Free NRM General Miguna Miguna

Its sad that Kenya has come a full circle and that we are back to dictatorship, Moi/Jomo style. Infact its a combination of the two.

Uhuru Kenyatta has decided to show our weak court the middle finger and has ordered the police to keep detaining Miguna.

What happening in Migunas case is just pure madness. It cant happen in a society governed by law.

BOINETT has been ordered to appear in court tomorrow but rest assured that he wont show up. These are thugs running the government.

@Adongo, I know that Miguna is also a Canadian citizen, what can you people over there in Canada do to push the embassy in Kenya to say something. At least release a statement on Miguna. Its disturbing that no one knows where Miguna is at the moment.

Moi boys are back in action….

Which means that we must act too…

OBS! Its some 24 yr old magistrate who signed for Migunas arrest in the middle of the night

11 comments on “Free NRM General Miguna Miguna

  1. Adongo,
    But how in hell do you deport own citizen to another country? What law have they used?
    You see if Miguna just tells the pilot that he well cause hell in the air they wont take him. But it could also be a good thing for the general for he will recover and return even stronger. I wonder on what account they have deported him? This is very sad, very sad. But will they really stop the man from Nyando? I dont think so.

    We are literally is unchartered waters. Dictatorship is back. Cowards that fear Miguna are in town.


    • Mzee,

      I am still very skeptical about Miguna being deported to Canada because the consequences would be huge for Uhuru. Canada and the international community would go after them. So I think and hope that Uhuru is going to stop pissing blood and get a hold of himself.

      As it is this matter is exploding in Uhuru’s face. Just a week ago they were laughing about the Swearing In plan and now they can’t even breath.

      NASA now needs a plan first to put off the Uhuru fires which is going to involve mass rallies and tons of suits against the government.

      But first we need to get people like Miguna out of harms way and then we need to go for a Day of Rallies against Human rights abuses.

      After that we need a comprehensive plan and strategy on how to deal with this Uhuru dictatorship. NASA has been saying we an emerging dictatorship in the country and some thought that was an exaggeration. Now everything is before the eyes of the nation and the whole.

      More often than not is the oppressive who advance resistance against the at lightening speed. Uhuru is doing his part. We will do ours.


      • Good People,

        It looks like the unthinkable has actually happened according to reports from the lawyers, Miguna has been deported forcefully and is on his way to Canada as we speak.

        I have no words for this but you will be hearing from us here in Canada. The ball has been pushed to us and we will work with all to get justice for Miguna and our country. That is a threat and a promise. We are coming.


      • Latest. Who is that dude next to Miguna? But this is where we are. Updates tomorrow.

        It seems to me that we are dealing with a case of a terrorist attack on a Kenyan citizen followed by bogus charges, Kenyan Court Orders demanding the release of the victim and then now it amounts to a hideous crime of kidnapping and forced exile.

        I cannot imagine of anything so thoroughly against fundamental human rights and international laws that govern the civilized world.

        That is where we are.

        We are ready to take action from there.

        The Kenyan people are fed up with these abuses. They are fighting for change for themselves and their country.

        We are fine with that.

        Next is our move and not that of the dictatorship. Good.


      • Adongo
        Some of the things that they did to Miguna sounds like fiction. You cant believe that a normal regime by normal people would treat a person they way the treated Miguna Miguna.

        I saw a large number of lawyers, Havi, Orengo, Kilonzo jnr etc in court today arguing Migunas case. I hope that the courts take a wise decision and give Miguna back his Kenyan passport and also allow him back in the country.

        For now, let the General rest and recuperate.
        You people must keep him company and tell him that we are praying for him.


  2. Yes Miguna is a Canadian citizen and now that we have dual citizenship for Kenyans his legal status is intact.

    Canada makes great efforts to protect its citizens anywhere in the world sometimes due to pressure from human rights groups.

    One of the most prominent cases in recent history was that of Mahamed Fadel Fahmy, a Canadian and Egyptian citizen who was arrested in Cairo during the uprising against Mubarak.

    Fahmy had gone to Egypt as a journalist with Al Jazeera. He was considered to be allied to the anti-Mubarak forces and was arrested in 2014 and sentenced to 7 years imprisonment at the notorious Tora Prison in Cairo. That is their Kamiti max.

    Canada was dragging its feet in getting Fahmy out of Egypt and Canadian citizens became outraged by the foot dragging. Finally Canada working with international lawyers got Fahmy out of there and he is now a professor in media studies at the University of British Columbia.

    So the first thing we have to do and Miguna’s friends down here including myself are working on it is to contact the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. The guy in charge now is very good. His name is Ahmed Hussein and he came to Canada as a refugee from Somalia. He is also a Toronto resident so that will make communications faster.

    We thought Miguna was going to be released on Friday after the court order and the best way to go about it would be to get Miguna directly involved with the minister and his supporters here in Toronto.

    I sent an e-mail with an article to Oloo my other comrade who lived here for decades and who knows Miguna very well.

    Oloo presently is in South Africa. In the next few days we are going to formulate a memorundum to the minister and outline the priority areas which we believe is personal safety. It looks like Miguna’s safety is at great risk. Canada pays great attention to safety and security of their citizens.

    Miguna’s safety is at great risk. His house was virtually destroyed during the police raid. Where the heck is this man going to live if he gets out of police cell.

    Miguna’s is also being exposed to the possibilities of extra-judicial attacks by lynch mobs as he is taken to remote police cells in areas where the locals would just want to see his dead body. These are very deliberate acts by the state.

    Once issues of safety and rule of law is taken care of then the bigger issues of what the charges are, what the court process is and the protection of basic liberties and freedoms.

    In the Fahmy case in Egypt is was the obvious bias and joke court process in Egypt that helped him.

    Miguna’s case is going to be even more complicated because Uhuru is going to say he is a criminal and Kenya has a right to make sure everybody obeys the laws. In truth Miguna did not break a single law in Kenya. He just said Uhuru is a fraud and a conman. That is not an offense.

    But thanks for bringing that part up. We have to work with all the tools we have. And don’t forget once we get involved with the Canadian minister on the matter we will also launch a campaign everywhere against the Kenyan envoy to Canada.


    • This is now absolute chaos on Uhuru’s part. The judge has Uhuru and his goons outright that Miguna has to be released and the judge is not leaving the court until that is done. Great stuff.

      We keep warning these guys that running a dictatorship is not easy. But they don’t listen. It is like being a bank robber. You do stupid things you are going to get shot dead. Now here we go.

      Uhuru is already complaining that the courts are working with NASA to frustrate the government. Nonsense. The judges are working with the constitution to uphold the rule of law. That is their job.

      The irony of if all is that Uhuru and Ruto have been forming in the mouth telling us nobody is above the law and that is why they after Raila for committing an act of treason. Now the judges tell Uhuru that his cops have to follow the law and he is pissing on himself with anger that the judges are against him.

      If Uhuru can’t even run a dictatorship he can forget about running a democracy. That is a way much harder.

      May be Uhuru’s father left somewhere in State House the Manual on how to run a dictatorship. Uhuru needs to grab that and read and read and read. Then pick up Moi’s manual and do the same.

      With Kamaliza Kenyatta it was just the gun. Pio Pinto Gama became a headache kaboom, gone. Tom Mboya was threatening and too smart, Kaboom gone. Josiah Mwangi Kariuki too clever and rich, kaboom gone.

      Moi did the same thing when Robert Ouko was getting too popular with the Wes. He was gone and gone in fire and brimstone.

      Now look the poor fool called Uhuru. He is clinging to Miguna’s legs ato hold him and he (Uhuru) just looks increasingly foolish.

      The saddest part is we have Miguna in court charged with aiding and abetting an act of treason and right in front of Miguna sitting in the public gallery is Raila Odinga whom Miguna is accused of having helped to commit the same treason. It doesn’t get more stupid than that. Na bado.


      • The latest story is that Miguna has been deported to Canada because he is a dual citizen of Kenya and Canada.

        I still don’t believe that even a deranged government run by criminals can do something that stupid but given what we have seen in the last one week since January 30, 2018 we have to accept we have a very sick situation in our country today and anything is possible.

        Now to deport a Kenyan citizen from Kenya to another country would be something we have never seen even in bad movies.

        I doubt you can deport somebody in such a rush. I am assuming the state agents grabbed his Canadian Passport from his house.
        They still have to get a plane willing to transport a forced client. Some governments give sedatives to force pass outs and just load people in planes. North Korea does that but usually it is when they are smuggling people into their country usually to kill them. Many airlines do not accept such passengers.

        The idea of deporting your own citizen to another country would be a first one for the global community. So I still feel this has not happened.

        Now suppose Uhuru actually deported Miguna I can see why. The main problem for Uhuru now is that they don’t want Miguna back in home where he would hold a press conference and show the whole world the acts of terrorism committed by Uhuru against him and his property.

        The problem for Uhuru here is that with Miguna in the country or not the acts of terrorism by the state against Miguna are going to be exposed to the whole world. Miguna just needs to give consent to his supporters and to NASA and human rights groups to do that. So that is a dead cause just like others since this insidious arrest.

        If Miguna gets here as deported person whose life has been threatened, who had been illegally detained and exposed to all sorts of abuse the whole situation takes a very dangerous turn for Uhuru.

        Canada will not sit back and allow another country to abuse its citizens, vandalize their property and then throw them out of the country. This could go all the way to the Prime Ministers Office.

        Obviously it will go to the UN and other such bodies and with the facts as they stand Uhuru would be crashed mercilessly. It could actually be an ICC case and with Miguna he is not going to back off, Everybody knows that.

        The other thing is that Uhuru is embarrassed about the way Miguna and NASA have been kicking them around like dirty garbage. So they may think throwing him out of the country Uhuru can claim victory. Nonsense again.

        Trying to turn this into an international crisis for Uhuru and his mongrels will provide Miguna and NASA with an international platform that will just get better and better.

        Hang on to your seatbelts. Take off coming.


        • Everyone says that hindsight vision is 20/20

          What I haven’t heard yet is what people think when those in charge of important state dockets, think with their rears. Clearly there is a difference between hindsight and rear-thinking

          Am always reminded of the fan-fare, pomp and showbiz glamour of the charade that was UhuRuto selecting state officers, etc. and the outcome as we see it today. Compare that with the roadside and 1pm news announcements of state officers appointments as well as “dis-appointments” vs the performance then. Either you were in the inner Kitchen cabinet and got away with anything or had to step strictly within your lane.

          The juvenile chaos we have right now is nothing even like a staddy 3 classroom with teachers in strike.

          Truly lipstick on a pig and you still got nothing but a pig



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