    Deputy Chief Justice was under a virtual house arrest today. That is how bad things are for this Uhuru power grab. Nobody is safe at all. DP Ruto said God is great after the SC could not get the quorum. I didn’t know god shoots Supreme Court Judges, Oh poor god. Please stop shooting.

    The real issue is that some members of the Supreme Court may feel safer getting out of the country or just resigning.

    I have been told that a bench of five at the Supreme Court may be difficult after October 26, 2017. That is how tough things are. Which is good. Unless you know the enemy, you cant fight. But we are all Kenyans. None of us is an enemy of the other. We actually know the enemy of our republic.

    October 26, 2017 will be etched in the history of our country forever. For better and not for worse. That is how nations are born.

    Long Live.


      • Now the real problems begin. Already the IEBC has nullified “postponed” elections in 4 counties. Remember the constitution requires that the presidential election must be held in all 290 constituencies for it to be legal.

        No we have 4 counties already which are out. That is something close to 20 constituencies.


        We do not know how many constituencies are going to have zero results by the end of this circus tonight.

        The second big problem already in Mombasa where even the Jubilee voting agents have refused to show up. That means the form 34 etc cannot be signed and if those forms are not signed they are invalid.

        Even worse we are going to have a situation where there are NO NASA officials to sign any forms in almost all the constituencies. How do you submit those forms as reflecting electoral results if they are not signed by all parties.

        The trouble here is that Uhuru and IEBC kept Raila and NASA in the ballot even though NASA had announced their boycott of the elections. The idea was to make this farce look legit. Now under the laws of Kenya they have to get some NASA agent to sign for the authenticity of the result forms. Now what do you do?

        This electoral charade is going to fall on its own sword. Everybody could see that coming.


      • OK lets calm down now. It has been a ride.

        Here comes the beginning of the next round of legal battles. This from the one and only Omtatah. It looks good. In fact it seeks to litigate the issues that scared the shit out of jubilee that they had to stop the Supreme Court from even convening to hear it. The DCJ had her car shot at and then blocked from leaving her house.

        Now the same Supreme Court has to hear it.


        The beauty here is that this time around the court has to hear this just as a preliminary matter before the real issue of petitions to have the sham elections dismissed as null and void.

        At the end of the day what has happened here is probably one of the biggest and most significant political development in Kenya in our generation. Yes the battle to end the one party dictatorship was huge. Forcing the multiparty era was great. Achievements to reform our judicial system has been wonderful with hiccups of course.

        But history will testify that the Vinyangarika Revolution we are witnessing today in our country could one of the biggest turning points in the history of our republic. It is this revolution which will ensure that we put an end to chronic election theft which essentially has turned Kenya into a one party state ruled by two thugs and a million thieves.

        These brave young people and wazees fighting bullets with bare hands and heart will be arched in our collective consciousness as a nation for eternity.

        People will laugh at them today and think they are suicidal but what they are achieving for our country is no laughing.

        Sometimes it takes blood and tears to build or achieve anything leave alone building a nation as complex as Kenya. We are there now. There is nowhere else I would rather be. Personally I plan to visit the republic in the new year.

        I intend to put together my collections and memories of what is happening in a small book: My working title is: ” Rising From The Coffin: The Vinyangarika Revolution in Kenya”

        The next one week is crucial and will be a roller coaster.

        And they are still cooking.

        And here is what happens when leaders fail their country. It burns. This stuff has a life of its own.




      • Mzee

        Yes this thing will start in court. Apart from the ongoing cases there has to be a formal petition against the Oct. 26, 2017 which the Supreme Court has to rule on in a few days.

        The final day for filing that petition is Monday Nov. 6, 2017. I suspect a formal petition will be filed over the weekend. The trouble with that petition is that you have to have all your documentation done properly.

        If you need to file affidavits you must have them filed too. In this case it is very likely that Commissioner Akombe may be in a position to sign an affidavit regarding what she knows.

        That affidavit if it is to be file must be included in the petition, you can’t bring it later. In fact in 2013 the petition against Uhuru was mainly dismissed based on technicalities done when the petition was filed.

        Tomorrow I will touch base with the folks to figure out what is up.

        But based on the comments from legal experts like Kitonga etc in the article below I have high hopes that a petition will knock this sham president out.

        Here is the piece.



      • Adongo,
        Its true that some civil society group or even NASA might file a petition. But this thing of waiting last minute to file is just wrong. If you forget something then thats it. Its actually the reason why the 900 page dossier that Raila had in 2013 was dismissed. It was brought in late. And even in 2017 the same thing happened. But Maraga was just lenient and allowed all the late material to be admitted.

        However, the economic sanctions seem to be biting and I can see Jubilee folks slowing down in rhetoric. Its one thing to send the police to beat up people when they demonstrate but its another when people boycott products. You cant force them to buy your stuff by force of arms. Uhuru Kenyatta completely dominates the diary industry and this thing will hit him big time. Others like Bidco might just go under. Here we are not talking 19M voters but all the 40M. Which means that if only half boycott a certain product it will cause major issues.

        Folks at home have already started dumping safaricom lines. Many are remaining with mpesa only. This will hit safcom bigtime.

        The the issue of secession has been squarely brought to the table. This should not be used a scaremongering tactic but a serious alternative incase everything else fails. Truth be told its the guys in power who will suffer most. They will basically start eating each other up. So its a good start and I can now see where this thing is going.


    • Communication has began,,,,

      Governors from the National Super Alliance today approved the Coalition’s plans to set up a People’s Assembly and initiate a review of the Constitution particularly to safeguard and strengthen devolution in line with the pronouncement by Principals earlier this week.
      The Governors who met earlier today in Nairobi agreed to take the proposal to their county assemblies for approval and mobilize grassroots leaders to the conference when it is convened.
      The People’s National Assembly will comprise Governors and Deputy Governors; members of the Senate, National Assembly and County Assembly; religious, trade union and civil society leaders; and representatives of youth and women organizations.
      It is to constitute a convention to be held in Nairobi to discuss and determine the pathway to democracy and constitutionalism and to restore legality and the rule of law.
      The convention shall make decisions and recommendations to achieve democracy, constitutionalism and to restore legality and will form any bodies or organize other platforms for purposes of attaining its declared objectives.
      During the meeting presided over by NASA principals Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula, the governors were also briefed on and approved the Coalition’s plan to form a special committee to review the Constitution of Kenya 2010 to address the following matters for purposes of making necessary constitutional amendments or changes:-
      1. Protection of and safeguarding devolution. Governors expressed deep concern about the operations of the devolved units and cited frustration with the non-disbursement of funds to the counties. They pledged to back any efforts, including constitutional amendments that will shield counties from the stifling hold of the National Government.
      2. The architecture and structure of the Executive and Parliament.
      3. Exclusivity and discrimination in the allocation or distribution of public resources.
      4. Review the performance of national security organs and the abuse thereof by the Executive.
      5. Structure and the establishment of an independent electoral body.
      6. Creation of an enabling and conducive environment for economic growth and development to deal with poverty, unemployment and problems of women and the youth.


      • Nyatieng and others
        It seems that the NASA people are listening to us.
        Perhaps it has reached their ears that people are confused. So apart from what was posted by the chief executive officer, I heard Raila break it down over the radio in mother tongue. He basically said that he does not want people to go to the streets and be killed again. But NASA is going to use a “weapon” that they have never used before. He continued to say that the goal remains that same and that they will achieve it. Finally he asked for patience.


        • Mzee

          I agree and believe the feeling on the ground is to kill this vote rigging monster once and for all.

          Nyatieng / Adongo thanks for the updates

          As I’ve stated before, am so done with this forced Berlin conference marriage, hope to see a fracture one day


      • Mzee

        As you say I can also see where this is going. The strategy is very interesting and I hope it’s fully thought through!

        Take the example of BIDCO Oil with a deficit of 50% and at imes forced to operate at sleep mode when their is no crop to crash. The rest of the time they import from Uganda and Tanzania.



        As sunflower/soyabeans grow in arid or semi-arid lands (ASAL)..The contract farming for these crops are in the majority on NASA perceived zones across Kenya,

        It’s encouraging that NASA will be suggesting to supporters on what alternatives options are avilable. …

        NASA need not tell farmers to stop growing sunflower / soyabeans (the demand and market is huge) the message should be to contract to sell to another company.

        And why not to Morgem Enterprise Development Organisation and others across like it across Kenya


        An effective implementation and success of the economic boycott requires NASA strategists to employ business development services as well as strategy planning support for the potential SME beneficiaries of this economic boycott scheme.


      • Im told that a whooping two million subscribers moved to airtel in the first two days. Its a pity that Kalonzo is not in town to give direction to the Kamba people. But nonetheless I saw guys removing safaricom logos in Machakos and replace them with airtel. My informers in Kisumu tell me that the brookside milk is doing so badly, they are basically rotting om the shelves. The downside, I’m told, is that the other brands are getting finished so fast they cant cope with demand. Bidco is said to be taking the greatest hit. It has almost ten brands of oil out there and have dominated the market. Guys have completely stayed away from them.

        This is the safest “demo” that ever happened in Kenya. The police have basically no one to shoot down.

        We have always said that the opposition zones have nothing to be afraid of. As Adongos friend Murathe arrogantly puts it “the opposition has no stake in the economy”. They forgot that they have the industries but the opposition has the customers. Its going to be a tough one.

        Meanwhile, things are moving full speed at the supreme court. But will the judges show up????


  4. Thanks you for the insightful piece.

    And Yes this October 26, 2017 “election” is headed back to the Supreme Court next week.

    We still don’t know what will happen tomorrow. It could the The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at the same time. Who knows.

    Why is the matter headed to the Supreme even covered in blood as it may be.

    1. The Supreme Court itself ordered a hearing on matters related to the legality and credibility of the October 26, 2017 elections. That hearing was scheduled for October 26, 2017.

    Then cometh the date cometh the bullets on a brazen attack on the Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya. Of course to some politicians in Kenya, this means god is great. The shooting god may be. But that is for tomorrow.

    On October 26, 2017, the SC was not able to have a quorum of five members to hear a case which the Chief Justice himself had classified as urgent and should be resolved before the election date.

    2. On October 26, 2017 a High Court Judge, Justice George Vincent Odunga ruled that 200 Returning Officers who are going to run this election were appointed illegally.

    The court these illegally appointed Returning Officers to do their work for the IEBC because of “public interest”

    To many Kenyans, public interest demands that illegally appointed Returning Officers should not run any election in Kenya. It is common sense.

    3. Then we have Chebukati’s own confession that he is running an electoral scam.

    4. Add Dr. Akombe’s flee and statements.

    Conclusion: We are heading to a government by the courts. Also we are at the cliff where the country has been heading towards. We are there now. Jump time. Ama?

    On another note I am told the country may have problems having enough members on the bench to hear a Supreme Court application on the coming con presidential elections.

    Deputy Chief Justice was under a virtual house arrest today. That is how bad things are for this Uhuru power grab. Nobody is safe at all. DP Ruto said God is great after the SC could not get the quorum. I didn’t know god shoots Supreme Court Judges, Oh poor god. Please stop shooting.

    The real issue is that some members of the Supreme Court may feel safer getting out of the country or just resigning.

    I have been told that a bench of five at the Supreme Court may be difficult after October 26, 2017. That is how tough things are. Which is good. Unless you know the enemy, you cant fight. But we are all Kenyans. None of us is an enemy of the other. We actually know the enemy of our republic.

    October 26, 2017 will be etched in the history of our country forever. For better and not for worse. That is how nations are born.

    Long Live.


    • Interesting times:

      First let me post with what everybody has read by now:


      I had a good discussion with my good friend Oduor Ong’wen who is in the middle of things. He told they were coming up with something today.

      Now I have seen that something but there are a million things the NASA folks are doing.

      Is there going to be a petition in the Supreme Court. Certainly because the Supreme Court cannot abscond court this time and claim lack of quorum. So they will sit down and sadly enough their first task will be to hear the case they refused to hear on Oct. 25, 2017.

      The real funny thing about the quorum arm twist at the Supreme Court is that if the court wanted to do Uhuru a favour, they should have heard the case and ruled in favour of uhuru. It seems that was impossible. Now they have that part to deal with. It is going to be very tricky for them.

      Then there will be hearing about the actual so called election where Uhuru went nuts stuffing ballot boxes to compete with is lack of support. Too many people singing and dancing and nobody was voting.

      The tricky part here is that if there is evidence of election tampering where IEBC handed the process to Uhuru and his mob that could have very serious repercussions.

      So in another 6 days from today we could very well have a second nullification of the coronation. Where that goes after that is a Kenya we may be facing very soon. If the Supreme finds away to validate the coronation then we are in for a very long protracted battle that could take a thousand different formations.

      The one thing we have to remember is that it not is always the masses who determine the direction of political battles. Of course it is the masses who always make history in these battles, not the leaders, but in their battles the masses respond to what their tormentors through at them.

      Some updates:

      1. NASA will not be directly filing a petition but petitions are being filed and must be heard by the Supreme Court.

      2. There is real danger that the Supreme Court may not get a quorum again even to hear the case but I was telling the folks there that the Supreme Court cannot afford to do that. They will hear the case.

      They told me the real fear is that some Justices of the Supreme Court may just quit and leave the country. If two leave with Ibrahim sick there is no quorum unless Ibrahim has to be brought to court in a stretcher.

      3. The folks are saying the anomalies in this round of so called election are so bad and so blatant it will shock the country. Like my son says these are very bad and incompetent thieves.

      4. I asked the folks if they are getting into the servers and I was told there is such massive evidence of election fraud that even checking the servers is unnecessary. But they are checking them.

      5. In summary based on the evidence it is not possible to determine how many votes Uhuru actually got in this fraudulent enterprise they call an election.


      • Adongo

        Thanks for the updates. Maybe when you next converse with these guys, remind them that “one does not recite poetry to a person wielding a sword”. We are past the niceties, well past running to courts for arbitration.

        Our people continue to get slaughtered while leaders play poker and chess games. Pawns in this “game” are real live human beings, sons and daughters of grieving parents, relatives and friends. Either they stop with the opposition and buy into the fake government or else take a stance that ensures no more one sided deaths.

        It is very painful to see another round of senseless killing by state sponsored goons


      • Admin, thanks

        Here is the latest I just added to my previous post. This is what I got about one hour ago.

        Some updates:

        1. NASA will not be directly filing a petition but petitions are being filed and must be heard by the Supreme Court. Of course NASA is involved.

        2. There is real danger that the Supreme Court may not get a quorum again even to hear the case but I was telling the folks there that the Supreme Court cannot afford to do that. They will hear the case.

        They told me the real fear is that some Justices of the Supreme Court may just quit and leave the country. If two leave with Ibrahim sick there is no quorum unless Ibrahim has to be brought to court in a stretcher.

        The Supreme Court is supposed to have nine members. Now they have seven. The legal minimum for a quorum is five. If two Justices quit the Supreme Court today we don’t have a Supreme Court in Kenya. That is a possible scenario. Even if the Justices friendly to Uhuru quit, the rest cannot do anything.

        3. The folks are saying the anomalies in this round of so called election are so bad and so blatant it will shock the country. Like my son says these are very bad and incompetent thieves.

        4. I asked the folks if they are getting into the servers and I was told there is such massive evidence of election fraud that even checking the servers is unnecessary. But they are checking them.

        5. In summary based on the evidence it is not possible to determine how many votes Uhuru actually got in this fraudulent enterprise they call an election.

        6. I do agree with you that just having another round of elections and violence against citizens by the state is asking too much from the citizens. I mean people are terrified.

        I was talking to my nephews a bunch of them from KU and Nairobi university who are now home and they told me they have reached a stage where the teargas does not work on them anymore. They just grab it and through it back.

        Even the tears don’t come out when hit with the canister. May be that is why the cops are gassing sleeping toddlers in a kindergarten.

        It is the bullets that worry them and I was asking them why do they go out and they told me they have no holes to hide in. They were just laughing at me but I could feel they are terrified to death.

        So yes we need a strategy. Another election in 90 days or whatever makes no sense. But if the Supreme Court gathers enough courage to through this garbage out then we need a transition period and a transition government.

        The one thing everybody has to be very careful about are acts of sporadic and reckless violence like the stuff we saw in Kawangware. That is the most dangerous stuff because it can spread so quickly and then nobody can control it.

        Even the police will be running for their own lives. The Nairobi gangs are deadly and they have no interest in politics. Worse still they know each other. Mungiki are itching to cut off some necks and if they get state cover like they did in Kawangware then the other gangs have a tit for tat and their goes your neighbourhood. It can be hell very quickly.

        That was very close. Raila displayed resolute leadership by going to Kawangware in person even as the buildings were burning and talking to the young folks to calm down. That is what leadership is all about.


    • Mzee,

      I was waiting yesterday to make sure the petition to the Supreme Court is filed. I was calling my buddy and he had switched off the bloody safaricom. Anyway now I have his other contact.

      I was nervous about this whole boycott thing just the same way I was nervous about the boycott of the elections at first. I don’t know about the boycott of safaricom etc because everywhere in rural towns of Kenya just about everybody is selling those airtime things and MPESA is technically the national bank of Kenya for big and small people.

      You buy soda with MPESA and buy veges the same way. I bet you can buy achwaka (chang’aa) with MPESA. No kidding. But I am sure they will learn their lesson when they realize that people can punish them where it hurts the most. In the pocket book. Good. I can see Safaricom and others quietly seeking audience and understanding with NASA.

      In terms the petition I think the one filed by the civil society and Mwau is fantastic. It covers all grounds.


      Strangely enough, the same issues raised on Oct. 25, 2017 when the Supreme Court could not get a quorum are on the table now. Uhuru was afraid of those issues and blocked the court. Now he can’t block them. The Supreme Court will have no choice but to get the quorum

      I was wondering if they are going to bring Justice Mohamed from the sick bed. He is actually one of the more principled members of that bench. I hope he is going to be good enough to come to court.

      The first issue is whether Raila/Kalonzo withdrawal from the race nullified it altogether. IEBC is going to bring their argument about form 24a blah blah.

      Legal experts are saying that form is only necessary if one is nominated and wants to withdraw from the nomination. In this case the nomination itself never took place as was required by law.

      Second issue which I have seen for the first time is that the IEBC was completely confused and incompetent. They first gazette Uhuru and Raila as the only candidates. Then after a court ruling IEBC put six more names.

      That was with a few weeks to the election day. So we had one election where somebody starts the race a month and a half before everybody else. It is like running a 100 metre dash and one person is on the 95 metre line with 5 metres to go and the rest of the competitors are starting 100 metres back.

      Then the 27 constituencies that didn’t vote at all has been brought into the picture. It is a matter to be decided whether you need a vote in all 290 constituencies. But the argument by the IEBC is that all votes in the 27 constituencies that didn’t vote would not change the result.

      There are a couple problems with that argument. The big one is that the election was so shambolic that nobody can say for a fact how many votes Uhuru actually got. I found it interesting that in the Mwau case the lawyers want all from 32As.

      That is the form that gives you the numbers from the polling stations in each constituency which you then add up to get the numbers for form 34A.

      There seems to be a lot of evidence that a lot of the form 34As had fake numbers just cooked up to boost Uhuru’s vote numbers. This was Uhuru rigging against himself and it could come back to haunt him.

      One tricky part is that the IEBC and Uhuru guys may try to trick the court to make a ruling on the Raila/Kalonzo withdrawal case first and argue that if the petitioner wins that part there is no need to look into the actual voting and the numbers since the result will be nullified anyway.

      The petitioners should not agree to that because we want to know if actual crimes were committed during the actual voting because if that happened IEBC as constituted should be removed from office and any other people who engaged in criminal activities during the election to be punished.


      • Ok so there are 3 petitions up on the judiciary website

        filed by
        Insititute of Demo (I think this is some jubilee outfit)
        Njonjo Mue

        Am not sure which petition you refer to but will be readiing these over the weekend


      • Game time. I think from tomorrow at the preliminary hearing we will get the details of the petitions.

        So far we know the primary grounds. What we don’t know are the actual things that happened during the electoral circus itself. There seems to be a whole lot of forms 32A,34A etc that were not even signed by anybody.

        What is in those forms, where they came from, how they were encoded into the tally and all those questions are important to find out if the IEBC engaged in criminal activities with Jubilee to just fake numbers for purposes of claiming a big win,

        It would be a big irony if Uhuru’s attempt to rig against himself becomes a big part of the court findings. Essentially Uhuru did not need to do that. He was going to get his 98% even if the total vote was only 4.5 million as has been suggested. But we will wait and get the details.

        The big items of whether there should have been nominations and the issue of Raila’s withdrawal are basically constitutional issues that do not even need anything from the petitions. Those are constitutional issues the Supreme Court can rule on without even hearing from any party.

        The IEBC stand seems to be that the Supreme Court on their Sept. 1, 2017 ruling did not specifically order them to have fresh nominations is neither here nor there.

        IEBC has its own legal team and in fact they have someone in the Secretariat who is the head of their legal department. The Supreme Court does not work for the IEBC.

        It is up to IEBC legal staff to help IEBC carry out their work within the confines of the constitution. If they had any doubts as to what format the re-election process should have taken they should have gone to the Supreme Court to seek direction.

        Instead the IEBC was going on a trial and error basis. First they gazetted only Raila and Uhuru as the candidates. They claimed that is what the constitution provides for. The Aukot took them to court and a month later the court ruled IEBC was wrong.

        Then IEBC decided to include all the names of the candidates except for Jirongo. Then two days to the election IEBC gazetted Jirongo’s name. You cannot manage a lemonade stand successfully operating the way these IEBC folks were running the show.

        Obviously they had no idea what was legal or not. Their Supreme Court was at State House and those are the people who told them what to do. We will see.

        The interesting thing I saw yesterday was Uhuru’s line of attack when he responded to the petition. Uhuru loudly complained that all the pettitons have been sponsored by Raila and NASA and therefore should be thrown out.



        Talk about stupid. The court does not give a damn who filed the petition or even if they are sponsored or not. The court is there to deal with the facts and evidence presented to them and then make a decision. Raila this and Raila that does not work here. Please.


      • Admin,

        I also saw that late filling fight. I think it was Mzee in this forum who asked why petitioners wait till the last minute to file. But I guess it is because the documents are not easily accessible.

        The Court so far has not directly ruled on purging the said six volumes. The Court however has ruled that the internal memos from the IEBC cannot be used. Quite frankly I don’t know how useful the memos would.

        The court not so much on what people say but rather on what they do. In that regard the request by the applicants to have the forged forms and supporting documents released by the IEBC is much more deadly.

        It is no wonder both the IEBC and Uhuru do not want those forms and servers released. It is says a lot that Uhuru does not want info that could very well confirm his victory released. He knows very well what is in there.

        On the late documents that may be denied, the petitioners are lucky that the court has combined both petitions. IEBC and Uhuru are facing two headed monster in court. It is possible that whatever is missed out by the Nonjo Mue group could be covered by the Mau group.

        In my view the heavier part of this petition are constitutional issues on how the fresh election or rerun was supposed to be run.

        It seems the court is going to be super strict on time. And on Monday the court will make their ruling.

        The one thing that caught my attention was the statement from the Internet Idler In Chief Mutahi Ngunyi whose statement was that Raila has no plan and is just gambling.

        I asked myself does Uhuru and Ruto have any plan on what to do from here. My answer is yes, Uhuru has a very big plan. Uhuru’s grand plan is to hope that Raila and NASA have no plan.

        If for example come Monday the court rules to nullify the Uhuru coronation what exactly will Uhuru do? May be he will run naked in the streets of Nairobi in another drunken stupor like he did last time.

        If Uhuru survives the Supreme court Kenyans will be looking at a protracted long battle that will take many forms and turns. I doubt Uhuru has any clue what to do when that becomes the norm.

        Whichever way this thing goes Kenya will not be the same. We all have to figure it out. And we will.


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