Stop the Rot in ODM – Wafula Buke

Oduor Ongwen, Judy Pareno, Ogla Karan I appeal to the three of you to step aside from responsibilities that seek to stop the free fall of our party.

ODM was founded on selflessness and sacrifice, by accepting to be drafters of what may be compared to the prosecutor”s final submissions when you are the accused, you have demolished the people’s faith in our justice systems.

Leave the task force report to credible members. We have kept silent as the 3 of you murder people’s political careers in favor of your unqualified relatives and partners in crime.

As Ed, oduor ignored the party leader’s order that we hold director’s meetings in 2017 for a whole year so as to monopolize decision making. The 3 of you were again ordered to remove your people from the list of nominees to various positions.

You again ignored and said, and I quote “let’s agree to disagree with Raila.” You submitted the report at the last minute leaving the party without a chance to make changes.

We now know that Pareno was your kipsigis girls high sch. Student, but how the hell do you get your wife and her nephew nominated MCAs and still have the courage to face party members and then do recommendations on how to resolve the problems you have caused?

Its good for the 3 of you to know that renewed faith in the party begins with your being at least sidelined in the ongoing healing process. I know that the entire Secretariat agrees with that but is simply blackmailed by the fear of losing their jobs. Party members have severally threatened to even beat U people up.

I recall when Masinde Muliro voted in support of the JM Kariuki assassination inquiry report in 1975 he said “there is no collective responsibility in murder” He was sacked by Uhuru’s father. I similarly refuse to take collective responsibility for murders of people’s careers. Your cartel may continue earning from the party, but please step aside from projects that seek to rehabilitate the party.

By Mzee Posted in kenya

One comment on “Stop the Rot in ODM – Wafula Buke

  1. Great post.

    I got this email on Thursday morning from a friend in Nairobi whom I have worked with and who knows all those people named in Buke’s story. She asked me to respond and I told her I have to get the whole story first.

    Up to now Saturday May 11, 2019 I have not been successful in contacting all the people involved here whom I have very close contact with. I am working on it and I think we the public must know and deserve the whole truth behind the truths.

    Now this I can say.

    Wafula Buke is a great soldier for the liberation of our country. He has been doing that pretty much all his adult life.

    I met Buke at the University of Nairobi after I had left the university and was a lecturer at the Mombasa Polytechnic.

    Every time I came to Nairobi, I spent more time in campus with my buddies than at home in Mariakani South B.

    At that time Buke was the elected Chairman of SONU. This was about 1986. If you want to know, Miguna Miguna was also in SONU leadership at the time and he was the elected Treasury Secretary of SONU.

    Another guy Njenga Kaberere, one of the most passionate persons about Free Kenya that you can possibly meet, was the Secretary General which was my former job.

    Kaberere would hold a one man demonstration in Nairobi with placards denouncing the Moi government when he thought something wrong had been done by the Moi government and students were not responding.

    All said this was one of the most dynamic student leadership the university had seen in their rich history of struggle against oppression in Kenya.

    So we did a lot things and we all ended up in prison and exile except Buke who remained in the country and was jailed endlessly by Moi.

    I think he has spent more than 5 years at Naivasha Maximum Prison alone after repeated jail times in the 1990’s. And then there are the others and the torture place. Nyayo House.

    Se I have known Buke forever and he is a great person. During the last election 2017 when we were in Nairobi, Buke was one of the main coordinators running the NASA election machinery. We called him the General.

    So when Buke raises the kind of issues he has raised we have to take them seriously.

    My intention is to talk to Oduor Ong’wen who is a personal friend and a political comrade and find out what exactly is going on. Oduor is the ED of ODM as Buke has said.

    That is a public job. If the public needs information from your organization, you have to tell them what is going on if you want to be a transparent organization.

    The big issue out there now is that the Building Bridges Initiative Focus Group formed by Uhuru and Raila after the handshake is about to release its report and recommendations.

    I have no idea what is in that report which itself is a problem. I mean who knows what is in there? For the love of god, where is the public consultation? Isn’t that one of the pillars of our “democracy” under our constitution today?

    That is a question we are going to ask and we will demand answers. Good ones. Promptly.

    But Task Force report is coming on and it could it could mean the start of something or the end of something. It better be the start of something.

    I noticed Wafula Buke referred to the Task Force as one point of divergence in the ODM conflict. We are going to dig that out.

    Whatever comes out in the report ODM has its own mess to deal with if it wants to survive as a viable national party. That is a discussion for another day.


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