Thank You Okiya (Oki) Omtatah for Stopping this NLC Con Project.

I have met many human and civil rights activists in Kenya in person over this or that. But I have never met Oki in person.

I saw a book about him at the JKIA in 2017 when we were there to do elections and I was telling my son about what the guy has done and we had to move so we had no time to buy the book.

But for the love of god thank you Omtatah for your bravery and sheer persistence.

And thank you a lot for the NLC move. We are coming into the battle with you.

The historic mission of the NLC which was supposed to be one of the greatest achievements of the progressive in our new constitution of 2010 was sabotaged and killed with the government controlled conman called Swazuri.

This new mob of compromised politicians carrying or begging for money bags being appointed by Uhuru to run the NLC is the worst possible.

Look at them.



By adongoogony Posted in kenya

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