Kill 16% VAT Instantly and Completely

Good people. We have all been away, right? Things have been so confusing everybody just decided to keep quiet and watch the madness unfold.

Then they hit the nation with the insane 16% VAT tax and keeping quiet is no longer an option. On Saturday last week I had a loud chat with my good comrade Oduor Ong’wen and told him whoever cooked up this VAT thing want to destroy the country and may end up being destroyed themselves.

I also asked him to talk to Raila and tell him in no uncertain terms that Raila has to speak clearly to the Kenyan people and denounce this tax on everything. I told Oduor that Raila must stop behaving as if he needs Uhuru’s permission to talk straight to Kenyans about issues of such national importance and this tax heist by Uhuru and co. Oduor told me he just talked to him before on the matter and will do so again.

I gave Oduor a simple direct example of how devastating this VAT is.  I told Oduor I bought a farm tractor sometimes early this year. It was a good investment for me because I know how expensive and sometimes very hard to get farms ploughed with tractors. It costs Kshs 3,500.00 per acre and most tractors in Bondo area come from Rift Valley. So my nephew a very hard working man has been doing good business.

Then VAT came and all of a sudden his cost for fuel went up 16%. He has to increase his price range for each acre. Farmers can’t afford that and they can’t go back to the jembe and hoe. So digging the land goes up 16%. Then the price for the seeds and fertilizers are going to go up 16% because the sellers and manufacturers are going to say their costs have gone up. Transporting the produce goes up 16% and on and on in the production chain alone.

Then in every home the price of everything people use like foodstuff, clothing, transport (matatu etc) all go up. At the end of the day the 16% VAT increase will affect 10-20 different items everyday folks use per day. In effect this is not 16% tax on Kenyans. In reality considering all the items affected, this will be 200%-300% tax on each consumer in Kenya. Where else in the world can this kind of tax explosion work?

This tax will destroy the Kenyan economy in ways we can’t even comprehend now. And we are told Uhuru needs this money to pay debts or the lenders will shut off the money pipeline. Uhuru should have figured that out long time ago. They have been borrowing like maniacs and squandering the money to become super billionaires and now they want to rob everybody with this tax scum to keep stealing.

No way. People talk about being between a rock and a hard place. This is being between Satan and the devil for Uhuru. It is a doomsday scenario with no gateway. 16% Tax on everything Kenyans use is just not workable. And don’t even try some comical nonsense of reducing the tax to 12%. The real tax whether 12% or 16% is 200%-300% per person because you pay the same tax on everything you use.

And then we have Uhur overruling parliament to impose the tax after parliament which is responsible for our national budget voted to move the insane tax to 2010.


Now we are in court:


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