Murathe is back at it: This issue is at the heart of State House


I said before and I will say this again. David Wakairu Murathe is right there at State House where he holds no position. He doesn’t have to. This is old money. Uhuru and Ruto are headed to a fist fight but I suspect if things get very hot Ruto will talk to Uhuru to let him ease out and enjoy his money.

Ruto has too much money to take risks. The people he is fighting like Uhuru and Murathe have even more money. They want peace too with their money. So this could end well for everybody.

The trouble for Ruto is that he thinks he is fighting Raila. No. That is not the problem. Ruto is facing the Kikuyu big money and they don’t fool around. In fact Raila may not be even in the picture completely. We could end up with a completely different president. Kivutha Kibwana looked hopeful but this is going to be a long game.

Murathe directly asked Ruto to rebuild Kiambaa church, that scene of horrificĀ  murder in 2007. That tells you everything. Ruto will never be forgiven for what happened in 2007/8 PEV. Period.

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  2. My good friends,

    This is getting absolutely messy. So at least we know Ruto called Uhuru to complain about his imminent assassination. Uhuru handed the matter to his security apparatus which is exactly what he is expected to do.

    Then some letter showed up. Ruto then refuses to give his statement of allegations that he is aware of crimes (murder) being planned against him and give the names of the plotters who all happen to be Uhuru’s henchmen. By law Ruto is supposed to provide a statement to the investigators directly. Uhuru is not an investigator.

    Now the alleged assassination plotters are asking Ruto to go provide his statement to the DCI so they can follow suit to show that this was fake nonsense from paranoid Ruto.

    Now it turns out the letter used on all this by Ruto could itself be a fake letter manufactured by those who want to cause chaos.

    The plot thickens and it smells very badly for one William Ruto.
    It is going to get worse.

    Uhuru and Ruto knows how assassinations are done. They did that Msando guy chap chap.

    Uhuru’s murderous father, Kamaliza himself was an expert in assassinations. Pio Gama Pinto in 1966. Boom and Gone. Tom Mboya in 1969. They cut him down as he approached a pharmacy for his meds. JM Kariuki, gone and done and dumped at Ngong’ forest for hyenas’ dinner party. Nobody knew the hyenas were on hunger strike. That is the only reason his body was found.

    So you don’t pull assassinations with group meetings in hotels and letters circulating around. Killing people is not a small matter and it is very hard to actually do. It is cut and go.

    So this story is beginning to look really bad for Ruto.

    Here we go.


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