We have a ton of battle in our hands


We have a ton of battle in our hands. Personally I think I will be heading back home again in January to handle a few things and see with my own eyes where we are taking the country.

Luckily for me I finally won my case against the government for torture in Nyayo House torture chambers so I need to go home to fix things with my family.

I won this case back in 2014 and it took forever fighting with Uhuru’s henchman Karanja Kibichio who is the PS in the Interior ministry to actually force them to pay.

I get mad when I see some cases being rejected because they are late and yet way back in 2003 we won a court case which declared that there is no time limit for abuse of human rights. That is why they are still prosecuting the Nazis.

But some Kenyan lawyers are just too lazy. If they did a little research they would find out that time limit issue has been ruled and there are numerous precedent cases to prove that.

I had a lawyer called Julius Juma who used to work wit Rachier and Amolo Advocates but now works on his own and he is a piece of work. Very good lawyer. Anybody with a human rights case should check him out.

So yea they will pay me some peanuts and I will use it to buy panadol to handle some PTSD problems. That would be marvelous won’t it? No I will use it to push my endless number of nephews through school. I screwed up going to jail when I was supposed to be paying school fees for their mothers, my younger sisters.

The sisters turned out to be pretty good business people but they insist it is my job to pay those crazy Kenyan college fees which doesn’t bother me because they are ones who have to face the little monsters when they demand college fees.

My mom was really concerned about that because she told me the only reason I went to college was to be able to pay school fees for the girls.

My father asked me if I even knew what I was doing picking a fight with Moi. I told him I knew exactly what I was doing. Then he said fine but I was going to pay a price for it and he told me that is going to be my problem not his.

Now back to earth. Oh sweet earth where we have Uhuru now as an illegitimate president. It is going to be tough as nails fighting these guys. They are very nasty and we are relentless. Show time starts next week on Tuesday. Folks are in good spirits and pretty ready to go.

In the meantime we have this bizarre situation where Uhuru is even rigging congratulatory greetings.

In the UK they are having a problem with Johnson. The Western countries including the crazy Trump guys are holding their cards. The Uhuru murder spree has spooked a lot of people out here.

Here is Johnson’s situation.


Here in Canada we are pretty confident with the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Foreign Affairs minister Catherine Freeland is very tough so there is going to be no fooling around with Uhuru.

We also have one of the more powerful ministers in that government (Citizenship and Immigration) a very smart guy who came to Canada as a refugee kid from Somalia and is very close to the African Communities in Canada particularly in Toronto where he grew up.

So we have to do the same thing we did with Moi when gave his High Commissioner, Mr. Nyamweya such a hard time Moi had to recall him from Canada demanding that the Candian government should not entertain Kenyans going to the Embassy to cause trouble.

The one good thing in Canada is that we don’t have that tribalism they have in the UK and US among Kenyans who seem to behave like they carried their tribes with them.

Raila fortunately has had a very good rapport with the Kenyan community in Toronto. He has addressed many gatherings here. Last time 2007 it was Miguna who was doing a lot of the organizing here. Oloo has also been involved before but we have several Kenyan groups here.

I personally worked very closely with Miguna although we had our differences later on. But the big fella is back with the team. We will see. Bu the battles Uhuru is going to face is going to be multifaceted. That is how Moi was brought down.

I know Uhuru thinks the Chinese will help him. Ask Mugabe. Kama Mbaya ni Mbaya.

In conclusion for now the one thing I can say we don’t want to hear about is some form of a crappy coalition government. We want clean, free and fair elections for the country and if we end up electing a goat as long as it is free we are fine. We will keep our goat.

So it is not about Uhuru. We demand free elections and if that election gives us Uhuru fare enough. This is not complicated.


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    • Good People,

      It looks like the cops have given up on their silly plan of blocking Uhuru Park from NASA. People are moving in.

      It seems the real nasties in Jubilee like Githu Muigai who promised to get Raila hanged if he dares get sworn in have given up. I am sure Uhuru is fuming at State House. May he will do another drunken outburst attacking Nasa and judge who is going to swear him in.

      Something weird just happened at Uhuru Park in the last couple of hours. The mungiki chaps took tons of beehives to Uhuru Park hoping the little insect warriors would do a number on NASA supporters.

      The beehives have been smoked out quick and fast. So everything is safe for now. Who knows Sonko might come up with his own truck loads of shit (I mean that literally) to pour at Uhuru park. Shit in Nairobi has now become a weapon. Imagine that.

      I was talking to my nephew in Nairobi a few minutes ago and telling him to be careful and as usual he doesn’t listen to me. He told me they are mobilizing students at the campus to go to the rally. This is the kid who told me last time that he is so use to teargas now he can eat it for breakfast. Not good.

      My battle with my good comrade Oduor Ong’wen has been that we need to get this swearing in done so we get to work.

      NASA needs to develop a comprehensive plan to fight for electoral justice and economic equity in our country. People just don’t pay taxes so that Uhuru can buy bullets to kill them. Kenyans pay tax so their government can serve all of them. It is not charity. It is their right.

      Once we go through this stage I am going home for a month or two to get a grip on where we are heading.

      Kenyans are ready for change and they are ready to work for it. People are not stupid they know it is going to be a battle but with our blood and bare hands we can achieve everything for ourselves and our country.


      • Adongo

        Like we always knew, Kalonzo Mudavadi and Wetangule suddenly got cold feet and turned chicken. THey did not show up. Whatever the excuse, fact is they did not show up.

        Most important for NRM is what happens from here on.


      • Good People,

        I just loved what I saw today at Uhuru Park! Agwambo on the battle field all alone and he still went ahead and just did it!! And the crowd!! Wow!! Did one reporter say the crowd was close to a million or did I get his Kiswahili wrong??


    • Mzee and friends,

      Finally I got to talk with Ndugu Ong’wen yesterday and I always tell him about what we do here in DC and in the social media and he knows our frustrations and concerns when they dither and dither and dither. We get mad as hell and we should as we do.

      He sent me some amazing pictures of the historic event at Uhuru Park on Jan 30, 2018. I am going to figure out how to pass them along to the DC crowd but we all know what happened.

      I also have the pdf version(from the servers) of the August 8, 2017 elections from our friends. Raila and NASA won that election. The only election actually in 2017. We will figure that out too.

      Now here is the issue. Uhuru had his inauguration at Kasarani when there were millions of buses to take people to the event with police escort and cheer leaders. Nobody showed up except for the cops and clown dancers. You posted the pictures. Looked awful and sad.

      Raila and NASA had their inauguration when the entire political establishment in Kenya told NASA supporters that they will be shot if they show up and their leader(s) will be hanged at Kamiti. Then NASA supporters start arriving at 4.00 am and finally the cops surrender and NASA supporters in numbers unheard of take over the city peacefully.

      There are no words to describe this whole phenomenon. It cheers all our hearts tremendously as patriots and this is just the beginning.

      I told our NASA buddies that in the next week we have to come up with a plan to deal with this Uhuru dictatorship. It is something that has to involve all of us and not just NASA leaders and their task force. Uhuru is just shutting down independent media. We can’t allow that to happen.

      On that note let me say something. The Kenyan media is in a crisis they just can’t figure out. Kenyan media, Daily Nation, Star, Standard and most of the TV media are pro Uhuru and full of ridiculous Uhuru worshipers.

      Now Uhuru hits them in the head. Internally they like it because they don’t want to stand for the freedom of the press if that means defending Raila and NASA. But without freedom of the press they have no work. Some of them have been shut off for two days. If Trump shut off CNN for ten minutes there would be a riot in the US. But I digress.

      I am going to ask that right here in DC we develop our own agenda to send to NASA in terms of what is next. We are in this battle together and we all have some input. That is what we are going to do. The NASA leadership has respect for us. We have respect and differences with them. There is plenty of work to be done. We are going to do it. No doubt.

      Lastly I must give a big comradely big up for General Miguna who stood tall and steadfast with NASA at Uhuru Park. That was a brave and bold action you expect from a Kenyan patriot. Me and Miguna we have had our differences and have worked on a million things. Miguna made me very proud on January 30, 2018.

      We have work to do folks. It starts now. For real.


      • Miguna Miguna and NRM (K) are key, courage and bravery is what Kenyans need at this time.

        On another note I do wish NASA in Diaspora could be more organised & effective with one voice. Adongo, I’m reaching out to you, coud you privatey send me a message to this effect through our Group Admin ?


      • Adongo

        Some folks realized recently something that all of us comrades from the older years back in the day have always known, that courage and vision are not teachable trades so they cannot be acquired in schools, nor are they items that you can inherit from someone, or assimilate through some type of osmosis or association by creating numerous coalitions with fancy names with those that have it.

        Courage/Vision is, period. And either you have it or don’t. Thats why there was Nelson Mandela, Raila Odinga, Steve Biko, Patrice Lumumba and others in Africa, Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, and others in US etc. Some people are talking about Ruto, but the real leader who has emerged here is Hassan Joho. A smart brilliant and courageous man who knows and understands what needs to be done. His only remaining test is that of time.

        Meanwhile there are many heroes of the day, Miguna, Kajwang, and all those who braved the consequences and turned up whether as leaders or as supporters.

        Those are the people I want to call and be proud of as my fellow citizens in the new republic


      • Yes I agree that NASA in Diaspora is an idea whose time has come. I think in our case we would identify simple tasks that we can handle politically with the current stalemate in the country as well as in the economic field.

        Diaspora has a big stake in the Kenyan economy. You all know that. Half your money goes there. It is big numbers in cash for the country each year, but it is all scattered. How about a Kenyan Diaspora SACCO? It could run billions in assets and investments. That is for another day.

        Now I was going to talk about the scandalous behaviour of the big media houses in Kenya including the formidable Nation Media Group. The big media has been shut down and they don’t even want to go to court for abuse of free press and the economic abuse of arbitrarily cutting off legal private business. They are losing money on this or may be not.

        The Kenyan media is in Uhuru’s pocket and Uhuru is farting on their heads. What can they do? They are in Uhuru’s pocket and the man is putting gas on them.

        But this is what got my attention.


        This is not good. We are keeping all eyes on the yellow boots. They will not crash the nation. Absolutely.


    • Admin.

      The first thing that has surprised me is the turnout. This is a swearing where Kenyans came in frightening numbers to see their president. That is a scary thought. We saw this in Egypt leading to the downfall of the man they call pharaoh, president Mubarak.

      I am not saying we are going to do the same thing in Kenya. These things grow their own organic lives and they are never the same. But the guts Kenyans have to end Uhuru dictatorship is real. It is not a joking matter.


      The second thing of course is the disappearance of Kalonzo and all the other so called principals. I will give Kalonzo the benefit of doubt. He says his security was all taken out and he had no way of getting to Uhuru Park.

      My thinking is that the same thing happened to all NASA leaders including Raila but of us who know Raila also know that he actually has his own security.

      The idea seems to have been that let the NASA crowd gather at Uhuru Park, find a way to stop their leaders from making it to the park. That would have been a disaster for NASA.

      If the leaders didn’t show up and there was word of them being arrested or held it would have been a street warfare and the cops would come back to say we left them the park and now they are causing chaos and it is graveyard time. That would have worked perfectly for Uhuru. It didn’t work.

      I have been trying to get a hold of our friends in NASA but I think everybody is in some kind of a meeting. I will do that before the end of the day and get a sense on what the next steps are.

      One thing for sure, forget swearing in Kalonzo and creating a farce. The symbolic swearing exercise is over and now we have to step into another battlefield. There are going to be many of them and the usual cynics will keep yapping about Raila wasting time.

      Luckily some of us do not have the luxury of wallowing in cynicism. That is a game for those with no faith in the ability of the masses to make history. It is a game of losers.

      The last thing I have detected in the last couple of hours is that people are pretty pissed with the likes of Kalonzo. These people had a very good chance of taking the mantle from Raila but not as cowards.

      People like Kalonzo have to understand that at the core of the matter is that there are about 4 million Kenyans who support Raila and his militant approach to addressing the rot in Kenya politics.

      Without the support of that group and they come from many tribes and communities Kalonzo, Mudavadi or anybody else has no chance whatsoever. We have to address that very carefully because that is what is in the best interests of Ruto. I am surprised people like Kalonzo don’t understand that.


    • Einstein and others,

      Yes that was some crowd. We are going to get the numbers but that is the kind of thing that sends chills through the spines of dictators. You can’t stop people like that with guns and bullets. When the have the motivation, the leadership and the guts, human beings in such masses are the only unstoppable force on earth.
      In Egypt when they went to the square Mubarak sent everything. For the first time in my life I saw camels used as weapons by Mubarak police. They would ride the camels at a crazy speed through the crowd and just crash people. Pharaoh was not a joke.

      The trick and the challenge for NASA is going to be how to mobilize this energy in different streams for the struggle for electoral reforms and for economic development for all Kenyans.

      One very good outcome of the whole event is that it was very peaceful even though it very well be the largest crowd seen in the country in a very long time. The clear message here to all Kenyans is that if you leave people alone people will assemble and there will be no problems for everybody.

      That is what we have to tell Uhuru. Leave the people alone and hug the TV and make sure nobody watches them. OK.

      The first test is to ensure that the leaders do not vandalize peoples hopes and dreams. That is how things get screwed up. And of course we have to deal with our political DNA of tribalism in the country. Even within this NASA formation you can see the strains of tribalism and opportunism.

      Kenyan politicians love to harvest but they don’t like to plough the land, the don’t want to weed and tend to the plants. Any fool knows that never works.

      Look at the madness today when Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Wetangula chickened out. There is the security thing they talk about and I can understand that but it seems these guys were just too scared. I don’t blame them.

      I know from experience that jail and police cells are bloody scary if you have never been there. You think you may never come out. Once you have been there you know you are going to come out.

      What seemed to have really surprised Kalonzo and company is just how good and powerful the whole event was. They looked from their cut off TVs and realized they have just blown an event of a lifetime for them politically.

      I hope they learn but Raila and his friends have to avoid turning that into an issue. Kenyans will sort it out. There are going to be all sorts of alliances as we move on.

      But looking at the reaction form the missing warriors you get the feeling they understood their blunder.



      • Bwana Adongo,
        Yes, Mubarak threw everything he had at the people including trucks loads of feaces not to mentions military tanks and water cannons but none of it worked.

        Kenya police realized that this was a fight they were not going to win. People were ready to face the police and fight them to the end. There was no way on earth they could shoot dead or disperse that crowd. Such an eventuality would have probably led to the overthrow of Uhuru Kenyatta.

        That the three amigos did not show up due to fear was probably a good thing. For one it showed that they do not matter, for things went on without them. These people`s cowardice will go down in history books and our children will read about them. What a shame.

        But the important thing is the next step. What does Raila do? What does NASA do? What Does NRM do? Its very important that the momentum is not slowed down otherwise it will be starting from zero again. The county assemblies should be invigorated even as Githu Muigai is in court to challenge its legality.

        I very clear path of “overthrowing” this government must be in place. Another 5 years of this nonsense and we are done.

        I have always had the opinion that Raila must now leave it to Kalonzo and Mudavadi to drive the agenda going forward. But yesterday’s events makes me feel like saying Raila tosha 2022.

        Adongo, you have good contacts right at the apex of NASA so keep us posted.


    • At least Miguna is out of the dungeon now. Good lord do we ever have problems in that country.


      The Uhuru commandos basically bombed out Miguna’s house and now they have no clue what to charge him with. Talk about nuts.

      They went there as if Miguna had army tanks and a brigade with arms ready for combat. They found nothing.

      Now they are making up excuses ati Miguna had called himself the General of an outlawed group. That is nonsense. It is not what Miguna said or did not say. It is about what they found in his house after they destroyed it. Tax payers should be preparing to pay a few hundred million bucks for this reckless and dangerous behaviour by the police.

      I was talking to a friend in Nairobi about the nightmare Uhuru is putting the country into and I told her the real problem is that Uhuru does not know what to do and so he is going to try anything and everything. That never ends well.

      The other real trouble is that even the media which as I said are in Uhuru’s dirty pockets do not know what to do. They are staring like deer in the headlights. If this was Moi in 1990’s the media would be screaming bloody murder. But now it is their darling Uhuru who is even closing down the media and they just sit bye meekly. How pathetic is that.

      At times like this it pays to remember the awakening words of Pastor Martin Niemoller.

      First they came for the Communists
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Communist
      Then they came for the Socialists
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Socialist
      Then they came for the Trade Unionists
      And I did not speak out
      Because I am not a Trade Unionist
      Then they came for the Jews
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Jew
      Then they came for me
      And there was no one left
      To speak out for me.

      That in a nutshell is where Kenya is right now. So speak out wherever you are.


      • My friends, here is an opinion piece I have sent to DN but I doubt they will publish it because I take issue with the paralyzed media sanitizing Uhuru’s madness.

        The way I see this thing we are headed to the streets to demand an end to state terrorism.

        I am going to suggest to our friends that we take some action but mobilize a national Day of Protest to on March 1, 2018 to condemn this terror on opposition voices. That is the day Josiah Mwangi Kariuki was murdered by Uhuru’s father. We need to tell Uhuru we are not going there whatsoever.

        Here is the Piece and because I basically cannot edit stuff after I post them due to some technical hitches it will just be the way it comes:

        Paralyzed Media in a Paralyzed Country.

        By Adongo Ogony

        The events in our country in the last few days have been beyond insanity by the Uhuru government.

        After issuing countless threats to NASA leaders to avoid swearing in Raila Odinga as president promising to arrest him and get him hanged the Swearing in came in January 30, 2018. It is an event that will be etched in our collective consciousness for generations to come.

        What this will lead to we do not know. The cynics are doing what they do best. They think this was nonsense which will lead nowhere. Unfortunately for them some of us do not have the luxury of cynicism. We live in the here and now.

        What has happened so far is that President Uhuru seems to have lost his mind. I know saying something like that can get my house bombed. If Uhuru is going to order his cops to bomb the houses of everybody who can’t stand Uhuru like they did with Miguna Miguna, very soon Uhuru may run out of bombs.

        We are many as was seen in Uhuru Park on January 30, 2018. The government might have to designate all the tax money they collect to stocking up on weapons to destroy the NASA supporters. That is no easy task so good luck with that.

        On January 30, 2018 Uhuru’s government stormed in media houses and switched off some of the biggest news providers in the country including NTV.
        For the last few days some of the biggest names in Kenyan media namely, Larry Madowo, Linus Kaikai and Ken Mijunga have reportedly been hankering in the toilet at Nation House to avoid being arrested mainly for doing their job.

        The media houses have hardly or meekly raised their concerns with the government. If this was the Moi era in the 1990’s the media would be screaming bloody murder. But it seems Uhuru gets a pass. I wonder why.

        It is astonishing that the media houses have not even gone to court to get their TV outlets freed from the clutches of the state. Activist Okiya Omtatah is the one who had the guts to take the matter to court while the media seems to be enjoying being shut off by Uhuru. It is really absurd.

        Omtatah who got a court order to re-open the networks was stopped from delivering the court order by the new gestapo in town and of course Uhuru’s government is very comfortable showing complete contempt for the court orders.

        Are they going to start arresting judges who issue these court orders?
        Watching the pictures of the destruction of Miguna’s house it looks true that the police commandos bombed their way in to house and was just tearing the place apart. That is an act of terrorism. There is no other way to define it even to those who are blind to the need for justice in our country.

        Now the police boss is saying Miguna Miguna called himself the General of an outlawed organization (NRM) and they had to arrest him. That is complete rubbish. What Miguna said or did not say is irrelevant. What matters is what the cops found in Miguna’s home.

        Did they find army tanks and weapons that Miguna was piling up for war against the state? No they didn’t. That is what counts in a court of law if we will still have them after Uhuru is finished with his moment of pure madness.

        As we speak the Kenya government owes Kenyans who survived the Moi abuses something close to Kshs1 billion. They are struggling to pay it. I am personally one of those victims still waiting to be paid after winning my case in 2014.
        Now with the new wave of gross violations of human rights the Kenyan taxpayer will be in for another Kshs 1 billion to the victims. The state abuses people and we pay.

        But that is nothing compared to those who are getting killed outright. Today we have a report about a 14 year old shot by police in Kibera and that is on top of hundreds already killed since August 8, 2018.

        What we saw on January 30, 2018 is that when Kenyans are left alone they can hold peaceful rallies and protests and then just go home.

        My real fear is that with the recklessness going on and politicians security being compromised right, left and centre very soon one of them is going to get killed and what may follow after that is unthinkable. We are playing with fire near a tank full gasoline. That never ends well.

        I saw an editorial from the Daily Nation entitled “Stop humiliation of opposition leaders”. The editorial is about oppositions leaders state provided security and personal licensed guns being taken away by the state. This is not a simple act of humiliation. This is dangerous abuse of the rights of Kenyans who are by law provided with security. Let’s call a spade a spade for once.

        If any of these politicians whose security is being compromised get shot even by thugs we can easily set the country aflame. Even stupidity has limits if you still want to function. Let’s stop playing around with the lives of Kenyans even if some are perceived to be from enemy tribes or communities. Kenyans all pay taxes.
        Let me leave with the following awakening words of Pastor Martin Niemoller

        o First they came for the Communists
        And I did not speak out
        Because I was not a Communist
        Then they came for the Socialists
        And I did not speak out
        Because I was not a Socialist
        Then they came for the Trade Unionists
        And I did not speak out
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist
        Then they came for the Jews
        And I did not speak out
        Because I was not a Jew
        Then they came for me
        And there was no one left
        To speak out for me.
        That in a nutshell is where Kenya is right now. So speak out wherever you are even in the media. Please. It is for your own survival.

        Adongo Ogony is a human rights activist.


      • Friends

        This is Maina Kiai’s piece sometimes back. It addresses some issues we have to talk about now.

        Our issue now is that we will launch a National Day of Unity on March 2, 2018 to commemorate the day Josiah Mwangi Kariuki was assassinated for demanding human and economic equity rights for all Kenyans. It is going to be a NEVER AGAIN campaign. These Jubilee lunatics could start doing very bad things. Never Again.

        Here is Kiai’s long ago piece.


        Kiai has another one today which I will post shortly.


  1. Adongo,
    I hear you.
    I think that people such as Oduor Ong´wen and Ndii David are rare breed not easy to find. I wish that their technical committee is not overruled by the big kahunas.
    Having said that, Uhuru has now resorted to roadside announcements arap Moi style. True sign of dictatorship. Mara ordering his lap dog Matiangi to issue school kids with NHIF cards, mara Matiangi to jail teachers helping in exam cheating, mara this mara that, all by the roadside. So we are basically in a bad place.

    Uhuru Kenyatta now joins the rank of 20th century neo nazists. Very good. See below


    The following politicians have all been described in some way as being new nationalists:
    Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, President of Egypt (assumed office in 2014)
    Marine Le Pen, former leader of the French National Front; candidate in the 2017 presidential election
    Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom[36]
    Kellie Leitch, MP and 2017 candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada
    Kevin O’Leary, businessman and 2017 candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada
    Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India (assumed office in 2014)
    Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel (assumed office in 2009)
    Norbert Hofer, the candidate from the Freedom Party of Austria in the 2016 presidential election, which he lost by 46.2% to 53.8%

    Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya (assumed office in 2013) and leader of the Jubilee Party of Kenya

    Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia (assumed office in 2012) and leader of Direction-Social Democracy
    Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary (assumed office in 2010) and leader of Fidesz[
    Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (assumed office in 2017)
    Matteo Salvini, MEP and Federal Secretary of the Italian Lega Nord
    Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic (assumed office in 2013)

    So when you talk to your buddies down their in Kenya let them know that we are eagerly waiting for the next move. But this thing seems to be scaring people. Uhuru has now fully employed/deployed the UK ambassador to Kenya to come out every morning to warn of dangers of Railas oathing. Its just amazing guys.


    • Mzee and others,

      Here is a piece I am sending to the media houses as an opinion piece and I am also sharing it wit hour friends at home. I am getting fed up with this Raila legacy overdrive:

      Raila’s Legacy and People’s Assembly

      By Adongo Ogony

      Raila Odinga and NASA have promised Kenyans that Raila will be sworn in as the Peoples’ President of Kenya under the auspices of the recently launched Peoples’ Assembly of Kenya.

      In the last few weeks and even more feverishly in the last couple of days Kenyans have been bombarded with endless appeals for Raila Odinga to abandon the idea of being sworn in as Peoples’ President so that he can preserve his endearing legacy as a reformer and a fighter for basic freedoms and democracy in our republic.

      In fact the AG Mr. Githu Muigai has ominously promised Raila that should he dare get sworn in as president there will be a rope and a hangman waiting for him at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison and he will be dispatched to hell pronto. Laughable nonsense but that is the nation’s AG speaking.

      The last time people were hanged in Kenya was in 1987. I was at Kamiti medium prison at the time. The hanging takes place at the maximum prison next door to us but the unfortunate grave diggers who bury the hanged and the dead are sourced from medium prison. Two days during hanging time the entire two prisons are in lock up.

      The grave diggers for those two days are given special treatment and locked in a special jail cell. At least they get to drink uji with few insects floating there and eat beans with fewer stones. That is grand life in Kenyan prisons. So some people are going to have great fun when Raila gets hanged hopefully soon if Githu gets his wish. I will come back to this shortly.

      For those who want Raila Amolo Odinga to protect his legacy through submission to the powers that be, I ask one question.

      Who told them that Raila’s legacy is to endorse and promote Uhuru Kenyatta’s dictatorship in Kenya that we have seen since August 8, 2017. If that is the legacy Raila wants he may have no place even in hell.

      Raila’s legacy has been to fight relentlessly for democratic reforms and the institutionalization of human rights as fundamental pillars of our national values as Kenyans and as a country.

      Raila Odinga and other reform activists and politicians working with millions of the Kenyan masses have made incredible progress in our national agenda for basic freedoms, liberty and democracy. We are all very proud of that as Kenyans and that includes even those who vehemently hate Raila as a person.

      If Kenyans didn’t risk life and limb fighting against the Moi dictatorship we would be living in a Zimbabwe today. Imagine that.

      Fighting against the new Uhuru dictatorship and mass murder of hundreds of Kenyans including children since August 8, 2017 is a big part of that legacy. Why would Raila and others working with him want to blow that up now?

      In my view a People’s Assembly with its president and national as well as regional leadership and structures will be a key cornerstone in the institutionalization of our national resistance against dictatorship in our country today. What better legacy would Raila or anybody else committed to human rights and democracy want?

      In any event people talk about Raila’s legacy as if he is dead or dying. The last I checked Raila is very much alive unless the AG Githu Muigai speeds up his hanging program.

      Raila Odinga being sworn in does not mean he will seize State House and throw Uhuru in jail. That is just plain nonsense like Githu’s hanging business.

      A peoples’ Assembly will just be another firm platform to fight for electoral justice, equitable economic development and human rights in our country. The process and direction that takes will be determined by the factors on the ground. That is how these things work all the time everywhere.

      For those who want to hang Raila, I am offering twenty five ropes. Very tough ropes. The man will be dead in minutes. I can guarantee that. Will that solve our problems? I don’t know.

      Here is what I know. Even though I live in Canada today after fleeing into exile there I went to Kenya in June 2017 to participate in the elections and left the country on August 13, 2017 after seeing literal mass murder by government agents on Kenyans who were merely protesting the completely messed up elections.

      Today credible reports indicate that at least 215 Kenyans including children were killed by state agents in the election aftermath. We had kindergartens and sleeping toddlers being recklessly gassed by security agents who lobbied teargas on them. I cannot think of anything more hideous than that.

      None of these criminals and murderers has been brought to court to face charges. Instead they have been lauded as national heroes by none other than president Uhuru Kenyatta. What does that tell Kenyans? And what does that say about the legacy of Uhuru Kenyatta himself. Killing children is a no go zone even in wars and we have no war in Kenya.

      Today here in Toronto, Canada we are launching an organizations called “The Coalition For The Protection Of Kenyan Children Against State Violence”. Something has to be done about what is going on in our country today and we are prepared to do our part. We always are.

      The writer is a human rights activist.


    • Mzee and friends,

      Finally I got to talk with Ndugu Ong’wen yesterday and I always tell him about what we do here in DC and in the social media and he knows our frustrations and concerns when they dither and dither and dither. We get mad as hell and we should as we do.

      He sent me some amazing pictures of the historic event at Uhuru Park on Jan 30, 2018. I am going to figure out how to pass them along to the DC crowd but we all know what happened.

      I also have the pdf version(from the servers) of the August 8, 2017 elections from our friends. Raila and NASA won that election. The only election actually in 2017. We will figure that out too.

      Now here is the issue. Uhuru had his inauguration at Kasarani when there were millions of buses to take people to the event with police escort and cheer leaders. Nobody showed up except for the cops and clown dancers. You posted the pictures. Looked awful and sad.

      Raila and NASA had their inauguration when the entire political establishment in Kenya told NASA supporters that they will be shot if they show up and their leader(s) will be hanged at Kamiti. Then NASA supporters start arriving at 4.00 am and finally the cops surrender and NASA supporters in numbers unheard of take over the city peacefully.

      There are no words to describe this whole phenomenon. It cheers all our hearts tremendously as patriots and this is just the beginning.

      I told our NASA buddies that in the next week we have to come up with a plan to deal with this Uhuru dictatorship. It is something that has to involve all of us and not just NASA leaders and their task force. Uhuru is just shutting down independent media. We can’t allow that to happen.

      On that note let me say something. The Kenyan media is in a crisis they just can’t figure out. Kenyan media, Daily Nation, Star, Standard and most of the TV media are pro Uhuru and full of ridiculous Uhuru worshipers.

      Now Uhuru hits them in the head. Internally they like it because they don’t want to stand for the freedom of the press if that means defending Raila and NASA. But without freedom of the press they have no work. Some of them have been shut off for two days. If Trump shut off CNN for ten minutes there would be a riot in the US. But I digress.

      I am going to ask that right here in DC we develop our own agenda to send to NASA in terms of what is next. We are in this battle together and we all have some input. That is what we are going to do. The NASA leadership has respect for us. We have respect and differences with them. There is plenty of work to be done. We are going to do it. No doubt.

      Lastly I must give a big comradely big up for General Miguna who stood tall and steadfast with NASA at Uhuru Park. That was a brave and bold action you expect from a Kenyan patriot. Me and Miguna we have had our differences and have worked on a million things. Miguna made me very proud on January 30, 2018.

      We have work to do folks. It starts now. For real.


  2. Yes Nyatieng the tactical retreat was confusing but we have to move on.

    Oduor here is pretty frank. He knows what he is talking about and I like his confidence. I know how tough he is.

    The first time I was arrested he went to talk to my father to reassure him. My dad told him he is not worried about me. My dad’s idea was that if we were going to fight Moi we were lucky enough to stay alive. He said “keep it going and take what is coming”. The old man never forgot Ong’wen. He had tremendous respect for people like him. And so do I.

    Here is the story.



    • Adongo,

      On the NASA /NRM AGENDA – the brains behind the strategies are operating at a different intellectual level. I’m sure even the timeline of events confusing some of us are well thought out!


      1. On building a monument: This is a great idea..The atrocities committted by the police should not be an event consigned to history. Whilst the increased use of social media and technology has huge potential for good, it also means that false information and ideas are easily spread and it is often hard to distinguish between facts and rumours. The monument can be an opportunity to remember the fallen every year, to the exact month, year in year out.Because without thorough education covering these events and the preceding political events leading up to them, it is possible that they could be forgotten or the truth misrepresented in the future.

      2.I hope the NGO (Pamoja Trust) supporting the victims with compensation claims will get all the support they need from everyone to get justice (alot of evidence were captured on socia media). The police have already lost a case recently in court for abusing a school child and have been ordered to pay up:



      • Nyatieng and Adongo,
        The struggle continues.
        The problem is that some think that this is Railas war, this must change if we are to reach our destination.. But the ideas coming out of Mombasa peoples assembly are good. It looks like the people of Mombasa are more eager about this matter than any other in Kenya. No people are as tired and these people. Oppression has reached the very bottom of their hearts.

        These are the kind of people Raila needs to work with. At the moment some surrounding Raila are wishy washy tumbocrats who are not principled at all. People such as Ongwen, Orengo, Muthama, Joho, Mishi Mboko, Aisha Jumwa, Magaya Norman, Bonny Khalwale, David Ndii etc are what we need. They understand the journey so well. But then we have those keen on negotiating for positions in the government and those who are looking to 2022 as if anything will change without reforms. Truth of the matter is that without a person of Railas calibre Jubilee will rule for another 100 years. Leadership will alternate between Kikuyu and Kalenjin forever. Obviously some tumbocrats from the opposition will be happy eating crumbs from the masters table but thats just about it. Its sad but true.

        As for the monument, I hope that it will be a huge thing placed centrally in Kisumu, preferably at the roundabout in Oginga Odinga street or near the gates of Kisumu at Kachok. Its must be so huge no one should be able to miss it. I also want another one placed in Kondele. Young men here have fought gallantly for our freedom and paid with their lives.

        I was in senegal 4 years ago and saw the huge African Renaissance Monument. It was so impressive. I have never seen anything like it. Thats the kind of monument Kisumu should have.

        I just love the idea


    • And Here is Raila Odinga’s message for the country on Christmas:


      DECEMBER 23, 2017.

      Christmas and the New Year festivities is a time of joy and hope. It is also the time we reflect on the year behind us, and what lies ahead.

      We end 2017 a deeply divided people. We are divided between those who have rallied behind the leadership that wants to take us back to the dictatorship and those who believe that democracy and rule of law portend a brighter future for us all.

      We are divided by the forces and ideas that propelled the second liberation and the new constitutional dispensation, and the beneficiaries of the old political order whose power and wealth is threatened by democracy, rule of law, devolution and inclusive governance.

      We are divided by historical injustices, between those who believe that the truth will set us free, and those who fear the truth.

      As we look into 2018, we must acknowledge that the forces of autocracy are on the ascendancy, not just here in Kenya but across the world. The global wind of change that propelled our second liberation has abated. Freedom and democracy are under threat in every part of the world. In Europe, the extremist nationalism that gave rise to fascism is now commonplace.

      Western governments who supported our cause have abandoned democracy and now promote stability at whatever cost. But this should not surprise or disappoint. States are not moral beings.

      They pursue their interests as they perceive them. Promoting democracy served to undermine communism. Today some western governments perceive strong dictatorships as more useful than democracy in combating terrorism and giving them access to natural resources and economic opportunities.

      As we usher in 2018, we are called upon to choose between resigning ourselves to dictatorship, to accept and move on, or to stand up for what we believe in.

      We are called upon to accept that there is political hierarchy of communities in this country, the rulers and the ruled, or to affirm our dignity as equal citizens and to invoke our inalienable human right to self-determination if we must.

      We are called upon to accept that some people are more equal than others, that there shall be one law for the poor, and another for the powerful, or to defend the rule of law.

      We are called upon to accept that the vote will no longer matter, that what will matter is loyalty and sycophancy to the powers that be, or to stand and be counted.

      The Christmas story reminds us that throughout history cruel leaders have inflicted needless pain and suffering on people, like King Herod was doing at the time of Jesus. Such leaders live in fear of the people. When King Herod heard that another king had been born, he sent soldiers to hunt him down and kill him. The mighty king was afraid of being overthrown by a baby. He lived in fear of the people.

      But cruel rulers have never triumphed over determined people. The mighty Soviet Union could not break the will of the Afghan people. The indomitable USA could not defeat the Vietcong in Vietnam. The fate of all dictatorships is to fall. They inflict pain and suffering but it’s all in vain for they live in fear and ultimately fall.

      King Herod slaughtered children but failed to kill baby Jesus. We thank the Almighty for the gift of life, family and friends. That is why, over this season, we remember fondly those who left us.

      We remember in particular the innocent, defenseless victims of police brutality and in particular Baby Pendo, Stephanie Moraa and Geoffrey Mutinda. We pray for their souls, and for their tormented families. We pray for the injured, the widowed and the orphaned.

      The Christmas message of hope reminds us at times like this that good triumphs over evil, that faith and courage will always triumph over fear, and justice will always triumph over injustice. The message of Christmas therefore implores us to arm ourselves with faith, hope and the courage of our convictions. We too shall overcome and we have a clear program to victory.

      On Sunday 17 December, the Coast region set in motion the People’s Assembly process. We experience firsthand the outpouring of emotions and resolve of the people.

      The other regions will convene similar forums in January leading up to the inaugural National Convention early in February. Through the People’s Assembly process, we are breathing life into the foundation of our Constitution, namely the Supremacy of the Constitution and Sovereignty of the People.

      As you recall, we planned to launch the People’s Assembly process with a National Convention hosted by Mombasa County on Jamhuri Day 12th of December, during which we were going to swear in the legitimate President and Deputy President of the Republic.

      We were implored to defer the ceremony as a confidence building measure towards a political dialogue with Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta. We know how disappointed many people were by the postponement.

      Unfortunately, and true to our fears, the interlocutors that we gave benefit of the doubt are the same ones now singing Uhuru Kenyatta’s tune that we need talk only about development and Vision 2030.

      This development worship is not new. It was first pronounced by Jomo Kenyatta in 1965 shortly after dismantling the independence constitution, elevating himself to the imperial presidency and co-opting the opposition making Kenya a de facto one party state.

      It is the opium that successive regimes have used to anaesthetize the people so as to take away their political rights, dispossess them of their land, rob them blind in Government, and exploit them ruthlessly in the market place.

      This is the status quo that we must uproot for democracy and the rule of law to take root. We do not expect the status quo to cooperate in its own uprooting.

      We cannot and shall not go back to dictatorship. We promise you that you can now look forward confidently to our swearing in ceremony very early in the New Year.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

      God Bless You.

      Rt. Hon Raila Odinga,



      • Folks,

        Happy New Year and many years ahead. That is what I know for sure. That is what we all know. Things can only get better. Thankfully.

        I have too busy with the little details of holidays and New Year, so I have not done my job of talking to our NASA Committee for People’s Assembly to figure what the next moves are.

        We want Raila and Kalonzo sworn in as the principal custodians of the Kenya People’s Assembly to fight for the development of meaningful and verifiable electoral infrastructure in the nation that will put an end to election theft as the nation and the world witnessed in the Kenya Presidential Election on August 8, 2017. They talk about electoral reforms. That is too vague for us. Not again.

        Personally I was there in Nairobi actually when the voting doors opened. I was in Starehe at around 1.00 pm on on August 8, 2017. I was with my buddy Ndung’i Githuku and my good friend and son Karimi.

        We were travelling from Bondo. And in Starehe which strands the Nairobi CBD and more we had a Starehe a candidate Boniface Mwangi whom we met a few weeks earlier and we liked his ideas for Starehe and for the country.

        So when we were passing through Starehe voting centres even before they opened we realized just how important voting is to Kenyans. From there we went to Mai Muto and then to Limuru. Then came the horrific counting. My head hurt just looking at the confusion in TV.

        So here we are now.

        It is great to see Kalonzo Muysoka who is dealing with a very serious personal and family concerns is ready to help NASA make the next step which they have to do now. Not later.


        Are we ready for the next step?

        Yes the nation is. Thank you.

        Happy New Year.


      • Adongo,
        That was a classic from David Ndii.
        He told it as is. I think the idea of holding onto the nation called Kenya is really outdated. We have tried nationalism but is has just ground us and threatened to burry 90% of the tribes in the abyss of poverty and hopelessness. Its time a different method and approach be taken.

        Yes we can be some kind of loose union but still remain Kenya. A union in which people respect each other and no one lords over the anyone as is today. So secession in itself might not be such a bad thing after all for it provides the power to regions. Power which they can later use in negotiating how to be part and parcel of Kenya.

        Having said that, I think that there is a disconnect between people like Ndii and the NASA principles. It looks as if the principles want to shift from their previous position. They now want to concentrate on something they call “electoral reforms”. This is exactly what Kenyans have talked about for the past two decades. Its not new and it wont change anything because the results might not be different. It looks like an easy way out of the “fight”.

        What breaks ones heart is the fact that there is probably no time in the history of Kenya that the people have wanted so much change and are ready to do anything to achieve that change. Usually, all the “fighting” has been left for Nyanza but things have changed and almost every part of the country wants to throw the evil regime out. Sadly, the NASA principles seem to be stalling. They are is a state of paralysis.

        I now hear they are forming a parallel cabinet. There is nothing new or revolutionary about this. According to my opinion, its just another way of saying shadow cabinet. People want Raila and Kalonzo to be sworn in. If they keep messing and stalling events will pass them by.

        The two thugs don’t give a damn about negotiations NASA is waiting for. Life is good for them and looting, tribalism, nepotism, marginalization continues. Their kind of looting is so bad Uhuru us actually using our tax dollars to build a city in Nakuru for himself and family.

        That’s why we have to move out asap. Moving out does not mean we are cowards.


  3. Good people,

    What do you think about Orengo, Joho or Kingi leading us in the secession business? Raila has invested too much in his international image to lead this business. He is right when he says so and we should respect this.


    • Einstein

      Joho has already initiated a secession move at the coast. Not sure it will stand but he has already held some consultations.

      Its true we need another leader for this, but it has to be someone that believes in it and has the capacity to take it to its logical end. A team comprising Orengo, Muthama, Khalwalwe, Joho, Kingi could make it work. Individually they will be hit by the system, but together they would be formidable. Throw in there the likes of Miguna and it will get interesting.

      Meanwhile will wait to hear from NRM and hope Adongo has some good news, but right now I see a very long tunnel with absolutely no light.

      We cannot keep doing things the same way over and over and expect a different outcome.

      Even if someone not from Jubilee took over presidency, the entire system is inundated with Jubilee operatives, he would have to push out almost all senior leaders and staff in the military, police force, administration (govt offices), para-statals etc. He would then need to force the hand of media owners. And then embark on taming cartels

      Look at how Magufulli has morphed from hopeful democrat into a feared rising tyrant. All because he initially was trying to tame the cartels and they evidently are fighting back.




        • I think Jakom has lost direction

          Before the repeat elections we were informed that no elections would take place

          We were then told to expect an election in 90 days

          And now we are told to wait for a swearing in on 12/12, and this is after declaring that he cannot be sworn in on account of image

          There is no vision, consistency, legitimacy nor strategy in any of these statements. All I see are attempts to pacify an increasingly agitated population. Those who are talking to NASA leaders, let them be aware that the revolution will soon be out of control. If they want to play nice with Jubilee, they are on their own

          I trust that the contradictory statements are the work of Jubilee and not NASA. its time to get our heads together and forge a united front/path to a new country. Am done with Jubilee governance


      • einstein,

        I just saw that NASA TV report you posted, thank you. What a brilliant idea. I am putting my money where my mouth is. We need to put money on this NASA TV project. I will.

        Freedom of the the press belongs to those who own the press. That is what Lenin said a hundred years ago in February 1917 to be precise. It is true today like it was then. Now we are talking. Definitely.


      • Folks I got the official launching document of The People’s Assembly from my good friend Oduor Ong’wen.


        1st December, 2017

        We are here today to announce the next major milestone in the establishment of the People’s Assembly, the unveiling of the Organising Committee.

        We wish to make it very clear that Kenyans cannot and shall not accept the blatant usurpation of power by the Jubilee administration and its determined effort to revert this nation to an authoritarian rule and the attendant abuse of our human rights.

        This unashamed abuse was plain for all the world to see when we sought to hold a peaceful, memorial service for 26 supporters killed by trigger happy security forces.

        Their only crime was to welcome our leader the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga upon his return from overseas engagement.

        The state unleashed it’s security forces again on Tuesday 28th November to stop them from mourning their departed compatriots.

        It cost 5 more lives, including that of 7 year old Geoffrey Mutinda, who was shot as he played on the balcony at home, by the same police expected to protect him.

        Their blood demands that there must be change in Kenya and we the people, as their fathers, mothers, spouses, sisters, brothers are resolved that electoral justice is a reality in Kenya.

        Majority of Kenyans did not participate in and neither do they recognize the October 26 presidential election hence as per Article 1(1) of the Constitution have not individually and collectively delegated their sovereignty to Uhuru Kenyatta.

        We assert, as per Article 1 of the constitution, the right of citizens to exercise their sovereignty at the county level is not subject to supervision or veto by the national government.

        As we embark on the final pillar of restoring democracy, just government and legitimate leadership, the following individuals will deliberate on and produce the road map towards the achievement of those objectives through the People’s Assembly which will lead us to a free and fair election or the path of self-determination.

        They are:
        Dr. David Ndii
        Judy Sijeny
        Hamida Kibwana
        Dr. Mutakha Kangu
        Dr. Oduor Ong’wen
        Koitamet Olekina
        Peter Mathuki

        The work of the Organising Committee will be to guide, facilitate and co-ordinate the programme of the various assemblies across the country. It will further set up and oversight a national secretariat that will be the centre for the activities of these assemblies among other duties.

        Thank You.


      • Dr. Ndii has been a revolutionary thinker for a long time. He is one of the smartest economists we have in Africa today. His politics is also fiery. I was looking for an article I read in the Daily Nation sometimes in July this year. I couldn’t get it but I got this other one. It tells you everything you need to know about David Ndii. It is a beautiful piece of work.



      • Now they are talking about Treason. Charge them all. Like I said it is the actions of the oppressive regimes that fuel revolutions. Uhuru is very welcome. Arrest Raila and charge him with treason and hang him. Or skip the whole waste of time and just take out the guy.

        The funny part is that the Uhuru types and their media mouthpieces keep saying this whole swearing in is nonsense and they are so terrified of it. What gives.


        It is gut time now. Cowards die a thousand times. It is unnecessary.



      • Adongo,

        The opposition CANNOT afford to give up now. Let the chips fall where they may. Enough is enough and kama ni mbaya basi ni mbaya!!!


      • The AG is threatening Raila Amollo Odinga with death. He is talking of dragging the PM to Kamiti and hanging him. Phew!!!

        The fact that an AG (Muigai) and so called government spokesman (Kiraithi) would call a presser to pronounce that they will be putting Raila to death in the event that he is sworn shows their mind set. These fellas are obsessed with killing people no wonder they have not said a word about the 100 men, women and children they have shot dead so far.

        They wish Raila was dead!!!

        That’s the murderous mentality these people posses. Lets kill everyone into submission.

        I just saw a presser where NASA was giving the 6 pillars of NRM. The fifth was to hold credible elections. The very last one was secession in the event that everything else failed.

        Its a tough ride buddy


      • Mzee,

        The cops now say they are ready to arrest Raila. Usually when you are ready to do stuff, you just do it you don’t preach about it. The idea here seems to be to scare Raila and the NASA leaders. It may not work.


        And I can see Ndugu Oduor is in the house. He is tough like nails but very polite. I suspect he is going back to jail. He has been there for years ( He had five in 1987). He will survive. The battle is on.



      • And here comes The People’s Assembly Roadmap:


        I had a good discussion with my good friend Oduor Ong’wen today. Obviously we did not talk about the venue. But things are rolling and those folks are very focused and ready for anything and everything. Nobody is moving backwards. Good stuff.

        Here is the original Version of it:



        The People’s Assembly Organising Committee was launched on Friday December 1, 2017 to oversee the preparations, develop the content and roadmap as well as provide logistical support for the People’s Assembly at county and national levels.


        When the people of Kenya gave unto themselves a new constitution in August 2010, their collective hope was that they had buried a political culture where elections were mere periodic rituals and ushered in an enduring era of genuine democratic exercises where their votes count and are counted.

        These beliefs and hopes have been crushed by divisive politics that benefits a minority.

        The country is rapidly and steadily being driven along the path of autocracy. Instead of electoral democracy, the leadership prefers electoral authoritarianism.

        Electoral theft has become the preferred means of attaining the aim of installing tyrannical rule Kenya.

        Equally alarming is the emerging trend where some businesses are profiting from bad governance at the expense of democracy and the people.

        It is therefore incumbent upon Kenyans to rise up and defend their hard won constitutional order. Article 3(1) places an obligation on each of us to “respect, uphold and defend” the Constitution.

        In fulfilling this noble obligation, we the people, are called upon to directly exercise our sovereignty as affirmed in Article 1 of the Constitution. We are, therefore, happy to unveil today a full roadmap of THE PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY.


        The endgame of the People’s Assembly for Kenyans, is to either return to democratic government by holding a free and fair election within the first half of 2018 or pursue avenues for self-determination for those who believe in democratic constitutionalism.

        This is to be realized through the following objectives:
        • Defending the Nation’s Constitution.
        • Restructuring institutions of governance.
        • Pursuing and institutionalising electoral justice.
        • Insulating devolved governments from national government’s threats.
        • Fostering Economic Liberation

        The foregoing objectives will be realised through comprehensive deliberations under the following themes, which will be the subject of working committees:

        1. Restoration of Democracy, Rule of Law and Constitutionalism: This will focus on representation of the people, electoral system, management and institutions

        2. Restructuring the Kenyan State:

        The focus will be on review on the architecture, structures and workings of the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, and Independent Institutions and Offices. The deliberations will also focus on National and Sub National Security architecture.

        Questions on the code of conduct of security agencies and as to whether or not security should be devolved and how, will be on the table

        3. Defending Devolution: The Assembly will look into among other questions, resourcing and autonomy of county governments, whether the country is ripe for a full federal system and questions of self-determination.

        4. Economic Liberation: There will be focus on the promotion of economic productivity that engenders inclusivity, equity and social progress.

        3. THE STRUCTURE

        The People’s Assembly will be held at two levels – county level and national level. The composition/representation shall be as below:

        County Level

        The Assembly at the county level shall comprise the following:
        • Governor
        • Deputy Governor
        • All MPs (National Assembly & Senate) from the county
        • All MCAs
        • Civil Society Organisations (1 per ward)
        • Faith Based Organisations (1 per ward)
        • Women leaders (2 per ward)
        • Youth representative (2 per ward)
        • Persons with Disabilities (1 per ward)
        • Business community representatives (1 per ward)
        • Minorities/marginalised representative (3 total)
        • Accredited observers

        [Each Assembly at the county level shall last one full day]

        National Level• Governor (Deputy Governor as alternate)
        • Speaker
        • All MPs
        • Leader of Majority Party from each County Assembly
        • Leader of Minority Party from each County Assembly
        • 2 representatives per constituency (1 man, 1 woman)
        • 2 youth representatives per constituency (1 man, 1 woman)
        • 1 Persons with Disabilities representative per county
        • 1 Civil Society Organisation representative per county
        • 1 Faith Based Organisation representative per county
        • 10 national Civil Society Organisation representatives, at least one of whom must represent persons with disabilities
        • 10 representatives of professional associations
        • 10 national Faith Based Organisation representatives
        • 10 national business associations’ representatives
        • 10 trade union representatives
        • 1 representative each of:
        o Judiciary
        o Each independent commission/office
        o National Police Service
        o Kenya Defence Forces
        o Prisons
        • Accredited observers

        [With the exception of the Constitutive People’s Assembly and Conclusive Assembly, each Convention of the Assembly shall be held for three (3) days]


        The Constitutive Assembly of the People’s Assembly will be held on 12th December 2017. This will be a one-day event whose programme shall include:
        I. National Anthem
        II. Prayers led by various religious leaders
        III. Declaration of the congregation to be the Constitutive Assembly of the People’s Assembly
        IV. Adoption of the Agenda
        V. Inauguration of the leadership
        VI. Address by leaders of the Assembly
        VII. Adoption of Assembly’s Work Programme, including schedules of the National Conventions.
        VIII. Speeches by leaders of delegations
        IX. Adoption of Resolutions
        X. Closing Address by the Chairman of the People’s Assembly
        XI. Public Rally


        One of the core mandates of the people’s Assembly Organising Committee is to establish and supervise the Secretariat. We are happy to report that the Committee has established a Secretariat of seven (7) persons to be based at the OKOA Kenya Centre.
        The Head of the Secretariat is Dr. Noah Akala Oduwo.


        The flight path of the People’s Assembly is marked with the following twelve (9) key milestones:

        • Milestone One: Consultations with key stakeholders
        • Milestone Two: Draft and share the PA motion with county assemblies
        • Milestone Three: Tabling and adoption of motions in the county assemblies.
        • Milestone Four: Mini Council of the People’s Assembly.
        • Milestone Five: Establishment of PA Organising Committee
        • Milestone Six: Convene the Constitutive PA at the national level
        • Milestone Seven: Discussions in PA’s at county level
        • Milestone Eight: Hold National Conventions of the PA
        • Milestone Nine: Hold elections under a new electoral regime within the first half of 2018, failing which a process of self-determination shall be initiated.

        Dated 8th December 2017


        1. Hamida Kibwana __________________________________________________________

        2. Koitamet ole Kina __________________________________________________________

        3. Oduor
        Ong’wen __________________________________________________________

        4. Bramwell Simiyu __________________________________________________________


      • Bwana Adongo,
        The great thing here is that we are beyond the politics of Raila is power hungry, wants to grab power through the back door etc.

        Of course the AG and his gang of robbers are looking forward to thwarting NASA´s efforts. My guess is that they have looked for all ways of dealing with Raila and finally come to conclusion that the only way to stop him is to threaten him with death.

        The Kenya police is now taking orders directly from the AG. The police spokesman Owino is saying that the orders have come from the AG and they will execute them. SO as you say, they are telegraphing the arrest instead of just doing it.

        My guess is that their so called treason laws have no feet to stand on hence the fumbling and mumbling by the AG and police force.

        This is a country in which Uhuru and Ruto think that they can rule by the use of violence. They feel that the security forces will keep them in power.

        The police says it has two options:
        1. Act like hooligans and disrupt the NASA gathering
        2. Block the event from taking place in the first place.

        I have never seen such an idiotic government and police force in the world.


    • Einstein,
      Im with you in this.
      Raila is just to careful and unwilling to “tarnish” is good name. What he is forgetting that Kagame who is now being wined an dined all over the place is a mass murderer. Museveni is a killer yet he is accepted in the west. Quatara of Ivory Coast is now a celebrated man.

      My take is that Raila should be the man behind the men and women who will drive this business. Yes, Joho, Kingi, Muthama, Wanga and yes, Miguna Miguna can lead this battle.


  4. Must say that I admire those of us that will repeatedly attack a wall until it gives way.

    I however will be waiting patiently on the other side, waiting for those who will cross to the land of secession. The true liberation.

    Nuff said



        [11:29, 12/11/2017] +254 7** 1*6***: What really transpired?

        1. The swearing in was to go on. All preparations made at Tononoka grounds coast. Tickets booked and speeches made.

        2. Kalonzo from Germany called Raila asking him to put on hold the searing in. Musalia and Wetangula joined the fray of advising Raila to shelve the swearing in until further notice.

        3. The diplomatic core arrives at capital hill to meet the NASA leadership led by Bishop Oginde. Since Musalia and Wetangula were riding on the bus of shelving the swearing in, Raila delegates the duo to meet the ambassadors who were already seated in Raila’s office. Governor Kivutha Kibwana was also around to represent Kalonzo.

        4. The diplomatic core refuses to engage the NASA team until Raila is in attendance. Raila kept them waiting for long. Musalia and Wetangula had to work extremely hard to bring on board Raila. Raila finally agrees to meet the ambassadors. Talked very less and more of the time kept mute. In the few statements Raila uttered he repeatedly dwelt on ELECTORAL REFORMS and why the police killed innocent Kenyans who welcomed him back in Nairobi.
        The last word Raila tells the diplomatic core is that swearing in is on. No matter mater what.

        5. Musalia+Kalonzo+Wetangula accepts the call from the diplomatic core to shelve the swearing in and get down on a negotiation table. A message Uhuru gave the ambassadors to pass over to the NASA leadership. Its the ambassadors who decide to plan for the dialogue and mediate with help of clergy led by Bishop Oginde.

        6. Both Musalia and Wetangula intensifies talking to Raila for the need to shelve the swearing in alleging that many Kenyans will be killed. Pressure from the NASA principals makes Raila cave in but distances himself from the resolutions. He decided to keep mute. Wetangula, Musalia and Kibwana prepares a written speech to shelve the swearing in. You will note Raila didnt sign the speech. No ODM senior leader signed the speech too.

        7. Since Musalia+Kalonzo+Wetangula are the ones who bought the idea from the ambassadors, Raila gives them go ahead to do the dialogue. Today NASA team led by Musalia are to meet Uhuru plus his team at a neutral place in Nairobi to dialogue and negotiate. The moderators are the ambassadors with the help of the clergy.

        Well, lets see what comes from the meeting.

        LESSON: If you plan to do something with any Luhya, ask the meaning of the word MULEMBE. Its means PEACE. Since Musalia and Wetangula are my seniors, i will give them my ear. Hope they wont be shortchanged and start crying foul in a near future. But expect Raila not to be part of the government of national unity. He may consider too retiring from politics or stick to the check point bench

        [11:30, 12/11/2017] +254 7** 1*6*** : As received.


      • Dr. Miguna Miguna‏Verified account
        Follow Follow @MigunaMiguna
        ANNOUNCEMENT: The NRM wishes to state that it had no role in the “postponement” of the swearing in of The People’s President made by @MusaliaMudavadi yesterday. That was @CoalitionNASAKe’s decision. #NRM will give a way forward in the next day or so. Please remain calm & focused.
        12:36 PM – 11 Dec 2017


      • Nyatieng
        This postponement is such a let down to many NASA supporters.
        Its a kind of anti-climax.
        If I get it right,
        its Mudavadi and Kalonzo who chickened out.
        They pulled the rag under RAO´s feet in the very last minute.
        In my opinion,
        this move will demoralize the NASA base completely.
        Imagine that people like David Ndii have sat down for hours planning this event.
        Joho has offered the venue and spent so much on the event.
        Then, then, then…..Mudavadi and envoys of doom come up with some kind of funny story.
        The story is that they want to dialogue.
        My question is this:- who do they want to talk to?
        Uhuru has simply told them to shove it till 2022 when they can sit down with Ruto.
        To me, this is the end to a very good thing that might have been.

        Its where NRM comes in. This is where Miguna Miguna and company comes in.
        I have looked around and I cant see a leader, a person who can take on Uhuru like Miguna, Orengo, Muthama, Joho et al.

        So from my angle and the way I see it. Uhuru has done to Mudavadi exactly what he did to him in 2013. He has once more derailed the man. Its sad but true


      • Mzee and Others,

        I have not talked directly to the organizing committee contacts that that I have since Saturday but a few things are now obvious. I will talk to the friends within the next couple of days and let you guys know what is going on..

        In my view the pressure is coming from the NASA principals with Kalonzo as the chief
        compromiser. That should not surprise anybody. Remember Kalonzo i 2007. The man literally tried to hijack the entire ODM party because the registration was in the name of his friend Maanzo. ODM survived and Kalonzo came up with ODM(K).

        Then Kibaki outrightly stole the election and chaos ensured. What did Kalonzo do? He joined Kibaki. Enough said.

        The problem now is 2022. Kalonzo sees a window for him to get in there and he thinks he may need some of those Uhuru supporters who just ca’t stand Ruto. So Kalonzo is being told to calm down and help tame Raila in hopes of getting some Uhuru votes in 2022.

        It is a fool’s gamble. For Kalonzo to be anywhere near State House in 2022 he needs the entire NASA block vote and then more. By the confusing debacle and surrender that NASA has imposed on itself this week that NASA block vote is dead and gone forever. This is not rocket science. It is just simple common sense.

        Now for Mudavadi and his buddy, I think they are just confused. First of all the prospect of going to jail is not a joke. None of these guys including Kalonzo have ever been in jail. It is a scary place. When we used to tell Moi to come and arrest us we were ready for it. Jail was like our second home. It is terrible there but we knew we could handle it because we were there all the time.

        In this new group, people like Ong’wen, Ndii, Raila and others have been in there. The other folks can talk but the prospect of going to jail is a nightmare for them.

        All said and done I think NASA just hit an iceberg but it is not the end of things. We are going to put this thing back together in not time. We still need NASA and NRM.

        One of the most shocking things for Uhuru and his government was that the NASA team stayed together. They must be salivating at the possibility of a complete NASA breakdown. If that happens, Ruto will be your next president. That is too far away to worry about. We will deal with the here and now.


        • Adongo

          I had a lot of doubt on the strategy that NASA adopted

          – The boycott of repeat elections
          – The 90 day new elections
          – The swearing in
          – Economic boycott
          – Peoples Assembly

          There just does not appear to be a coherent formidable approach. It would be naive to ask supporters to “wait” for events to unfold” a.k.a deep hitting but yet to be revealed formula. That would work where we are eating meat and drinking booze. But the tragedy here is there are a lot of grieving families whose members or friends have been brutally maimed or murdered. There are people who cannot gain meaningful employment due to political persuasion.

          People were ready far mass boycott of products as well as mass resistance and even ready to face off with riot police and what not.

          What we cannot do right now is make excuses for why this or that is not happening or delayed. What the people want is a clear road map, and when some falter, just come out and say we are still en-route but partner A or B has fallen out. Its expected. Some will surprise us, others will not. But we must continue the journey. This start, stop, go, wait, turn around BS is hurting us all. Let your friends know that their moment is fading and soon they will watch a revolution that they cannot control and will in fact be swept out with. There area a lot of bitter and hurt people out there, when it explodes all of us will be swept by it.

          If they need more inputs, they need to reach out and very quickly.


      • Mzee et alia,

        Are you guys serious, that we can now, all of a sudden, rely on Miguna Miguna yet again after his acrimonious fall-out with baba last time?

        Seriously, we must have better alternative leaders out there than tumbocrats like MM & Co.!
        May be I need to personally, albeit late, venture into Kenyan active politics for lack of worthy leaders!


        • Einstein

          Its not just Miguna, but there are going to be a lot of scavengers waiting to inherit Jakom’s constituency. Many salivate at the prospect of inheriting his formidable support base. We will see a lot of pretenders to the throne

          However I think Miguna is up to the task to lead a battle as a general, he is a good guy to have on your side


      • Einstein,
        I don’t know Miguna at personal level, therefore I’m not going to speak on his behalf. Perhaps Adongo can shed some light on the mans ability. What I Know is that he has not shown any signs of tumbocracy. Another thing that I know is that Miguna has gained a lot of popularity after the elections.

        We have reached a point where we need men like Miguna to push us forward. You see, we are dealing with thugs in the name of Uhuruto. These are people who don’t give six pence about the law. If it suits them they trash it. Look at they way they have intimidated the judiciary. If you read the judgment delivered yesterday, you realize that no presidential elections will ever be nullified in Kenya again. Its the law of the jungle out there. Basically the court has said that elections do not have to be verifiable. It has said that the elections can be conducted in any manner and the outcome will still stand. Infact we don’t even need those expensive KIEMS kits for they are of no use. But the most hilarious one was when the judges said that there were never intimidated by Uhuru Kenyatta.

        Anyways, Miguna is upto the task. People like Miguna for his steadfastness. He is fearless and sticks to facts and truth.

        You see, in this “war” in which Kalonzo and company are basically being intimidated into accepting Uhuru, its men like Miguna who will get us to where we are headed. Miguna combined with the likes of Joho, Orengo, Muthama, Wanga, Ole Kina et al are the future.

        As Adongo opined, this is perhaps the end of NASA, for what is Raila doing in a coalition that does not want change? If he steps out of NASA that will be the end of it. I think he should. The issue of two steps forward tow steps back is painful for a man who has dedicated all his life to fighting for our freedom.

        The roadmap that Oduor Ongwen and co put forward was really nice and concrete BUT I’m really disappointed because it been trashed.

        Its could be true the AG scared both Mudavadi and Kalonzo. Its could be true the prospects of jail made them change their minds. Probably it would be impossible to arrest Raila but they figured the Uhuru would come or them.

        Alternatively money was poured and job position offered

        I have a feeling the ODM feels betrayed and without ODM, Kalonzos chances of beating Ruto in 2022 are nil.


      • einstein,

        I will respond to the Miguna issue later. I have known him personally since 1988 when we all ended up in Canada as refugees.

        I later worked with him when he was an adviser to Raila and we did a lot of things. We then had a major fallout in 2013 when Miguna started fighting Raila in his book(s) and actually made some very inaccurate and just outright false claims.

        Today I see Miguna is very much in the fold to confront the Uhuruto dictatorship. Miguna is a pretty straight forward guy. He is not afraid to take radical positions on things and was a nightmare to Kibaki and his allies when he was part of the negotiations for the coalition government.

        Like me I think Miguna is pissed off that the NASA team is folding and looking foolish under pressure.

        I sent a pretty harsh e-mail to my friend Oduor Ong’wen in the NASA organizing committee. I actually thought I was not fair to him but among comrades sometimes you have to fight even viciously if things are not going right. So I will get a hold of him and let you guys know where things stand.

        I think Raila and the NASA leadership got the message. Kenyans expect them to show leadership and stop being wimps. It may actually work well now that NASA has shown some flexibility and then probably in the new year go ahead with the Swearing In.

        People know that Swearing In will not end up with Raila storming the State House and becoming the president of the republic. It is a weapon to take our struggle for a free country into another level.

        Now that the diplomats etc came and bulldozed NASA to accept talks let see where that goes because it will go nowhere. Nobody wants nusu mkate of that rotten thing.

        But here was Uhuru’s Jamhuri Day celebrations. It is truly pathetic and speaks volumes why NASA has to wake up and get moving. People are just fed up with Uhuru and his nonsense.



      • So many Kenyans celebrated the 54th Jamhuri Day!! “A picture is worth a thousand words” say the Chinese or whoever!!!

        1.) Kasarani

        2.) Machakos

        3.) Kisumu

        4.) Citizen TV Kenya

        5.) Meanwhile, wondering if this duty conscious policeman got a presidential award for a job well done!? I mean, if ‘githeriman’ could get one, why not this over enthusiastic ‘People’s Cop’?

        6.) But police, be careful. What goes around comes around! Some people create their own storms and then get mad when it rains!!


      • Githu Muigai is single handedly making sure that the NASA swearing in goes as planned. Someone needs to tell Githu that even stupidity has limits.

        Here is Uhuru’s general ready to hang Raila. Hurry up please.


        And here is Ndii trying to advance his theory from changing economic dynamics I am going to have to read this a couple of times to figure it out.



      • And here are a few ideas I shared with our friends. I borrowed the title of that piece from Barack Obama who borrowed for Dr. Martin Luther King.

        The Fierce Urgency Of Now for NASA and Kenya

        1. NASA and Kenya cannot afford to have the swearing in issue as a perennial agenda and in fact the only agenda for NASA.

        The swearing in should be done and over with pronto so that NASA and the whole country can focus on what NASA wants to achieve for the country in terms of ending perpetual electoral theft and laying the foundation for a prosperous nation for all Kenyans.

        2. Jubilee leaders and their media mouthpieces are very happy that NASA is stuck on one gear called swearing in. If we can’t resolve this matter immediately it will turn NASA into a laughing stock. NASA as a political entity and a national movement for change in our country is too smart and has too many responsibilities to fall into that trap.

        3. NASA has to use the fact that it has given Uhuru and his Jubilee government some breathing room for some kind of dialogue and that has helped in addressing the issues Kenyans are concerned about and now it is time to move on to the Swearing in and institutionalization of a national resistance movement against dictatorship and violence against the citizens who oppose it.

        4. What really are the terms of a future dialogue? There has been a barrage of dialogue ideas propped up by the Jubilee supporters in the media and the faith communities as well as the private sector about what a Jubilee and NASA dialogue should be dealing with.

        Most of it is just fake concept of dialogue. They say we should dialogue about development. Let’s take that for example. Should the country have a dialogue about building roads? What is better? Tarmac road or maram road? That could be a very huge dialogue.

        We all want development in the country and there is nothing there to dialogue about. Just stop stealing the money meant for building roads and giving it to consultants. That doesn’t require a dialogue. It requires the dead EACC to do its job. But I digress because that is not going to happen. My apologies.

        Here are some ideas on what NASA and Jubilee need to dialogue about after the Swearing in.

        1. Should NASA and the rest of Kenya accept the Uhuru Jubilee government existing today as a legitimate or even an illegitimate necessity for now? If so under what conditions. That is the biggest issue for Kenyans in 2018. It has to be addressed before anything else can be put on the table.

        2. If we have to accept the Jubilee illegitimate regime can we agree on a transitional government structure that will be embraced by the whole country. That is going to be very difficult because Ruto is already the president in waiting mode. But that is not the most urgent problem of the nation. Ruto can wait as long as he wants. We need to solve the problems of today so the country can move forward.

        3. What specific reforms is NASA proposing on the electoral system? The first thing is that the present IEBC should be completely dissolved and an interim one established for any by-elections. Then we need a National Constituent Assembly to formulate a complete new electoral system.

        4. Can our country be better off with a parliamentary system as opposed to a presidential system? In either way what are the necessary checks and balances. That too should be a matter to be resolved by a democratically instituted National Constituent Assembly.

        5. How about now? How do we ensure that devolution works better for Kenyans? One issue to look at is how we handle health services for Kenyans.

        In 2017 health workers spent more time on strike than at work and none of the politicians including president Uhuru Kenyatta even bothered to notice it.

        Nobody gave a rat’s ass about it because none of our politicians use public health institutions. How many Kenyan women lost the children at birth because of that? Do the politicians care? Nope.

        We need to figure out how healthcare is funded in the country and we need to do that now. The counties are supposed to fund health care and pay health care workers and yet a big chunk of the health budget is with the central government.

        It is not working and Kenyans are dying because of that. How do we address this issue? The Senate which is supposed to deal with county issues should have addressed this issue but quite frankly the senate is a house of clowns.

        In my view establishing the senate was the biggest blunder of the 2010 Constitution. It is a completely useless institution in our country. That is another story.

        But the country needs a serious conversation and resolution on how health care money and services are handled. That is just one area.

        We can go to agriculture another area where the role of the central government and the counties is quite confused.

        Then we have water issues where we have endless announcements of alleged construction of dams etc and nothing happens. So yes we can talk about development in concrete terms but there are bigger issues before that.

        6. Stop the killing of Mombasa Port because this is the biggest source of economic development in the entire coastal region of Kenya. Mombasa Port is the coffee and tea of the people at the coast.

        Without it their economy will die a quick and painful death. We can build inland ports without messing up Mombasa Port. That is non-negotiable in my view but here we are. We have to deal with it.



      • Adongo,
        The ideas that you shared with NASA are really good. I actually hears Oduor sounding some of them a while ago. Thats means that NASA folks are listening. What they should not do is announce a date then abort it again. Talking about inauguration everywhere Raila goes, people want to swear him in. Yesterday a man in Budalangi confronted Raila with the holy bible to take oath of office shows how eager & anxious Kenyans are to have a leadership they believe in.

        People seem to have decided that they dont want anything with the Jubilee duo to do. So people get pretty angry and frustrated when the principles stall and start talking of things alien like electoral reforms that have to be anyways approved by Uhuru. The political capital that NASA has must be carefully nourished and maintained or else it will just vanish.

        As you rightly put it we have a load of battle in our hands


      • Adongo the ideas you shared with our friends are excellent. I further agree with Mzee’s sense of realism that we have been overtaken by events and that conversation on electoral reforms are misplaced and not a priority at this time.

        The reality is that NASA has been shown the middle finger by Godec / Foreign Envoys. The JUBILEE Government position is unequivocally clear (accept & move on).

        In my view we are in a very poisoned political environment not conducive for meaningful dialogue.


        In this situation NRM should be supported to implement the peoples assembly concept to its logical conclusion.

        NASA would then just have to deal with the consequences head on with the JUBILEE Government based on perceived new political /constitutional realities.

        Any calls for dialogue before that is simply handling the situation with kids gloves and preventing the inevitable.

        In the meantime we continue to countdown


      • Nyatieng,
        You are more than right. Jubilee in its own unique thinking has forgotten and moved on.
        It does not matter the demands NASA is putting on them, they dont give a penny. Its does not matter how much Kalonzo calls for dialogue, it just defeatist and a voice in the wilderness. No one is listening from the Jubilee side.

        The more NASA lowers the temperature the more difficult it will be for them to bring people up to the same level of enthusiasm. And that point of no return, when people will turn a deaf year to the coalition is coming very fast and before they know it, none will want to hear anything of them.

        So, as much as NASA want to be diplomatic, the envoys have helped Jubilee outplay them. Understanding that they are on their own and also understanding that they have people behind them, willing to die for democracy is crucial. They must stop listening to the so called West.

        And if the coalition decides and act of any kind, it must be sustained. Currently, even economic sanctions that were put in place against Safaricom and the rest are not being followed up. Sooner rather than later everything will come back to normal.

        It look and sounds as if NASA honchos want an exit strategy. They want to start a debate that will last 5 years instead of doing things that will bring change tomorrow. Its a pity after Kenyans have shed so much blood.

        “Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Sunday said they would only dialogue with the Jubilee administration if it accepted to address electoral and police reforms, ensure judicial independence, strengthen devolution and restructure the Executive”.
        Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001265247/nasa-lists-five-areas-government-must-reform-to-stop-push-for-civil-disobedience

        How about if Uhuru accepts all the above demands and they are finished in five months. Then what? But the reality is that Jubilee will drag the issues for five years and assure you nothing will happen. Opposition will keep complaining to the end.
        Such matters are easier to solve if one is in power not outside begging. Going to the people via county assemblies is much better and easier way.

        My point is that begging Uhuru and Ruto for anything is a great mistake.


      • Mzee,
        Raila and NASA knows where Kenyans stand. There is no going backward. I talked to Ndugu Oduor on the New Year and we are going forward. I have more confidence now in terms of the direction.

        Now one thing that Kenyans need to address very fast is that Uhuru lied to Kenyans that Secondary School education will be free from this year. It was a very fat lie.

        I was talking to my sister today. She has managed to push a few kids through the system one is a teacher now which is good. The other is an electrical engineer who passed with honours and has no job. He is now working in some Chinese firm making ceramic building materials. He is too smart for that so we are going to get him somewhere soon.

        What got into my nerves is that she has six kids in school now and here total school fees is Kshs 488,000.00 per year. I have five sisters so you can add it up.
        Kenyans love education. They will do anything to get there kids through school. They sell their livestock, sell land or anything and everything they have to take kids through education.

        You need to win a lottery everyday to afford to educate our kids and then they are unemployed for decades. How do you build a functioning society with that.

        We should not let Uhuru get away with cheating Kenyans that his government will provide free secondary education and then now he is just dancing around it.

        The Kenyan politicians should be taking Uhuru to task but don’t expect that. If you are in Jubilee your only concern now is getting some cabinet gigs for your relatives. Kenyan parents with school fee problems can go to hell and stay there.

        NASA needs to put this matter front and centre. In fact it is a very good item to focus on when The People’s Assembly convenes in full. We can’t just let these kinds of political fraud go.

        Don’t be surprised when some of the Uhuru supporters even those who cannot afford school fees try defending Uhuru on this. That is how rotten our politics is.


      • Adongo,
        Jubilee lies is coming out in the open for all to see. I remember how they made this a big deal before and after elections. They promised that kids would study free. Infact I remember Ruto and Uhuru castigating NASA for saying that in its policy, schools would be free from September 2017 not January 2018 as per the Jubilee agenda. They chided NASA for no understanding budgeting.

        Now the whole lie is crumbling before our own eyes. Kids are paying school fees as usual; Kenyans on the other hand seem to have accepted Jubilee lies and moved on with no questions asked. It actually breaks my heart to see harambees for form one students all over the place. Yet those that promised free education say nothing.

        Truth be told, even primary education is not free. Kids pay fee indirectly by being billed for numerous things that had actually been free. When I was in primary school extra classes was voluntary and only given to those students that needed it and asked for it. Currently its compulsory and parents must pay for it.

        So the more we try getting rid of school fee the more teachers find creative ways of getting money out of parents. Since they are poorly paid, the government turns a blind eye.

        Even holiday that used to be full month i.e. April, August and December has now been reduced to one week in each of the above months. Reason being that the curriculum has been expanded to an extent normal school time is not enough.


  5. Guys,
    Im really afraid of our county. Too many disgruntled people. To many disappointed. Too many who are ready for anything. The peoples assembly is on but I dont know whats it end game is. But my belief is simple, if we want to separate then Raila Odinga wont lead us towards this. He is a core nationalist and wont accept this. I want to repeat that Raila Odinga is what hinders that complete break away. Those who castigate him must therefore think twice for had it been me thing calling shot would have been different.

    Keep reading though

    Raila Odinga rejects calls to swear him in

    NASA insists that Raila Odinga must be installed president
    Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001261273/nasa-insists-that-raila-odinga-must-be-installed-president

    All systems go as elaborate plans out for Uhuru Kenyatta’s big day
    Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001261276/all-systems-go-as-elaborate-plans-out-for-uhuru-kenyatta-s-big-day

    NASA has right to swear-in Raila, Muthama says at Machakos strategy meetinghttps://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2017/11/25/nasa-has-right-to-swear-in-raila-muthama-says-at-machakos-strategy_c1675597

    NASA notify police of planned memorial on Tuesday, police deny knowledge of notice


    • Adongo/ Mzee et al,

      Adongo,Thank you for sharing ongoing updates with your case against the former GoK. Sadly as we write, many others in the recent weeks have also had their human rights violated. We hope that NASAs legal team will guide them and that all victims will be able to exhibit your perseverance, patience’s and determined quest for justice.

      1. Kenya’s quest and eventual victory over Moi was mostly made possible by the iinternational community support. Unfortunately, The British & others currently have a stranglehold on the Kenyan economy which firmly favours the Jubilee government at this time.

      2.It’s arguable that NASA are advocating for secession whilst also pursuing electoral justice for future Presidential elections. I agree that RAO is a nationalist but I don’t want to believe that resolving Kenya’s problems is a Raila affair.The moment it becomes just that, then I believe the change movement will be dead. Besides we are where we are now, partly due to a chain of historical events involving his co-principals in 2007/8 & 2013!

      3. The People’s Assembly: It’s clear that it derives from the Constitution (which can be changed/subverted). What will the future look like for the People’s Assembly should Jubilee decide to starve County Assemblies of cash or worse dissolve those same County Government’s.

      And given the ongoing police brutality/ infringement of human rights – will these same police allow these People’s Assembly to assemble?

      4. Secession (The complete break away): Back to where we are and what lies ahead – It’s either another 5 years of Uhuru then another 10 year’s of Ruto coronation or the tribal Kenyan people say that enough is enough and finally opt for change.

      Interestingly, no country has ever seceded without extreme violent confrontation! even the milder examples of IRA/Northern Ireland or Catalan/ETA all tells a story of a determined government keen to hold on to its territory by all means necessary.

      The journey is long!


      • Nyatieng

        I find myself concurring on all points and especially 3 and 4

        Every struggle comes with sacrifice, I just know that with better goal planning and execution, loss of life can be minimized.


      • I hope UhuRuto will not have to take poison one day when found guilty of having committed crimes against humanity in Kenya like this guy.

        Chaos at UN court as Bosnian Croat war crimes defendants took what he said was poison


      • Folks,

        I must say I have not been able to share in the ongoing discussion which is crucial for the country.

        I should be able to do so before the end of the week. I was mad with some of my NASA friends because I thought they were not providing the kind of leadership needed at such critical junctures in history. They told me things were just too congested and they are sorting that out. Looks like we are going to get somewhere.

        Now today I just want to mention that we need a structured plan to take some of the insane human rights abuses by Uhuru and his police to International Justice System. There is ICC, there are numerous UN Human Rights structures etc.

        Specifically though we need to look into organizations that deal with abuse and murder of children. There are many. Even in war which is not the situation in Kenya now the protection of children is one of the most important issues that these organizations deal with because it is very easy to abuse and kill children.

        If you kill the adongos of this world you can say your life as an officer was under threat by this adongo fellow. Not so with the seven year old Mutinda killed by Uhuru in his house. That defense doesn’t work

        Here is the kind of dangerous abuse of human rights that I think must be addressed.



        Uhuru’s cops have been murdering children so recklessly and in such plain view it looks like it is a new sport for Jubilee.

        The International Standard is very simple. When police and security agents murder children and the police officers involved are not held accountable by the state who employs them, the natural conclusion is that those cops committing murder of children are doing so on behalf of their government which cannot punish them because they are performing their duties to the state.

        Under those circumstances the focus is no longer on the police murderers but on their boss who in this case is Uhuru Kenyatta.

        The strange thing is that Uhuru’s cops as expected when you are dealing with bloody murderers are not very smart. In the case above, a young kid, Mutinda was shot dead by cops in his own house. It doesn’t get worse than that.

        After the cops killed the kid the police boss, Koome who represents Uhuru just bluntly and foolishly comes up and says that whole event never happened and there were no cops there. Everybody including Koome knows this man is lying for his boss. Be careful when you do that kind of thing. Be very careful.

        All we need is to collect as much credible evidence as we can to prove that this wasa police murder and add it all up with similar murder of children in Nairobi and Kisumu and we have a case to present to the international community.

        That is what I have asking my friends in the human rights movement to do. They are working on it and we are going to get somewhere with it. Getting to the ICC last time wasn’t easy but it achieved its goal of scaring the scavengers away. They are back and must we.

        We may need to jump start this by setting up something like “The Coalition to Protect Kenyan Children from State Violence (PKC)”

        Set something like that in Kenya and have it set up branches and affiliates across the world in countries like South Africa, in Europe, here in Canada and in the US then get to work. You will be shocked how much you can achieve if you can also get all the families of these children directly involved.

        Even devils (including Obel Sibuth) sometimes have a little respect for children. Well may be not our devil in Jamhuri but we may need to have those conversations and confrontations with them. It is coming.


      • Jacaranda Woman

        After being beaten up, a woman silences a Kenyan armed force on the day of Uhuru Kenyatta’s contested 2nd term inauguration.

        This woman should be made the symbol of the NASA Third Liberation Struggle.


      • Folks,

        Finally I got some feedback from Ndugu Oduor Ong’wen. He acknowledged that Kenyans who have supported NASA in the post August 8, 2017 turmoil have every right to be very angry. That was a good start for him because I did not want to have a blowout fight with my good friend.

        Oduor says that the move was essentially a tactical move and nothing has changed in the projection of NASA and the RESIST movement.

        I am going to have a more substantive conversation with Oduor over the weekend because we need to know exactly where we are going. But generally there is no need for panic.

        My concern was that it seemed that the big boys were making decisions after people like Oduor and kina Ndii had done a lot of technical stuff to get things moving. I wanted to know if they feel like orphans in NASA since Dec. 12, 2017. That is not the case and that is good news.

        One of the things that really annoyed me with the NASA Dec 12 move was that the leaders were saying they fear a lot of people will be killed if they go ahead with the swearing in.

        I told them that is a very irresponsible thing to even say. It is not NASA killing hundreds of Kenyans including children. It is Uhuru doing that and many of us are ready to put together plans to hold Uhuru responsible for mass killings of innocent Kenyans including children.

        If NASA now says people will be killed if they carry out democratic activities they are taking responsibility for the deaths which is just letting Uhuru get away with mass murder.

        So it seems NASA slowed things down on purpose and more so not to be seen as hell bent on their political agenda with no regard to anything else. That tactical retreat needs to be cut off very fast. In politics you strike when you need to.

        So this discussion is just beginning.


      • Bwana Adongo,
        As you have rightfully mentioned, in politics, you strike at the right time or else time lapses and you plan in overtaken by other events that you did not foresee.
        I think that NASA supporters are disappointed for a good reason. Its as if the big guys are playing with peoples feelings. The big boys can go home and eat sumptuous meals but the guy on the street is being ravaged by pangs of hunger. They want change that can make a difference in their lives. The looting that is going on in the government with the help of Uhuru and Ruto is at a disgusting level. The slow down in the economy is nearing that time when sanctions were put on Kenya during the Moi days. Back then it was so bad my dad lost businesses worth millions of shillings. So I get it when people are get mad at Raila for dilly dallying.

        So next time you have a chat with Ogwen just let him know that people are looking up to them. The more they keep postponing their mission the more guys are getting annoyed with them just as much as they are with Uhuru.


      • Great move. Let Uhuru pay his murderers. The big story here is something we are already working on namely setting up “Coalition For The Protection of Kenyan Children Against State Violence (CPKC)”.

        That is something we are already putting on the ground. My first job is to register it here in Toronto and we have over 20 members already. Then we will move to have the same registered in Kenya. There are a million things we can do with something like that.

        I have talked to activists in Kenya who suggest we need to do 1 hour documentary on the kids killed by Uhuru’s thugs since August 8, 2017.

        The material is there. The families are there. The witnesses are there. The ground is swelling with anger. This is what you call a living story.

        Stuff like that moves peoples’ hearts. We need to put it into a documentary. It is going to be done. That is one of the reasons I have to go back home in the next few weeks. So much work to be done that just must be done.

        But here is the story I am talking about.



      • Mzee,

        I get your point. NASA needs to act more and talk less. The sooner the better.

        The real issue with the Swearing In action is it opens another door for battle and moves the stakes very high.

        Everybody knows Raila is not going to State House the day after the swearing in but you have to ask yourself why is Uhuru and his band of power grabbers so scared of the swearing in. They know it takes the battle beyond the pissing contest that Uhuru wants.

        It is a step towards an institutionalized opposition building a complete agenda for the republic instead of just endless bickering with Uhuru. There is a reason Githu Muigai is threatening Raila hanging (murder) if the swearing in goes on.

        And speaking of Githu, here is a response from Prof. Mutua on his threats. Very interesting.

        On the issue of following up with Oduor Ong’wen on next steps. That is a job you have given me and I am doing it and will provide feedback ASAP.

        Here is Mutua:


        And here is part of the problem:


        Uhuru media houses like the Daily Nation have now become fake diplomatic conduits telling Raila the US is concerned about his legacy. I don’t know who told the Daily Nation and some alleged diplomatic folks in the US that Raila’s legacy is to endorse and promote an Uhuru dictatorship. If that is the legacy they want to reward Raila with they can keep it where the sun doesn’t shine. Nobody needs it. Definitely not Kenyans.

        In this case the DN is talking about a teleconference but they want to make it look like the US are actually talking to Raila. Just utter nonsense.

        The media and the Nation in particular are so obsessed with this so called dialogue that at times they have gone as far as inventing their own agenda for the dialogue. And they are hanging so hard on the alleged pressure from the US and etc to ask Raila to wave the white flag.

        And this Miguna story just tells you where things are heading.



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