May be we are heading somewhere good with the bloody handshake?

Comrades, friends and others I have been as mad as all of you about the nightmare in Jamhuri today.


I mean stolen elections. Mass murder of protesters. Kids being killed in their homes and in kindergartens. And then this endless list of massive theft they call corruption. This is organized criminal looting. NYS 10 billion stolen by very crude methods. Easily detectable. The criminals should have been in jail yesterday. Every body knows who they are and who protects them.

National Cereals Board. 4 billion paid to connected thieves while farmers get nothing in a very difficult year for farmers. Health services in a mess. Nairobi county has moved to Mau hills under sinker Sonko. What did I forget?

So I have been pretty mad for my beloved country.

Then today I talked to my old comrade in NASA, Oduor Ong’wen. He was jovial and I didn’t get a chance to scream at him. Which was my intended plan.

I told him the handshake has shaken everybody who loves the country. He told me that is what it was supposed to do.

Then I told him the handshake could bare fruits for the country after I read what Raila said about fighting corruption (Organised theft by the state)–Govt-to-form-task-force-to-end-corruption/1064-4581156-ojxqmyz/index.html

mlI told Oduor that if this Raila/Uhuru handshake can lead to a real effective battle to end corruption and theft Kenyans would love it.

Forget this constitutional amendments big talk just kill corruption right now and then we can talk.

I was fortunate enough to talk with Prof. Edward Oyugi who was with Ong’wen at t hat time. He told me Kenyans are ready for honesty and patriotism in the leadership of the republic. He told me they will look for it and find.

Me and Prof. Oyugi talked about the situation in the country now. We agreed we have been staring at a cliff. We were all going to go down there. You cannot happily go down a cliff just because your opponent is going down the cliff with you. You are both going down dead. It is not good for anybody. That was discussion with Prof. Oyugi

Those who know the prof know who he is. Great patriot and scholar.


The discussion  reminded me of a story I read about a guy who jumped off from the 10th flood of  a building. When he was at 5th floor he said so far so good. This was not going to end well.  Certainly it didn’t. That is where we are as a country.


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3 comments on “May be we are heading somewhere good with the bloody handshake?

  1. Ndugu Adongo

    I don’t get how those who fight against injustice, those who have always fought against corruption, those who have stood against all evil perpetrated by state agents, I don’t get how its them that have to back down against the very enemy and play the subservient role of building bridges to “end corruption”. That is nonsense, and anyone trying to spin it any other way is speaking nonsense.

    I think we need to have an honest talk and start as close to the beginning as possible if we really want to help each other out.

    Frankly IMHO this handshake maneno is a hoax, en elaborate hoax

    And we cannot forget the true face of resistance, those who have sacrificed everything


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