Building Bridges Initiative vs Punguza Mizigo Bill

Coming back from a self imposed hiatus of motherland Ke woes, I thought it would be best to take a moment to reflect on the current initiatives by leadership to bring back harmony, hope and vision for the country.

In this regard there are two major processes in the works – The Handshake phenomenon ushered in Building Bridges Initiative, while a radical reform process initiated by Thirdway Alliance Party known as the Punguza Mizigo movement has culminated in a bill presented to parliament

I do not think we are going to do a side by side comparison, but would like to interrogate the merits or demerits or shortfalls that each present

So first lets look at the supporting documentation


The goals are captured in this document


For a status update click on the link below

Building bridges initiative to finalise its work within two months, secretariat

We are waiting on the final report which I believe will be anytime within the next two months

Punguza Mizigo

The goals are outlined here in the link below

not sure what happened, there were some signatures collected, but somehow, boom, we now have a constitutional amendment bill


There is matter currently in court on whether this bill can be debated in the house(s) and for that reason its currently on hold.

My initial thoughts on this are simple.

Whereas Thirdway Alliance derives its purpose and momentum from the popular belief that there is a lot of wastage and bloat in government, representation etc, it then takes a sharp curve blindsiding everyone and unanimously draws up a constitutional amendment bill. This is quite strange considering that their leader was part of that prestigious Committee of Experts that helped draft the 2010 Constitution. He was part of the entire process and should therefore know the importance of comprehensive public participation in rewriting a constitution. He is fully aware of the shortcuts leading to the failed Bomas draft. And its almost like he wants to push his version of the constitution that probably got snuffed out amongst his fellow giants in that committee. This bill is an ambush of sorts and cannot purport to speak for every Kenyan even if founded on high moral ground, because we have not seen due process.

The BBI on the other hand, will not generate any different views than were presented during the marathon view gathering leading to the 2010 Constitution. Further, most of the peoples recommendations have been captured many times over the past 60 years, in surveys, workshops, interviews, reports etc, which currently decorate shelves in the various ministries and departments. I recall the famous The Nairobi We Want as one of the milestones, but there have been literally hundreds maybe thousands of these done in cycles that are now dizzying to reflect on. Lets get real people, we are not going to get any more new/dazzling ideas.

The main problem as always has been in taking those recommendations, putting them into law and then putting them into practice. Getting more laws or changing some document is not going to change the basic core and culture of Kenyans – taking bribes, giving bribes, cutting corners/taking shortcuts, gobbling national resources, embezzling public funds, ethnic profiling, discrimination, corruption, stupidity, etc. So in short the BBI will rehash the same stuff we have heard over the years into a lovely report, more handshakes and then back to business as usual.

Will wait on the final BBI report and come revisit this post


Meanwhile ji-enjoyini

5 comments on “Building Bridges Initiative vs Punguza Mizigo Bill

  1. And while we are in this happy mood lets take a look at this constitutional amendment bill

    It changes
    a) no of County women rep from 47 to 136 (based off a constituency twinning method)
    b) Has election of Senator Man and Senator Woman per county (94 senators)
    c) Adds an additional 725 women MCAs (again based of Ward twinning)

    By twinning, the bill suggests IEBC to combine two adjacent constituencies or wards into one electoral unit for selecting the 136 Women reps and 725 Women MCAs

    lol if we thought we are over represented before , well now there you have it

    On the one hand there really is nothing wrong with lots of representation, our problem is
    a) the obscene salaries and perks they award themselves completely unmatched with economic performance of the country
    b) the wild expenses of stuff that has no benefit like offices, entertainment unnecessary travels etc
    And then of course more people, more looting, hence more white elephant projects to feed them


    • Admin,

      I going to take my time and look at both of the referendum proposals.

      I think there are good ideas from both sides and if the politicians wanted to be reasonable they should take the best ideas from both sides and combine it into one compact proposal and let’s do the referendum.

      But politicians and reasonable are words that cannot be put in one sentence. I get that.

      The Punguza guys have some good ideas but I suspect their political interests override anything else. The Third Party Alliance is a practical joke in the country but they want to look busy. Good enough.

      The BBI also has its political dimensions but we will judge them by what they put in their plan.

      Let’s not forget one thing. The politicians are looking for jobs period.

      Strangely enough I have a pretty strong feeling that the Senate needs to be abolished. It was one of the biggest mistakes in our constitution. We supported it and we need to admit it is a complete failure.

      The idea was that the Senate will be the upper House to filter some of the nonsense coming from Parliament. That is not the case. The Senate had no say on anything Parliament does. So what do they do?

      Senate only handles issues related to Devolution which is primarily quibbling over how much money to be allocated to the counties. They are useless even on that one item. And then summoning governors for those useless “investigations”. All that can be done by parliament.

      The sad part is that we have all these senators doing absolutely nothing in Nairobi and claiming to be working for the counties. Most of them have never even visited the counties they claim to represent except during the elections or when they travel as human props for the big wigs.

      Women rep that everybody is yapping about I have no problem. We need women reps but they way they are being picked up for the seats is plainly not working.

      What really have these women reps ever done for Kenyan women? Anything at all? The reps have shown they are there for their own personal interests. Of what value is this then. I have no idea. But I am going to shake my head at these proposals and see where we are heading with this.


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