Oh For The Love Of God.

I have a bible from my mom. It it is in Luo. I am not religious but I brought the bible for my son who is religious and who really loves his grandmother.

So we came with the book after the old lady passed away in 2005. The boy keeps it. He used to hang around with his grandmother all the time. So I said fine, keep the book.

Then I came across this.



By adongoogony Posted in kenya

One comment on “Oh For The Love Of God.

  1. Adongo

    First off am glad your son believes in God, that is probably because his mum believes

    I believe in God too

    Regarding bible translation, there was a time I was quite ok with translation from hebrew/latin and what not, first to English and then to other languages.

    But lately, having witnessed the brutality of Israelis on Palestinians and other groups in the region, am now convinced that the translation favors a bunch of very horrible people.

    Like the saying “until the lion learns to tell his story, the story of the hunter is quite appealing so NO I do not like the english translation or the translations thereafter to local languages. But I do still believe in God, just not what we have been presented with.

    I would love to read what the professor wrote, maybe there is something there I can relate to


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