Kenya is a Tragedy

If we are not reeling from the numerous mega scandals that involve billions of funds being looted, we are inundated with hate and tribal politics.

Then we continue to have public land still being grabbed

But today we go back to the usual lack of professionalism expected of public buildings or structures. The terror that these young ones experienced is unconscionable, the loss of young lives is without doubt an act of sheer barbarity.

The trauma that the survivors will have to endure over their coming years is unimaginable and sadly will never be monitored or captured and therefore will go largely unmitigated.

This is the tragedy that Kenya is almost 60 years in the making and with no hope or respite in the future

We have failed many generations past and will continue to fail so many generations in the future with our thieving and small and selfish minded mentality

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Death toll in Precious Talent School tragedy now at 8

As captured by international press

6 comments on “Kenya is a Tragedy

  1. This is bad stuff.

    Kenyans love education for their kids. I always argue with my sisters about it.

    Kenyans would do anything to send their kids to school. They will sell their land. Sell anything they have to take the kids to school.

    And then we get this.

    Totally unacceptable.


    • Adongo

      am unable to comment on this tragedy. Can you imagine a mother sitting in her car with her child and a relative hoping for any kind of help, but knowing that none is coming, and just waiting for your death?

      And then people spatting about divers being (not) paid, and who is to blame and what not

      but the worst part is that people are going to attend mashujaa day get this right

      on Mama Ngina shores, for Uhuru Kenyatta i mean the goddamn country is a Kenyatta bedroom with everything named after these people and what is not named after them they already own it.

      I really pity Kenyans


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