Black Panther Movie Premieres Kisumu City

This is a marvelous job by the producers taking this movie’s premiere in Africa in Kenya’s Kisumu city.

Someone called me about this yesterday and I was asking if this is a big deal. She said it is great for movie lovers and for the city of Kisumu. It puts the city in the international eyeball.

She told me the Black Panther movie has grossed the highest ticket booking pre-launch pretty much in the world. I will have to check that out. She also said this is how small cities like Kisumu get international attention because for beginners when movies like this are launched you have prime level media coverage in the entertainment world.

Here we go.

Lupita Nyong’o honoured in absence as Marvel’s Black Panther makes its African premiere in Kenya

And it looks like the Kisumu folks liked what they saw.

By adongoogony Posted in kenya

4 comments on “Black Panther Movie Premieres Kisumu City

    • Yes Mzee I am going to watch Black Panther too. My son and his cousins who are always watching something told me they are waiting to watch it and they asked me to join them when it comes out.

      I told them I don’t watch super hero movies. I used to do that when I was a teenager and that is decades ago. Then they told me it is more than a super hero movie.

      Then my friend told me about it being launched in Kisumu and I checked the reviews and it blew me away. It looks like something that is going to take its place in history. Here is a very good story about the movie.


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