Forgive Me For Being Confused

Oh Dear what the heck is going on with these people. Those who are running the  country want to be forgiven by the Kenyan masses for screwing the whole country and the citizens of the republic. Did anybody tell these people that forgiveness starts with confession.

For example you don’t rob me and come and tell me adongo forgive me while I enjoy the benefits of robbing you. Are you kidding me.

We have pile upon pile of frightening corruption evidence. IEBC alone has close to 10 billion robbery of public money and it seems the strategy is to disband the IEBC and disband the robbery because most of the beneficiaries of the money theft(forget the other one) from the IEBC are Uhuru, Ruto and their friends. So now destroy the IEBC and the evidence goes up in smoke.

Then we have that nasty land case in Nairobi involving billions of taxpayer money buying land which it appears already belonged to the government and don’t get me started about the National Land Commission led by that Swazuri crook.

And we are in the forgive and forget landmine again and the leaders including Raila himself are in this crazy bandwagon. Oh please.

Here we go:

I have kind of stayed away from the whole mess and haven’t talked to my comrades in the mix of things. Now I am getting nervous. Forgive me but  it looks like we need to grab these folks by the neck again.

This is the land saga I am talking about.

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2 comments on “Forgive Me For Being Confused

  1. Bwana Adongo,
    Im not going to forgive you because the confusion is just an illusion. Whats happening though mind boggling is true. People have made our country the mothership of theft. Everyone is stealing. Sometimes I wonder how we are still standing as a country with all the heist going on daily. One day its Ruto, another Waiguru, another Prof Muigai ….keep counting.

    I have seen people putting up houses in their hundreds without borrowing even a cent from the bank. I have also seen 350M shilling houses put in market in Nairobi and sold on the same day. Men and women have several cars costing several millions each.

    Yet the people throwing around the millions don’t have an industry nor do they employ anyone. They mostly work with family members to pull dirty deals. They grab government land and sell to the same government that buys it with questions asked.

    I really wonder where the country would be without corruption.,


  2. And now the State of The Nation Speech you won’t hear. It is entitled.

    “The Defiant And Elegant Giraffes In a Stranded Nation”

    Does anybody need to add more. May be not. I have no idea.

    Happy Workers Day folks. It was yesterday May 1st.

    As I promised I am going to follow up with our NASA friends about where this handshake for peace and national reconciliation stands with the rule of law and human rights in our country.

    Those are not negotiable things in any civilized society and we are one of those civilized societies. That is where we belong and we demand it as a nation and as peoples of Kenya.

    So yes this Times Story and pictures are terrifying for all of us. But imagine them. People stranded everywhere with roads washed out and whole neighbourhoods and counties are drowned.

    Who could have thought we just didn’t have an inch of water in our country a few months ago for household use, farming and livestock everywhere in the country.

    Now we are drowning everywhere.

    What do we need to do.


    Security for drought and Water to save lives.


    Security for too much rain water and river bursts. People are stranded we need help to save lives.

    If we can’t figure this out we have more problems as a nation than we are ready or willing to deal with.

    But then again what are we really ready to deal with:

    Brazen corruption by state officials?
    Theft of all forms of public property in Kenya?
    Land grabbing?
    Electoral thefts after thefts?
    Endless problems and strikes in the Health Sector?
    How about the Education Sector?
    Armyworms destrying farmers dreams?
    Chaos in the coffee industry for farmers?
    Dismantling Mombasa based KPA?
    What else?

    People are awoke. Someone told me that a couple of days ago.


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