Mariga In The House at Kibra to Replace Ken Okoth

This is going to be a tough one.

Mariga is in. Good.

Former international footballer McDonald Mariga after submitting his nomination application papers for Kibra Parliamentary seat at the Jubilee Headquarters along Thika Road on September 2, 2019.

It is going to be smoking hot.

We have Owalo there with ANC saying Kibra has been waiting for a leader.

Excuse me.

Kibra just lost one of the best M.Ps in the country.


Anybody who wants to replace Ken Okoth as the M.P for Kibra have to tell the constituents of Kibra why they would be better or even as good as Ken.

Kenyans pay tribute to fallen MP Ken Okoth

Even half as good would do. That is a tough job. That is where Ken put the bar. It is pretty high. Education. CDF good management. There on the ground. All of it.

Who can come close to doing that after Ken set the standard?

That is pretty much it.

And Thank You. Ken.

You have touched many hearts in the republic with your work, vision and courage.

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13 comments on “Mariga In The House at Kibra to Replace Ken Okoth

  1. Admin,

    That is exactly what I have been wondering. How did Mariga get trapped in this? He probably opened his mouth about running in that seat.

    It would appear to me that Khalwale got wind of this and rushed to his sponsor Ruto an they put pressure on Mariga to run and go register in Starehe as Kibra was now closed.

    Mariga registers two weeks after the election was called. Of course that is illegal but nobody told Mariga and Ruto bulldozed him in with the comfort that IEBC will do anything Ruto and co wants.

    Of course Mariga is loaded and having him there with his big cars and big money was just pure heaven for Ruto and Khalwale.

    The one thing I have to figure out is this whole charade that Raila is going to run for the presidency in 2022. He may but I doubt it. The end game here between Uhuru and Raila is not known to anybody but them alone.

    Someone gave Uhuru a real nasty advice. They told him if you want to make Ruto crazy start working with Raila. That is what drives Ruto nuclear. It has worked.

    I suspect the BBI thing will pull through. Then this Uhuru/Raila combination could come with a crazy plan in 2022.

    Ruto is preparing to run against Raila, if it is not Raila Ruto wouldn’t even know what to do.

    We are reading some interesting chapters of a very complicated book. Read on. We don’t know where this ends.


    • Adongo

      Just reading this Mariga’s timeline by a petitioner Leina Konchellah

      This jamaa really has issues – I wonder even if he knows what his age is?

      Born 87
      Form Four 2002 (Age 15)

      Cheating has consequences, you always have to remember which is your most current lie and keep it aligned with all other previous lies

      Yup he has the exact mould and mindset of a lying conniving politician, he will be right at home over there with the rest of jackal, pigs and thieves.Even went ahead and got himself endorsed by the lates Mpango wa Kando

      Trouble is, the folks of Kibra want none of that

      I think he should be allowed on the ballot and then whacked or red-carded all the way out of the constituency.

      Of course the downside is Ruto will be needing to field test his rigging apparatus in readiness for 2022, so could end up in bloodshed in Kibra


  2. Mariga put himself in a shitty situation. Getting mixed up with Ruto at this stage as your point of entry in politics is not the best thing to do.

    Ken Okoth set the standard extremely high. Being born in Kibra is one of them. Being honest and committed to improve the lives of people in Kibra is high up there.

    If your appear to be a mercenary you are going to have a nightmare in Kibra. And then the whole scam of a selection process.

    This will not be pretty for Mariga a beloved Kenyan by any standard.


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