Massive Phony War On Corruption by Uhuru.

This war on corruption talk show is getting really crazy. Uhuru and every other leader is screaming endlessly about this so called war on corruption.

As I pointed out earlier I talked with my good friend Oduor Ong’wen and Prof. Oyugi who is a great comrade of mine and they told me the focus of the increasingly annoying handshake was to focus the war on corruption. I will address that at a later date. It is a serious discussion.

Now this nightmare about war on corruption.

Let’s start with the latest bizarre announcement by Uhuru that procurement officers will take lie detector tests. This is supposedly a huge announcement.

This is the president in full regalia making this important new fight speech on an a national day no less.

Why would we need this? What happens if you fail the lie detector test? Do you get fired? Do you get charged with a crime? What crime?

And for the love of god what exactly is in this ” Uhuru Lie Detector Kit”?

Something like. You stole my chicken? No. You are lying? “Lie Detector please figure this out”. Is this going to be it?

Don’t you just love this already?

How about if you pass the lie detector test? Does it mean you are so clean and therefore could never have committed any theft of public money? And may be never will.

In which other country in the world has anything like this ever been used effectively to fight corruption? None. Because it is utter nonsense.

This is the trick of making “earth shaking” announcements that amounts to a complete nothing in fighting corruption.

There is something called good old investigation by credible and competent investigators and agencies. That is how you find, catch and jail thieves while also recovering public money stolen.

The real problem in our fight against corruption in Kenya is the simple fact that the agencies and institutions charged with fighting corruption have been compromised by the executive branch of government which Uhuru leads. This is not rocket science.

EACC has been dead since birth and keeps dying even more if that is possible. Give them a lie detector test first.
DCI is run by the president and they have little interest in fighting real corruption and catching real thieves. As a matter of fact the job of the DCI is to protect those thieves and create diversions just like they are doing right now. Look at the circus of the NYS “investigations” and charges.

They are talking about Kshs 9.2 billion dating back to 2016 and we have in court some vinyangarika hustlers who at best were doing kazi ya mkono for the real thieves. There is no chance in hell the Ngiritas etc stole Kshs 9.2 billion.

These were small time thieves running around covering up for the real thieves and now they are being rounded up and humiliated in court so that the government looks tough and determined to fight corruption. Complete rubbish and the country is buying it. That is the shame of all these.

The real question is who are the big thieves being protected with this circus of mass arrests of watu wa mkono in the NYS mass theft?

Where exactly did the NYS money go? Remember they always say “no money was lost”. It is like saying yes, some theft took place but nothing was stolen. This is the endless voodoo war on corruption in Kenya.

The second issue on this matter is that if this was a real investigation the strategy is always get the small thieves to give info on the big thieves. That is how the mafia is handled. Let the small thieves bargain for their punishment while giving you the big thieves.

In this case the small thieves are already being assured by the big thieves to hang in there and they will be taken care of by the big thieves. DCI itself is going to persuade the small thieves to plead guilty to some minor charges, protect the biggies and all works well for everybody. We can see the plan.

Then of course we have the DPP and the EACC. Too useless to talk about. Never had even a single case of prosecuting those who rob the country year after year with endless list of scandals.

So the NYS investigation is a load of crap. Let’s go to the next. The Maize scandal where phony characters have been paid more than Kshs 2 billion and the farmers who delivered real maize are now broke and starving having been paid nothing.

Today there is some indication that the full list of the thieves involved will be made public tomorrow. Don’t hold your breath. Please.

We have a CS for agriculture and a PS. It should take them hours to access all info as to the Cereals Board have paid and how much they were paid plus what they delivered. I bet there are no records of any of these expect that the money is gone.

You can bet they will come up with phony names and right now they are building the walls to protect all the big guns. That is Kianjuri’s job as the CS of agriculture.

If anything here was serious,  Kianjuri would have been the first to lose his job or at least step aside. If  Uhuru could come up and tell someone like Kianjuri that  given what has happened under his watch at one of the most important ministries in Kenya he has to go and if he was involved Kamiti is waiting. But won’t happen because we all know what Kianjuri’s job is.

So the Big Four  agenda is Corruption, Cover Up, Protect the big thieves and whip the little ones for public entertainment. Such agenda is already succeeding right before our eyes. How great.

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One comment on “Massive Phony War On Corruption by Uhuru.

  1. Graft is a way of life in Kenya, the sooner we embrace that, the easier it will be to carry on with business.

    All the pretense at fighting graft and pouring money into it is simply fueling more graft.

    We are corrupt and sleazy, period. Lets move on


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