Rotich and Other Dam Thieves In Trouble.

This looks like one of the biggest anti-corruption raids ever in the country. And they grabbed Rotich the CS in charge of the nation’s finances. That is serious business. Except this is Kenya. But you just don’t arrest the Finance Minster on corruption for nothing.

So what are the issues:

  1. If indeed Rotich and co were stealing these volume of money they are not doing it alone. This kind of stuff can bankrupt the country and the cash moves through so many portals. It has to be something done with orders from above. Even Ruto can’t steal this volume of money without Uhuru’s involvement. The president is the king in Kenya. May be Uhuru and Ruto can compromise and agree to just throw Rotich and a few others under a moving SGR train. Gone in a second.

2. Haji as the DPP is quite a mixed bag. He has started all sorts of big cases that just seem to go nowhere. But I doubt he could start something this huge without some kind of a plan and that plan can only come from State House.

3. Murkoman should be certified as an insane idiot. He represents Marakwet county which is just losing one of the biggest possible investments to build a dam that was going to be of so much value to his constituents. That is gone now. These guys are not going to borrow money twice to build the same thing.

And what does Murkomen do for his constituents who are being robbed of a great asset with massive economic benefits. Murkoman pisses on his constituents and supports the thieves. May be it is the thieves who elected him and not the constituents of Elgeyo Marakwet.

4. Where does Ruto stand on this. The DP has been screaming all along that only Kshs 7 billion may have been lost (as if that is change)  and not Kshs. 21 billion. Right now it looks like it could be more than 21 billion.

This thing is going to make Goldenberg Scandal look like a joke. Will Ruto stand with the people of Rift Valley who are the biggest losers on this or we the DP stand firm with the thieves. What are Ruto’s real interests in this matter?

I remember Ruto putting up crocodile tears about Mau Forest. Where are the tears for the people of Marakwet and Kenyans being robbed.

5. If we can’t build the dams because the money has been stolen and laundered do we still pay this massive loan and if so for what.

6. Last but not least. Where is the money? Who is having this money and how do we get it back because we have to even if it means selling these peoples’ entire assets including their under wears and the diapers they use. No jokes. The president needs to assure Kenyans that money will be recovered even before he appoints the new Finance CS and others.

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3 comments on “Rotich and Other Dam Thieves In Trouble.

  1. Adongo

    I dont know about others but I can tell you I gave up on beloved Ke, in 2006.

    2003 was a great year when we put our differences aside and kicked bad governance out, Unfortunately, Kibaki, and his tribal fleet reinvented a new and revamped tribalised Ke in 2004 and by 2006 was fully entrenched. 2007 was no surprise and neither were the clashes thereafter. Uhuru and Ruto have successfully carried forward the same. And with all this, came the shameless looting and pilferage of our public coffers.

    It has been scandal after scandal with each new scandal outdoing the last so none of these new scandals even bother me at all.

    I laugh when I think that some one thinks that somebody somewhere will be held to account.

    Enjoy the party, grab some popcorn, sit back and relax. Wait for your turn to eat if it ever comes.

    Some of us looked for the exit door and gently shut it behind our behinds as we moved into obliviion.

    We are here in oblivion, ready to welcome you and others when you find that exit door. It is a tough decision to make, but that cess pit called Ke, is not worth spit, literally and figuratively speaking


    • Admin,

      This is where I agree with you

      I saw this story of Rotich and co rollicking at the so called Muthaiga Police Station.

      I have spent time at Muthaiga Police Station. It was the most pathetic police station in all of Nairobi. I was in all of them. Kileleshwa and Muthangari were the best in terms of just a floor to sleep on instead of someone else foot. Muthangari Police Station was my first. Terrible but not bad.

      You could get bread and milk once a day. That is when you are in heaven in police custody. And then lie on the floor all time if you are lucky enough to have it. Not good options but we took them. We knew we could rely on ourselves to survive. That was pretty much what it was for us at that time.

      I don’t want to talk about Kilimani Police Station which is near Kenyatta hospital. I met Raila there. He was also a prisoner at that time like me. It was a dreadful place.

      Muthaiga Police Station is at Thika Road just before you get to the highway to Thika. It is in front of a round about which the cops use.

      Muthaiga Police Station is not in the super rich Muthaiga Estates.

      From this story and others, it seems the once terrible Muthaiga Police Station has been transformed into a stag den for criminals awaiting trial like Rotich, Thugge and others.

      What a feat of history.

      Let me tell you what Muthaiga Police Station was like when I was there.

      I arrive in Muthaiga Police Station taken there by the Special Branch Police in one of my tours of police stations in Nairobi after the 1982 coup attempt. Now I think it was close to October 1982. I had been in police stations for months since I was picked up on August 3rd 1982.

      The place was miserable. I think the worst I had seen except Kamkunji Police Station and may be Langata which looks good and modern but with terrible cops at my time there.

      So they drop me here close to Thika Highway. We go in. We are about twenty people in one cell.

      The police keep bringing people. It was curfew time in Kenya at that time. They pile people up at Mutthaiga Police Station all night long when I am there.

      Then this guy comes in around midnight. He is almost fainting with exhaustion. We ask him what is wrong. He says he was caught siphoning oil from the oil truck he drives to some of his side customers.

      Now here is the problem. He says. He was busted alright on the oil thing. But he had a bag of weed in his pocket so he came with it to the police station.

      He knew they will such everything. So he slips his precious bag into a box in the police station. He gets through and comes to our cell.

      Then one of our cellmates who works in the front office tells him. Nothing to worry about. He is working there in the morning and he will retrieve this man’s property at no cost. He did just that. Except there was a cost. They both had to smoke it which they did and the cops smelled it.

      So the cops come in and ask who smoked that shit. We tell them nobody did. Then they look at the guy who actually brought the stuff and he looks suspicious. They go after him and ask to smell his fingers which is the surest way to figure this out.

      And oh boy. The guy had dipped his fingers into the shit box which we have to use in the cell. That is the big pail where we shit and pee. All 20 of the inmates and any other the cops bring in. So it is full.

      That is where this man puts his fingers in right before the whole situation with the cops. They grab him. The first cop who tried to smell his fingers couldn’t breath. None of them (cops) wanted to smell anything after that. Not even fingers. So we were safe.

      It is strange how you survive in captivity sometimes. But somehow you just do it. That was how I had to learn how to live there at Muthaiga Police Station in 1982.

      Now we have moved to Rotich’s Muthaiga Police Station. I wish we could exchange.

      That is the Muthaiga Police Station I know and where I was. There are other things I will say later.

      But this new Muthaiga is the Hilton for criminals. The Kenyan government must have spent a lot of money of money building this new thing.

      Now it resembles the real Muthaiga.

      This one. Which is in the opposite part of Nairobi.


  2. Here is David Ndii.

    He is right. The magnitude of theft here cannot be possible without the big guy. This is going to get very dirty.

    But by bringing Rotich it is clear there is a real breakdown in the thieving machine. Anything is possible.

    Dr. Ndii

    And here is today’s Standard story. This thing is beginning to add up.

    One of the sticky points is that Rotich bought some land for himself from Asian Operatives who owned land in the are of the alleged dam construction and paid less than 1 billion. Then he turned around two months later and sold the land to the Kenya government for 6 billion from the loans they were getting. I think that is what ties him directly other than he negotiated all the murky deals.


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