There is state robbery and then there is this. Frightening.

I always expect mass robbery of Kenyan tax money from Uhuru and Ruto but this is beyond any imagination.

I don’t know what NASA folks are doing at the moment. They seem pretty confused and of course the inevitable internal power fights are there but an issue like this needs to draw some focus on the things that matter to Kenyans.

You don’t just issue statements when stuff like this comes out from a credible source like the Auditor General. We need to look into legal and political strategies to address this brazen theft by Uhuru. People think these guys are robbing the country to campaign for elections. They don’t need money to grab power. They have the right puppets in the right places and then the police does the rest.

These guys are building economic empowers intended to last for centuries. NASA got to figure this out soon.

For example, is NASA in parliament? If they are they have to figure out how to confront this matter there even as we know the Jubilee theft homeguards in parliament will do their job. There was a time someone like Martin Shikuku had to fight alone in parliament. He did a lot of work. Anyona, Orengo, Mwachofi, Koigi and a few others had to do the same against Moi.

Today we are a much better shape to fight this massive theft. You have literally hundreds of opposition elected officials at every level. You have a fairly reasonable judiciary. You have a very angry population completely fed up with what they are seeing. If you can’t work with that to move the country forward you need to quit politics. And for the love of god we have a system where the Auditor General can produce this kind of a report you need to get your act together.

This is the kind of data we need to present to the lenders, IMF, foreign legions who want Kenya to support this monstrous regime and ask them what is in here for Kenyans to support?

We could even set out our own Economic Theft Inquiry Commission and appoint credible investigators from both legal and economic backgrounds to go through the data and firmly point fingers. The data is there. The information is there. Put it together and let the people decide for themselves. This is the work that NASA and Raila signed for when they formed the Peoples Assembly. They have to do the work now and not just talk and talk.

In my view the next Madaraka Day or even better Labour Day, NASA should organize a national day of protest against mass theft by Uhuru and Ruto. These are real things that will bring Kenyans together. They need to be pursued.

I think after the lull following the historic swearing in event it is time to go to work now. And there is plenty of work to be done.

I also suspect that Auditor General is going to disappear from that job or from the face of the earth. What a great patriot. Now it is our turn. I am going to be pretty harsh with my NASA friends. They are sleeping too much. Waky Waky!!!!!

By adongoogony Posted in kenya

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