For The Love Of God, Just How Much Water Does This Guy Hoard:


This is astonishing. Private farm in Nakuru owned by a Kenyan family.  7 private dams drying up rivers for everybody in the neigbourhood.  6,000 acres. Coffee Estates.  Dairy farms. And all and all.

Then ONE of the damn dams bursts open with many lives lost, havoc everywhere. We still do not know how this will end but the response has been very good. Keep it up.

The bigger questions are for later.

And the “sea of water” went on and on.

It looks like the river got back the water from the private dam but the water was more than 10 times what the old river banks could handle.

There is man made disaster and then there is this.

And this.

In away the whole country and even the urban centres are in the same position. This just can’t work. Simple as that.

Here are some questions we need to ask as Kenyans.

  1. How the heck did this guy get 6,000 acres of land in Solai. The people who were killed came from what are referred to as “settlements”. One is called Village Settlement and many were killed there.
  2. Now when you have settlements and some folk owning 6,000 acres next door you can do the math.
  3. And the dams. 7 of them. This guy grabbed all the river water in the area for his dams. So he had the land and the water. What is left even from the earth?
  4. Now the government wants to find out how to make dams work better. Great. But why not deal with the land travesty here. A lot of Solai people could use those 6,000 acres of land and may be build better dams and let the water flow down the rivers.
  5. How about just this for a start with our new handshake brothers who obviously are going to be at the funerals. For the sake of the dead do something about land ownership and use in Solai and elsewhere. Otherwise keep quiet.
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